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When the signs are hinting for you to stop talking
  • ARIES: short responses and limited eye contact, maybe even reduced to a grunt or animalistic sound
  • TAURUS: looking around maybe not even responding, most likely to just ignore them until they fade away
  • GEMINI: trying to change the subject and wishing for someone more entertaining to come along
  • CANCER: probably the most blatant, can literally just cut you off and not care
  • LEO: if you've been talking about yourself for too long, they're not going to keep listening, you should know
  • VIRGO: maybe the nicest about it, they'll try and listen for as long as they wish to torture themselves, but don't count on them to look entertained
  • LIBRA: tries to wait for a small pause and then changes the subject or sees a new person and calls them, v smooth, v sneaky
  • SCORPIO: cannot even contain the sarcasm and disinterest in their eyes
  • SAGITTARIUS: they're usually actually interested in what everyone has to say, but they will respond with complete honesty of their opinion so watch out
  • CAPRICORN: will listen and maybe make faces, but can't wait to tell someone what dumb thing you just said
  • AQUARIUS: they know who they don't like to hear speak, they might just pretend you're not even there, real cold
  • PISCES: will try v hard to look interested but can't help but looking interested in absolutely anything else going on, if you're not getting full attention, you're barely getting any

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Hi! So sorry to bother you but I was looking for a tag along the lines of Stiles and Derek are neighbours and couldn't find one? Don't know if I'm just being dumb or if there isn't one, but if there is, could you update it/point me in the right direction? Hope this is the right way to ask! 💗

neighbors tag!

where there’s smoke there’s incense? by haleofStilesheart (1/1 | 1,506 | PG13)

Being a firefighter for ten years had trained Derek to react first and deal with the consequences later, better to be safe than sorry. Which is why at two a.m. on a Wednesday night he kicked in his neighbor’s front door when he smelled smoke, only to get an eye full of said neighbor jerking off on his couch.

stress baking by bibliosexual (1/1 | 1,409 | G)

Derek doesn’t usually start conversations, but today he feels like making an exception. “Are you okay? This is a lot more baking than usual, even for you.”

“What? What do you mean?” Stiles says, dropping his hands to his sides. His face cycles through about five or six different expressions before settling on something that’s probably trying to say “innocent and oblivious,” but… well. Derek might not know Stiles that well, but he knows Stiles is definitely not either of those things, ever.

“The cookies,” Derek says slowly. “That you leave on my doorstep a few times a week while I’m out on my morning run.”

Stiles glares down at the cookies Derek’s holding like they’ve betrayed him.

“We don’t talk about it,” Derek says slowly, unsure, “but I thought you knew that I knew it was you.“

Derek’s bad luck? by Lonelyirises (2/2 | 1,401 | G)

For a few seconds he couldn’t believe his eyes, when he saw the mole speckled specimen of beauty was standing a few feet away from him, in process of moving heavy looking boxes in to the next house. And the second Derek got over the disbelief he realized his whole world had come crashing down. Why did the universe hate him so much?

Derek had left the his hometown, unable to deal with the heartache and moved to this “nowhere” town about 3 hours away from Beacon Hills, the day Stiles had married Lydia. What was more pathetic? Stiles had no idea Derek existed. And yet… and yet after everything Derek had gone through, and left behind, Stiles was moving in, right next door to him. Derek couldn’t believe his bad luck.

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You and your blog give me lifeeee. Thank you for all the awesome content you grace my dash with everyday, for all you contribute to this fandom, and for being an all around amazing human-being ♡

(^^actual leaked footage of me opening my inbox to this)

I’m like…honestly shook and have had a dumb grin on my face for the past 5 min trying to figure out how to reply and I just….thank you?! so much?! like this seriously 100% made my day and I don’t deserve these kinds words dgsjdkasak especially from you like…you think my blog is great, have you looked at yours?! The epitome of must-follow in the SnK fandom no doubt^^ 

flatsound sentence starters
  • "Tonight I walked through a field that used to scare me more than I scared myself."
  • "I wish I had known you then."
  • "It was never death that interested me; it was the idea of an opportunity to follow a cold breeze that promised to take me anywhere but here."
  • "I’m sorry you thought this couldn’t work, because I’ve never wanted anything more in my entire life than to prove that it could."
  • "You were not my world, you were my universe."
  • "And I wonder if that’s what it feels like to die."
  • "Why do I wait, wondering how long it’ll take you to admit it?"
  • "I’d rather keep my mouth shut then start to say what I can’t finish."
  • "I sit here wondering if anything you said was true."
  • "We both noticed something had changed."
  • "I called you up again today and you didn't pick up."
  • "I didn't expect it to happen this quickly, you know?"
  • "I sit here and I worry about myself so much."
  • "I wanted you to care, I wanted you to be nosy, I wanted you to be there."
  • "I know it's stupid of me to say that you don't care, I mean, of course you do, but I want you to care so much more."
  • "I can't be around all these people who all my life have tried to change me."
  • "I can't hide who I am."
  • "I will be happy for the first time in my whole life."
  • "It makes me feel good, makes me feel pretty."
  • "I will go to sleep; just know you’ll be in my dreams."
  • "If I cry, it won’t be because of you."
  • "You don’t have to wait or pretend that he’s just your friend."
  • "It scares me more than I'd like to admit."
  • "My only problem lately is I've got too much time so all I'm left with is that what's on my mind."
  • "I left out everyone and all I have at the end of the day is that what's on my mind."
  • "Say I came back today, would I have a spot in your heart?"
  • "I cheated with your ex best friend."
  • "You can't stand in my doorway for long."
  • "It's eleven o'clock, he's expecting you home."
  • "I'll walk you up the hill to your car."
  • "No, don't let go, don't let this die."
  • "I just need to know what I did to ruin this and turn your body cold."
  • "If you walk through that door there will be no us."
  • "I thought you were being distant."
  • "I did not mean to make this the worst night of your life."
  • "I need you to know what happened."
  • "I saw you walking by, you didn't say hi, you didn't even smile."
  • "You're not the only one who's feeling anxious toward the bullshit that's attached to growin' up."
  • "You said things would stay the same; well, have they?"
  • "I know you're scared, but you'll never get better if you keep running away."
  • "Sometimes you need to be self centered to understand yourself better."
  • "I'm not in the mood to stick around."
  • "Every day I think about you and why you had to turn into my enemy, when all I need's my friend."
  • "Look at me and see how much I've changed since you left."
  • "Well, is this what you wanted, for me to admit that this fucking hurts?"
  • "I was never good at talking smoothly."
  • "Now I don't remember how you speak; I mean, it comes to me in dreams, but by morning, I lose everything you ever said."
  • "I'm not perfect, I think I'm quite the opposite, I'm nothing to adore."
  • "Perfection is opinion and nothing more."
  • "I'll be here waiting when your plane lands."
  • "Hi, my name is none of your concern."
  • "I like the way you make me feel at home."
  • "It wasn’t a mistake - so please dont think it was."
  • "I didn’t have a lot to drink, I just needed a bit for confidence."
  • "They won't find out, no one cares enough about it to run their mouths."
  • "Just please, when you’re ready to go, try not to make it so painful."
  • "Will you write another sad, sad song?"
  • "It's obnoxious and it's useless to fight a war you're losing."
  • "This might be your only chance."
  • "Is it you who calls the shots?"
  • "I don't know why they're choosing to confide in someone who will talk about anything."
  • "There are people who miss me and I don't know why they're investing all their time into someone with my history."
  • "Why did you say that I was one in a million? Because I believed it."
  • "I thought I had something that you were too scared to lose."
  • "I also saw how often you say goodbye."
  • "Things were never supposed to be this good."
  • "Nothing I can say now would justify a thing, just know I'm sorry."
  • "I just wanted to say I hope you're okay."
  • "You're already hurt, I'm scared that if you put your trust in me, I'll make it worse."
  • "You're still so young, you have room to grow into something amazing."
  • "You won't remember who I am."
  • "I can't live with the chance that this feeling's ever coming back."
  • "I don't hate you, but honey, this still hurts."
  • "I'm not dumb, I know everything."
  • "That liquid he consumes makes him speak the truth."
  • "Look at me, because I exist."
  • "It's a shame that we're not soulmates because if I didn't know better, I'd say this feels pretty good."
  • "You've been gone for too long, why'd you go?"
  • "Is this what you think it means to be responsible?"
  • "I went to class, you didn't show up."
  • "I thought we said that we'd keep in touch."
  • "So live up to the name you’ve been making for yourself."
  • "Last night you had that dream again, the one where you try and run from your fears but you can’t because you’re wearing fabulous stilettos."
  • "If I were the sun, I'd shine my light on you and leave the people that hurt you cold."
  • "We’re fighting again, more than usual."
  • "I’m sorry about being me."
  • "I'll sleep on the couch."
  • "Bring me a cat to be my best friend."
  • "It isn’t like you ever said that you were committed to the thought of me and only me."
  • "I can’t believe I spent all morning trying to tell you I’m sorry about yesterday."
  • "You smell like the devil but you feel like the lord."
  • "I didn’t dodge all your bullets, I just denied that they hit me."
  • "If I told you I loved you would you reach out and touch me?"
  • "I wish we had just gone to bed."
  • "This could have worked."
  • "The best part of that whole song was skipping ahead to Nicki Minaj."
  • "I will not make the same mistake twice."
  • "I know you never really liked people, I didn't mean to make that worse."
  • "I still know the roads that take me to your street."
  • "I know I promised that we'd talk more it's just, I'm surprised you even want to talk at all."
  • "I'm so scared that you still think I'm the one who gave up."
  • "The plans we made were never mistakes, they just didn't work for us."
  • "You always knew the deal that we made and what this was worth."
  • "I'll go to sleep at a decent time when I find something worth waking up for."
  • "I keep checking my phone to see you haven’t called at all."
  • "I thought I was the best part of your life, now I’m pretty sure that I was wrong."
  • "You’re impossible to read so if you love me, come clean."
  • "I’ll refer to you as my special love, the one that set me free."
  • "I’m feeling lost in towns that were my home."
  • "It's my own body, I did what I wanted."
  • "It’s not that I don’t have words to say, I just don’t want to be the one that speaks them."
  • "Your only flaw is that you’re flawless.”
  • "I’m so full of shit, I’m surprised you bought it."
  • "Well congratulations, I didn’t know you two had made things so official."
  • "Don’t call me when it fizzles; in fact, don’t call me at all."
  • "What a beautiful sight to see you alive."
  • "I can't hold you responsible anymore."
  • "I'm lost now in the thrill of it."
  • "I just want to lay in bed with you."
  • "I'll throw everything I have into the flames just to make it last."
  • "There are reasons that I can't stay."
  • "I built my life around watching everything you do."
  • "I wonder if you're having fun."
  • "You said you were done; well, how done?"
  • "I want to believe that I really don't need him."
  • "I can't wait until I see your face and my brain feels nothing."
  • "I would never want you to stop your life."
  • "You were always a shitty friend."

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Please don't feel obligated to answer, but you've recently talked about your mental health struggles & I wanted to ask you for advice. I've had issues w/ depression & anxiety for ages, but I've never actually talked to anyone about it. How'd you start that conversation with your doctor/parents? I keep wanting to, but then I wonder if I don't actually have it and wouldn't that look dumb, & I know that's probably the anxiety but gah. Sorry for the odd ask, but I'm trying to commit to getting help.

Obligatory disclaimer that I’m not in any way a licensed mental health professional and can only talk from personal experience. 

I don’t actually remember what exactly pushed me into first bringing up my desire to see a therapist with my parents - I was pretty young at the time (seventh grade was a hell of a year!). But I think I basically said just that: “I want to see a therapist.” 

Well, this being me I probably hedged a lot more and said something like “I think I’d maybe like to see a therapist.”

You know that quote about “the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing people he doesn’t exist” (I’m paraphrasing)? That’s what mental illness is like, a lot of the time. Your brain will tell you “oh, I’m just making something out of nothing, everyone feels like this but they can deal, I’m just weak for not being able to cope.” I’ve been in therapy for, uh…ten years, and on medication for maybe nine, and I still periodically go “okay but am I really depressed or am I just faking it or something” (remember that time someone told me I was hanging onto my depression as “part of my identity”? I DO!) Honestly, that sense that you’re “faking it” is indeed a part of and probably manifestation of your mental illness.

What you’re feeling is real. What you’re suffering is real. It’s very important to remember that, to validate your own feelings.

The fact that you’re looking for help is a big deal. And it’s hard, especially when your brain is trying to convince you that you don’t actually need it. But trust your instincts. Go ahead and ask.

i know everyone’s loving the moment of confusion mickey has when he wakes up cuddling with ian and how he almost immediately reverts to looking pleased like ‘wait yes he’s my boyfriend now good’ but i like to think this is also the look of a man who feels the d like lookit dat eyebrow raise. that’s a cute lil bottom feelin the d and bein like 'well spooning can’t be that bad if it means i get first class access to gallagher’s morning wood’

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ART SENPAI CAN I ASK U ADVICE?? Like, u don't seen to post traditional and all but u actually started w that right? Soooo, I'm really proud of my pencil pieces but?? Every time I try to even line a sketch w pen it looks weird?? Idk what I'm doing wrong :( sorry if its a dumb ask tho. Have a shining day bae :D

IF THATS NOT ME!!!!!!!! I’m realllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bad at lineart because I really don’t like it. Like lineart has to be cleaner with more details and I hate details eioizhg so yea I’m really bad at it on paper and on tablet.

But recently it gets better. I realized that neater lines or drawings are not made for me. So I just don’t really care and I do my lineart with a big pen. For example if my drawing is pretty small I take a 0.4/0.5 and it looks great! (kinda???). I jus’t can’t do the lineart with a small pen, same on tablet. So maybe you’re like me!! Bu unfortunately I can’t really give u real advices since I’m also really bad ahah


can someone look at me the way peyrol looks at ronan plz 

Glasses part three | New recruits
  • Nick and Judy are walking down the stairs at the precinct
  • Nick: Any plans this weekend Carrots?
  • Judy: ooh I'm not sure, what are you doing? Maybe I could tag along
  • Nick: Well I was just gonna stay at my place and have a couple of drinks
  • Judy: Oh umm ok
  • Nick: But for you maybe we could go out and grab a bite to eat?
  • Judy: sure I'd like that
  • Other officers were walking up the stairs so the fox and the rabbit now had to walk single filed
  • Nick: After you m'lady
  • Judy: Why thank you
  • Judy walked down and Nick followed. The rabbit eventually got to the lobby then heard a massive crash
  • Judy: NICK?!
  • She turned around to see nick lying across the stairs
  • She ran over to him picking up his glasses
  • Judy: oh no
  • Nick: don't worry Carrots I'm fine
  • Judy: you're glasses are broken
  • Nick: nice to see you care more about those stupid glasses then me the worlds most lovable fox
  • Judy: I'm sorry Nick it's just you looked so good in them, like really good and -
  • Nick: ok Judy I get the picture
  • Judy paused
  • Judy: I'm sorry
  • Nick: well don't you think I'm good without them?
  • Judy: of course
  • Judy kisses Nick
  • Nick: you sly bunny
  • Judy: dumb fox
  • The two continued to kiss with nick lying across the stairs and Judy on top of him. Bogo walked across the lobby noticing the two love birds
  • Bogo: Get a room. I pay you to work not to make out

Random Playlist - Glo Up Anthem Edition

  1. Bryson Tiller - Sorry not Sorry
  2. Fifth Harmony - BO$$
  3. 2 Chainz - Watch Out 
  4. Nicki Minaj - Did it on em
  5. Big Sean ft. E-40 - IDFWU
  6. Beyoncé ft. Nicki Minaj - ***Flawless
  7. Drake - How About Now
  8. Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl
  9. Chris Brown ft. Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne - Look at me Now
  10. Nicki Minaj ft. Beyoncé - Feeling Myself
  11. Nelly ft. Pharrell & Nicki Minaj - Get Like Me 
  12. Fergie ft. Ludacris - Glamorous

Dear Mr. Vernon,
We accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong. What we did was wrong. But we think you're crazy to make us write an essay telling you who we think we are. What do you care? You see us as you want to see us: In the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. Correct? That's how we saw ourselves at seven o'clock this morning. We were brainwashed. But what we found out is that each of us is a brain, and an athlete, and a basket case, a princess, and a criminal. Does that answer your question?
Sincerely yours, The Breakfast Club

the athlete: tyler posey | the princess: keke palmer | the brain: dev patel | the basket case: hayley kiyoko | the criminal: avan jogia

  • Customer: I'm looking for this specific Christmas item, can you tell me if you have it? I don't see it.
  • Me: That product is being discontinued unfortunately, I'm sorry about that.
  • Customer: Oh, will you be getting any more in?
  • Me: No, the product is phased out of our store.
  • Customer: But when will you be getting it again?
  • Me: Ma'am we will never have that product ever again. Have a good day.
Nick Jonas {Sentence Starters}
  • "I said there's no one else for you."
  • "Like it or not, we were doomed from the start."
  • "This is so dumb, this is so bad."
  • "I'm starting to think you want him too."
  • "'Sorry' is something that I just can't say!"
  • "Look out now, don't take one more step."
  • "It's my right to be hellish. I still get jealous."
  • "I gave her my heart, but she wanted my soul."
  • "Would you let me in? Or I'm breaking in!"
  • "'Cause you're too sexy, beautiful."
  • "You don't know what it is you do to me!"
  • "I don't like the way he's looking at you."
  • "I'm gonna find what I have lost."
  • "Does it scare you that I know everything?"
  • "It's not your fault that they hover."
  • "I never wanted to turn out this way."
  • "You got me in chains for your love."
  • "Guess I needed you enough not to notice."
  • "But why do we all gotta make it complicated?"
  • "You know well that I can't swim!"
  • "Even though I know you love me, can't help it."
  • "I wish you'd save a little bit just for me."
  • "I can tell that you're a real bad girl."
  • "Right when I think I finally got you figured out..."
  • "The feeling you give me is savage."
  • "I wish that I could just read your mind."
that 70's show
  • Aries: "I think we all just need to settle down. *Yelling* JUST SETTLE DOWN! WHO'S YELLING? WHO IS YELLING!"
  • Taurus: *Admitting, after years of saying he hated her and doesn't care about her, that he loves her* Jackie...I love you.
  • Gemini: "What have I said about comparing your sister to the devil?" "It's offensive to the devil?"
  • Cancer: "I ruined it. And I knew I was ruining it while I was ruining it. I just kept on ruining it."
  • Leo: "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful." "I pity you because you're dumb."
  • Virgo: "And just so you know, I'm sorry, too." "Too? No, you're not sorry too, you're sorry one, I'm sorry too."
  • Libra: "I AM the bitch, and you love me!"
  • Scorpio: "So! I guess this is the way an immature engaged highschool dumbass, with no car, no job, and no money trims the hedges."
  • Sagittarius: "*Laughs* No way! That's funny this looks like a normal gym but it looks like I've stumbled into the mouth of hell."
  • Capricorn: "I'm not loving anyone that I am not legally required to."
  • Aquarius: "I'm running a dojo of coolness."
  • Pisces: "Don't put me in your fantasies. I don't even like being in your real life."
DAY 8, Entry #1 "Little Gift Shop Of Horrors: Hands Off" ✂ - strampunch
"Alright, I can tell what you're looking for is 
this disembodied hand! 
Why is it so expensive? Well, that's quite a tale. 
And it's called HANDS OFF! 
No seriously, hands off that's not for sale."
"That old crone should apologize to me for 
denying my right to buy cheap junk. 
I don't need hands. I've got self-respect!"
DAY 8, Entry #2 "Abaconings" ✂ - kikyz
"It all makes sense now. What good is helping the world 
if I can't help my favorite person in the world? 
It's a good thing I built in a dumb-dumb switch."
"Waddles, Waddles, don't! Wait!"
"I'm sorry, Dipper. I want you to know 
in my last eight seconds of consciousness 
that science is a horizon to search for, 
not a prize to hold in your hand. 
Also, I miss getting my tummy tickled."
DAY 8, Entry #3 "Clay Day" ✂ - sellerdoor
"What? You really think someone moves these figures 
one frame at a time? I'm not a masochist! 
I use black magic to make them animate themselves. 
It was great at first, but one day...  "
“23-12-12 23-10-15-11-23-4-15-9-10 15-5 22-12-23-21-13 11-23-17-15-21”