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Kind of a weird question, but do any of the tots have autism/ADHD?

Hi, and don’t worry, it’s not a weird question. Now on to actually answering it.

I’m afraid I’m not actually well read on such issues to actually put it in-canon. I know this is a case of representation and it’d be nice to have a character to relate to on that level, but with the amount of knowledge I have on the subject, I’d rather not just throw in something like that. And the last thing I want to do is offend or misrepresent anyone by doing so. I hope people understand. 

CAMERON: I get the feeling that you like a lot of things, but is there one thing you’re truly passionate about?

RASPBERRY: Hmm…well…it’d have to be vintage music. [pause] But a very specific kind of music. Very obscure.

CAMERON: …Well, what kind is it?

RASPBERRY: I really enjoy… [longer pause] Cold War era German disco.


RASPBERRY: You asked!

Print ideas?

Hey guys! Guess what? I’m gonna be tabling at a convention for the first time ever this year!

Both conventions are this October, but I need a little help thinking of print ideas! I figure if I start making things now I’ll have enough content by the time it’s con season (it’s 5 months from now holy cats ;u; )

One of the conventions I’ll be tabling at is a Furry convention. I’ve never been to a fur con before so I have literally no idea what kind of prints and things I should make for this convention. I’ve seen a lot of people doing fan art for Pokemon and MLP but that’s about as far as I’ve gotten.

The other convention is an Anime convention! I have a short list of animes I plan to draw things for but if anyone has any requests of fandoms you’d like my to draw please send me your ideas!

I’ll also be stocking some original art and such as well haha c:

Also, if anyone has any pointers for someone tabling for the first time please share! 

Thank you in advance : D

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My country is celebrating 100 years of independence this year and we are also achieving marriage equality on the 1st of March. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our achievements as a nation than celebrating equality and human rights. Congratulations, Finland, may there be many more victories such as this and may your freedom last a thousand years!

(yes, the Finnish flag appears backwards because she’s waving it around)

@awkwardfortuneteller of course i’ve seen that tweet


Favorite relationships: Isak og Eskild
Where are you ↵
on my way home
I’m coming.

this is pretty rushed and its A BIT too late for this to be a 5/20 drawing but i love narancia and i hope he had a good birthday wherever he is <3

Among creatures

Credence helping Newt to take care of the creatures is forever A+ in my book. But please, someone, control that Niffler.
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drew something for a school project
can you tell my laziness;; I can’t draw males to save my life haha;;


“Thank you, Ray”

It’s easy to forget who you really are when you pretend for too long

(…..I wanted to draw crying Zarc probably…)

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Hope ur proud of urself for celebrating wttm, a video which sexualizes yurio, who is a MINOR. You pedo freak


he’s? not being sexualized?? ?

Yuri is a 15/16 year old teenager, and you know what teenagers wanna do? They wanna rebel, they want to do what the adults say they can’t do. In this case, Yuri wants to skate to Eros. Yuri has always wanted to skate to Eros and this was pointed out at the very beginning of the show.

Obviously that didn’t happen because Viktor assigned him Agape and choreograph his skate program for him. But now for the exhibition, he actually has the opportunity to showcase his own style. Yuri choreographed his own routine the way he wanted it. So if anything, this is totally in character for Yuri.

Who is, let me remind you again, a teenager. You don’t think some teenagers in real life acts a little risque every now and then? If you don’t, well… boyyy I have disappointing news for you, buddy…

The fact that YOU looked at it as a sexualized thing is your own damn problem. Don’t instill your own corrupted view into everyone else’s head, okay?

New Side Comic: Hello World

Well, I was hoping to make this announcement when I had the first update finished, but it looks like it’s going to take me a bit longer than expected, and I didn’t want to wait too long to announce it. So here we are :D

Hello World will be a side comic that functions much like File Not Found: very short, related to the story, and it’ll update from time to time spread out over a few weeks, or even across several chapters.

I think when the first part updates it’ll be very clear what this little comic will be about, if it isn’t already :) You can expect Part 1 to update sometime in the near future, definitely before Chapter Three starts!

Fighting Panic

Requested: I was wondering if I could request a caring Shawn one where maybe you two get into a fight and you leave and then you have a panic attack or something and you call him and even though you two were fighting he still comes over and cares for you? Sorry if that didn’t make sense lol


Your name: submit What is this?


“Stop, y/n.” Shawn says, his voice full of anger. “You can’t keep holding it against me. It’s my career, my job, don’t you understand?”

You swallow hard, trying to keep your emotions in check. “I’m not holding it against you, Shawn. I just need to know you’re not forgetting about me!”

“I’m not, I don’t know why you would say that!” He says, his voice just as loud and terrifying as it was a minute ago. You can’t match his tone. You don’t know how to scream back at him, and you don’t want to.

“You’re always busy, and even when you’re not, you’re thinking about all the things you need to get done, which I get, but I feel like you don’t even remember that I’m here, that I’m your girlfriend.” You reply, honestly.

“How could I forget, y/n? I can’t forget, and I don’t.” He spits back.

You only wait a beat before replying, still trying to absorb his last words, “Do you want to?” You ask, your voice full of fear and sadness.

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