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a breathtaking duet staring victuuri

A quickly analysis of  GOT7은 리얼리티 촬영중!! ❤️❤️ jackbum edition:

JB jealousy on fire!

First his murderous look to BamBam’s hand ( 00:09-00:11)

Looking to Yugyeom’s and Youngjae’s hand in Jackson’s back (00:12-00:25)!!!

Moved to see BamBam’s hand on Jackson’s ass (00:23-00:27)

And BamBam noticed!! ft he looked away when BamBam looked to him!!!! (00:25-00:26)

And again! (01:24-01:29) /01:42-01:46)

BamBam knowing (really knowing, just wach this for god’s sake) look (02:55-02:56) ft JB’s jaw Jinyoung noticed too

He is really done (03:03-03:07)

He is so done! (03:08-03:09)

This is so cute, Jackson using JB’s thigh as pillow (03:34- and a lot of times until the end) ♡

JB’s necessity to point the comment. He didn’t talk about any another comment, but this one… (03:43-03:48) AND THE WORST WHEN HE SAID “SARANGHAE” HE SAID SOFTLY LOOKING REALLY, REALLY DIRECTLY AT JACKSON 

JB don’t know if he looks fondly at Jackson or if he feels jealousy. Jaw and fondly look ✔ (sorry Jackson for the print and what is with that moan honey? (04:11-04:13)

As always Jackson says something and JB laughed fondly at him ft Jackson smile when he heard JB laughing (04:37-04:40)

JB pointing out that Jackson is too relax, is this jealousy? (05-37-05:38) 

JB wanting to leave again and everyone: already? (06:21-06:24)

And again, I really fear for BamBam’s life after this live (06:33-06:35)

Looking to Jackson (06:36-06:37)

And looking away (06:38-06:39)

Looking to BamBam and Mark touching Jackson’s ass (06:40-06:45)


Because Sungjong’s hyungs will never let him live a.k.a. how the INFINITE hyungs imitated Jongie’s famous neck grabbing move during The Eye. 

Happy Birthday Eiichiro Oda! 1.1