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  • Kara: Mon-hell was literally a slave owner???? Who only gave a shit abt saving his own skin when HIS planet burned to the ground???? Of course him being the bloody prince matters!
  • Alex: He sorry tho
  • me: wow how in character™ Amazing writing!! That's so Alex. Honestly, more of this quality content™ please, it's so good.

Yuri introduces Yuuri to his asshole cat.

Pairing: Yuuri x Yuri

Based off of this post. Also sorry the quality is pretty shitty and questionable on this one. >____>;

To say Yuri was nervous was a bit of an understatement. Today would be a pivotal step in his relationship with Yuuri, the make it or break it point if he may. While he was slightly nervous when introducing Yuuri as his boyfriend to his grandfather, Yuri knew they would stay together regardless of his opinion. The person Yuri was introducing his boyfriend to today, their opinion mattered so much more.

Or rather, Yuuri’s opinion mattered since the person in question, or rather creature in question, hated pretty much everyone. Yes, Today is the day that Yuri introduces his boyfriend to his cat, his asshole cat who hates everyone except Yuri himself (and occasionally Lilia).

If Yuuri did not like his asshole cat, he had to go.

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Demigod photo album 1/?

I really love it when people make fake Instagrams/ scrapbooks using fictional characters, so I made my own!

I’m probably going to be doing more of these so if you have any ideas lemme know :)

(For the time line I’m sticking with the idea that BOO ended in late 2009, because I don’t really have much else to go on…)

i wish someone would look at me the way Nate looks at this rock


“Hey now, be careful with that, I wouldn’t want you to shoot yourself by accident… Here, that’s how you hold a gun.”

*throws glitter in the air*


anonymous asked:

Any thoughs on neurodivergent Batfam? For now all I tought abt is Dick with ADHD, Jay with BPD and Tim with OCD. (Of course, thats besides the very obvious PTSD)

Everyone’s got PTSD like, shit, everyone is scarred mentally.

Don’t even… get me started on Bruce I’d be here all day

I can see Dick having ADHD, like that would make sense for him giving his personality and a lot of his traits (chattiness, inability to settle down)

Jason, oh boy, PTSD bigtime, for sure some bad claustrophobia, I bet the Lazarus Pit plus well dying messed up his brain more than a bit. He seems to display some traits consistent with bipolar or another mood disorder? I think it’s canon he’s had hallucinations and various psychosis before.

Tim has severe, untreated anxiety and depression, like really, really badly. He’s got other issues but like those are the big ones. I’ve seen some theories of mildly autistic Tim (like Asperger’s) and I could roll with that.

Cass has a whole list of problems mostly due to Cain’s abusive upbringing, like her brain literally is not wired the way most people’s are and thus it makes it very hard for her to talk and think normally and nearly impossible for her to read or write.

Damian’s actually pretty good? Like he went through awful shit but he’s young and healthy and his brain is already recovering. Look how far our baby has come I’m so proud. Still, mild depression is likely he’s got some autistic like qualities but that’s more upbringing than chemistry.


Living in Wonderland by @narryhadalittleliam@narrymusings

“So, like – What should we do?” Harry asks, shifting around on the couch and tucking a stray lock of hair behind his ear. He seems nervous, fidgeting with his rings and darting his eyes around the room. Someone off-screen says something that the microphone doesn’t quite pick up, and Harry rolls his eyes before responding with, “I know that we’ve done this a thousand times before, you arse. It’s never been just the two of us for something like this though. Like – A documentary is different than a five minute interview.”

“Well it’s not exactly just the two of us now, is it?” Niall laughs, walking into the shot and pressing a fleeting kiss to Harry’s cheek before taking a seat on the other side of the couch.

The meaning of his words is made apparent right away when three more bodies throw themselves into view, scrambling over each other to take their places on the couch as well.

(a canon-compliant biopic future!fic, wherein a documentary is being filmed about Niall and Harry’s lives when they start touring with their children coming along for the ride, and what life is like behind closed doors for the most famous gay parents on the planet)