i'm sorry the poor gif


may i offer you a burgerpants in these trying times

… a quick nonsense gift-gif for @tyranttortoise​​ featuring a certain delightfully terrible meme cat~ >v>

Sub-Zero can’t handle Reptile’s dab.

↳ prompt: who are you?

you look familiar.

It’s about to get emotional up in here pt. 2 because ya girl is back with another follow forever!

Since this blog just turned one and I passed a milestone quite some time ago, I thought I would combine those events and make a super follow forever! I honestly can’t thank each of you enough for making my experience on here as amazing as it is today. From sending me sweet messages, to tagging me in different things, and heck by just reblogging and liking things from me, you’ve made such a big impact on my life. (woah there, dramatic much? lol but seriously!) Whether I’ve followed you since the beginning or just yesterday, I love you all from the bottom of my heart!

So here’s to one year with kimbapkidding and hopefully to many more! ♡

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