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First off.
   I want to deeply && sincerely express my thanks you. 
Not even in my wildest imagination did I think I’d even reach a milestone of people interested in my characterization, with the amount swimming in this sea of talented individuals.
     Each one of you are unique, hold such passion to your characters && make everyone feel safe, it’s a blessing to see a fandom- though currently small in comparison to most- just make everyone feel so welcome.
                           I’ll admit that you’ve made me feel absolutely welcome here.

 I’m actually VERY terrible when it comes to expressing words of gratitude - but still. 
              Thank you to the Yuri on ice fandom for giving me the chance.
              Thank you to the Original characters for your unique characters brought to life by you.
              Thank you to every fandom for just being an amazing community. 

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Since of my super!busyness, the update of today is postponed to tomorrow. But here’s a small gif I made of the ‘making of’ or well, layers of a Krannri-update of few weeks back~

Krannrigan perfoming some plant-healing~~<3

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i can’t believe it’s been a year already. i don’t even know what to say. to celebrate the birth of this blog, here’s a small follow forever of some of the blogs that i love seeing on my dash. not to be cheesy or anything but bts have really changed my life, i wouldn’t have met any of you without them. can you feel me cringing? ily ♡♡♡

shout out to :
@agu5td@ho-bwi@milky-jimin@mixtapesyoongi ♡ @myhobibi@the-dope-maknae@turtle-yoongi@syubbee 

yall keep me sane!!! thank you for being there for me and not getting tired of my constant yelling about yoongi and hobi :’) sending all my love ♡ 

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11x23 “Alpha and Omega”
“I just have to get close. And I can do that.”

I am so sorry for being probably the only person who hadn’t caught onto this when watching the episode. Granted I only watched it one and half times, so the cemetery scene I had only watched once until I started capping. And dear lord does this small moment here make me emotional. This is by no means rational at all, but Dean looking at his mother’s grave first sad and then an almost smile forming around his mouth and then in the end winking at her seriously did me in during capping. Because on the one hand this moment has something of bittersweet tragedy and beauty as you can see Dean possibly thinking “See you soon, Mom!”, more than that though it does remind of the moment in 5x18 “Point of No Return” when Dean winks at Sam in the green room when Zachariah is calling Michael. Back then it was a moment where the wink was expressing as much as “I got this. I have an idea.” and it marked the moment that Dean did choose life and not “death” by becoming a vessel for an archangel. And I personally cannot not think that Dean may have had similar thoughts here. Especially as the first thing he does when going back is ask Chuck if he is okay with this. So if you ask me, this right here marks the true moment that Dean decides to give talking a shot and not just raw power. And isn’t it wonderful that that worked? No violence, but communication.

Anybody else wondering if this was in the script or something Jensen just did, because he felt it fitting? He is so good at these things, so I would not be surprised if this wonderful bit was entirely Jensen’s idea. :’)


Yata Misaki & Fushimi Saruhiko
Lost Small World Stage Play


“I’m going to be completely honest here. When I first heard that [tyler] was going to be writing a book, because I was very biased about youtuber books at the time, I thought, great. It’s going to be some self-indulgent crap, because that was sort of the perception I had of youtubers in their 20’s writing books about their life, I’m like, you haven’t even lived your life. This book changed my opinion on youtubers writing books, honestly, and to be able to do that, you know it must be a good book.”


“I’m losing her, I’m losing her! I’m losing her! No…I lost her, I lost her, I lost…”