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Hi. I really like your drawings so I think you can help me. I draw myself and I've got one friend that shows me how to paint humans. But if she sees my pictures, she always laughs and says that they are funny. I don't feel really confident and her meaning means a lot to me, so I think my drawings are just "funny". First I were really proud of them, but then she always comes and laughs. What should I do? P.S. I'm sorry for bad english. I'm from germany.

Um. wow…

That’s how you DON’T teach someone how to draw.  The thing with criticism, an important thing you should listen to, is that first you should find the good things about something you’re up to criticise. 

Say there’s a very detailed colourful drawing but the anatomy is very, very bad. Maybe one leg is bigger than the other, maybe the eyes are different shape, BUT.

You say that, hey, I like your colours! (for example)! You found a good contrast harmony! You’ve put so many details into it! And only then you say (BUT IN A KIND POLITE WAY) what this person should fix. Tell them what is not the greatest about anatomy AND HOW fix it, say that hey! I love your details, but It’s better to first finish the general shape because details can distract from it. Or, if you criticise something first then at least say what’s good about it afterwards.

People who laugh at someone work, I feel like, have absolutely zero interest in your improvement or self-confidence. In my opinion, this kind of people just want to level up in their own eyes by bringing someone down. We all know just how destroying those kind of laughs can be to people who put so much into their work. 

You’ve put your time, your imagination, your sincerity into something that means a lot to you and this itself isn’t funny at all! Your friend should at least respect your effort, because not everyone is born immediately great and have to work their way up.

I’d say don’t listen to your friend and keep being proud of your drawings! And I think you should be proud! Don’t let anyone bring you down like this.

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"I'm sorry but that's just not your colour." Marichat?

“I’m sorry,” Chat Noir said, pursing his lips, “but that’s just not your color.”

Marinette looked down at the tangerine dress and sighed. “Believe me, I know.”

“It’s just….bad.”

“Thanks, really.”

“I mean, you’re beautiful but this is just…just…”

Marinette slumped down on the couch. “There are going to be so many pictures. I’ll have to remember this dress for the rest of my life.”

“I thought Alya had better taste than this. At least the groomsmen get to wear a green…” Chat Noir’s voice trailed off and his eyes widened.

Marinette blinked up at him. “You’re…you’re in the wedding?”


“Because just now it sounded like you’re in the wedding,” she accused.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Chat Noir took a few steps back, hand reaching behind him to search for the balcony door. Marinette stood to stop him too quickly, tripping over the hem of the dress. Chat Noir moved forward to catch her, her cheek pressing against his chest. “Easy, Princess.”

“Nino only has three groomsmen,” she said quietly.

Chat Noir sighed and helped her straighten. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Marinette blinked and cleared her throat. “Right. Sorry. Secret Identity.”

“I mean, if you want to know…” He trailed off, looking to the side.

She tilted her head, studying him. “You would tell me?”

He nodded, returning his attention to her. “I know I can trust you. I’ll tell you if you really want me to.”

“Do you want me to know?”

“A little bit,” he admitted.

“And then what?”

Chat Noir frowned. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, would it make things weird between us?”

“I don’t…I don’t think so. Why? Do you think it would be weird?”

“I don’t know. We’ve been friends for years but this is the only way I’ve known you. Will it be like meeting a stranger?” Marinette worried her bottom lip.

“No,” he whispered. “I’m not a stranger.”

“Right,” she nodded. “Wedding party.” She squeezed her eyes shut, cheeks going pink. “You’re not Max,” she said firmly.

“No, not Max.”

She opened one eye. “And you’re not Nathaniel.”

He shook his head. “Not Nathaniel.”

Marinette examined the ground for a few moments before looking back up at him with a small smile. “Hi, Adrien.”

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Can I ask something? How do you color?? Honestly I'm having problems with colouring especially the shadow effects 😅😅 and yes I'm new in digital art (started 2 months ago)

Woah I think you asked the wrong person here … I’m really bad at explaining or giving tutorial
Since you’re new to digital, I think you should browse more art and professional tutorial. 

But for me:-
base > rough shadow (multiply layer) > detail shadow (multiply layer) > soft lightning (overlay layer) > highlight (screen / Add glow layer) > “Cleaning”

Shading usually use “Multiply” layer effect..
hope this helps, sorry I’m reallyyyy bad at giving tutorial /-\

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Hi! I'd like to ask you a question! I talked to the woman who cleans our school yesterday and we talked about clothes and everything. Suddenly she told me that green is considered an evil colour in Poland? But I couldn't understand her explanation! I asked my mum later (who was born in Silesia and a friend of hers but they didn't know anything about it. Now I'm confused and apparently I'm a bad person now, because my favourite colour is green? (Seriously, my classroom was flooded today!) Help!

(2/2) I really really hope that you can help me! (Even if it turns out it was just a joke) And thank you for your time!


Sorry for a late reply but I had to think about your ask for a little bit.

Okay, so before I start to elaborate about it, you have to know that I’m not so sure about my answer because I’ve never heard about green being an “evil colour”. So this is only my assumption. 

Firstly, we need to “divide” Polish culture into 2 parts - after christianity and before it (Slavic beliefs), because many symbols changed their meanings after the Christianisation of Poland. 

Let’s start with pre-christianity period. Then green was a colour of a new life, animals and plants, farming. It was believed that green could save people from injuries. On the other hand this was a colour of immaturity. I’m not sure about it (because there is little historical facts about images of slavic gods and deities) but I’ve read that green was be considered to be a colour of wild places (and holy at the same time) and their inhibitants like deities or demonic creatures.

After the baptism of Poland the meaning of green colour could have changed. Even so, green can’t be such an evil colour since even in the Bible (creating a world) it is a colour of life (green plants as a food for ppl and animals). But mind that there is also a description of the Apocalypse in the Bible where we’ve got “an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death”. In Polish most popular translation of the Bible the colour of this horse is “trupio blady” (deathly pale) but in some images Death sits on a green horse. The translation from can also differ - it doesn’t have to be pale, it might be also yellowish or pale green. So maybe that’s why pale green can be considered as a colour of illness, sickness or disease and death. A bright green symbolises a poison or venom. Maybe it is also about reptiles that are, let’s say, the enemies of christianity (a snake or dragon - for instance Saint George who fought a dragon, a satan in fact).

Right now green is rather a positive colour but I’m not so surprised that this Polish woman finds it negative or even evil. But once again, this is only my guess, I’m not sure if my assumptions are correct. 

Maybe some of my followers have sth to add. Also @lamus-dworski - maybe you are able to say sth more about this.

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Hello Eddie, hello fellow Mun. I hope it's ok to just pass by and say how awesome this blog looks! I really like the background and the colours. Even if it's a bit tough to navigate on, that's no problem because you even put that in the nicely ordered FAQ! So, good luck with the blog and hey Eddie I'm happy that you're allowed to talk to us all. Really cool stuff here. Hope you'll still have fun here in the future!

What a sweetie!! Thank you for your support and nice words! (also, sorry for the bit of eyestrain, i didnt realize how bad these two colors were together. If its too much for anyone please tell me and i’l try to fix it or take it down!)


here’s a color tutorial for a very lovely person!! ehehe I’m sorry if this isn’t very helpful I tried my best in explaining the best I could;;;it’s tough putting something instinctual into words

I don’t have the right to tell anyone on how to color, etc.  This is just how I do it from my experience and what I find visually appealing!! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!! I will try to answer the best I can;;;

Hey there! I’m Kaz (any pronouns), one of the admins of the @the-com-mun-ity created by @paachu4dada! I finally got around to setting up the blog and posting on here!

I run @askkalaallitnunaat and @ask-colourkingdom-nyodenmark! I’m 16, an artist (obviously), and I live in the United States! 

Uhh- fun facts I guess!

  • My hair is bleached, it’s not naturally that weird blond/caramel colour
  • I’m studying to become a doctor!
  • I’m a huge history nerd
  • I’m really lazy with my art can you tell :’)
  • I don’t know how to do this!!!
  • I’ve never been good at introductions pls have mercy on me
  • I’m 
  • That’s it okay I’m not an interesting person!! I’m going to stop before I make a fool of myself!! Thank you for reading!!

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aaaaa gosh thank you so much!!

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Ahh! Ok than I want to request plain and textured icons of Jessica Jones and Trish Walker! Thank you in advance, your icons are always really lovely <3

thank you! there are more colours under the cut:

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#the fact that he acknowledged the fact that she didn’t ask for it #and he was pretty much the only one to do this #and he told her that the least he could do is keep her company #because he knows it must’ve been hard for her especially now her life is in danger #he didn’t want her to go through it alone #noone loves her as much as he does i swear

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"why are they always onyxes and obsidians" because colorful jewels have girl cooties duh black is the only MANLY color

It just… yeah. I really like Steven’s own pretty casual relationship with gender and gender expression and masculinity and the whole pink roses aesthetic - and this has all been said a billion times and far better than I could manage right now, so I don’t really want to get into it. But anyway stuff like this feels kinda jarring, and as a bonus is usually filled to the brim with completely superfluous attempts at being ~edgy~.

You know who I can’t wait to actually see? Bismuth.

Because holy crap

have you


this thing? Wow.