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Inktober 2017 day 10: Gigantic ft. Gintoki and strawberry milk

Mainly because I remembered it was his birthday, so why not give him this? Though it’ll be bad for his sugar levels…

Mme Bustier's Class as Things my Friends and I Have Said p3
  • Marinette: "high school is just jail. look, we're surrounded by bars, for god's sake!"
  • Alya: "that wasn't a pat on the back, that was a slap on the arse!"
  • Adrien: "I did the brothel!... I don't know what brothel means."
  • Nino: "I am just a small innocent child. please pay for college."
  • Nathaniel: "sorry? I can't hear or see you past your fucking ego."
  • Alix: "the answer is fifty six over fuck you"
  • Kim: "get your head out of that bear's arse!"
  • Max: "the game is MEANT to be offensive!"
  • Rose: "the set of all possible outcomes are very possible. that's your answer."
  • Juleka: "I will sell you to satan for one pringle."
  • Ivan: "find the value of 24n if y is equal to... it doesn't say what y is equal to!"
  • Mylene: "I think I'm popcorn magnetic."
  • Chloe: "my skills include kicking and hating myself so much that it starts to affect my views of others. oh yeah, and flirting."
  • Sabrina: "remember kids, road safety's a myth and the government is run by lizard people"
  • Lila: "give up, give in, now give me what I want. and yes, I did just quote the Vampire Diaries."
  • Mme Bustier: "is this the point where I give up on everything and accept that my life will always be full of idiots?"

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I'm sorry if this sounds dumb but I hate how Louis is getting treated by Piper. I'd understand if he did something to her on purpose but he didn't. It was all a big misunderstanding. All she has to do is hear him out and this conflict wouldn't be happening. It just breaks my heart to see Louis being treated like this when Piper has no reason to do it in the first place.

Yep, it’s all super bad and unnecessary but thats why we call it angst  

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Weird that I had no followers until I started reblogging the character Polaris. I feel like I've been spied on by trolls. I created 3 different accounts as a test to see if these followers will follow me as soon as I start getting pics of Polaris and I was correct. Same people will follow me and they don't even have anything I have in my dash. They don't like or reblog from me. Can this be trolls? Haters? Obsessions? Maybe I see it that way because I'm a paranoid person. Just strange that's all

I think I know what you mean. if for some reason you feel that way, you can always block who ever you think this troll is. Sorry to hear you’re a paranoid person. I do have people following me simply for no reason but I guess they just follow you for some reason. Just block, block and block and for those of you experiencing the same thing……BLOCK.

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Hello! First lemme say, your art is phenomenal and I'm always so excited to see when you've posted something new. Second, your games are WONDERFUL. The great noodle jape was such good fun and I had a blast playing it. And soul redacted, HOO BOY IT'S SO GOOD HOLY HECK. I swear you leave magic in everything you create to make it so fantastic. Also, is there a playlist or something for the soul redacted soundtrack? Because I could listen to that for hours. Thanks, and I wish you the best!!

hello! aw love, thank you so much, oh my stars ;v; i’m so delighted that you liked both of them-! they both have such entirely different vibes and concepts so i was definitely nervous that people would balk at [Soul Redacted], so it continues to be a relief to hear otherwise.

as for the playlist, i actually spent ages selecting the tracks via the beautiful wonder of the Free Music Archive! (seriously, i spent at least 10 hours actively working on it, and probably more if i’m being honest with myself, woops) but i’ll put the list below, with links! it’s all downloadable :)

(also, these aren’t going to be in order, sorry about that, heh)

  • Robert: There's no natural light in there. And the description of it as a box room is insulting to boxes. Oh, and today there was the added plus of Eric Pollard's breakfast banter. (imitates Eric) Ah, Mr Sugden, how do we like our eggs in the morning? Fertilised?
  • Vic: Going to cost you a fortune, you know, if you're there for a while.
  • Robert: It's not cheap. I didn't really sleep, either.
  • Vic: Well, it's not easy, is it, splitting up?
  • Robert: No. just have to decide what to do next, that's all.
  • (Aaron and Adam walking by)
  • Vic: I think it's really obvious. You should move in with us.
  • Robert: (seeing them) Vic!
  • Vic: What? (sees them too) So?
  • Robert: It's hardly the most sensitive thing for him to hear.
  • Vic: What do you care? You're over, aren't yous?
  • Robert: Yeah, but I still don't want him spiralling out of control. And if he thinks I'm moving in with Rebecca -
  • Vic: Then he's got other people there to deal with it. I'm sorry, Robert, but you used to be really good at looking out for number one. You're off your game.
Shows' thoughts on Headcanons
  • Wander Over Yonder: All your theories are canon! Go wild with Wander's backstory! And also your creative named ships (they're awesomely named btw) are valid one way or the other, but we won't address them on the show, that's up to you. Oh and we don't want Lord Hater as a chimp to be debunked! Someday we'll tell Hater's backstory but that could result in some debunks, maybe change them as AUs.
  • Steven Universe: Great theories! Some may be true, but others may not be, but we love seeing them! Oh and you're on the money with Garnet as a fusion, plus the two first same-sex characters in the animated series!
  • My Little Pony: We made the 100th episode dedicated to shout outs to you Bronies! Friendships pairings confirmed, a Doctor Who pony, Derpy speaks accurately, and a big musical duet! You're amazing! Though, Sparity didn't happen, they're just friends, sorry.
  • Avatar the Last Airbender: Great that you're making theories of bending and world-building! Though we prefer Kataang over Zutara for story purposes. Don't mind you making headcanons on their relationship changes in their later years, but we prefer Kataang to remain that way in order for Tenzin to exist.
  • The Legend of Korra: We need to make Asami and Korra be a couple. We won't address it, but subtly hint that near the last shot of the series. So yeah, Korrasami is canon!
  • Littlest Pet Shop: Nice theories. Though I wouldn't touch the main pets' shipping though. You can have fun with them in the non-canon sense, but our canon stories won't be doing romantic dramas. They're just friends first and foremost.
  • Adventure Time: The wonders of headcanons have such possibilities! Not sure if some would be true though. Marceline and Bubblegum's shipping though don't believe it, they're just friends.
  • Hey Arnold: All your theories and headcanons of The Jungle Movie will be answered. You basically summed up what it's gonna be about for all those years, but this version may be different to keep things fresh, but you'll still see the tying up on Arnold's parents and Helga's love confessions.
  • Gravity Falls: Go wild on the headcanons! The mysteries! The wonders! The crossovers! They're all in you to show how much awesome this show is! Oh, and your Stan Brother's theory is canon! So all the others are debunked! But don't mention any shipping in my face, please? Dipper and Mabel don't commit incest, not sure about Dipper and Pacifica or Dipper and Wendy cause he's maturing to find other girls, and I'm sorry, BillDip? That's just degrading! Sorry, but I don't want to hear anymore shipping! They aren't valid in canon timeline.
  • Some live-action shows (except Doctor Who): What's up with these "headcanons"? Silly fans, they're not true to my creative vision! My characters don't make out! I decide their story, not yours!
A scene I want from the EE
  • Feren: My King, Lake Town has been destroyed.
  • Thranduil: Bard?
  • Feren: ... the Bargeman and his family survived as far as I am aware.
  • Thranduil: ... gather as much food and blankets as we can spare.
  • Feren: My King?
  • Thranduil: Oh, and rally the troops. There's something in the mountain I want.
  • Feren: {muttered}... rrrriiiighhhtttt. The mountain. That's what this is about.
  • Thranduil: What did you say?
  • Feren: Ehem. Right away, my King.
  • Thranduil: And have Galion meet me in my chambers. I need to pick out my wardrobe.
  • Feren: Majesty?
  • Thranduil: Ehem. My armour. I need to work out what armour to wear.
  • Feren: ... of course...
  • Thranduil: ... oh, and find Legolas and tell him he's to return here, would you?
  • Feren: What of Tauriel?
  • Thranduil: {sniff} if she wants to fraternize with Dwarves, she may, but she'll not do it under my roof.
  • Feren: ... of course. {muttered} because she's the only one fraternizing with people she shouldn't be.
  • Thranduil: What?
  • Feren: Nothing, my lord. Is that all?
  • Thranduil: Oh, and see to it that Elky is presentable, would you?
  • Feren: Ah, why, my lord?
  • Thranduil: I am to ride into battle, Feren.
  • Feren: Right. Of course, how silly of me. It shall be done. IS there anything else, Lord?
  • Thranduil: ... make sure wine is also packed for the journey.
  • Feren: ... of course.
  • Thranduil: That's all, you may go.
  • Feren: ... {bows and takes his leave}
  • Thranduil: What does Bard even like?
  • Feren: {calls} I can still hear you, my Lord.
  • Thranduil: Oop. You heard nothing.
  • Feren: Of course not, my Lord.
  • Thranduil: Maybe he'd like the-
  • Feren: {ehem}
  • Thranduil: Oh, Feren, hurry up.
  • Feren: I'm sorry, my Lord, your throne room, you see, it's not very private, and sound carries.
  • Thranduil: {scowling}
  • Feren: I'm going. {finally makes it out of earshot}
  • Thranduil: {sigh} Soon, my love, nothing shall come between us.
  • MTS elf: {ehem}
  • Thranduil: Oh for Valar's sake! What does a king have to do for some privacy around here?!

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I have this kink that cassian holds nesta's throat while they're going wild and hard and oh so dirty. He loves to hear nesta moan but better yet he loves to FEEL them too. And sometimes he'll lean right next to her lips biting her throat so he could hear her scream in her ear. I'm sorry I sin too much on your blog




omg yes i have no words i love this

I can actually see him do it, like his hand around her throat(not tight bc he doesnt want to hurt but so he can feel the vibrations of her throat on his skin and palm and fingertips and it drives him absolutely out of his mind) and yes Nesta moaning is actually his fav sound in the world

and she knows it and takes advantage of it like mad


Caroline Forbes in Every Episode | “Woke Up With A Monster”
Look, I’m immortal and you’re not,  and I always knew that I would lose you one day,  but I am not ready to lose you now. You’re supposed to be here for my college graduation. We’re supposed to argue about  flower arrangements for my wedding. We’re supposed to have years and years  worth of birthday dinners and Christmases  and whitewater rafting trips. I want all of it. I want you to live for me,  and I know that that’s selfish,  but that’s the truth.


1x23/2x01 vs. 6x05

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I'm back. Sorry I took so long. Someone connected to the White Sox/major leagues had met the boys and that's why they got invited. My friend's mom was in and out of the box with Niall so she had details about him being nice and drunk. As for the other boys, there wasn't much to say except for one gem. Harry called my friend's mom's partner to thank them for the invite and Louis was with Harry on the line! That's all I've got for you. I'll let you know if I hear anything else from my friend.

Me again. I see those other pictures that came out after of Niall with the other boys jerseys. Hope that helps verify my story a little bit. Sorry I don’t have any “proof” or “receipts” other than my word. :)

AAAHHHH THIS IS VERY NICE. Thank you for sharing! (Also to everyone else, they had sent me another message well before the picture of the jerseys even came out saying that they might be back with a follow-up later, so this isn’t even coming out of the blue.)

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Hi Tom!! I'm a digital animation student and I was wondering if you have any tips for getting a job at Disney. That's kind of one of my lifetime goals. I would absolutely love to hear back from you! --Shey

Hey Shey.  Sorry for this late reply, I just saw I had messages.  I get this question a lot.  "Do you have a TIP on how I get into Disney as an animator/character designer/concept artist- its my dream".  

I’m answering you, but posting this for all to see.  

(NOTE: Shey, ignore any snarky-ness in my tone, you don’t deserve it and seem like a very nice person.  This is a global answer since I’m posting it and not necessarily directed toward you.   I just get this question A LOT and, hopefully unlike yourself, by people that just want to dream it; not work for it.)  

First of all, when you ask someone that question, you really should have your portfolio in your hand and have JUST SHOWN that person it.  Without that, I truly am just giving you the most general of answers.  That said, you just want a “tip” on how to do it?  The easy answer is to Google search it and most likely you’ll end up at Disney animation’s website where I assume (I’ve never looked) they probably have some instructions on how to submit your portfolio online and (hopefully) an idea of what they want you to have in it.  That’s a tip.  

But here’s the honest answer and its a bit more than a tip.  The real question you should be asking is, “What do i need to do to make it as a professional artist at one of the biggest/oldest/ most respected/ competitive animation studios in the world?”  I’ll be even more direct: by not even knowing what you are REALLY asking, it tells me you’re not ready.  The person asking how to become what took me 25 years and looking for a “tip” for an answer has a long way to go to understand the competitive effort and strong work ethic needed to make it at a major animation studio, much less get that first entry level job as an artist.  First, take an honest look at your work and compare it to PROs.  Not your peers.  Not your Deviant Art followers, your parents, siblings, or high school friends- but compare it to the people’s work who’s JOB you want to take away.  Sounds tough, right?  At many studios, that’s what it comes down to: Someone has to leave for a job to be open, so there’s some truth to it.  But that mentality of  looking at your ARTISTIC HEROES as your competition will give you a good sense to what you are up against.  The best of the best.  Yes, there are entry-level positions at most of the studios, but you don’t want that.  You want to jump past that and be an animator, character designer, concept artist.  Not a storyboard revisionist.  Not an intern.  Maybe you’ll take those positions to get your foot in the door?  Good, because that’s all you’re gonna get offered to you.  Even if you draw like the teen version of Glen Keane (if you don’t know who he is then you’re also showing how “not ready” you are) you still don’t have that precious commodity that producers put equal weight on: Experience.   So, buckle down remember you’re young still (unlike me) and do the work needed and expect an entry level position for all that hard work.  It’s fact.  How long you stay in that entry level position is where you’re ability will pay off though.  Some climb high and fast.  Others, their whole career is a struggle.  Hard work can make a difference, but I believe there is a mysterious “A” gene that is a bit bigger in some people’s DNA than most.  And that “A” stands for “Ability”.  

I can shorten it to a TIP though: DRAW EVERY DAY.  

I know I sound like a crodgity-old man (and part of me is) but know that I am answering this question not for you, but for ALL the people that have asked it.  BUT- even more importantly- know that I’m ALSO not answering this just for me but for all the other artist pros that have been asked it.  Listen to these words:  Wake up.  Quite dreaming and start WORKING.

You’ll have my job in no time. :) 

text message ✉ treegan
  • Troian: I don't really know how to start this. I don't think there's any guides to say what I want to say, and I might just lose my nerve entirely so there's that too. It'd be better if I said this to you, face to face, but I think if I did, I'd take it all back because just seeing you always changes everything.
  • Troian: I am so happy you were my first love. I hope you know that. I hope you never forget that, Keegs. I hope you know there's a whole..part of me that's yours forever and can't be shared or replicated with anybody else.
  • Troian: I'm sorry for holding onto you so tight. I could've made all of this so much easier and less painful if I had just let you go a lot sooner. I'm just selfish. I wanted you to myself for forever.
  • Troian: But you deserve to be happy. And I think, until you hear it from me, you're not going to be because I think both of us keep holding ourselves back from moving on and finding happiness with someone else because we don't want to hurt each other. Or make each other feel like what we had wasn't special or true. So I just wanted to let you know that I'll be okay.
  • Troian: It's going to hurt. And I'm going to be sad, and I'll probably pull away a little when it happens so I don't risk losing you forever. But I'll still love you and want only the best for you. I miss you being happy, Simba. I miss that guy I fell in love with and I want him to come back.
  • Troian: I miss /you/. I miss my best friend. It won't be easy, but I hope we can eventually find a place for each other where it won't hurt and it won't be tense and we'll both be at peace with ourselves and each other. I love you so much and I want you to know that we're going to be okay some day.

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when I was in third grade, my mother, sister and I went out hiking. While on the way up we crossed this cool arched rock. While walking I didn't see a copperhead sunning itself and stepped on it. I remember hearing the hiss and my mom shouting "Run!" I luckily didn't get bit since we were in the middle of nowhere. That's essentially why I dislike most snakes. the only snake I'm okay with are corn snakes.

I’m sorry that you experienced that kind of fear, but let’s put things into perspective!

So, there’s a copperhead. Pretty small in comparison to us. Soakin’ up the sun summer style on a rock, and all of the sudden, this giant monster over 50 times its size steps on it.This poor copperhead, although it’s not your fault, was probably just as shocked as you were about the incident. The poor dude wanted to get some sun and I’m quite sure that nowhere on its agenda was “be stepped on by some giant,” and if it had an opportunity to, it most likely would have fled from you. 

Snakes aren’t fortunate enough to have arms and opposable thumbs and other digits to punch us in the face with when we accidentally step on them. The only defense they have is their mouth. For some snakes, they happen to have an added line of defense and that line of defense is venom. 

I can assure you that any snake, regardless of whether it has venom or not, would probably try to bite the shit out of you if you scared it or stepped on it like that. Even corn snakes. 

Copperheads, other than being slightly more defensive when necessary, don’t show behaviors that are much different than other snakes. They don’t want to be in our way and we don’t want to be in theirs. 

I’ll also let you know right now that running was probably unnecessary– they don’t chase. Getting out of the way quickly is good enough. I’m sure it went in the opposite direction in hopes of never being stepped on again. 

As much as I can understand why a scary incident like that can put you off from loving snakes, it’s not fair to any animal to dislike them as a whole because an animal reacted the same exact way that almost any other kind of animal would have reacted. I’ve stepped on my family dog’s paw and she bit me for it. Try to be a little more understanding. I promise, they’re not out to get you!

Some Nights lyric rp meme [Fun.]
  • Some nights I stay up cashing in my bad luck
  • Some nights I call it a draw
  • Some nights I wish that my lips could build a castle
  • Some nights I wish they'd just fall off
  • But I still wake up, I still see your ghost
  • Oh, Lord, I'm still not sure what I stand for
  • This is it, boys, this is war - what are we waiting for?
  • Why don't we break the rules already?
  • I was never one to believe the hype
  • Save that for the black and white
  • I try twice as hard and I'm half as liked,
  • But here they come again to jack my style
  • I found a martyr in my bed tonight
  • She stops my bones from wondering just who I am?
  • Well, some nights I wish that this all would end
  • 'Cause I could use some friends for a change.
  • And some nights I'm scared you'll forget me again
  • Some nights I always win, I always win...
  • So this is it. I sold my soul for this?
  • Washed my hands of that for this?
  • I miss my mom and dad for this?
  • No. When I see stars, when I see, when I see stars, that's all they are
  • When I hear songs, they sound like a swan, so come on.
  • Well, that is it guys, that is all - five minutes in and I'm bored again
  • Ten years of this, I'm not sure if anybody understands
  • This one is not for the folks at home;
  • Sorry to leave, mom, I had to go
  • Who the fuck wants to die alone all dried up in the desert sun?
  • My heart is breaking for my sister and the con that she called "love"
  • When I look into my nephew's eyes...
  • Man, you wouldn't believe the most amazing things that can come from... Some terrible nights...
  • The other night you wouldn't believe the dream I just had about you and me
  • I called you up but we'd both agree
  • It's for the best you didn't listen
  • It's for the best we get our distance...
So Let Me Get This Straight...
  • Mass Media: Let us tell stories about men! Written by men! For men! Manly!
  • Women: ...We'd like to hear a story about women.
  • Mass Media: No no no no no. MEN will never want to hear that! ALL the stories shall be about men.
  • Women: What about us?
  • Mass Media: Women also like the stories about men! See, they're watching and reading them.
  • Women: ...that's because there's nothing else to watch and read.
  • Mass Media: I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of all of this men. Tell you what. We'll let you make this woman story as an experiment and see what happens.
  • Women: Oh, okay, cool. We'll just go write that!
  • Women: Yes. Here you go.
  • Mass Media: Here, Men, what do you think of this Lady Thing?
  • Men: Wait, aren't Lady Things supposed to be really silly? Let's not see this. People will laugh at us.
  • Mass Media: There, you see? Men didn't like the Lady Thing. Now go back into your corner and enjoy the manly stories for men.
  • Women: ....
  • Mass Media: Look, we'd love to help you, but we have a business to run, and we just so happen to have a pie chart right here that shows that most of our income comes from Manly Things.
  • Women: That's because, like, 99% of your offerings are Manly Things.
  • Mass Media: Yes, exactly. See, it's just business. Numbers don't lie. Wow, you're surprisingly good at math for ladies.
  • Women: ...
  • Mass Media: We don't know what's wrong with you. They're good stories.
  • Women: Yes, but it's all one kind of story! We love these characters and this setting, but want you to make the stories that WE want to hear some of the time.
  • Mass Media: But then we'd alienate the men! If you want these kinds of stories so much, why don't you tell them?
  • Women: ...fine. *go off and tell the stories they want to hear, share them with each other.*
  • Mass Media: Pffff. Look at those silly women! Off writing their "fanfics". What a silly thing to do! Pssh, *ladies,* amirite guys?
  • Man: *writes what is essentially fanfic, gets published and lauded for insightful commentary on pop culture*
  • Woman: *writes an original story, gets lambasted for ripping off pop culture because she wrote completely unrelated fanfic once.*
  • Women: ....
  • Mass Media: *pats consolingly* There, there. Look, we've listened to you. Here's a sexy lamp... I mean lady... in this thing we just made! Sure, she doesn't have any lines other than "Go Dude McManlypants, I believe in you!" and is wearing a bikini in the snow, but she's a Strong Independent Woman Who Don't Need No Man. Except when Dude McManlypants wins her at the end of the story. That's what you wanted, right?
  • Women: ....*collectively facepalm*