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Home is different for everybody.
For some people, home is the place with all of your favorite snacks. Home is the place where you know which cupboard all of the dishes are in. The place where the mattress is worn in just right, where the shower pressure is perfect, where your wall is covered in posters and pictures.
Sometimes it’s a person- your mom, your grandmother, your best friend or partner or sibling. Maybe it’s a place- a house, or a room, maybe the city or the ocean. Some people have lots of homes. Some have just one.
When I think of home, I think of two. I think of my mom, who works so hard for our little family, and helps me in any way she can, and how she always smells nice and comforting when I hug her. But I also think of my other home. And it hurts, because I miss it too much. My home is a place where my anxiety isn’t as painful as it usually is, where I never feel empty. It’s a place where people are accepted and loved no matter what their gender or sexual orientation is. My home is a place where it takes a team for everyone to get ready for the dances. A place where I can waltz by myself during a slow dance and be applauded for it, or lead a big group in the Macarena to every. single. song. A place where one boy can ask another out and get applause from the entire cafeteria rather than hurtful words and hateful actions directed at him. A place where I can discuss headcanons with big groups of people and fear being made fun of, where friends can make a big cuddly pile of cold teenagers and pillows and blankets and hot chocolate when we all have to run back to our dorms in the rain. A place to make really bad jokes and be stopped by total strangers to be complimented on your lipstick or eyeliner. My home is the place where my roommate tells me she loves me and holds me when I cry. My home is a place where everyone is a family and everyone is safe. Where everyone is loved and cared for.
I want to go home. I want to go back to TiP. Back to the people who have become my second family, and to the three weeks I wish and wait for every single day for the rest of the year. Back to the place where I feel needed and uplifted. I want to go home.
—  Homes, by me, for all of my tip family, written with a lot of tears.

“You did it again,” Dean says quietly, after you ran your fingers through his hair while passing in the kitchen.

“Hm?” you say absentmindedly, flipping through a cook book. Then you remember. You sigh without turning around. “Oh, crap, sorry Dean. Force of habit is all, I’ll try to -”

You pause when he wraps his arms around you from behind, nuzzling against the side of your neck.

“Truth be told,” he murmurs, his breath warm against your skin. “I kind of like it.” He presses a kiss to your cheek.

You turn in the circle of his arms and place your hands on the back of his neck. “If this is the response, maybe I should do it more often,” you reply mischievously.

He grins, leaning forward to capture your lips in a kiss. “Maybe you should.”

imagine sitting across from calum as you hung out with tour crew and even though the bus was dimly lit you could tell by the way calum was resting his head on his clenched fist and his lips were slightly pursed that he was mad about something so you hesitantly stood up to sit in the small space beside him, but as soon as he looked up at you you could tell he was just kind of tired and upset so you sat down, put your legs on his, and played with his dark hair . he looked into your eyes as you quietly asked what was wrong, and he muttered “i’m just kinda tired, and luke’s been annoying me, and i’ve just had a long day,” before you took his large hand into yours and rubbed his toned arm, eventually causing him to become sleepy and lay his head on your shoulder and yawn as the conversation continued on around you.


He didn’t normally like to make unplanned stops at the Institute, but he thought this was certainly the kind of extenuating circumstances that called for a visit. After everything that had happened, he needed to make sure Alec was okay.

He knew, of course, that he would be busy with Max’s ceremony. And maybe the timing wouldn’t be great. But he couldn’t just sit in the penthouse, thinking of all the things going wrong. Thinking about Alec on that rooftop, falling. 

He was lucky enough to not run into anyone who would question his presence. No Aldertree. And he managed to make his way to Alec’s rooms with no trouble, knocking on the door.

name: summer
pronouns: she/her
timezone: est (gmt-5)
core personality: joy!! (and sadness)
favorite fcs: zayn malik, harry styles, models galore
what kinds of plots you’d like to see: drama! angst! plot twists! //slow burn//, fake dating, pining with happy endings, poly ships, big families, everything (and tbh if you want a zarry ship w/ me i’ll cry? ok. like i’m here for it and will play either one in like 99% of plots.)
gif representing yourself: lmao how do i choose?


Naomi was still kinda wigged out but she actually mulls the message over for a moment and…comes up mostly blank. “hmmmmmm…. its all super mega weird idk wat to tell u bsides ask for a serious raise anyway :P” If he worked for Yotsuyama he was kind of like a coworker, right? She didn’t really know if she should start blabblin’ what she did know (not much) vs keep quiet. But…the whole deal really only extended to people actually playing the game-thingy and not someone helping to run it right? Maybe. Hm. Well whatever. Yolo “but ya like I said b4 all i kno is theres some death drive vr game (the geek always falls asleep playing ugh) that uses ur names/faces?? i think it’s super retro tho so it doesn’t make sense (/T_T)/ have u been doin the jackal thing a huge while??”

Death Drive, hm? Well he’d definitely heard the phrase before… He likely heard it from Uncle Death, as he was the one who came to mind when he read it. It was clear to him that this girl either didn’t know much, or didn’t care to know what was relevant. 

“You keep saying ‘retro’ but I don’t think you’re using it correctly…” He noted, “Oh… Not too long. I would say about a year, or two now? It has not been long since the Earth Rage, if it wasn’t for that I would still be a hit-man.  ¯\_(-_-)_/¯ The Tower of Barbs is a very strange place, it is easy to lose your sense of time. But with how much the tower has grown since I became a Jackal, I would say just over a year…”
Suddenly he added something else, as if the name of their specific division would jog her memory?
“And I do not need a raise, trust me, ha. The Sunflower Ceremony Company knows how dangerous how work is, they reimburse us handsomely for our efforts…”

James & Alleigh

James approached Alleigh’s house, shifting his weight as he knocked on the door. Awkardly he shoved his hands into his pockets and waited for her to answer the door. Sighing he ran his fingers through his hair and then down his neck trying to think of the right words. Were there any, right words to make this better. No, he thought pinching the bridge of his nose. James could hardly keep himself still, he truly hated waiting.


You knew that your boyfriend Calum was more of a bum kind of guy, however, you had more “breast” to bum, and that had always made you incredibly insecure. You had developed quite young, and only seemed to keep going. Seeing as most of your friends had such perky ones, you were always so insecure, and nervous. Hating that your clothes wouldn’t always fit right, it just added to the insecurities you had. Especially when you got into a relationship with Calum. However, Calum never really understood your insecurity as he loved all of you. He would always let you know, especially in the times that you would envy your friends for their perky boobs. He seemed to always give you reassurance that you were perfect.