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Can you write anything about draco/harry reaction upon seeing their first born child? (p.s i always enjoyed your writing!)

There was something short-circuiting in Draco’s brain.

Because in his arms - in his scarred, weathered, imperfect arms - lay this fragile thing, gurgling up at him with the eyes of the innocent, its tiny thumb clutching around his finger.


And he had known, of course, that the first time he would hold his child it would be a… an earth-shattering experience, to say the least. He’d heard the stories of his father torn apart, crying with a tiny Draco in his arms (supposedly the last time his father had cried in near proximity of his mother) - he’d heard the myths about his grandfather crying when Lucius was born.

Still, he had told himself that it wouldn’t happen to him. 

He’d always been cool, after all (not counting the, uh, stressful Sixth Year, but anyone would’ve been crying during that year so who could blame him?) and he thought that now would be no different.

Oh, how wrong he was.

Scorpius Malfoy.

He choked back a sob, trying his best not to break down and fall to his knees - what if accidentally dropped his kid? Oh god, his kid. This was his kid. 

He was a father.

The baby had his eyes, sparkling with an innocence he was never going to get back, with a joyous sound gurgling in his throat, making grabby hands at Draco’s face - as if he wanted Draco to be closer, closer than the impossible closeness he already was.

Oh my god.

He didn’t know what kind of feelings were twirling around in his stomach, too intense and too many to name, impossibly high and overwhelming - staring at the baby, at his son with a strange clarity that, oh, god - I will give my life for this boy, no - I will live my life for my son.

“Draco?” came from the bed beside him, “are you quite alright?”

Draco laughed, almost on the edge of hysteria, and the dam finally broke, his cheeks staining with hot tears. “Oh, sweetheart,” he mumbled, feeling as though his heart would break through his chest because this tiny, fragile thing had won it over completely, “I have never been more alright in my entire life.”

“Ah, but surely I’m not the puppet master.”

Made a danganronpa oc for fun!! Her name is Mari and she’s a SHSL Puppeteer. didn’t choose a surname yet!

Wrote some things about her under the cut!

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for ages I've been operating under the impression that the tumblr DC fandom is just... a very specific flavor of fun and creative I guess, but it turns out that at least, I would say, 70% of the excellent DC fanfics/posts I have seen & liked ever on tumblr have been you. you're the Bruce Wayne in walmart guy. the farm memes Clark Kent guy. the person with the strangely & yet perfectly naturally sexy alfred?? I somehow never noticed the same url on all of them. Idk how I feel? I'm an Unpretty Fan

this is the first time i have received a message like this that cited ‘sexy alfred’ as one of my trademarks and i am delighted

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Darkiplier x Reader... sorta

“I try being nice, I try being polite, and yet,” he paused and huffed, tugging at his coat sleeve. “You refuse everything I offer.” He turned to look at you and slammed his hands onto the table, his suave nature changing drastically. “Why?!”

Your mouth felt dry as you tried to cough out a response. An excuse. Anything to calm him down. You forced a smile onto your face.

“I-I appreciate all you’ve been doing, it’s all very sweet, really,” you put on a sweet voice, trying to calm him down. “But… I’m not sure I’m ready to go that far yet. W-we can just be friends until then!” You watched him, thinking maybe it had worked until he swiped a hand and knocked off the things on the table, making you flinch.

“I don’t want to be just friends.”

You glanced around- when did the restaurant become empty? It was full a second ago… Just a second later, your surroundings glitched and flashed before turning to all black. Your eyes widened and your breath caught in your throat. It occurred to you that the things he hit off the table were nowhere in sight. Oh no.

His eyes stayed on you as he walked over to your side of the table. You tried to stand and run away but realized you couldn’t get up from your chair. You squirmed as you tried to get away from… Whatever he was. A smirk pulled on his lips as he watched you struggle. He looked you up and down in such a way that showed nothing but hunger. What for, you couldn’t tell, and you weren’t sure you wanted to.

He took your chin and tilted your head to look at him. His hands were ice cold, the opposite of how they felt when he brushed your hand earlier while walking you to the restaurant. You tried to move away but your eyes were locked onto his cold, dark ones. They were hypnotic. His expression had become calm again, but you could tell he was a breath away from snapping.

“Oh, love,” he cooed, smiling. “You talk as if you had a choice.” He chuckled- that mocking laugh sent shivers down your spine and made your whole body cold.

“I-I’m sorry,” you whimpered.

Sorry?” He looked amused. “Sorry doesn’t cut it, beautiful…” He chuckled again as a ringing noise pierced the air. You felt woozy and tried to respond before simply falling over. His arms enveloped you as you did and you felt a strange warmth flow through you. You felt oh so tired suddenly… he felt so warm and safe… Maybe… maybe just… a little sleep couldn’t hurt…

Your senses faded until the only thing you could feel and hear was his arms around you, and his deep laughter.

“I don’t know. They grow like trees, tall and over towering. And you’d think they were ridiculous, because the are only flowers. You’d think that they would look strange, trying to be something they are not. But they don’t, no one ever thinks that of them. Their stalks are sturdy and confident and they reach for the sun without shame, They are beautiful. You can’t help but feel happy just looking at them” 
-I can’t make you love me by @moonfox22 <3 

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OMG could you write about Ezarel's first time too? the one with nevra was so goooood

here it is. It’s a bit short though, but I made it extra fluffy like I made myself sappy writing it tbh.

They’ve been kissing for what it felt like hours.

He inhales deeply and kisses long and hard, breathing her in, kissing her with all his heart and all five senses. His fingers comb through her hair, and he clasps her so closely to him that she can feel the pulsing of his heartbeat, reverberating throughout her own body.

Heat seemed to roar in his ears as he moved down to bury his face in her neck, flushed and breathless as he nuzzled the soft skin there, leaving a trail of sweet, lingering kisses. His hot breath gave her goosebumps as he caressed her skin with a light touch, trying to calm his heart that fluttered wildly inside his chest.

He suddenly felt a wave of anxiety and inwardly cursed. There had been a hundred and one steps to get to this point —to get anywhere— with their relationship, but now nerves he didn’t even realize had been there suddenly flourished at the most inopportune time. The thought made his jaw lock—he’d been wanting this for so long it almost physically hurt to be without her touch.

“Ezarel?, “ she breathed “are you alright?”


His hands stopped moving and the sudden silence made her raise her voice once again.

“We can wait if—“

“No, it’s just…” he trailed off but he couldn’t finish his sentence. Instead, he raised his head and looked at her, trying to look for an answer in her eyes.

She stared up at him dazedly for a moment without a word, and then her fingers lifted to stroke his face as he closed his eyes. His heart felt strange – too swollen for its own confines – as he accepted her touch, letting her trace his cheek shyly.

“I love you.” she murmured.

His eyes opened and he stared at her, his gaze soft and filled with a warmth rarely seen in him.

Maybe it was the angle, or the light, but she thought he suddenly looked vulnerable, and very beautiful.

Ezarel slowly closed their distance and kissed her again. He felt so very cherished and cared for that there was simply no more room for doubt anymore.

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Do you know of any places to find Hellenic art of the Theoi I'm sorry if this is strange but I can't find any good quality art anywhere lol

I guess that would depend entirely on what you define as good, and if you’re looking for art specifically by and for Hellenic polytheists, or if you’re just looking for good art of the Theoi in general. If you’re wanting to find art you like of the Theoi, regardless of the faith of the artist, then browsing Deviantart and Etsy both yields some good results.

Zeus by Varges

Prometheus Chained by NathanRosario

Dionysus portrait by Fedini

- Greek Gods I - by ooneithoo

seahorses by Raipun (their story associated with the painting is like 200% wrong, but they were inspired by Greek mythology for the painting)

hera by JuleeMClark

Theogony- Hera by marcoso86

MYth character: Hera by zeldacw (the artist of this piece also writes and draws a comic that follows the different myths of the Theoi, and while it’s not 100% accurate to the original myths, it is very enjoyable to read)

Classic Mythology: Hera by HanieMohd

Project ‘Dance with Dionysos _ A la peripherie’ by olivier-ramonteu

Dionysos by matriochka-design

Les bustes de Dionysos by titcoeur

3D Printed Head of Ares Sculpture by  Edge3D

ARES MARS Greek God of War Alabaster Statue by greekartifact

If you’re looking for more historical art then I suggest googling for replica art of ancient Greek scultpure, mosaics, and vase paintings. Theoi.com has a pretty extensive selection of images of ancient Greek art as well, and looking through their stuff can help you find classical art of the Theoi.

If you’re looking more for stuff that’s done by Hellenic polytheists, then unfortunately I don’t know a lot of Hellenic polytheists who make art (or if they do they don’t share a lot of it on here), and so it’s really just a matter of grabbing onto the gems you can find in the tags and checking their page to see if they have any other art of the Theoi.

I have some art of the Theoi, and it’s all tagged as “My Art” on my blog.

Anyone else who worships the Theoi and makes art of them is more than welcome to reblog this with a link to your stuff if you want to share, personally I’d be thrilled to know which people to follow for art that’s by and for Hellenic polytheists.

  • Mr.Bates: What are you doing?
  • Jimmy: Hiding. There's Thomas. He likes me.
  • Mr.Bates: Well, that's good, right?
  • Jimmy: He *likes me*, likes me.
  • Mr.Bates: Go for it, man. Get yours, I'm down with the rainbow.
  • [Jimmy gives him a strange look]
  • Mr.Bates: Oh, are you not gay?
  • Jimmy: No.
  • Mr.Bates: Really? Dude, sorry.
  • [he walks away]
  • Jimmy(to Anna): Anna! Do you... does Thomas think I'm gay?
  • Anna: Are you?
  • Jimmy: No!
  • Anna: Really?

I took a break from working on paintings for others and doodled my MGS faves for the first time, yo!

The Signs as Marvel Characters

Aries: Captain America, Hulk, Kate Bishop, Doctor Doom.

Taurus: Pyro, Invisible Woman, Elektra, Thor.

Gemini: Emma Frost, Daredevil, Quicksilver, Venom.

Cancer: The Thing, Scarlet Witch, Wiccan, Wasp.

Leo: Magneto, Cyclops, Iron Man, Carol Danvers.

Virgo: Beast, Nick Fury, Professor X, Black Widow.

Libra: Reed Richards, Mockingbird, Loki, The Vision. 

Scorpio: Wolverine, Hawkeye, Human Torch, Cable.

Sagittarius: Gambit, Mystique, Hulkling, Jessica Jones.

Capricorn: Kitty Pride, Storm, Thanos, Black Panther. 

Aquarius: Deadpool, Doctor Strange, Bucky Barnes, Miss America. 

Pisces: Spiderman, Jean Grey, Luke Cage, Ant-Man.

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On the question of Harry's closet, Ive been wondering how this enthusiastic embrace of it fits with the fighting against it we saw for so long culminating in the bears. But then I remember the yacht, the moment MITAM promo ended + H's more than happy joining in on that, followed by the 'hack' of pics which again he + his family enthusiastically participated in. So how along has this het fuckboy image been planned? The cast are so familiar- Jeff, James, Ben. Ellen? All pushed this Het H for yrs.

But then we have the eagle tattoo and clear signs of not actually being free – and now the bee tattoo on the Things I Can’t arm. So a very long fight, and they thought they had won, but now this? Done in this way? I’m just…really puzzled. I don’t understand.


stream dump! it was pretty lit for the first part, thank you to everyone who came, i had a wonderful time!

in order

- summer mari and adrien: tori

- chad noir and marinara sauce: the whole trash squad

- chloe and lila flirting: a portion of the trash squad

- tamar (oc) : disco

- adrinette prom: grace and the trash squad (ft. blue steel)

edit: i know the kids are missing. there is a reason i swear