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Can you write anything about draco/harry reaction upon seeing their first born child? (p.s i always enjoyed your writing!)

There was something short-circuiting in Draco’s brain.

Because in his arms - in his scarred, weathered, imperfect arms - lay this fragile thing, gurgling up at him with the eyes of the innocent, its tiny thumb clutching around his finger.


And he had known, of course, that the first time he would hold his child it would be a… an earth-shattering experience, to say the least. He’d heard the stories of his father torn apart, crying with a tiny Draco in his arms (supposedly the last time his father had cried in near proximity of his mother) - he’d heard the myths about his grandfather crying when Lucius was born.

Still, he had told himself that it wouldn’t happen to him. 

He’d always been cool, after all (not counting the, uh, stressful Sixth Year, but anyone would’ve been crying during that year so who could blame him?) and he thought that now would be no different.

Oh, how wrong he was.

Scorpius Malfoy.

He choked back a sob, trying his best not to break down and fall to his knees - what if accidentally dropped his kid? Oh god, his kid. This was his kid. 

He was a father.

The baby had his eyes, sparkling with an innocence he was never going to get back, with a joyous sound gurgling in his throat, making grabby hands at Draco’s face - as if he wanted Draco to be closer, closer than the impossible closeness he already was.

Oh my god.

He didn’t know what kind of feelings were twirling around in his stomach, too intense and too many to name, impossibly high and overwhelming - staring at the baby, at his son with a strange clarity that, oh, god - I will give my life for this boy, no - I will live my life for my son.

“Draco?” came from the bed beside him, “are you quite alright?”

Draco laughed, almost on the edge of hysteria, and the dam finally broke, his cheeks staining with hot tears. “Oh, sweetheart,” he mumbled, feeling as though his heart would break through his chest because this tiny, fragile thing had won it over completely, “I have never been more alright in my entire life.”

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Hi Sera! I don't know if you have a tag about this but, what would you think would be the most intimate moments between these two lovely guys? like when you see them and you may want to turn around and say let's give 'em some time alone. And I'm talking 'bout the ones that we had a chance to see... sorry for this strange question... idk feel free to not answer it.

Hello, dear anon!

It’s not a strange question at all, but a very good one. One moment comes to mind before any other - the snot incident from Burbank con 2016. I just can’t get over the pure care and attention Jensen gave Jared at that moment and Jared’s implicit trust on his man. 

Just look at how embarrassed Jared is and how Jensen’s reaction is not laughter, but…

.. to give his man a hand. How, just HOW, are they like this? Most couples wouldn’t do this. I’ve asked around. 

Jared looks a bit like he’s baffled that they just did that in public. Jensen still doesn’t laugh, even though the audience finds it very funny. 

A little bit later Jensen picks up a tissue and hands it over to Jared, who actually looks like he’s expecting his nose wiped for him

It’s been closer to a year and looking at this moment still gets to me. I will never understand how two people can get that close to each other. Jensen didn’t laugh once while this was happening, but continued responding to the question once he was sure that Jared had been taken care of. This moment was 100% genuine and incredibly telling - just how much must you love a person to willingly take his less erotic bodily fluids on you? This was absolutely incomprehensible to me. 

Ahem. If your idea of intimacy isn’t snot on a shirt - or you’re just insatiable like me - you can always look at my tag romance. I haven’t remembered to use it in a while, but there are a few posts that fall under the category. I will try to do a better job in the future with adding to it. Thanks for the wonderful question, sweet anon! I hope the rest of your week goes smoothly.

“Ah, but surely I’m not the puppet master.”

Made a danganronpa oc for fun!! Her name is Mari and she’s a SHSL Puppeteer. didn’t choose a surname yet!

Wrote some things about her under the cut!

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Consider Hawke with temporary amnesia due to a spell or blow to the head getting to meet Fenris for the 'first time' again.

The blood had seemed unending, and Fenris’s heart would not leave his throat.

“Head wounds bleed a lot,” Anders snapped at him, the fourth or fifth time Fenris lifted the bandage to check. The mage’s lips twisted sourly every time his eye fell on their clasped hands, and for once Fenris didn’t care. Hawke’s chest moved steadily, up and down. His lashes fluttered, thick and dark against his rugged cheek.

Fenris decided to change the bandage anyway, and when he turned back to Hawke with the dressings in hand, it was to find the deep amber of the mage’s eyes fixed on him.

“Hawke!” he said, with such alarm and relief that Anders quickly whipped back around to check that nothing had happened. Anders bent to check Hawke’s temperature, his pulse. Hawke’s eyes moved over Fenris’s face. There was a strange expression to him, a boyish half-smile against his soft lips, something far removed from the thin lines and regular scowls the mage generally employed.

“ ‘s my father’s name,” Hawke told him. “You know my name?”

Fenris forgot the bandages, reaching for his hand again. It flexed against his own, strong fingers curling around him.

“I warned you there might be some memory problems at first,” Anders said, that sour twist returning as he rose and turned away again, and Fenris didn’t care, didn’t pull his eyes from Hawke.

“I know your name,” Fenris promised Hawke, and the mage looked pleased, and a little embarrassed, like a teen in his first bloom of affection. His eyes darted from Fenris’s, but stopped when they found the elf’s hand grasped in his own, the red cloth bound tight around his wrist. His eyes flew wide, moved back to Fenris’s face. “Hawke,” Fenris said, “Do you remember what happened?”

Hawke asked, instead, “Who gave you that?”

“It’s yours.”


“You don’t believe me?”

He had never seen Hawke grin quite like that before. “The most beautiful man I’ve ever seen is wearing my favor?” he asked.

“You were injured,” Fenris told him. “Things might be a little fuzzy for a while.”

It was strange, how he could have been so worried before, only to feel such soft amusement now. Hawke looked at him with such light in his eyes, like a child on a feast day. The grin on his face widened when Fenris pressed his lips to his knuckles.

“Who are you?” Hawke asked, as if in awe.

Fenris hesitated only a moment. He answered, “I am yours.”

My Coming Out Experiences

I think there’s something to be said about this comparison.

My great aunt, who used to teach at catholic schools:
*I come out to her a couple days ago*
“I had my suspicious, it’s not like it’s a choice you were born this way. Do what makes you happy.“
*she then proceeds to ask me questions about my identity in an effort to learn more*

My mother, who considers herself to be a very liberal parent and an ally to the LGBT cause because she had gay friends in the 90s:
*I come out to her when I’m 13*
“No your not, those people go through real struggles and you don’t. You’re too young to know that anyway.“
~fast forward~
*something about my odd behaviour comes into conversation when I’m 14*
*I come out to her again, explaining it has to do with my identity*
“Kay, no you’re not, you’re straight because (insert stereotype here)”
*from this moment on I decide I can’t talk to her about my identity and my feelings on it*
~fast forward~
* I am beginning to be active in my local LGBTQ+ community, I post political articles about it on my facebook, and I make a painting about erased queer identities for a social justice themed art show when I’m 16*
*I have my mom pick me up from the art show early, I’m upset about homophobic response to my art from the director. I wasn’t aware the show was being held at a catholic school*
*when we get home she lectures me*
“What is all this fixation you have with gay pride!? You post about it non stop on your facebook, family members are calling me wondering if you’re trying to convey something through all this! If there’s something you need to tell me, you need to tell me now.”
*I come out to her, noting that I’ve already come out to her before*
“Why can’t you just be normal!? Where did I go wrong!? I’m never going to have grandkids!” (That last statement doesn’t even make sense with what my identity is btw)
*she sends me to my room and looks up definitions on Wikipedia*
*She begrudgingly resigns to the fact of me being what I am*
*She sets up social restrictions for me, such as I’m banned from any sleepovers, and I’m not allowed to be alone with any of my friends. If I hang out with friends it has to be at my house and it can’t be in my room*

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How do Te and Ti confront problems? I usually see problem solving attributed to Ti, but I'm not sure what that implies about Te in comparison. Sorry if this has been already asked.

They might both do the same thing, externally, but from different methods / approaches / motives.

The true distinction lies in that problems can stump Te, if they run out of viable, efficient, external options to “fix” the problem. And since they have no real basis of emotion outside their own internal feelings, their solution can seem obvious to them but not to someone else.

Let’s say you cannot have kids. It crushes you. You want kids.

So a Te looks at you strangely and says, “Why not adopt?”

DUH. You want kids, you can’t have them, you adopt. That’s the Te answer. It’s obvious. Move along, problem solved.

Except the Te may not understand: you want kids, from your own body, your own loins, your own bloodline, and it tears you apart that you cannot bear a child. Why? Doesn’t make sense to Te, unless their Fi ‘gets’ it, because they would feel the same. So, the Te whose Fi doesn’t feel that way (a child is a child, why should whether or not they carry your blood matter?) will say, “Adopt,” and the Te whose Fi does feel that way (kids come from my loins) might not suggest that; they might either remain silent on the issue (understanding that if they were in your position, they would not adopt either) or urge you toward other solutions in the medical community.

It’s entirely based in individual feeling (Fi) and external solutions (Te).

But that’s not how Ti and Fe works. Whereas Te is ONLY looking at the problem, Ti wants to conceptually understand the problem – the rationality behind the problem and the greater worldview of the problem; in order to offer a solution, Ti will consult their internal system of what forms a child, what a child means in a human and social sense, and the rationality behind adoption and other solutions, then will consult society’s perceptions and consider how the person who cannot have children feels (Fe). It might suggest adoption as the rational solution, but never without a complete understanding of the framework of society / adoption / lineage / etc.

Ti believes there is never an end to possible ‘fixes,’ even when confronted with physical obstacles; which is why Ti will continue puttering and trying long after Te tosses that solution / idea / object in the trash.

Think of it in terms of what Te wants to DO with the object vs. Ti’s total internal understanding OF the object.

Te sees the fortress, the finished product, and how it defends the coast.

Ti looks past the fortress, sees the pillars and stones and hidden internal framework and sweat and blood and tears, and how the garrison was built and why it still stands… things that are meaningful and complex and deep to Ti, but seem unnecessary (why overthink it, if the solution is there?) to Te.

Te simply says: the fortress guards the coast. If it falls, it’s worthless.

- ENFP Mod

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I'm sorry if this isn't the type of prompt your looking for but I thought that idea of the black lion being able to take over her pilot in an emergency was interesting and I'd love to see Keith and pidge's reaction whether they see it first hand or hear about it from lance and hunk :))

I’m looking for all kinds of prompts!

For the curious, the fic in question is here.  Honestly, I’d forgotten all about it, so thank you for the reminder.

Of all the members of the team, Keith considered himself the most used to how strange Shiro could be when the mood struck.  No one else had seen Shiro go through phases of almost obsessive interest, no one else had heard him laugh over their potential deaths after wiping out in the desert, no one else had seen the way he’d carry on outrageously over anything but a perfect score on a test or essay.

That being said, this was still odd.

First of all, there was no reason Shiro should have been out of bed.  Allura had personally banished him to his room after their last battle, once he’d admitted he hadn’t slept that night, and not really the night before.  It had shown, which was proof enough how bad the situation had gotten.

Secondly, Shiro had taken over the kitchen, which was not at all his usual domain.  Thankfully he wasn’t trying to cook anything, but he had a line of bowls spanning the entire fifteen-foot length of the counter space.  Each one was filled with small amount of- well, of just about every kind of food they had, it seemed like.  They were all perfectly lined up two inches from the edge.  As they watched, Shiro put the last one down, then readjusted it until it matched the others.

So this was odd.  Even for Shiro.

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I'm sorry! I didn't mean to sound like I was trolling you! I was just wondering how Jon should view Ned after learning about the truth and what it means for Rhaegar. I'm sorry.

No, no, don’t apologize. I made that leap so it’s on me. It’s just… somehow when I wasn’t looking, Rhaegar became the most argued about character on my blog. I don’t mind discussing him - I’ve been engaged in such a discussion over IM for the past two weeks - but I’ve gotten some, let’s say, interesting responses that were pretty much designed to pull my leg. I found the premise of your questions kinda strange and based on a dichotomy that does not really exist in the books, which is why I thought you might be trolling me in the vein of previous responses I got. I’m sorry if I made you feel bad.

I’m gonna start my response to the questions you posed in your previous ask by asserting one point: Ned Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen do not occupy even a remotely similar place in the text. There is simply no way to compare their respective narrative importance to Jon; Ned is the guy who raised Jon and the father Jon looked up to and loved. For better or for worse, he is the only parent Jon ever had and the father that Jon wanted to make proud; his model is the one that Jon strove to live up to. And Jon loves Ned and loves the family Ned raised him in, that’s not going to change just because he discovers that he is not biologically Ned’s. Because he is still Ned’s son in all the way that matter. Ned, for all his mistakes, loved Jon and protected him and gave him a family at a high personal cost to himself. He besmirched his honor in order to save Jon’s life and essentially committed treason and put his life on the line by concealing him. He is an integral part of who Jon is and a vital linchpin to his identity. So Jon would certainly be angry (and he has every right to be), he’d probably lash out spectacularly, but I don’t think it’d lead him to stop seeing Ned as his father or that it’d change how he feels about him. The bonds Jon has with the Starks run deep and true and so I imagine that his dominant emotion once the initial shock wears off would be only sorrow.

But while Ned is personally dear to Jon, Rhaegar would be little more than a name to him, a name attached to a dark history at that. The significance of Rhaegar’s fatherhood in Jon’s arc is largely thematic because the truth about Jon’s parentage is gonna be a major hit to Jon’s self-conception and identity. Because the only identity Jon ever wanted or dreamed of is that of a Stark. He struggled with his bastardy and the conception of his identity in light of it but he was proud that he is Ned Stark’s kid. Finding out that he is not Ned’s son is a hit in and of itself but then to discover that his father is none other than Rhaegar Targaryen, oh that would be just brutal.

This is (one instance) where GRRM subverts the classic trope of the downtrodden boy with a hidden parentage and a grand destiny, because Jon’s origin story is a horror story that is going to devastate him. Not only does his real parentage remove him even further from the identity he desires, not only does it mean that the father and siblings he loves so well are not really (biologically) his own, it also comes with the sobering realization of the circumstances of his own birth. Like, the identity of Jon’s mother has always been a point of tension in his relationship with Ned, and he finally, FINALLY gets his answer, except it’s a punch in the gut. Because the circumstances of Jon’s conception and birth are fucked up. Rhaegar absconded with Lyanna without sparing a thought to the consequences of his actions, so focused he was on getting a third child for the prophecy that everything paled in comparison, even insulting two Great Houses and throwing the realm into war. Lyanna was his means to fulfill the prophecy and get the third head of the dragon in a situation that reeks of consent issues. It’s not a particularly happy origin story.

That’s the truth Jon will find out, the answer to his lifelong question. His mother is the sister of whom his adoptive father couldn’t talk because of how painful it was. His father was the crown prince who is known for carelessly breaking every chivalric code by absconding with Lyanna Stark, the guy whose actions sent the entire realm into war and created the situation that led to the murder of Rickard and Brandon Stark. His father pretty much used his mother as a vessel for a prophecy-child that she died birthing, and then his adoptive father had to claim him as his own bastard - damaging his own marriage and lying to both his wife and Jon himself - to prevent his best friend from murdering baby Jon for the grand crime of existing. Jon was literally born for the purpose of a prophecy so that he could fulfill a destiny his birth father was willing to throw the realm into war for. So how is Jon going to react to that? My belief is that he, in his initial anger and pain, is going to reject said destiny. He’ll reject his Targaryen heritage, he’ll reject the prophecy, he’ll reject Rhaegar and his ready-make destiny and the purpose for which he sired Jon.

And that would be the struggle in Jon’s arc and the choice he needs to make. Is he a hero because his lineage dictates it or a prophecy told it or Rhaegar decided he would be, or is he a hero because he chooses to be? Is he the maker of his own destiny or a puppet dancing to the stings of prophecy and his ancestors’ decisions? Is he fighting for humanity because he is the ready-make prophecy-child fulfilling the purpose of his birth or because it’s the right thing to do? Is he is driven by the prophecy or by hope that humanity can prevail and usher in spring after they throw back the winds of winter? Who is Jon Snow and why is he fighting?

Here’s the thing, Rhaegar prioritized the prophecy above any and everything else. He caused a lot of destruction in his pursuit of a prophecy-child and in the name of saving the same realm he doomed to war. Causing a political crisis that ended up making the realm bleed was an acceptable collateral damage to him as long as he got the third head of the dragon. Jon is going to have to come to terms with the fact that this guy is his father and that he was born specifically for a prophecy; he’ll have to accept his parentage because it’s a part of accepting himself - you have to accept where you came from before you conceive who you are. But Jon’s parentage isn’t going to be what defines him or who he is, his own choices are. Because choosing who you become when you’re faced by the abyss is perhaps the most prominent overarching theme of ASOIAF.

Jon is not going to be a hero because Rhaegar made him one by siring him, or because a prophecy foretold his birth. If my prediction that he’ll reject the prophesied destiny that Rhaegar was willing to throw the realm into war for is true, that means that Jon is not going to be a hero because of Rhaegar but despite him. He did not need either Rhaegar or the prophecy to put him up to fighting the Others or saving people, he was doing that on his own and by his own choice because he recognized that as the most important cause and the right thing to do. Jon’s heroism is his own choice, his destiny is of his own making; he’ll fight not because his lineage compels him to or because it’s the purpose of his birth but because he genuinely wants (and chooses) to do the right thing and save the world.

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for ages I've been operating under the impression that the tumblr DC fandom is just... a very specific flavor of fun and creative I guess, but it turns out that at least, I would say, 70% of the excellent DC fanfics/posts I have seen & liked ever on tumblr have been you. you're the Bruce Wayne in walmart guy. the farm memes Clark Kent guy. the person with the strangely & yet perfectly naturally sexy alfred?? I somehow never noticed the same url on all of them. Idk how I feel? I'm an Unpretty Fan

this is the first time i have received a message like this that cited ‘sexy alfred’ as one of my trademarks and i am delighted

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