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Funky at Heart

Series: Overwatch
Pairing: Boombox (Junkrat/Lúcio) 
Rating: Teen
Words: 1485
Other notes: College AU. Very free form drabble thing. Jamie tries to make sense of his feelings and goes around things in mostly the wrong way. Thankfully Lúcio’s patient with him.   

———* ———

“Let’s go somewhere.”

When he’d said that to Lúcio, the older man had looked at him quizzically. It was a fair response really: Jamison might have been one for spontaneity, but usually it was for things like let’s have a firework show or let’s grab bubble tea or possibly terrible ideas involving alcohol. It wasn’t usually something so vague. But of course, Lúcio – patient as ever – just offered a smile as he saved his work, “What you mean Jamie?”

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437. Father's Day (His POV)
  • Harry: Your daughter is 16, and it's been pretty rough lately. You knew eventually your little girl wouldn't be so little anymore, you just weren't expecting it to happen so fast. When she was little the two of you started the tradition of going golfing early in the morning on Father's Day, just you two. The past two years she had no interest in going. It definitely hurt, but she was growing up so you tried to understand. You still went without her, even though you spent more time on the green reminiscing rather than playing. So this Father's Day you didn't even bother waking her up to ask her if she wanted to go. You put on some slacks and a polo and crept downstairs to the kitchen. Your daughter was there sitting on the counter eating a banana dressed in khaki shorts and a polo. You tried to hide your excitement, "what are you doing up so early?" She handed you an unpeeled banana, "I'm sorry I missed the last two, but I was hoping we could continue the tradition." You fought back the tears, accepted her peace offering, and pulled her into a big hug. You kissed the top of her head, "I'd really like that."
  • Liam: Your daughter was devastated that you weren't going to be home this year for father's day and your wife couldn't get off work so the two of them could come see you. You were upset as well but it was out of your hands. After sound check you headed back to you hotel room so you could skype with your daughter for a little bit. You opened to the door and walked around the corner to find your precious little daughter sitting on the couch watching cartoons. She yelped when she saw you and jumped off the couch and into your arms. "Surprise Daddy! Happy Father's Day!" You continued to hold her in your arms when your wife appeared and greeted you with a hug and a kiss. "Not that I'm complaining but I thought you couldn't get off work?" She smiled, "Did you really think I was going to be the one who kept her from you?" You laughed and pried your daughter from your chest. "Well this is the best Father's Day gift ever." You daughter started to laugh, "We're not your present silly!" She wiggled out of your grip and ran into the other room. Your wife took advantage of your alone time to give you a proper hello kiss, "She's been working on your gift for weeks you know. We had to put it in its own suitcase."
  • Louis: Your son was too young to really do anything for you for Father's Day but that didn't stop your wife from planning out the whole day. She made you your favorite breakfast and brought it to you in bed. Then the three of you spent most of the afternoon in the park; walking around, laying in the grass and even having a picnic. When you got back your wife stayed home to cook dinner while you dropped your son off you at your parents house. The house smelled amazing when you got home and your wife looked even better, you didn't know what you wanted more. But when your wife took off her apron and revealed the rest of her tight black dress you had made up your mind. You gave into temptations and sunk your fingertips into her hips and pulled her close. She tangled her fingers in your hair as your tongue explored her mouth. When your hands started to explore the curvature of her body she pulled away from you. "Not yet Lou. We haven't even had dinner." Your hand slid slowly down her back and latched onto her right cheek squeezing it gently, as you flashed her a devilish grin, "Maybe I want dessert first."
  • Niall: When you woke up this morning, you knew something was off. It was 11:08 am, which was strange because with the new baby you hadn't slept past eight in months. You woke up to an empty bed which again was strange and the house smelled like bacon. You walked downstairs to find your wife dancing around the kitchen, alternating between flipping pancakes, frying bacon and making freshly squeezed orange juice. Your son was sitting in his little playpen with all his favorite toys. Your wife noticed you before you made your way over to her. "Happy first Father's Day babe!" She flung her arms around your neck. You hadn't even realized what today was. "Thank you but you didn't have to do all this love." You managed to sneak in a quick peck before she returned to the stove top. "Of course I did! It's your first Father's Day and I want it to be perfect." After breakfast the three of you were cuddled on the couch when (Y/N) handled you an box. You opened it up to find rugby tickets and little outfit for your son to rep your favorite team. "I thought it was about time we took him to his first match..." She bit her lip nervously searching for your reaction. "You're amazing you know that?" You gave her a lingering kiss. "Both of you." You looked down at your son and kissed his soft little head.
  • Zayn: Your kids were always reluctant to wake you up, they knew how much you loved you sleep, so when they did they were quiet and sweet about it. This morning they tugged gently on your sheets and when that didn't work your daughter's tiny hand reached up and splayed softly across your cheek. "Daddy?" She whispered. "Daddy wake up." You finally obliged and shifted upright in your bed. Your daughter crawled up on your side as your son woke up your wife and crawled next to her. "What is it sweetie?" You wiped the sleep from your eyes. "Happy Father's Day!" They yelled in unison and your daughter handed you a large piece of construction paper. "We made it ourselves dad!" Your son said proudly. "It's not as pretty as your drawings." Your daughter said sheepishly. You looked at the drawing of your family in front of your house, it was neat and elaborate. They used crayons and markers and wrote 'Happy Father's Day' out in glitter glue. You looked back up at your children, "It's so much better than anything I could ever draw. I love it so much, I'm even gonna hang hang it in my bunk when we go on tour."
  • Written by: Anna
Morning mist - Robron FF

With a coffee cup in his hand, Robert stood at the entrance to the Woolpack, his body leaning against the wall as he looked out at the village where the morning mist had yet to left the ground.

It was quiet and calm, apart from a few people leaving for work, yawns still lingering on their faces. Everything looked familiar, everything was the same as it always was but this morning it was yet so different. Nothing was the same anymore, and never would be, he thought and looked down at his coffee that had gone cold. He stared at the brown liquid, secretly hoping to foresee the future, as a fortune teller searches in tea leaves. But there were no answers to be found and it scared the hell out of him. Ever since he’d left Emmerdale he had had his whole life mapped out, always a goal in mind, not caring about what or who got in his way. It had turned him cold, he knew that. But despite that, Chrissie had loved him, and he had loved her. Or so he thought.

It was this place. It had slowly and steady started to crumble his cold exterior. If he had stayed away, maybe he could have avoided it all. All the grief that came with it. He hadn’t meant to cause all of this. To inflict all the pain that he had. However, it was inevitable. He’d had to make a choice and he knew he’d made the right one. Diane had made that clear when he had spilled all his secrets, well nearly all, to her late last night in the backroom of the pub. He had been a nervous wreck, but she had been so supportive, amazing even, and she had insisted that he’d stop here.

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i missed you for 29 years (chapter 5)


Word Count: 4772

Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4

Pairing: Kawoshin

Notes: Kaworu has to find his way to whatever is going on in the manga ending eventually, right? He’s probably awfully tired though. Title from ‘Slow Show’ by The National

“Regardless of whether or not he ends up successful in upholding some measure of distance; he has to believe it, has to tell himself that what he gets now will be everything.”

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