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The Detective’s Daughter and The Circus Boy | Run While You Still Can {6/?}

Title: The Detective’s Daughter and The Circus Boy

Fandom: Gotham

Pairing: Jerome x Reader

Notes: You can read the other parts here!

Chapter summary: You find yourself getting more and more comfortable living with Jerome at the penthouse.

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anonymous asked:

I just binged on granola and almonds and I feel so horrible and I don't know what to do and I've been sick so I haven't been able to exercise and I'm freaking out please help me.

Calm down, it’s OK :)

I’m sorry I can’t talk you through this like a friend with a comforting hand on your back, but the internet does mean we can get the best advice from people who know what they’re talking about.

Here’s some wisdom from curvecreation:

1. STOP! You’ve managed to catch yourself early enough, so put that food down and stop eating. Let’s not make a bad situation worse.

2. Remove yourself to a calm environment. Basically get away from the food. This removes further temptation to continue binging.

3. Calm yourself down. While-ever your worked up, no matter what sense you try and make of things everything will be muddled. Sit for a few moments, take some calming breaths and actively calm yourself down.

4. Accept that you binged. We all have weaknesses and we are all human. Beating yourself up or self hating on yourself won’t make progress in beating the binge. You need to take ownership for your actions and accept your poor/impulsive choice.

5. Learn from the mistake/impulse. Think about what triggered the binge to begin with. Maybe it was someone else’s comment or a memory. Maybe you say something that upset you. Whatever it was, you need to identify the trigger so you know to look out for it next time.

6. Forgive yourself. I’d personally say this is the most important step. You need to forgive yourself for binging. You need to not punish yourself for this poor act but take the time to calmly recover.

7. Keep a journal. After you’ve gone through the above process, make a little note in a notebook or journal (hell even start a password journal on here if it’s more convenient) and write down exactly what you were feeling before the binge, during and after. Write down what you think triggered you and keep a record of your progress in your journey to beat binge eating. When you have a day where you beat the binge, write it in. Then on bad days look back and see how well you’ve been doing. By writing it down you’ll be able to better identify your triggers and any trends to your Binge Eating Habits. Also by actually expelling your feelings, you’ll be less likely to eat them instead.

8. Brush your teeth. Oddly enough I found during the worst of my binge eating, after brushing my teeth I only ever continued to binge eat once, because my teeth were all clean and the taste of the food was gone. An odd but very good tip to prevent further binging.

9. Give yourself the time to recover. Spend half an hour doing something you enjoy to boost your mood back up. Have a bath, meditate, do some yoga, call a friend, spend some time with a loved one, read a book, paint a picture: do something you enjoy!

10. Move forward. You need to leave the negative feelings behind and keep moving forward. Don’t hang on to the bad stuff because you’ll never have time to focus on the good!

Things to not do when trying to recover from a binge!

1. Don’t workout like a mad woman. Chances are you’ll burn yourself out and make yourself feel even worse if you don’t reach the level you might set for yourself (which if your upset will most likely be WAY too high up the bar and therefore when you fail make you feel worse). Take it light. A walk well spent that calms you down and gives you a light boost in endorphins is much better than slogging yourself to death in the gym and possibly hurting yourself.

2. Don’t excessively restrict to compensate your binge!! This completely depends on the time of day, but don’t deny yourself food for the rest of the day if you binge at say, 10am. Doing this will actually double your chances of binging again as you’re starving your body! Just be sensible. Eat healthy and in smaller than normal portions. If its evening when you binge then by all means stop. But be responsible and care for your body. Not eating for 16 hours is not good for you!

3. Don’t keep putting yourself down about the binge. You need to let go of the self hate and self loathing after a binge and move forward. No good will be gained from constantly telling yourself you’re a failure except to make you inevitably binge again. Instead of begrudging yourself for the past, try and be positive and learn from it.

In Which Sorey Says Goodbye

“Are you kidding? There’s another area? I thought we were done,” Zaveid groused. Mikleo shared the sentiment, but he wasn’t about to complain. Securing the area around the place Sorey would wait with Maotelus was of the utmost importance, and they weren’t going to slack off.

“Well, we’d better get started,” he said shortly. Zaveid sighed, but acquiesced. Mikleo knew he was tired; he was, too. Rose, Lailah, and Edna had left after Rose made her pact with Lailah. Mikleo had tried to hide his emotion at the idea of having a new Shepherd so soon, but he was pretty sure that Lailah had seen, because she was the one who suggested he and Zaveid stay behind to take care of Sorey.

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anonymous asked:

"you really need to go." and riarkle please?

Prompt is from this list. Was going to post this Friday but life got in the way. Hope you like it anon!

Sentence Starters

Rating K+: it’s more fluff than anything

Words: 369

In which it’s dark but it’s okay.

“You really need to go.” Riley whispers at the boy on the ledge, it’s so dark out she can barely make out his face. “If my dad catches you here…” She doesn’t need to finish the sentence. They both know what Cory Matthews is capable of if he found him, even if Farkle was just outside her window.

“I know,” He whispers back from his spot on the fire escape. “I just wanted to tell you how much fun I had tonight.” It’s dark but Riley doesn’t need any light to know that right now he has a smile that is just as wide as hers, if not wider.

Their first official date had gone smoother than anticipated. After getting over the initial nervousness that had befallen them, they quickly settled into a comfortable familiarity, with a hint of something new.

Riley rolls her eyes. “You couldn’t text me that like any other person?”

“I could have,” She sees his head bob in agreement his eyes containing a mischievous glint that even the darkness can’t hide. “But then I wouldn’t have been able to do this.”

She’s about to ask what this is when a pair of lips cover her own.

He’s kissing her. Farkle Minkus is kissing her.

She’s shocked, to say the least. His lips are soft, the kiss is anything but. He sets a fast pace that she eagerly follows, her hands looking for a way to pull him closer. If someone had told her that this was what kissing the boy you’re in love with felt like she’d have kissed him years ago. It’s nothing like cotton candy and rainbows. It’s raw and real. She could spend the rest of her life searching for a word to describe it and never find it. All she knows is that she never wants it to end. Except…


She needs air.

Reluctantly she pulls away, he protests with a groan and rests his forehead against hers. They’re both breathing hard. A car drives by her brownstone shining enough light for her to finally look at him. She smiles and he grins.

“I’m glad you didn’t text me.”

His lips brush against her cheek, “Me too.”

Austin Carlile: Angel

Request: could you write an austin carlile imagine pretty please? :) Maybe something like you are the merch girl for of mice and he has his daughter lilly (maybe 5/6 years old) with him. Lilly and You get to know each other the first day and you two get great along. So Austin ask you for a date and so on..But one day you see him and Lilly with another girl (Austins cousin) but you dont know it and think he has already somebody else but in the end everything turns out good. Sorry, that is it so long! :)

A/N: Austin is basically a 7 year old boy stuck in a 6'4" man’s body and he’s freaking adorable. Enjoy! :)

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anonymous asked:

Can you do one were Luke and the reader were childhood friends/crushes and then they meet after a year or so later again when the reader is rebel solider, and he saves them on the battlefield and then fluff n' stuff?(this is so specific I'm sorry 😅)

A/N: This is great, don’t apologize! :-)

Warnings: None

Prompt: The reader is reunited with their childhood bestfriend/secret crush, Luke, after he saves them in battle. 

Using your blaster, you were determined to take out as many stormtroopers as possible. They were pretty easy to kill, but your unit had already lost the majority of its soldiers. Eventually, the remaining crew was down to just you and a few others that weren’t as experienced as they should have been. 

Within a moment, you felt a sharp pain in your shoulder. “Ouch!” You exclaimed as you fell to the ground, gripping your shoulder in pain. From the ground, you watched as another one of your unit’s soldiers was shot down. 

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