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this got like 4 times longer than I anticipated, I’m really sorry orz It’s basic beginning stuff I guess, stuff that you must have seen everywhere already but I can’t begin to tell you how important it is, at least to me, to know what the hell that mass you’re drawing is. Even if I’m not the best at it (and even if I could use some anatomy studying lately coughcough), it’s something I’m PASSIONATE about and something I consider you have to do, to learn and absorb in order to draw people and be happy with it. Because in my case, once I kinda sorta got the hang of drawing bodies, I felt my hand free, relaxed. I felt happy as hell with what I started being able to draw and I enjoyed drawing bodies 210%



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hello gin!!! your newest update for 'price of a soul' is amazing! can i ask you to talk about all this symbolism in the comic (and also why do you love to hurt us so much with it)


I think the most important thing I wanted to work on this comic is how it is told from Tamashi’s eyes. That’s how I decided to build the characters through the story, for example, what Tamashi sees most is Allen’s face, honest, straightforward, kind, sweet, smiling, always open and welcoming: 

Whereas he doesn’t see Kanda’s face, Kanda is always turned to him. And when he does, it’s from an low angle:

I had fun thinking it would be important that we, as Tamashi, know of Kanda what he does: Kanda is the father he doesn’t know anything of. Intimidating, scary, tall, unreachable, always with his back turned on him. (With his back turned to him, but I guess you wouldn’t offer your back to an enemy). I aim to, gradually, expose Kanda’s features as Tamashi grows confident, making him look more human and less of a jerk than what he does now (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Also have you noticed how everyone bends forward to talk to Tamashi? Or squats down to be at his level? So Tamashi can stare directly at them. It’s a very simple gesture but it’s one that says I’m reducing my world to your perspective because you are as important, which Kanda never does.

The first time I read DGM i had to go through the Alma arc three times to made sure I fully understood Kanda (I keep thinking there are hints of his personality I keep missing, as I do with Allen… DGM is such an amazing artwork) so when I thought of him for this story I wanted to be very careful building the conceptualism around a character that has never forgiven himself and doesn’t want redemption. Can you imagine, you spend your life trying to fulfill a promise of love and then you find out -because you slipped once, only once, you are as human as the rest even if it might not seem so-, that you have a kid you never intended on having, even less with someone you’ll never love maybe not even remember, who kinda looks like Alma when they were kids, who is called Tamashi, who, surprise, is there to bite him in his ass. Tamashi is the perspective of a future Kanda never allowed himself to have and now he’s forced to deal with it (ノ≧∀≦)ノ Good thing Allen is here to be the bridge between present Kanda and past Kanda, Allen you angel  (//▽//)ゞ So, basically, what we see of Kanda is an unforgiving Kanda, intimidating, pretending to not mind when he so clearly does (in the last update with Tamashi sleeping outside of Kanda’s room he spends there looking at the boy how long? Five minutes? Ten? He didn’t awoke Tamashi either, just lets him be. He’s trying to make his way out of this without a fuss but OH YOU WON’T BE SO LUCKY KANDA The denial Is Strong). 

Oh! Also I was very careful with colors and including some… … … … little details (୨୧ ❛ᴗ❛)✧ 

Both panels with the flowers are very important…! they are different types of flowers in different palettes… Allen’s one are somewhat fresh and rainy, so springy, whereas Kanda’s seem to be floating on an abandoned place… Pretty, but isolated (•̀௰•́ ) This is funny because oH WELL SPOILER I GUESS / CRASHES THROUGH THE WINDOW AND FLIES INTO THE SUN



everyone’s talking about armin in ep. 35, but does anyone else see candy in a naked apron in the nathaniel illustration?? Cuz I do and I can’t unsee it….


Wanted to have a little fun and made an omake for my Ama no Jaku and Ama no Jaku Freedom animatics. You can take it as a standalone comic or watch the animatics for the context °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° I hope you like it!

I’ll have the animatic version of this up on my YT channel hopefully in a couple of hours ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


Love Live 30 Day Challenge (Aqours ver.)

Day 5: Favourite unidlz. event card(s) ➢
Mari Ohara “Straight Flush”
Dia Kurosawa “Poker Face”

Very silly AU where GE!KouAo and BE!KouAo are neighbors. Still can’t decide whether to call this neighbours!AU or house-husbands!AU XD

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like i aint make these bitches rock pink hair at some point

self indulgent doodles of briar in some nicki looks lmao, click through for references

carry on, darling, we were built to last

“You are not wearing that tie,” Victor said as soon as Yuuri stepped out into the living room.

Stopping in his tracks, Yuuri looked down at himself, confused. “What’s wrong with it?”

“What isn’t,” Victor replied with a sigh, his lips curled unhappily.

He quickly stepped out of his shoes and strode over purposefully, eyes locked on the offensive garment. Nimble fingers made a quick work of untying the knot under Yuuri’s chin – he spent a good fifteen minutes trying to get it right, goddamnit – and with a snap slid the offensive piece of material from under his collar.

Victor smiled then, charming and lovely and perfect, and adoringly tapped a finger on Yuuri’s chin while Yuuri could only stare.

“I’ll be right back,” Victor sang and disappeared inside their bedroom.

Yuuri sighed, a tiny affectionate smile on his lips. It was just a stupid tie, why was it so important? No one would even care about it.

No one except Victor.

If Yuuri remembered right, back in Hasetsu when he attended the press conference to present his theme for the season Victor complained about his atrocious tie and then burned the thing when Yuuri wasn’t watching.

Yuuri fondly rolled his eyes at the memory. Victor was always so dramatic… but somehow Yuuri had come to like even that side of him.

A small, incredulous smile crept onto his face and he shook his head. He was doomed right from the start, wasn’t he?

Victor chose that moment to return with a box in his hand, opening it on the way and pulling out a royal blue tie: dark, silky and elegant.

“Did you have this planned?” Yuuri asked, narrowing his eyes at the twinkle in Victor’s eyes.

He obediently lifted his chin up, guided by Victor’s gentle fingers.

“Maybe,” Victor winked at him. He stood up Yuuri’s collar and put the tie around his neck, setting it down to work on the knot. “You really have no taste when it comes to ties, my love. I thought it’d be better to be prepared, just in case.”

Yuuri snorted a little at that. “Says the man with a pink Cadillac.”

Victor didn’t even bat an eye. “Says the man who is your date and future husband.”

Finding no witty response to that and feeling the blood rush to his face starting at the word date, and blooming further at by the end of the sentence, Yuuri looked up at the ceiling, unable to look anywhere even remotely in his future husband’s direction. His heart hammered ridiculously in his chest and he cleared his throat, trying his hardest to control the warmth that was making his body uncomfortable in the restrictive suit, but Victor was close, too close, breathing down his face and smiling softly and Yuuri was working himself up into–

Victor chuckled, done with the knot, and straightened Yuuri’s collar. His fingers brushed against the skin of Yuuri’s neck, gentle and teasing. By the playful quirk of his mouth, Yuuri knew Victor could feel his quickened pulse right on his fingertips as he trailed them down his throat.

Yuuri swallowed when Victor leaned closer. A hand ran down the length of the tie, settling in the middle of his stomach, warm and real and grounding.

And then Victor’s lips were on Yuuri’s, soft and pampered and tasting of vanilla, but the kiss was too short for Yuuri to truly enjoy it. Barely a peck, only enough to touch, but not enough to feel and get lost in.

Victor grinned when he pulled back.

“Now we match,” he said.

And they did.

Victor’s tie was a dark magenta, the colour opposite of Yuuri’s royal blue. Any normal person wouldn’t call that a match, but to them the contrast meant something – something subtle, but beautiful and long-lasting, a plea and a promise of Stammi Vicino.

It felt a little silly, a little over the top, but that was who Victor was, and no matter what Yuuri would always take him wholly: the silly and the drama, the sadness and the pain, the past and the future.

Yuuri couldn’t deny the tender adoration in his gaze as their eyes met.

“What’s next?” he asked, soft amusement in his voice. “Couple shirts?”

Victor’s eyes lit up brighter than the sun and Yuuri laughed, shaking his head.

“Victor, no,” he warned over his laughter. They moved to the shoe cupboard and slowly put theirs on. “I am not wearing any of those, they’re embarrassing.”

“But, Yuuri–”

The door closed behind them, leaving the apartment in complete silence.