i'm sorry sebby

...to see the ocean in your eyes (part 5 - the end)

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: swearing

Words: 1143

Summary: Your “date” with the douchebag Tom was pretty bad, but it don´t bother you, because you are not interested. Your friend Dave is ill, but you are kind enough to do his shift in the café. Suddenly a familiar face appears in front of you…


Sorry it took me so fucking long guys…please don’t hate me…

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As you finally arrived at the party, you were greeted by Hannah and Jay.  “(Y/N), I’m so glad you’re here!” She sloppily kissed your cheek. You grabbed her shoulders, raised an eyebrow at her and then at Jay. The tall guy just shrugged his shoulders apologetically and smiled. You laughed and cupped her face to squish it. “God, Hannah! You’re so fucking drunk.” She pouted at your words like a little girl. “Am not!” She turned to Jay and nuzzled into him. Then she noticed the handsome man on your side. Her eyes widened and she turned to Sebastian. “Oh god! You’re Sebastian fucking Stan! You-You actually came to my party! You…”

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I was inspired by Sebastian’s first personal journal entry about making detective and getting to ditch his beat cop uniform… and well… I needed to see it. Who doesn’t love a man in uniform? ;D

It’s so cute to read his precious and excited inner monologue voice, but then so sad to think of how downtrodden and Done he is in the game itself. So I figured that circa 2004 Sebs is a lot more put together and isn’t so boozily unkempt and aged by sorrows. So here’s what I think he’d look like 10 years prior to TEW ;D

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Abuse hcs shouldn't even be a thing because abuse is just WRONG. It is not something to use just so someone's ship could have a 'darker feel' to them or some shit. Abuse hcs normalizes and even fetishizes abuse. That shouldn't happen. Sebbi I'm sorry that anyone even mentioned a abuse hc to you.

Top 5 pictures of Sebastian Vettel.

Top 5. That’s funny.
No it’s not. Well, here you have Bianca, my favourite pictures from that…guy. No order.

no ok, pause, i started and i have like 12 and i’ve seen only 15. It’s gonna be hard, so it maybe takes more than only 5, hope you dont mind

Here we go:

I dont know why i like this one, i like profiles, who knows, and it’s dark, and he has curly hair here, i love his curly hair.

Ok, well…  I dont know, he looks cute

Curly hair. I said it.  

More curly hair. God, save me. 

Why do i like this one? Don’t know, but i do

No idea again, i just like it (a lot)

His curly hair again. 

More curly hair

Guess what. MORE curly hair.

Yes, i bet you didnt expect another curly hair one, 

Ok, some porn now



i dont know anymore

AND WELL, OK, LET’S FINISH THIS SHIT. this one is my favourite ever, how sad. But yes, that’s my number one. Just look at him. Perfect. Perfect 100%. Here you have perfect seb and the lucky woman

I’m sorry Bianca you asked for 3 or 5 and i didnt give a shit about it because it’s impossible to choose only 5. Here you have a few ones (yes, there are more, but dont worry, i wont post more)




no ok two more, right? only two, silly ones

Look at this cutie pie. Look at him. 

And this guy has 4 titles, and i cant even cook an egg

I quit.