i'm sorry ry

hey fam so
that was wild
but at first in the flash forward i thought jane said “im so sorry for everything. i can explain”
but i just went back and watched again w captioning on (bc i’m that extra) and she said “i can’t explain it”
can’t explain what?
and when he says you need to come back she looks down like panicked and starts to say no and i just
i figured something bad would happen w them bc that’s how every jeller scene ever works but man this is not what i was expecting

and as much as i want to be like s/o to blindspot for keeping me on my toes i’m just like what the actual HECK blindspot

aracanabreaks  asked:

A temporarily blind Astrid Drabble?

A/N: Holy heck. I am, so terribly sorry that this took me so long to put out!!! I found it and decided to rewrite it aaaand,,, Well, this was the result! I’m so sorry that it took me forever to post this, @aracanabraeks​!! :’)

(I think this one might be a little heavier than what I usually write? I’m not entirely sure, but I feel as if it’s necessary to note that it’s not super light and fluffy, or anything!)


 “Most of the hindrances that you and your friends cause me are generally… unseen. And as the saying goes–an eye for an eye, no?” He’d said. “You needn’t worry, however. I’ve decided to be merciful by letting you keep them, at the very least. How useful they’ll be to you is simply… undetermined.”

There was no ultimatum, no ulterior motive–Viggo wanted revenge for the Riders’ last stunt: the destruction of his marble stronghold. The entire purpose of kidnapping Astrid was for the sake of making a point. For the sake of getting even.

He made a formidable adversary, and part of that was due to the fact that he wasn’t afraid to employ tactics heavier on the… unscrupulous side… in order to get what he wanted.

The fact that he so casually brought the Scourge of Odin back down upon the Barbaric Archipelago was proof enough, but yet another one of methods he utilized revolved around the fact that prolonged and close-range exposure to an Armorwing’s flame resulted in (supposedly temporary) blindness–to both dragon and viking.

Such exposure was appropriately classified as torture.

…And in both cases of blatant inhumanity, Astrid was a victim without a choice.

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okay but just imagine dirk and john watching labyrinth together. john suggests it and lures dirk in with the promise of puppets (dirk pretends he’s never seen the movie before but he secretly loves it). john is quoting half of the lines and doing really dumb voices to go along with them and dirk just watches him, amused. by the song magic dance they’re both on their feet singing together “you remind me of the babe” “what babe?” “the babe with the power!” “what power?” … and by the end of the movie they’re fighting over the last of candy and john accidentally knocks over the popcorn bowl. he gets down onto the floor to start picking it up and sees dirk laughing so he throws a handful at his face. that starts a wrestling match and although john puts up a good fight, he ends up pinned under dirk. he promises to let john go if he gives him the last of the candy and john responds with “you have no power over me” and starts laughing really hard at his own joke and dirk just kinda rolls his eyes and shuts him up with a kiss