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i'm sorry but authors who can't finish their stories shouldn't start one at all. wth? you start, people will love it, they'll wait, and then you freaking abandon or just... idk, hide somewhere and delete the damn fic. pisses me off. don't start when you know you can't finish.

It’s frustrating, but I 1000% get it. Now there are some that are serial abandoners and maybe they need to have a talk with Jesus. But even I have a WIP that ice been struggling to finish for years. I still appreciate the content we get, so many plot bunnies can be had from wipe, I wish more would get into the practice of picking them up when they’re truly abandoned. That might be a fun writing project, hmm…

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I get why you don't want anon asks and I'm fine with it but some people (like me) really prefer using anon because we're shy, have social anxiety or something along those lines. But it's still your blog and it's you who makes the decisions. Sorry for bugging you ( ・᷄ὢ・᷅ )

Don’t ever be shy to ask me something!! I’m an open book here and I love ot talk to my fans/people that appreciate what I do.

If it’s nice things like these I’ll probably answer in private and if I really like what you’re saying it’ll go public and will receive everyone’s support and love! now…

If you’re going to hate… you’ll have consequences.

public ones

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Take your time! You're doing awesome and your comics are amazing! I love your art and I love your plot and the huge twist in Fatal_Error's story. I did not expect such a dark turn! I'm sorry if some people are rushing you, you're doing amazing and some people out there are just really impatient. Don't worry though, me and several others will support you all the way! You got this!

Aww thank you, I appreciate the support :) I don’t feel like I’m being rushed or anything - if anything, I know it’s coming from a place of excitement which I can relate to, I’m just feeling a bit exasperated that it’s taking me so long to finish the things I’m working on. I just want to start on Chapter Three already XD I really do appreciate everyone’s patience, though, it makes it a lot easier for me. Thank you :)

I hope you’ll think what I’m working on was worth the wait!

I only made this blog to see what it would be like to have just a BTS blog & it’s funny because i still don’t know how i feel about it. But i want to say thank you to everyone who followed me and made my blog fun. I recently reached 200 followers and for me that’s pretty big. So this follow forever is just going to be a short one. For the people that don’t know yet, this is only a sideblog and I follow under my exo blog. Thank you so much! I love you all 💖💖

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If Mikasa drinks the divergent thing of saying the truth, what she would say if she is with Levi? Maybe if you don't know what am I talking about, it's a serum used to make people say the only truth. I'm sorry if it's confusing 😓

She would tell him, that she actually admires him and still feels very bad that she caused him pain. She would also tell him that she understands his decisions and is just acting up to prove a point sometimes. She would talk about how hard it can be to protect Eren, because he won’t really let her and how much she loves and appreciates Armin and Sasha. Mikasa would talk about how she feels towards Annies betrayal and how she wonders what happened to her that made her cold like that. In the end she would tell Levi something she would never tell him: that she adores his eye colour 😀

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"Oi. How DARE you speak to my Queen like that?! I should have you executed...I'm sorry about this, Sugarplum. My people don't appreciate beauty when they see it" (askthe2pkingofhearts)

‘’Appreciate beauty you say…’’

‘’*sniff* ..–! Ah!I apologize my dear king for being so sensible.It just worries me that our kingdom is on the verge of dying. I don’t think that the people will accept a prostitute as easily as you did my dear. I’m afraid that your people will not accept me and eventually leave… . At first I had a glimmer of hope since at first one seemed to be friendly and tolerate me but it seems like the way the villagers see me didn’t change one bit.I’m afraid that maybe..in the very end I am meant to be only a mere prostitute.What should I do..my king?I am begging for your advice.How do I get your people to love me?’’

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Hiii. Me again but I was just thinking that not enough people love china line and I'm a huge fan of all china lines don't ask why bc I don't know too lol but whenever I try finding imagines on them I have to look for like 3 hours before I find one and I wanted to know if you loved and appreciate china line. Can you also do a china line (of seventeen) reaction where their s/o tells them they love and appreciate them. THANK YOU AND KEEP DOING AN AMAZING JOB

Hello again! Sorry this took me so long to get to; things have been pretty hectic for me! 

And I have a lot of love for the China line tbh! I’d say Minghao is one of my bias wreckers, and I have a lot of affection for Jun. It makes me sad that China line doesn’t get as much attention, because I genuinely believe that they’re lovely, talented guys. I understand that it can be a little hard to stand out in a group of thirteen, especially as a foreigner (who has to learn a new language, nonetheless), but I hope that they start getting more recognition soon <3

And sure!

Jun would be a bit taken aback at first, but in a good way. He’d probably be used to playful teasing and flirting with his s/o, so to hear such a frank admission of affection would surprise him. I imagine he’d be a little awkward with it, and he’d probably pull his s/o in for a tight hug. He’d say a very sincere thank you, still feeling very humbled by their s/o’s words. Then, he’d shower them with kisses, telling them how wonderful they are.

Minghao would definitely get blushy and hide his face. I feel like his self-confidence isn’t the best, so hearing his s/o express their appreciation for him so genuinely would warm his heart up so much. Once he stopped screaming internally, he’d give you a very quiet and gentle ‘thank you’, and a kiss on the forehead. Afterwards, he wouldn’t stop thinking about what their s/o said, and how lucky he was to have them. His shy smile would stay with him for hours. 

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Sorry, this is probably a stupid question, but... I always see people say things like 'but male privilege means you aren't afraid of being outside at night/fear being attacked' etc, just... And I... don't know if that's true? It makes me feel bad that I somehow can't 'appreciate the freedom' when I'm a 21yo cis white guy and there's nothing worse for me than being forced to go somewhere at night and if someone attacked me I know I wouldn't be able to deal with it, im always so so scared. idk

I feel that people that say that haven’t talked about these kinds of things with many guys. I am 5'6" and I look like a boy to the rest of the world. But I have always been terrified to walk outside alone at night. Especially in the cities. People that make these stereotypes probably think of big muscular men that are above 6’ tall when they say those things, and completely forget about everyone else. They also probably believe that every big guy is full of confidence thanks to his size and never afraid.
Btw, some of my female friends have walked alone at night with full confidence. One of them even walked me home one night, and wouldn’t let me walk her back home or anything. I found it silly.
- Mod Cat

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hey love, are you alright? I know that when you help people a lot, you tend to feel like no one is there to help you. or that you're under appreciated. well, at least for me. I just want to check in to see if all is well. if you're drinking water, eating, sleeping, and moving around. I just want to take the time to appreciate you, everything about you. also, on your other post I'm sorry about your best freind 🙁❣️overall, don't be afraid to take a break! your mental health comes before anything

You are such a sweetheart 💕 I am doing okay but I’m definitely not in the happiest place. It’s been quite stressful with all of the renovations going on around the house and I’m still in mourning. I know I will get through this, though. You guys always help get me through tough times and I’m so grateful for you. Thank you for sending this in, love. 🌹💘

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i just want to say: sorry and thank you. i'm sorry for the people who are putting so much pressure on you to update. i'm sorry you were subjected to that; you don't deserve it. all you should be getting are thanks. thank you for letting us see into your creative mind and its wonder. thank you for all the effort you put, all at the cost of your own time. thank you for bringing us endless joy with your words. just thank you; we're grateful for you. we will always support you, love. just be you 💞

OH GOD DON’T MAKE ME CRY!!! Thank you, I appreciate this message so much. I have yet to address the issue on Tumblr, so I’m assuming you saw the discussion I was having with some other writers on Twitter.

For anyone reading this that doesn’t know what I’m talking about, my inbox is currently full of messages demanding updates on my stories. This is not the same thing as getting a message that says somebody is excited for the next chapter because that has a very positive effect on me – it lets me know you’re excited and that makes me excited to write the next chapter. But I’m talking about people who are making demands for updates and that needs to be addressed.

So, here we go.

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I love your post about letting people grow - it's super relevant to the modern political climate. I was just wondering - were there specific events or conversations that were instrumental in your growth process that others could learn from? I have a lot of relatives who I haven't been able to get through to, and I'd appreciate any insight you can give about how people got through to you in the past.

There was a single defining moment that changed everything and opened the doors for me to become a better person. I’m still working on it, and probably will all my life, but it definitely started in one specific place.

About ten years ago I found myself in the middle of an internet slapfight on some WoW LJ community. I accused someone – I hadn’t known or really assumed the gender, but it turned out to be a woman – of “shrieking” her views. I got taken to task about my wording. My point of view was that it was characterising her as a small animal like a tamarin. 

The gal who called me out explained (in very firm language) that my assumption of what that meant was NOT obvious to everyone else; what they saw instead was a word often used to characterise a woman (specifically a woman) as hysterical. I argued back that I’d never seen it used that way or personally used it that way, but the rebuttal was that my experience did not align with or invalidate the experiences of countless women who’d been the subject of such terminology. My INTENT did not mean as much as the RESULT.

And this is the important part:  I stopped, took a step back, and listened.

Granted, I still disagreed strongly with the woman’s actual argument, but that insight into gendered insults was an eye-opener. The core lesson was that my experience was not universal, and just because I personally hadn’t seen it – or, more likely, noticed it – didn’t mean it wasn’t happening.

The “I never see x happen, you’re making that up!” argument gets bandied around a lot among casual racists, misogynists, homophobes, etc. What made all the difference is I was able to set my ego aside for a moment and consider the experience of others. This in turn led to me paying closer attention to discussions of the things women and other minority groups go through. I read The Invisible Knapsack and started understanding that being white (or effectively white) gives me certain advantages, as well as understanding the impact of lack of representation & protection as a queer person. I put aside my affront at Black people being angry and listened to WHY they were angry.

There were other moments too, or strings of moments. I used to be pretty damned homophobic and transphobic and would pick fights over it. Imagine how stupid and sorry I felt when I figured out I’m queer. Obviously that’s not going to be a terribly common experience, though there are a disturbing number of us that start out as ’phobes due to closeted self-loathing. Slowly falling in love with a socialist, feminist, queer Black woman had a huge impact on me too: of course I was predisposed to listen to my best friend, and it was an enlightening and shameful string of experiences to realise how much misogyny had been fostered in me by ones of my exes. 

Now that I’ve learned so much about the problems others faced, I see it as my duty to boost their voices and fight alongside them while continuing to listen and learn. Will I ever be able to forgive myself for how horrible I was before all this, for all the things I’ve said and done, for all the hurt I caused? I don’t know. I hope so. But if I can’t be a good person then at least I can be a person who does good.

The most important part was that I was willing to listen. I was willing to consider that my viewpoint was not a set-in-stone truth for everyone else. Someone else gave me the knowledge, but I had to accept it. Without that willingness to learn, I might have been one of those shitheads with a Pepe avatar.

So I hit 2k recently (read: a while ago but I am late for everything like a TrueIndian™ 😎 ) and I wanted to post this follow forever as a thank you to all you wonderful people I follow who make my dashboard so amazing

I didn’t bother with the favourite/mutual thing bc u r all gr8 😘 💕 

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I just asked my other queer friends to use they them pronouns for me when we're alone and I just feel really... sick inside?? And I feel guilty and dirty and wrong. Is this normal? I just fee like that was selfish of me and I'm going to regret it. Does this mean that I don't actually like they them pronouns ? I'm sorry and I appreciate any help you can give me. Btw this blog has helped me so much I love you very dearly.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t like they/them pronouns. Changing your pronouns is a big upheaval and can sometimes feel like a burden on others, even when they’re supportive. Personally, I think it’s totally normal to feel kind of… off, or wrong, I guess, when asking people to change pronouns for you. I know I certainly did! You always hear of people who experience nothing but euphoria and relief when their pronouns change, especially on tumblr, but that can’t be the case for everyone. 

Maybe the pronouns, once actually in use, will grow on you. Once you get used to them, and realize that they aren’t a burden on others. Or, maybe they won’t. Maybe another set of pronouns will suit you better. However, I don’t think these initial feelings can be a complete indicator of how they’ll fit for you. You won’t know until you try them out properly.

Just know that it is in no way selfish of you to change your pronoun. Your existence and comfort is not a burden on others. You should be able to present and be referred to in the ways that are most comfortable for you.

I can’t promise you won’t regret it, but honestly? I doubt you will. Changing your pronouns shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of. You shouldn’t regret changing them, regardless of how it turns out.

I’m glad to hear the blog has been helpful for you, anon! You’re sweet


♡ jimin from future hearts ♡ I hope these translate well on other devices/monitors, these are my first digital drawings & fan art so I’m sorry they aren’t super great (+ i did these on my kindle w/ an art app lmao) I also hope it’s okay I changed the tattoos from your edits, they were a pain & i re-did them like 14-15 times??? I kind of got the hang of them in the second drawing, yet they still look like crap. ;-; I’ll do much better on Jungkook, i promise. But I hope you like these anyways & thank you for your amazing writing! 💕


To all of the 'shitposting x' accounts in the EC tag

Could you like…just maybe turn it down a bit? I mean rping is fine and it’s fine to do things in character but some things are just unacceptable from a moral standpoint. I mean, I rp Kaspar, Carlos and Gear on twitter but we have rules there. There are some things you just have to do as not just a sign of respect to other people but also a way of respecting basic morals.

Things have gotten too far and multiple people have been disturbed by the content that *some* of you post. Please think about others and the effects you may have on them. You may think something is acceptable but others at find it at least sickening or even triggering.

Feel free to discuss this but I feel that it’s about time some rules are put down for common decency. Please do not come up with ‘it’s in character and so I can do it if I want’. That’s not the case as this is a public platform you’re role playing on and it would be very much appreciated if a mod or someone starts setting up rules to limit what some people say.

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Um can u please suggest good male yandere manga. I'm kinda new to manga. (I watch anime.) but I'm new to manga and I don't know where to look... Thank you! And sorry if I seem like a dumb cock.

New to manga and you want to start reading yanderes right away? …Okay. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

For the most part, I don’t really think the concept of “newbie friendly” manga is particularly helpful. I think people are better off just reading whatever story that has themes and genres they like. Manga is a medium, just like books and movies. While some manga are better appreciated after being exposed to the cliches and tropes commonly found in the medium, it’s not essential in order to enjoy most manga out there.

Anyways, I think a good place to start is checking out Risou no Kareshitachi. It’s a one-shot, meaning the story only lasts one chapter. You can download it from the scanlator’s site here. If you like yanderes, you’ll love it. If you don’t… yanderes may not be for you.

From there, you can try Aishite Kudasai, Sensei, Metronome*, or Shadow of Visions.**

Longer stories would be Abide in the Wind* and Kubera*.

An important disclaimer about Kubera is that the yandere parts do not occur until much much later in the story. Basically, it’s not worth reading Kubera just for the yandere parts. Kubera is actually a pretty good manhwa, but it’s a slow building story. I say read for about 20 or so chapters before deciding if you like it. (But really, the story doesn’t truly pick up until the 3rd main character is introduced and joins “the party.”)

But really, almost any story from the Male Yandere List should be fine.

For stories I marked with an asterisk, these are of Korean origin (called manhwa). This means that you would read the panels in a left to right manner (like American comics). Series with a double asterisk is of Chinese origin (called manhua). These are usually read in a right to left manner like Japanese manga.

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As a Destiel shipper I wanna say thank you to those who did create the "Destiew" tag and others, because it was really considerate of you guys! I don't mean that in a sarcastic way at all, I genuinely appreciate it. Thanks for being part of the fandom that doesn't go crazy, and just bash one another in their own tag! :) Sorry some destiel fans DO go crazy, and pretty much hunt for destiew tags just to complain and "prove" you wrong. I hope that you enjoy the finale, I'm sure it'll be kickass!

Now this is a Destiel shipper that is actually rational, I wish there were more people like you who understand why we have a tag like “Destiew”, thank you for understanding and i hope that you enjoy the finale too

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I'm sorry but I'm one of those people who don't seem to enjoy the movie Tarzan as much :/ Can you please explain why you think it's a masterpiece? I'm interested in knowing why you believe that, because I always agree with your insight on everything☺️

hey no need to apologise, everyone’s entitled to their opinions and sometimes we just don’t gel with movies or books, it’s no big deal!! thank you for being so polite and for asking this, though, i really appreciate your kind words!!!

reasons why i am trash for disney’s tarzan:

  • the SOUNDTRACK. phil collins, certified pop legend, just bringing the perfect mix of rhythmic little tunes and emotional ballads and uplifting lyrics that simultaneously move the story along and get stuck in your head
  • also mark mancina is a genius honestly the score for tarzan is so beautiful, the motif for jane is one of my favourite things in the world. the score has such a unique sound and it sets the scene so perfectly and hits every emotional beat!!
  • the animation!!!! did you know that they created a brand new animation system called deep canvas for this movie?? a whole brand new system!! from scratch!!! it allows 2d characters to move through a 3d world, which is how they got the awesome effects of tarzan sliding along tree branches and swinging on vines to work so well. pay special attention to the backgrounds and you can see how many layers there are in every scene, it really does look like a proper jungle with different levels of foliage and shadow and god it’s a work of art

Originally posted by 2dtraditionalanimation

  • the character of tarzan was animated by the legendary, mind blowingly talented glen keane (also responsible for ariel, the beast, aladdin, pocahontas, rapunzel and many more). BUT here’s the best part - he oversaw his animation from france, where he was meant to be on a sort of year long sabbatical from the disney company but loved the story and character so much he decided to do it anyway
  • MEANWHILE all the other supervising animators (including the incredible ken duncan, animator for jane porter [also meg from hercules]) were back in california. they had to collaborate across timezones and continents to create scenes where their characters interacted, and look at what an amazing job they did!!! 

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  • the story. i think everyone can relate to the feeling of not fitting in, of being different from everyone around you. and the emphasis on family being those who love you - the message that so long as you are surrounded by people who love you, you are home. god. it makes me emotional
  • tarzan’s parents are two of the best looking characters ever animated by disney and they’re only in the movie for like five minutes what a waste

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  • tarzan is a character that works best in animation. he does stuff no actual man could ever do and what would look ridiculous if a real human did it, no matter how good the cgi is (legend of tarzan 2016 i am looking at you) works within the animated world. he moves along the tree branches like someone on a skateboard or rollerblades, he swings from vines like a gymnast, wrestles wild animals like a… wrestler? and it all works because of the medium
  • also he’s pretty hot ngl

Originally posted by theseacallsushome

  • alSO tarzan as a character. he is a genuine sweetheart. he just wants to fit in - first with his family and then with jane and her family. he tries his best at everything, and wants to learn everything, and his curiosity is so endearing
  • OMG WAIT HOW COULD I FORGET BABY TARZAN omg his little noises when kala finds him i can’t, he’s too cute for words honestly. and he blows little bubbles in the shape of a hidden mickey??? t o o  m u c h

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  • tantor’s line of “are you sure this water’s sanitary? it looks questionable to me!” is one of my favourite lines in any film ever and it was delivered by a four year old voice actor who had to have his lines read to him because he was too little to read the script omg my heart

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  • terkina and the fact that she is totally bossy and unapologetic and everyone irl confuses her for a boy???

Originally posted by neverland-789

  • the professor who brings like his entire fucking science lab and the contents of his whole house on this research trip to africa. like in one scene they have a goddamn chandelier hanging over an actual dining table. in the middle of the african jungle. I LOVE IT

Originally posted by nebulosa-mente

  • random cameo by the mrs potts and chip tea kettle and cup, which inspired the fan theory of belle and the beast being jane’s (great?) grandparents which i love love love
  • the fact that the movie very obviously shows kids to respect animals and nature, but never does it get preachy or condescending to do so. it’s worked so well into the narrative, rather than hitting you over the head with a sign saying LOOK THIS MOVIE WANTS YOU TO SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT. it’s inspiring and showcases the beauty of nature and the animals in it but doesn’t attempt to guilt trip you into caring
  • quick side note: mountain gorillas are critically endangered and we need to save them, i am not afraid to guilt trip you into caring please think of the gorillas

Originally posted by dayshavou

  • JANE PORTER. jane. porter. janey jane. my girl
  • jane wears a stylish big yellow dress complete with bustle to the jungle because she is a lady and that is what ladies wear. she hikes through the african jungle in boots and gloves and a big fucking dress because she will not let the norms of her time stop her from seeing the world. she is travelling!!!! to study science!!!! do you know how rare that was back in the victorian era???? VERY RARE!!! 

Originally posted by wonderlaaaaaand

  • but jane doesn’t care. she goes on this trip with her dad, and she knows all about his research and his study because she is a clever cookie and she cares
  • she isn’t embarrassed by her embarrassing dad, she loves him a lot
  • she talks to herself a lot and she uses her hands when she speaks and is an amazing artist and i just love everything about her okay

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  • jane is a freaking excellent teacher. watch that montage of her teaching tarzan all about the humans (set to the wonderful tune of strangers like me which has the most beautiful bridge) and be amazed by her mad skills

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  • tarzan is obviously smitten by her and she’s pretty impressed by his abs eyes BUT they spend at least a few months together, learning from each other and getting to know each other, before they admit that they’re in love or ask each other for any sort of commitment. they actually get to know each other!!!!!

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  • and they are EQUALS. jane teaches tarzan about the human world and he teaches her about the jungle, swinging from vines and speaking gorilla, their partnership has give and take and neither of them force the other into staying in the jungle or leaving the jungle, they just ask and then give the other person time to think about it and RESPECT THEIR CHOICES

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  • jane is the one who kisses tarzan first and i don’t know why this is important to me but it is

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  • over all the movie just makes me very happy
  • i think that everything it teaches children is v important and it is visually stunning and pretty to listen to and it has a smart heroine who is an artist and a scientist (because the two are not mutually exclusive!!) and funny supporting characters and scary villain because he’s super realistic
  • did i mention how impressed i am by the animation??? 

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  • i am very impressed by the animation!!!!

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