i'm sorry ouat fans

This season on Once Upon A Time: everyone gets to come back! Ruby! Mulan! Victor! Here are your invitations, welcome back!

Lancelot! Liam! Cora! What’s that? You’re dead? So what? Invitations for you and you and you!

Hook, you might die again but that’s okay, come on back anyway! Wouldn’t be the same without you!

Come one, come all! Everyone gets to come back!

… what’s that? Neal who? Oh. Uhm. No, sorry… no invitation for any Neal or Baelfire here… You’re, well, you’re dead. Kind of awkward actually, no one seems to have— well, look on the bright side, you’re still just as important as you ever were, really, right? Eh? Uhm…

Aaaaanyway, come on everyone! Party time!


It’s finally done! It’s painful and emotional. I apologize in advance. <3