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Keith Urban & Carrie Underwood “The Fighter” | Live At The 2017 CMT Awards. 

To Zeus: Favorite Wife?
  • Zeus: Gosh that's hard.
  • Zeus: Metis was lovely
  • Zeus: Mnemosyne was so bossy omg she didn't even let me eat peaches
  • Zeus: Themis didn't like my fashion sense
  • *Themis in the distance: because you didn't wear anything!
  • Zeus: Europa was cute.
  • Zeus: Callisto hated Poseidon so much.
  • Poseidon: I remember her.
  • Zeus: Sorry I dated her bro.
  • Poseidon: Its not ok, she ate fish like, everyday.
  • Zeus: Ganymede was alright.
  • Zeus: Io was obsessed with lightning for some reason I think that's why she married me so I could do the lightning stuff.
  • Hera: AHEM.
  • Zeus: No, I'm serious.
  • Hera: I'M RIGHT HERE.
  • Zeus: Oh. But my favorite is Hera. Hahahahahaha!!!!
  • Zeus: *nervous sweating*

@onenickel djakjqjda omg bless yes I have a whole fucking world thought out of HR’S earth and how he met Barry ( I found out later his earth has a different speedster oops oh well ) because Ray was a little fan boy obsessed with the flashs’ speed and researched it and found the courage to basically march up to the justice League ( clutching HR’S hand like his life depended on it ) and telling them his findings about the speed force and they were so impressed Barry agreed to work with them to study the speed force.

Lead to Ray with an awkward bumbling crush on Barry and HR wanting to crawl in a hole and die from sympathy cringe and getting to talking to Barry and hearing all these stories and being heartbroken at the thought of this kid going through all that he did and boom suddenly that sad kid is in front of him albeit from another earth and needs his help so you bet your ass he’s gonna help as best as he can not only for the sake of this lonely kid but also knowing ray would kick his ASS for not helping Barry and Ray telling HR to go to earth one so he has the chance to show the world the hero that Ray thinks he is.

jdjjahdjkdjrdz I tend to re write things when I’m dissatisfied and BOY did HR dissatisy ( except ironically in his death that was sadly - his shining moment )