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BIGBANG Reactions To You Throwing Your Bra Across The Room After Coming Home From MAMA


“Jagiya, what are you doing?” TOP would ask as he saw you struggling to rid yourself of your bra. He’d only laugh as he walked towards you, effortlessly unclasping it for you, “are you sure your even a girl? Shouldn’t this come natural for you?” He’d tease. His laughing would only increase as you threw it across the room in frustration.

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After the two of you had finally arrived home, Jiyong settled tiredly on the couch as you worked on trying to rid yourself of the wretched bra that had been bothering you the whole night.  Jiyong would just stare at you in amusement as he saw what you were doing, “how long have you been waiting do that?”

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Taeyang would have probably already realized throughout the whole award show that you were in discomfort. So he wouldn’t even let you wait until you got home to take off your bra. After the two of you had entered the car and he was sure no one was around he’d turn towards you with a small smile, “it’s okay Jagiya, you can’t take it off here I promise I won’t look I just don’t want you to be uncomfortable.”

(imagine you’re TOP lmao)

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Daesung probably wouldn’t even be inside the house by the time you had your bra off and flying across the room. He’d be walking to change when he first noticed your bra sitting on the floor. He’d tilt his head in questions as he reached for it and turned to you with a raised eyebrow, “what happened here?”

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Seungri would at first peer at you curiously, trying to see what you were doing and after realizing what it was being the little shit he is, he would instantly turn flirty and suggestive as he tried to seduce you into bed.

“Whoa Jagiya! You’ve never been the aggressive type. If that’s what you wanted you could’ve just asked but I have to admit I kind of like this side of you.”  

“Seungri, shut the hell up it was painful to have on.”

“Aw my poor Jagiya…should I massage them for you?”

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