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Jily AU: Your photos keep showing up on my iPhone, and the internet helped me track you down. Now we’re kind of celebrities, and also I think you’re hot. (Inspired by "I Followed My Stolen iPhone Across The World, Became A Celebrity In China, And Found A Friend For Life" on Buzzfeed)

The article can be found here. I recommend it. It’s a wild ride. Some liberties were taken with the prompt. 

Because James is a fucking idiot, his phone gets stolen.

He knows he’s a rowdy drunk and he knows the three word mantra any university student needs when they go out (‘phone-cash-keys’) but Sirius has bet that he can take more Jägerbombs than James and he’s never been able to back down from a challenge. He doesn’t even think twice about whether his phone is in the pocket of his jeans or his coat, the latter of which he leaves at the table. He swears Peter is sitting there when he leaves, but when he comes back ten minutes later and a whole lot dizzier, the table is empty, coat and all.

He and Sirius find Peter later, crouched over a toilet and heaving with Remus patting his back. James has the decency to wait until his friend is done vomiting to ask, “Pete, d’you have my phone?”

If possible, Peter gets greener. “Sorry,” is all he gets out before shaking his head and clutching his stomach.

Peter ends up feeling worse about the whole thing than James does. James is upset to have lost all his pictures and apps, and he’s livid at the wanker who decided to grab his phone, but ultimately, he can afford a new phone and he can take new pictures, so in a few months he’ll likely get over it. But Peter insists that because James left his phone with him, it’s Peter who owes him a new one.

James attempts to refuse. Peter doesn’t have the kind of money to replace his phone, and James isn’t about to put that on him.

“My friend Dung knows how to get an iPhone for dirt cheap,” Peter claims, and reluctantly, James agrees.

And so it begins.

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I'm sorry

ok, so, I’m on my phone and I can’t write and edit this properly and I don’t want to spam you guys, ik i said i’ll stop answering hate questions/asks, but for the past few days I started getting a lot of asks about how ungrateful, mean, and antisocial I am.
So.. I wanted to clarify a thing, that I’m sorry if I only like your posts without commenting or reblogging it, because I’m a little too shy or most of the times I can’t find my words, because I don’t want to say something wrong or spell incorrectly as my grammar isn’t that wow..
I just want you to know, that I love you, and everything you do for this community even if I’m not spamming you with comments or asks with supportive words and love. I’m thankful for every follower that I get, I just wanna take the time to thank all my followers for supporting me through everything, through my personal stuff and through the Ilkay’s story.
…and I’m sorry if I ever disappointed you.
I love you.

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hi there! i'm so sorry to bother you but i'm kind of going through an episode right now and i love your imagines so much that i thought you could help me out. i had an emotionally and mentally abusive ex and recently them and their friend contacted me and are harassing me but i blocked them but i still can't help but feel shit. i was wondering if you could write a prompto x reader imagine where his s/o is dealing with the same thing and he comforts her and leads to smut too? xo.

Heey A-le-lone-wolf! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! And I’m so sorry you have to go through this. If you ever need an ear to listen to you can always shoot me a message. And I also hope that things will get better for you! And you’re not bothering me at all!!! :o
Last but not least, thank you for your kind words and for sending that request. 

It took quite long to finish because I didn’t want to make mistakes. The actual NSFW scene will be uploaded in a different post - but I promise you’ll get your smut! I’ll have to re-touch that part again but it should be up tomorrow. But I wanted you to know that I’m not ignoring your request and didn’t want to keep you waiting much longer! ^^

Anyway, I hope you like it <3

(P.S: I’m not ignoring any requests, I’m working on all of them).

Part: 1 out of 2

Words: 3000+

Genre: Eeeh, fluff but kind of angst too?

TW: Mentions & depictions of harassment, abuse, bullying and smut begins at the end - the actual scene is in a separate post.

They’re doing it again!” Prompto’s S/O shouted, messages of her abusive ex and the army of “friends” they had spamming the notifications on her phone. 

Over the past few days, they had been sending numerous messages over all kinds of social media harassing her, sending mean messages or even photos and video snippets. Prompto knew. He was there when it all began, when his S/O’s ex first tried to sneak his way back into her life. His first reaction was to take her phone - of course, after asking - and blocking them and deleting all messages for her. That didn’t stop them, though. Only hours later they created new accounts.
More hurtful words were sent. Unfortunately, Prompto wasn’t there to stop them. She read through all of the messages, tried to come up with smart remarks but simply couldn’t. 

Pick up the phone, I’ve got a bone to pick with you.
You dare to be with that stupid blonde guy again?!
Why waste your time. Just come back already.
No one will ever love you as much as I did.
We both know you need me. You’d be nothing without me. You should be grateful I’m willing to take you back after such a ridiculous attempt at breaking up.
I’m the best thing that ever happened to you. 
Okay you know what, fuck you and your sorry ass.
All my friends hate your worthless ass as well.
I’m sure your boy is cheating on you. Think I’ve seen him with some blonde, busty mechanic.
You should be thankful I’m trying to help you.
This is all your fault! 
Such an ugly mess, probably crying like a baby. Get yourself together.

Those were just some of the texts she received. With each message, she heard their ex’ voice, saw their face scrunching up before they yelled at her. She could practically hear their voice in her head, haunting her all over again.
They broke up over a year ago, yet they still tried to get her back. Before their final break up, she came back - multiple times. They always managed to guilt trip and manipulate her into believing she had to go back. Right after they put her down, slowly tore her self-esteem off, they comforted her, whispered sweet nothings into her ear. 

It was a never-ending cycle of abuse. But eventually, she found the strength within herself to break it off. For good. Back then, they harassed her for a few months, made sure she knew about all their new relationships and how much better they were. They were obsessed with her, still trying to control her even from afar. She moved, bought a new phone and deleted all memories associated with them - including her old social media accounts. 

And it helped. For some time at least.

(There’s a read more thing here)

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i'm rly sorry for butting in but abt ur haechan stans getting hate post ! u should expose their blog url anyway,, they shouldn't be dealt with a light hand considering that they are being quite cruel going around sending hate to innocent stans :/

you’re right! so, i will put this all under a read more since it’s a long long post.

the thing is, they’ve since deleted their blog or changed it’s url. the anon that’s going around used to go by the username ‘momorinzxc’. i’ll show you how i know under the cut. but since, they’ve been going around harassing users on anon, the best way to completely block messages from them is to do this:

there’s an option on tumblr that allows you to block the ip address of the anonymous user, which should disable them from completely messaging you at all. even on anon.

trigger/content warning!: mentions of situations where minors are sexualized

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Hey guys, I just wanted to pop on and apologise for a minute

I’m really sorry if my roleplays are spamming people! I’m trying to keep them trimmed just in case, but I know if you’re following multiple members of the AU, it’s still going to cause more spam. I really do apologise for that, and I’m going to try and space them out better! o(╥﹏╥)o

And I’m also sorry for those I haven’t replied to yet, I’m bad at managing everything haha;; I’m really sorry for that as well

And I’m sorry to those who sent asks that I didn’t reply to before the event started, again I’m bad at managing and I know that’s not an excuse, but I don’t want anyone to think it’s on purpose! I’ll reply to them when I can, I hope you guys can forgive me for it ;;

um crappy gif but it’s jungkooksarms’ 4th anniversary in about a week and 4 days (A WEEK RIGHT AFTER BANGTAN’S ANNIVERSARY IT’S FATE) and i recently hit 6000 followers and wow i love all of you so so so so much thank you for putting up with my random rookie group spams and whatnot so um this is kind of like a thank you post? not just a follow forever heu ♡♡♡♡

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j-helpless : the sweetest being who has helped me a ton and never fails to make me happy the one who is actual sunshine the cutest little angel who always gives me advice i love you so much omg??? thank you for always being there when i need your help ;u; i love you <333

taehyungs-glasses : i started talking to you because of vkook and i just??? that is so great??? even if i’m super awkward (i’m sorry for that) you’re still super nice to me and wow i love your blog and you are the fanfic writing queen you’ve written all my fave vkooks and thank you for always telling me that i can talk to you when my parents are being *insert fire emoji* you’re really the cutest sunspot i hope you know i love you :3

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jinips : my sweet little jimin loving cloud WHO IS CONSTANTLY YELLING WITH ME ABOUT JIMIN and questioning his existence and she was also there for me when jeon jungkook wore yellow i think that means a ton like it’s not everyday jungkook wears yellow i hope everything works out for you and you get to go for trb and meet jimin and i know he’ll love you because i love you too <3

miniyoongay : MY FELLOW SINGAPOREAN omg i can’t even remember how we started talking but wow you’re honestly such a great person and thank you for always listening to me when i’m ranting about school lmao you’re such a sweet little being also you’re the first person from tumblr that i’ve met in real life omg AND YOU’RE SUPER CUTE IRL i love you and i hope you do well in school sunshine <333333

hajimaknae : you’re like one of the first few people i talked to on this website how did we even start talking lmao BUT YOU’RE REALLY CUTE wth and you’re legit super fun and easy to talk to i feel like every time we talk to each other we’re just yelling at each other about bangtan isn’t that just great you’re such a cute little marshmallow i will always <3 you

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Hello everyone! It’s me, Cel, better known as utaopias, here with my first follow forever! (/screams/ I swear I was going to make the prettiest banner for this but then school happened and here I am orz. ;;) Today marks one year since my blog was created and I thought it’d be nice to celebrate by recognizing the wonderful blogs I follow!

A year ago, I would’ve never thought anybody would acknowledge me on this site, let alone follow me or befriend me. The fact that people actually visit my blog everyday blows my mind. Every single one of the people I follow and my followers are what make my tumblr experience so wonderful and I can’t thank you all enough! I’ve made so many friends on here and I never thought I’d receive so much love.

To anyone who’s ever read my writing and liked/reblogged/sent me a message: Thank you all so much because really, it’s such a huge motivation for me to keep going. I see all your like spams on my writing and I check your tags whenever you reblog, and you all are the cutest. I love you all. ~

To my followers: Thank you all so much for always interacting with me and reading my writing! Your support means the world to me, and even if I don’t follow you back, I swear I have all of your URLs memorized and engraved in my heart haha. Thank you for putting up with me and my posts (and my ugly tag blurbs), and sticking with me through it all! Seriously, I can’t believe you guys have stuck around with me and my trash blog. ;;;

To my friends: You know who you are. Thank you so much for talking to me and making me feel loved on this website! Thank you for taking time out of your day to interact with me and make me feel special. :3

I don’t follow too many blogs (In fact, I’m always looking for more blogs to follow, so like/reblog this and I’ll check out blogs later?), but all of these blogs are lovely because I follow everyone for a reason!

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