i'm sorry mr. tolkien


the reason why I ship non-canon tolkien pairings is…..

I kept hearing people say “tolkien would be rolling in his grave if he knew about these ships!!!” so I was like really??? that sounds interesting I gotta test that??? and then I set up a generator near his casket. and this is how I have been getting free electricity. so I can never stop shipping. this,……. all of this…. my blog…. my edits……. it is all so that I can continue acquiring free electricity from tolkien spinning in his grave… IT WAS AN INGENIOUS PLAN!! and then I would blog more about MY SHIPS.. and in turn require more power and blog more to keep the casket spinning it always needs to spin and so I ship and so he spins he has to keep spinning oh god IT’S A TRAP IT’S AN EVIL CIRCLE I CAN’T QUIT I AM STUCK HERE FOREVER

quick inktober + aegnor/andreth headcannon

andreth: “In the language of flowers, does your gift not translate to…"the sweetest love”? Oh Aegnor <3"

aegnor:(…was actually about to say how much prettier you were than this really pretty flower, but this works, too);;;;