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So I wrote a thing in response to this post.  It makes a few specific references and really only makes sense if you look at that first, but I didn’t want to add this on by reblogging because 1) I don’t want to start an argument or anything (though I think I’ve kept it civil, it’s just a different opinion, I just like to really examine each point and why I disagree okay) and 2) it’s over 1500 words SO

Basically the post is about how Harry should have become the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, and I respectfully disagree and here’s why

I have a fricking midterm tomorrow what am I doing

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(Y/N)’s Rose

Author’s Note: This is for i-know-wrath-and-ruin (a person that is literally the bee’s knees) who requested a Thranduil x Reader story that takes place at a ball. This is probably like the first fanfic(do you even call it that?) I have ever written so obviously, I have no idea what I’m doing. But nonetheless, enjoy the cheesy crappy fluff :)

Quote for the story: “It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.” -The Little Prince 


         You groaned on the inside. You wouldn’t do it out loud of course, considering you were at a very special elven ball. And even though you were dying of boredom and the fear of talking to the higher class elves, you wanted to be polite. 

          You were a simple servant of King Thranduil and years after his lovely wife passed, you had the duty of watching over the mischievous yet altruistic Legolas. You didn’t really see it as work, considering that there was a special place in your heart for the royal family. But there were times where it was hard. Not just because Legolas would be a handful at times, but because of the king of Woodland Realm. When you got close to Thranduil because of your responsibility for the young prince, you began to notice the little things. His rare but genuine smiles, the way he looked at Legolas when he made him proud, the way he walked strong even though the kingdom rested on his shoulders, the perfect shade of blue in his eyes, and his perfect handsome face. All of these things made you madly in love. But being the way you were, you knew that you would sit forever in unrequited love. Although it hurt, you made the decision long ago that the way things were just had to be. He had a wife he loved before, he was a king, and you were, well, you. It could never happen. 

          “Dance with me, (Y/N)!” a voice interrupted your thoughts.

          You looked down to find the same prince who you almost thought of as your own. 

          “Legolas,” you smiled at him, thankful that he saved you from just standing alone. “I would love to dance.”

          You took child’s hand and he began to wiggle your arms to the beat of the music. You giggled at this, considering that is was very informal and the other elves must have thought it was quite embarrassing. But you didn’t. Legolas was the one of the few people you felt completely comfortable around.

          As the song went on, you took turns twirling each other and skipping arm in arm. You felt happy and disconnected from your problems. It was as if with every swivel of your foot and shake of the hip was slowly taking away all your worries. But that soon changed. 

          The song slowed into something more romantic and intimate. But before you could process what was going on, a very attractive elf was at your side.

          “May I have this dance?” Thranduil asked politely, hand ready to take yours.

           Your heart began to race and thoughts flooded your mind. Unike before, you were suddenly aware of everything that was happening. You began to search for the right words, stuttering. But luckily, a very good archer was by your side.

          Legolas giggled. “Of course!” 

          The small elf then lifted your hand to be held by Thranduil’s. Your face heated at the sudden contact that was so foreign to you. He then gracefully took you further into the crowd of dancing elves. As you put your hands into position and began the steps, thoughts began to rattle in your head. 

          Why would he ask me? Do I look okay? I might be a bit sweaty from dancing with Legolas. My hair could be falling out from it’s braids too. Doesn’t he know that people will be looking? They might think less of him for dancing with a lower-class elf. Is this to embarrass me? No, he would never do that. What is he going to say? What am I going to say? Do I make eye contact? Maybe If I look somewhere else it will be less awkward. Does he think this is awkward? Oh no…

           “(Y/N),” he said, tearing you from your thoughts. “I just want to thank you for all that you have done for Legolas. I know that his mother’s death did not do him kindly.”

          You were taken aback by the sudden praise. “I am only doing it because it is my duty.” 

          “No, you do much more than that. You have been like a mother to him. And for that, I am very thankful. Because of you, I know he will grow into a good man.” 

            You had no idea what to say. The work you put into taking care Legolas was just something you would’ve done for anyone you cared about. And you cared for both Legolas and Thranduil. 

            So you went with, “My king, I have no thoughts on what to say.”

           “Please, you can address me as Thranduil. You deserve at least that.”

            “Thank you, Thranduil.” 

            He smiled that rare smile that you fell in love with. “Not only do I want to give my thanks for my son,” he broke eye contact and, was that a blush? No, probably the lighting. “but I also want to thank you for making me feel happiness once again. Ever since my wife-” he paused, trying to find the words. “Well, I just have not been myself. But my interactions with you have given me merriment. You have a particular glow about you and you are quite humorous for one who is so shy. I…I wish to know you more. And I think that is only right because we have been around each other for sometime now.”

           Your heart wanted to sing. This was everything you needed to hear. Were you dreaming? most possibly. This could not be real. But, it was.

           You could not contain your smile. “And I you.”

           He smiled back. 

The Hardest Blows

Artist: http://laisserais.tumblr.com/

Author: http://archiveofourown.org/users/CaptainHoney/pseuds/CaptainHoney

Fic link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/11074557


Bucky was headed for glory as an Olympic champion boxer, before WWII changed everything. Now he’s washed up and dead eyed, rattling around Brooklyn and fighting in illegal bare knuckle matches.
Years after the war has ended an actor called Steve Rogers sees him fight. Months later, Bucky gets a call inviting him to L.A. to work on a film, and he finds something worth fighting for.

15,011 words


Archive Warnings






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G E N E R A T I O N   K I L L   A U   |   T h e   M a r t i a n

         ↳ meet the crew

  • CDR. Nathaniel Fick; Fick graduated with honors from the US Naval Academy. He will be the youngest commander to lead a mission to Mars.
  • Brad Colbert; Colbert graduated high school at sixteen, and won NASA’s largest hackathon at seventeen before moving on to MIT for dual undergraduate degrees in math and computer science. 
  • Ray Person; Person applied to the NASA Astronaut Candidate Program and was selected for his outstanding academic accomplishments, dedication and service to community, and an exemplary record of professional achievements.
  • Walt Hasser; Hasser holds a master’s degree in both chemistry and astrophysics as well as a doctorate in chemistry from the California Institute of Technology. A noted scientist and experience astronaut, he will serve as the navigtor on the Hermes.
  • Antonio Espera; Espera earned a bachelor of science in astronautical engineering at the United States Air Force Academy. He now joins the Ares 3 crew as pilot after eleven decorated years of service in the United States Air Force.
  • DR. Timothy Bryan; Bryan graduated cum laude from the Yale School of Medicine. Since joining NASA, Timothy Bryan has made two trips to SpaceXStation and completed five spacewalks (EVAs.)

Harry Styles & Lily Collins [manips] + selfies

anonymous asked:

ARE WE TALKING ABOUT SM HOCO NOW I loved it so much and definitely got Jeremy and Michael vibes, just picturing the whole party scene with Christine instead of Liz and maybe Rich instead of Flash. And Michael being the Man in the Chair YES. I didn't feel too passionately about Liz either way but I will strongly defend that she didn't deserve anything that happened to her.

((YEAH!! I don’t even know how this happened lol but yeah I’m so glad you–you guys got those vibes too this is so great

Omg…Rich would be perfect as Flash tbh but it’s also sad too hnghhh
And Christine would be a much more interesting and dynamic Liz in my opinion! She’s such a lovable character overall and to see her in Liz’s place would almost be gratifying you know

And omg no of course not! Liz isn’t a bad person at all–she’s just a bland character, is all I’m saying. And maybe she deserved to get ditched at the dance because she indirectly almost got Peter killed by revealing his identity (I know that wasn’t her fault but like. Couldn’t she pick up on Peter’s utterly panic-stricken face and the way he was trying to argue with her and get her to stop talking?) Like. Also when Peter called Ned and was desperately trying to explain the whole bomb situation Liz took his phone and basically yelled at him? Like she didn’t even listen to him and how he was begging her to put Ned on–it was pretty obvious the situation was really important but nope! She was just complaining to him and I’m like. Liz. Please give the phone back to Ned you’re causing Peter to have a mini stroke come on

Just. She has her flaws. And yeah she definitely didn’t deserve what happened with her dad and stuff, and almost dying. But the smaller things? Lol idk…))

Anon: It gave so much bmc vibes for me that I was just dying. And I thought that at first but then who could be the bad guy? And yeah, if Liz was Christine it would have been a hell lot more interesting. Sadly it wasn’t. And yes that scene was like awwww!! And I totally imagined Michael at the end when Ned is caught in the computer lab! I just wished they at least would have shown what happened to Ned afterwards -SA anon

((MHMM!! Yeah that’s true honestly there aren’t enough adult characters in BMC to put into the other roles here;; lol. But the squip could honestly fit any of the adult roles. Imagine him as Aunt May. It would be hilarious lol, him getting flirted with in that restaurant scene //sniggers
Or even Karen!! That would make the most sense obviously, having him be the voice inside of Jeremy’s Spider-Man suit and encouraging him to confess his feelings for Michael
LOL YEAH that was so funny like? Did he get detention for that?? I wish I could have seen the teacher’s reaction to him saying that “I’m looking up…porn?” Honestly it’s probably the most viable excuse tho pfft))


((SWEET…I actually went to see it again the day after with my sister I had to get her in on all the great action. We’ve been watching Marvel movies all week since then, we’re in the middle of Age of Ultron (AKA Tony Stark Fucks Up: The Movie) right now :3c))

Anon: Hello I heard ya been getting asks about Spider-Man!Jer ;3c huehuehue and I just came to say, what if the voice in his suit keeps telling him to confess to Michael?? Or like Jeremy likes to brag about Michael to the voice in his suit?? Sorry if you already got this kind of ask but I just wanted to give the queen of bmc au’s a lil’ idea! whoop (and keep up the good work!! I’ll support you for as long as I can!)

((Yup I sure have and I’m having a fantastic time

YEAH FOR SURE!! Like, “I can tell you have deep feelings for this companion of yours. You are well-likeable and a superhero, why not confess? You need to have more of a balance in your life, adding a healthy relationship to that list will ease things.” GET IT ON JEREMY

But yes I can totally imagine Jeremy bragging about Michael like, “So I have this best friend, his name’s Michael and–and gosh, he’s like, perfect? He’s so sweet and nerdy and he always helps me out and gives me encouragement and lets me sneak into his basement when I’m out late and we play video games together and he’s. Really great and funny and cute and I like his glasses and his hoodie and just his face in general? Yeah? Yeah.”

OMG;; You have no idea how flattered I am to be called that I…//wheezes The Queen of BMC AUs…I’m so happy to be called that I know it’s lame but like;; THANK YOU
Anyway thank you so so so much!! That means a lot ^^))

Hiccup: When was the last time the two of you went more than an hour without seeing each other?

Tuffnut: All the time.

Ruffnut: Every day.

Hiccup: Okay. Without checking in?

Tuffnut: Ch-Checking. That’s…

Ruffnut: He always checks in with me.

Tuffnut: Yeah, yeah, yeah. She likes to have me check in.


please ignore the bad colouring it was a pain in the assbutt ¿ⓧ_ⓧﮌ

actually speaking of that I have a lot of feelings about how Vimes and Granny are both consciously resisting their own narratives

I mean, the cowboy lone wolf cop who doesn’t play by the book, who makes his own law

and the evil witch, the hag, the cackling old woman who makes your cows dry up and children fall sick

and I think they both have that instinct, they both feel the narrative pushing them towards that story, and they both resist because they choose their own destiny and they know it’s not the right choice 

and like…Granny would very much like to have been evil - the whole deal with Lily, for example, I mean, Granny was intended to be the Evil Sister but Lily messed all that up by going and doing it herself in the mistaken belief that she was being benevolent and Granny is kinda bitter that she couldn’t choose to be bad anymore, she had to be good to balance out her sister because witches have to maintain balance

so she has this innate nature or desire or narrative tendency to be the bad sister, but she knows she can’t be and so she keeps an iron hold on herself

and similarly the framework of the law is SO IMPORTANT to Vimes because he knows he has the potential to be what the narrative feels like it’s pushing him to be - chaos and not law

and so the Guarding Dark and never outside the framework, never outside that self-constructed prison, never outside the rules

not once because once would be too much, Due Process always because otherwise he’s giving into the narrative - and that is how he fought the Summoning Dark, because the Summoning Dark was chaos just like he could be and he knows how to deal with that

and it all totally makes sense because narrative is a force on Discworld and you have to know how to control it 



I know I’m late, I know! But I still wanted to do this so happy birthday Mica! Hope you had a wonderful day, you beautiful human<3 @pass-the-pencil

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to thank you for your response about asexuals. I'm ace but still heteromantic and it's been really tough because I don't identify as straight, but there's so much ace discourse in the lgbt community that I don't feel welcomed there.

Honestly, I am so sorry. You’re right, a lot of the community hasn’t been welcoming. They seem to think anyone who isn’t in a same-sex relationship is somehow not worthy of being in the “queer club”. It’s ridiculous. 

When I was 13 and in middle school, I was realizing I was bisexual, but I did have a preference for the opposite sex, and after some vitriolic crap from the community, I shut down and pretty much ignored that I was bi for, like, 7 years. Now, I’m far more interested in women, and suddenly I’m totally welcome to the club! Fuck that, I needed the support of the lgbtq community even when I was dating a guy, because I was still just as bisexual than as I am now.

And now I see it happened to asexuals! They go through a lot of the same hatred, harassment, and brush-offs that a lot of people in the community went through (Asexuality being considered an illness, correctional r*pe, disbelief and disregard of family and friends… those are all struggles the gay community faced too). I hate that asexuals who are in heteroromantic relationships are somehow “too straight”. Well, I dated the opposite sex too. Pansexuals, polysexuals, and bisexuals while not “hetero”, do date people of the opposite sex and they belong too. Many trans folk are straight and in heterosexual relationships. They belong. AND SO DO ASEXUALS AND AROMANTICS. 

It’s not about “being gay” or “not being hetero”, it’s about being different than the largely cisgender, heterosexual/heteroromantic population that gets us ostracized and mistreated due to our orientations and identities. It’s hard to exactly put into the words but they “gatekeepers” do know what I’m saying and they’re just being jerks. 

I am so, so sorry that you don’t feel comfortable in a community that you definitely, 110% belong too. I am not asexual or aromantic, but you and others are always welcome to reach out to me if you need. I don’t know if I’ll always understand or maybe I’ll put my foot in my mouth, but you’re valid. YOU’RE VALID. 

*screams from the mountains* YOU’RE VALID, WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY!!

Holding Hands Can Be Dangerous
  • Kirishima & Bakugou: [studying in Bakugou's room]
  • Kirishima: *lifts his face from the book* Hey, Blasty
  • Bakugou: what?
  • Kirishima: Let's hold hands! :D
  • Bakugou: ...
  • Bakugou: No
  • Kirishima: EHH? Why?!
  • Bakugou: You are the one who ask me help for math. I won't let you get distracted and complicated my work.
  • Kirishima: I swear it won't be like that this time - pleeaaase, hold hands with me!
  • Bakugou: ...
  • Bakugou: No
  • Kirishima: :'c
  • Bakugou: *glares at Kiri*
  • Bakugou:
  • Bakugou:
  • Bakugou: *mutters*
  • Kirishima: eh? *tilts his head* Sorry, Bakugou. I can't hear u
  • Bakugou: *speaks louder*...if we hold hands...
  • Bakugou: ... I'd blow yours up.
  • Kirishima: ?
  • Kirishima: Oh, u mean literally.
  • Kirishima: Well, I could use my quirk. We are pretty compatible, remember? *smiles*
  • Bakugou: *blushes*
  • Bakugou: ...aghhhh! I guess it's okay then!
  • Kirishima: Really?
  • Bakugou: Really
  • Kirishima: YAY! I'm so happy!
  • Bakugou: don't make this embarrassing *grabs Kiri's hands*
  • Kirishima: *screaming internally* okay...
  • Kirishima: *yells* CRAP. THE BEDSHEETS ARE ON FIRE!
Another Guardian Angel Fic

Summary: Dan has a guardian angel blah blah blah

Word Count: 3k

TW: underage drinking + hints at molestation almost happening (attempted non-con/drugging)

i found this in my drafts from like a year ago??? and since then i’ve written another guardian angel fic?? anyway this is also a guardian angel fic with a different premise from forever ago

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