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MAS + truth spell, with angst


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“I actually really like cats.”

Ace stares at him, interrupted in the middle of a stirring tale of how he and Sabo used to pull cat tails and then scamper when they were turned on, and Sabo blinks, a frown coming to his face. He pushes his fingers curiously against his mouth, unable to deny the small surge of concern that trickles through him. “I didn’t- mean to say that.”

“What do you mean?” Ace asks, and Sabo takes a breath and means to say well I don’t like cats, actually-

“I didn’t want to tell the truth just then and I did.”

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fanfiction is so great and diverse and FEARLESS because it has nothing to do with making money and everything to do with the exact story that writer wants to tell and i am so THANKFUL to every single fic writer out there, you are part of something beautiful and i love you

Guardian Angel AU || Minene & Shizuo

   For the angel Shizuo, there was no greater job than being a guardian of the human world and all those who lived there. Floating in an endless state of being with no true sense of time, he watched the lives of the human beings as they lived, each doing his or her absolute best to survive and have a life of meaning.

   It was as close to the human world as Shizuo could ever possibly get for he was simply an angel, never able to touch the world, but always floating above it and watching the people who lived so that when their time to die arrived, Shizuo would be able to convey his thoughts on their final judgement to God and the higher angels. This was the way Shizuo spent his everlasting existence, constantly watching and never truly living.

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