i'm sorry it's a little heavy

  • Blake, knocking on the front door: Yang relax, my parents are going to love you.
  • Yang, breathing heavily out of nerves: Okay...okay, if you say so...
  • Ghira, opening the door: Blake!! Hello my dear, and you must be Miss Xiao Long, I've heard so much about you. Please please, come in!
  • Blake, tugging Yang along: Hi dad, it's great to see you again.
  • Yang, nervously and shakily stretches out her prosthetic hand: It - It's great to me-meet you too sir.
  • Ghira, raises an eyebrow and then laugh, grabbing onto Yang's hand and shakes it vigorously: Of course! Of course!!
  • Kali, walking up behind Yang and Blake: And you must be the oh so famous Yang Xiao Long? It's a pleasure.
  • Yang, turning around to greet Blake's mother with a smile: Ah, yeah. It's great to meet you t-OH MY GODS YOU'RE GORGEOUS!!!
  • Kali, jumps a bit and then awkwardly looks over to her husband: Ah...thank you...
  • Blake, facepalming next to Yang, who has her hands over her mouth: Oh for the love of...
  • Ghira, placing a heavy hand on Yang's shoulder, and leaning next to her ears: Miss Xiao Long.
  • Yang, shaking with fear: I-I'm so sorry, I just blurt things out sometimes. I-I...I'm sor-
  • Ghira, hits Yang's back playfully and laughs heartily: That's the same way I first spoke to my wife! Ahaha!!!
  • Kali, chuckles a little: Come on dear, you scared her half to death!

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“Please. You don’t have to speak, but listen. Please.”

His words, while a little slurred, carry the heaviness he feels. Ganymede rarely indulges in alcohol, because it tends to leave him even more vulnerable than usual. He has always been terrible with lying, but he knows sometimes when to hold his tongue and keep things inside. But the wine has taken that wisdom from him, and he finds himself spilling words he has told himself over and over he should only ever say silently, and when Zeus is not able to decipher them. 

“I don’t.. you don’t have to s-say anything to comfort me. I just- I need you to know how it makes me feel when you leave. Like I lose bits of myself I can’t get back until you’re here again.”

He makes a halting movement, as if he is about to reach out and touch the god, but seems to decide against it at the last moment. He is not quite drunk enough to drop his guard entirely. And that is always the problem he has. Can he touch Zeus? Touch is the cupbearer’s medium - the way he seeks comfort, or expresses emotion best. Caresses and kisses are his language, but he never knows if it is welcomed. He wants to step forward and be embraced. He wants to draw the king his king? into a kiss. But he does not know if he is allowed that, even after all this time. He shakes.

“Can I- Please let me kiss you? Just that, a-and then I will go. I will stop bothering you with my presence, just please give me this one thing.” His breath hitches then, and he rubs at his eyes, but he does not cry. He hates to cry in front of Zeus. He hates seeming weak, even though that is exactly what he is.

“Please, Zeus.”

Please let me pretend I mean something. Just for a moment.


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’ You listen to me, and you listen good! ’

ORBS  WIDEN,    top tier rises  from its bottom,   curling snarl reveals  infantile like teeth,   gritted with rage rattling against hollowed limbs threatening to tear everything apart. provoked wrath twirls tornatically, words are taken as a spoken death wish. who had he been to ever not command such a wish?   his destiny he’d fulfill, hot and heavy with anger.  cleansed blade retrieved from printed fabrications,  eagering for sanguine stains.   ’ do you have any idea who you’re talking to, lady!   YOU listen to ME and YOU listen GOOD!   i’ll cut your pretty little tongue out in your sleep, that’s when i’ll pay attention to ya! ‘

DEVIL’S REJECTS SENTENCES      ft.     @munstermother    //    ACCEPTING !!

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I'm sorry to disturb you but if it's no trouble could you please show me pictures of your ocs? I see you mention them a lot and they all sound like wonderfull little sweeties

THIS IS OUTDATED INFO IM SORRY I’ll make a new one eventually (october 2016)

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ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) *heavy breathing*


buckle up for it’s gonna be a fairly long post, featuring 5 of my main OCs (Nolan, Zion, Day, Wendie, Moel)

here are some pictures and a brief explanation on their relationship with each other


He was a bit of a hot-headed, reckless and irresponsible brat in the beginning but he mellowed out and now he’s one of my nicest and gentlest and most understanding characters. I guess he’s what you call a “tsundere”, all rough on the outside but squishy soft on the inside. He just likes to put on a tough front.

He just has an annoying face . He’s also part sheep. He’s got two forms, his human and his sheep form. (Note: He can’t shapeshift. They just both represent him)

He’s got a dandelion that grows from his head which has the ability to grant small wishes to others.

Next we have his older brother, 


They aren’t related by blood but Zion took Nolan under his wing when they were kids. They were brought up in the same orphanage. Zion is the main caretaker of my OC family - which is why he always tends to look so stressed. 

He’s serious and disciplined and tends to keep to himself but deep down, he’s a total dork who collects gashapon figurines and takes housework and his hobbies and duties very seriously.

Nolan, don’t be a dick.

Zion went through a phase where he spiked up his hair a lot - either to appear taller (he’s a shortie), older or simply because he thought it was cool (what a dork), I won’t say -

(unstyled - he looks really young so he doesn’t like it down. in a way, it’s like his armour and his one indulgence)

but he eventually decided that he was more comfortable with growing it out. 

he won’t admit it, but he loves long hair

He also has another form that represents him. You can think of it as a kitsune manx? But really he’s an original species called Inkin, where his blood is used as ink to paint things to life. 

He isn’t good at expressing his emotions so I like to think of this form as the “inner Zion” where he his true emotions are better reflected upon.

(he’s really just a dork - the dorkiest of them all. I know he doesn’t look like it though)


This is Daymond, or Day as he is more commonly known as. He’s a cheery, upbeat sweetiepie. He’s very gregarious with excellent people skills, and is genuinely warm and perceptive. He’s the sun to Nolan’s stormcloud (Nolan quite literally had a stormcloud following him for a while before I finally omitted it from his design).

He’s got a crazy sweet-tooth though. One might even say he’s addicted to sugar.   

and he’s also Nolan’s boyfriend (later in the future, they become husbands)

He’s gay. Oh wait, that’s kinda obvious. Nolan isn’t gay though, but he is a demiromantic heterosexual. It took them a long time before they finally became a couple because Nolan was uncomfortable and felt like his straight boy masculinity was threatened. That and he wasn’t sure what to make of his…feelings.

But they worked it out in the end.

Together, they are very creatively called NoDay (but also because Day was originally going to die, resulting in “no (more) Day”)

He also has a sheep design in relation to Nolan’s:

Next we have WENDIE:

Nolan’s younger sister. Alike Nolan, she also has a dandelion that grows from her hair. Hers is a white dandelion and she mostly tucks it behind her ear. It is still unclear as to what abilities it has.

Wendie and Nolan grew up separately and thus, never knew each other until she showed up one day and moved in. 

(She’s short so she sometimes wears 8inch heels to elevate herself)

She’s highly independent and capable and doesn’t take shit from anyone. However, she can be a little mean-spirited and harsh. She doesn’t really like her brother nor his boyfriend. Day in particular rubs her the wrong way,

She grew to be more tactful and careful. Alike her brother, she can be surprisingly gentle and affectionate. Although she initially hated Zion, they are now very good friends (he even lets her touch him!).

And finally, we have MOEL:

What is he exactly? No one really knows, but he’s like a patchwork mutt monster. He’s got an infinity pouch he can pull just about anything out of:

You can call him the “family pet” or the funny uncle of the family, but really he’s like the guardian. Friendly, warm, affectionate, cuddly, inappropriate but also wise.

He was the one who got the house. He was the one who brought everyone together.

He also loves to tease and bother Zion and Nolan (Day likes hugging him and Wendie thinks he’s adorable. He brought her to the household, actually.)

He’s full of love. c:

Despite his cuddly appearance, he’s one of the most…cunning too. He manipulates a lot of things behind the scenes to make them all work out.


What do you do when you’re feeling down? You make your TFsona, of course, and you go right ahead and make her as cool as you damn well please.

This is Vanguard. In addition to the suspiciously N7 color scheme, she uses… ah, screw it, I’m not gonna lie, they’re mass effect fields. YES, SHE IS EXACTLY A BIOTIC CYBERTRONIAN. It’s not too different from TB’s forcefields. One isn’t super effective on its own, but with a little timing, let the combo detonation fireworks commence.

Three months ago I would have said she’s an Autobot, but now I’m not so sure *nervously smooths down awesome Decepticon shirt* so… red optics?

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sorry but i'm currently on season 2 of shameless and i don't understand why you all say it's a pretty heavy show and a drama, when it's actually pretty light and there's loads of jokes???? i think there's pretty much a little bit of humour in every scene and stuff???

lmao poor innocent soul

My Girl (I Love You)
A playlist about my darlings Riley and Maya. Was kind of going for a friends to lovers vibe that I hope comes through! ~bex

1. Avalanche…Walk The Moon

2. High Hopes…The Vamps

3. Seamless…Sabrina Carpenter

4. Always Be Together…Little Mix

5. Tell Her…Jesse McCartney

6. Kinks Shirt…Matt Nathanson

7. fallingforyou…The 1975

8. Why Don’t You Kiss Her…Jesse McCartney

9. Things I’ll Never Say…Avril Lavigne

10. I Want To Write You A Song…One Direction

11. Girls Like Girls…Hayley Kiyoko

12. 4 Real…Avril Lavigne

13. God Only Knows…MKTO

14. Mona Lisa…The Summer Set

15. Secret Love Song Pt. II…Little Mix

16. If I Could Fly…One Direction

17. Golden…The Vamps

18. Honey & I…HAIM

credit to iwouldneverleaveher for the cover art! (she made the edit; I just cropped it lol idk how to use a computer)