i'm sorry it's 2am and i can't sleep

Texting; Autocorrect
  • Kaiba: hey you awake?
  • Atem: Sorry fell asleep on Yugi. What were we talking about?
  • Kaiba: wtf!? why are you sleeping on yugi!!??!@!
  • Atem: autocorrect. Meant YOU. Calm your skinny ass down. I'm too tired to fix a spelling error.
  • Kaiba: heart attack much!?
  • Atem: Heeheehee you're freaking over nirvana.
  • Kaiba: haha! It's like you're drunk!
  • Atem: nothing i mean and shup dork. It's 2am here.
  • Kaiba: you're adorable when you're sleepy
  • Atem: I can't tell if you're computer me or making fun of me.
  • Atem: complimenting
  • Kaiba: both really
  • Atem: you're too confusing to figured out riggt now. Can I go back to bed bby?
  • Kaiba: sure. I have a joey to do anyway.
  • Atem: what!?
  • Kaiba: JOB!! JOB TO DO!!!

seahorseharry  asked:

#a golden vapor of the sun made human <---- au where Kate finds her chill

LISTEN, this tag is the cornerstone of my blog for a reason.

He’s golden like the sun.

He lights up everything around him.

He warms your heart.

And makes it grow until it might burst.

He makes you happy just by existing.

He even shines in a world of black and white.

And if you stare at him for too long you might go blind.

(Or just cry. For a really long time. Until you can’t see past your tears. So, basically the same thing.)