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In Too Deep (M)

OC X Socialite!Namjoon
Length: 6k of sin, how fitting.
Recommended OST: (x) and (x) and maybe House of Cards depending on what you’re into. 
(a/n): you know, I never thought this moment would come for me.. but it has… and now I will enforce this highly explicit content on you and I (really) hope you don’t mind and I am terribly sorry I am a noob* but since it is my longest work I told myself it would be such a waste not to post and …well.. here we are, my first, enjoy. 

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Warnings: Smut, sex, alcohol mentions, you know the works  

      It’s 1a.m. or what they call the peak of the night; the hour where the buzz of alcohol is the main fuel for irrational impulses and suddenly the lines between cheeky and outright ballsy disappears. Sticking the far wall of the venue, you’re observing the evening’s happenings with a reoccurring mixture of disdain and amusement— it’s always the same every night— this scene having long lost the enchantment and luster it used to possess in your eyes. Being born into wealth, you’re obligated to attend such parties to keep up good relations with What’s His Face and connections with That Person and of course to keep your own ass in the spotlight. Influence does not grow overnight and once cultivated, who are you to let it die? It’s hypocritical really, the fact that you were jaded by the fame but at the same time refuse to let it go. However, the wealth is as valuable as fools gold when every action is a diamond encrusted lie and every word is coated with a layer of shimmering sweet sarcasm. So you continue on kissing cheeks and forcing smiles, dancing away the night and drowning in this erratic rhythm of your life.

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