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Soulmate AU Story Ideas

Because I am complete trash for Soulmate AUs, I decided to try and make a post about them. Hope you guys like it! ♥

✖ Soulmate AUs involving measurement

[ Time // Countdown ]

  • Where for whatever reason, your clock is stuck/frozen/it’s not counting down anymore but it hasn’t reached 00:00:00:00 yet and you’re freaking out because this hasn’t happened to anyone before.
  • Reverse one where the clock starts at 00:00:00:00 from the moment you’re born and stops counting the moment you meet your soulmate, so it’s like a reminder that “It took me 19 years, 11 months, 20 hours, and 13 seconds to meet you, you fuck, and you do it by spilling coffee on me, thanks, now my laptop’s broken—what, you’re buying me a new one? Okay.”
  • Your soulmate clock is actually a countdown of how long your soulmate has left to live and holy shit you have to find your soulmate soon because your clock says you have three months left (for angst maybe).
  • Alternate version of above where your clock is a countdown of how long you and your soulmate have left to find each other or else you both will die because the universe is sadistic af—and if you find your soulmate you get to live longer.
  • Another alternate version of above where you and your soulmate’s clocks have each other’s life spans on it but you can give your time to your soulmate if you want to so they can live longer. Again, because the universe is sadistic af.
  • The soulmate clock is actually something breakable and you accidentally break yours or vice versa.
  • Alternate version of above where someone purposely breaks their soulmate clock so they can be with someone they fell in love with that isn’t their soulmate/they are strongly opposed to the whole soulmate idea and want to defy the system.
  • Your clock is counting down too fast (as opposed to everyone else’s) and you have no idea what’s going on anymore.
  • It’s been a busy week and after finally having some time to yourself, you just happened to look at your soulmate clock and see that it’s already at 00:00:00:00 and you don’t know when that happened because you don’t religiously check your clock either.
  • Your soulmate clock is actually telling you what time it is where your soulmate is currently at (could include AM/PM/time zones or not, for example 3:46:31 MDT).
  • I already wrote something similar to this but a countdown au where your soulmate has died and you two still happen to meet each other (one is a ghost, one is alive) and the other finds peace after the meeting.

[ Distance ]

  • Where you actually have a compass instead of a clock, and it leads you to where your soulmate should be.

✖ Soulmate AUs involving colors

[ Eyes ]

  • Reverse colors AU where you can see in color but once you meet/marry your soulmate your world turns black and white, this is how people can tell that married couples really love each other because they’re willing to give up a world of colors for their soulmate. If your soulmate dies you get to see color again.
  • Between you and your soulmate, only one of you can see other colors and the other sees black and white. Like you can see all the other colors except black/white/grays, and the other one can only see in black/white/grays. If you two meet, you’ll get to see all the colors.
  • You can see colors but realize that recently, with each passing day, your world of colors is becoming a little duller and you’re panicking because you don’t know what’s going on, or what it means, or if your soulmate is okay.
  • You can see colors and your world turns black and white but it doesn’t necessarily have to mean your soulmate is dead. There can be other factors that will result in a black and white world like losing eyesight, but you don’t know that.
  • You will be able to see the world in full color once you meet your soulmate but until then, you can only see the world in the eye color of your soulmate. However, you can alter the color your soulmate can see, for example, by wearing contact lenses. Like if you wear blue contact lenses, your soulmate sees the world in blue, purple makes them see the world in purple and etc. And you realize each day/week you get to see the world in a different color because your soulmate is being all cute and would want you to see every color there is and they probably have a huge collection of contact lenses by the time you both meet.
  • Everyone is born color blind and their sights are fixed once they meet their soulmate, or your soulmate is blind and you have the choice to give them your sight, but it’s irreversible and if they die, they take your sight with them.

[ Hair ]

  • If you dye your hair, your soulmate’s hair color changes as well and you swear the moment you see your soulmate you will choke them because you just woke up with your hair colored like a rainbow and it’s your first job interview at a prestigious company what the fuck. Oh, and your best friend just took a picture to post online and wait—what, how many likes is that?
  • Like the above AU but you only get highlights for the dyed color of your soulmate’s hair. If your hair color returns to normal, it means your soulmate has returned to their natural hair color too.
  • Related to the first two AUs—you decide to get revenge on your soulmate by dying your hair the most absurd color combination you can think of and the exchange goes back and forth until you meet each other. It can be that if you meet, you two can dye your hair without affecting the other anymore.
  • If your soulmate dyes their hair your fingernails turn into that color (like nail polish?) and you’re hoping your soulmate isn’t bald by the time you meet because it’s the fifth time the past two months that your nails have changed colors.
  • If your soulmate dyes their hair, your eyes turn into that color and you wish your soulmate wouldn’t change it again because you really like this shade in your eyes.

✖ Soulmate AUs involving any kind of body mark

[ Tattoos ]

  • You and your soulmate have identical tattoos on your wrist about the date when you’ll meet each other. Place and time can be included (as opposed to the countdown AUs).
  • Like the countdown AU, an alternate version where it’s your soulmate’s date of death that’s tattooed on your skin.
  • Where a tattoo isn’t set from the moment you’re born and whatever tattoos your soulmate gets, you get it too and it’s all cool because you kind of like the designs, except you also feel the pain of getting a tattoo and that sucks because you’re kind of in the middle of an exam right now and it’s getting harder to concentrate on your work.
  • You remove your tattoo because you hate the idea of someone dictating who you can be with for the rest of your life and the person who’s removing it happens to be your soulmate and they’re torn between letting you know and just not bringing it up because you kind of went there because you didn’t want a soulmate and vice versa.
  • Your tattoo is only half complete and it completes itself the moment you find your soulmate, like if you had half a heart, you’d get a full heart on your skin.
  • You’re not sure if the other half of your tattoo should end with this person’s words, or that one’s—wait, I think it might end with the phrase of that other person too. It’s just a very open-ended sentence…
  • You don’t have a name tattoo on your wrist, meaning you probably don’t have a soulmate but you didn’t want your friends to tease you about it so you had a tattoo made on your wrist about some name you picked at random because your friend said she wanted to see it soon. And then somehow there’s a person claiming to be your soulmate and they’re kind of cute and sweet so you don’t know what to do.
  • Because the universe is sadistic af, it only gave you the first letter of your soulmate’s name.
  • Your tattoo is like a mood ring, it changes its color depending on what your soulmate is feeling at the moment and you’re not sure exactly what rainbow means.

[ Scars ]

  • The only way for your scars to disappear is when your soulmate kisses them goodbye.

[ Others ]

  • Whatever mark you get on your skin your soulmate gets it too so one day, you just kind of just get a sharpie and start writing on your skin. You definitely didn’t expect to get a reply, but you did. Now it’s five in the morning and you’re just about covered in ink and this will be a pain to wash off later.
  • Imagine the above point but like, your soulmate maybe falls off a bike and you write on your arm what happened, and your soulmate replies to reassure you everything’s okay. Yes, you always carry a non-permanent marker to write on your skin at all times.
  • You accidentally fell down the stairs and broke a leg, oh, and fate must love you because it seems your soulmate also broke the other leg (or something else) and whatever happens to the other, you feel it too (no actual injury but you feel the same amount of pain) so now you’re in the hospital and you happen to meet your soulmate in the waiting area.
  • Wait, imagine the above point but way into the future and you’re about to give birth and your soulmate must be cursing you and rolling on the floor by the operating table or the waiting area screaming murder and punching walls while crying. Also periods, yes periods. Okay, I’ll shut up now.
  • You can choose to take the pain of your soulmate away. Like if they’re sick or even if they just have a paper cut, you can choose to transfer the pain/sickness to yourself instead and they’ll heal. You can only do it once you meet them though, since what happens to them doesn’t happen to you, unless you transfer it to yourself.
  • Like above but what if the pain becomes two times or more worse. Imagine someone afraid of pain, and the other soulmate shouldering everything or maybe you can half the pain your soulmate feels if you can’t handle taking everything on your own.
  • Alternate version of above two points where you can also transfer your pain to your soulmate. Imagine the payback you can do.

✖ Soulmate AUs involving reincarnation

  • There wasn’t a soulmate system in place before, now it’s about a thousand and more years later, and—wait, aren’t you the person that killed me in that back alley?
  • Where you’re reborn with the memories of your soulmate and you can only get your past memories if you meet each other again in this lifetime.
  • You somehow find a diary/journal of your old self and read through the contents of how you met your soulmate centuries ago.
  • Your soulmate was an artist of centuries ago, and currently, you’re an art student at university (or not but you’re taking an arts class). Then one day for a field trip, you go to a far-away museum and you just find yourself staring at what was your reflection, wearing different clothes to fit the timeline but it was definitely a split-image of you, on one of the framed displays.
  • Alternate version of the above where your soulmate still was an artist of centuries ago but you were there too, and you both were able to meet again in this lifetime. You don’t remember anything but you’d be at the museum, looking at the picture that looks like you with curiosity until your soulmate (who remembers everything) comes by and asks you what you think of the painting.
  • You’re sent to an insane asylum because everyone is convinced you’ve lost your hold on reality since you’re the only one that remembers everything from your past life. Also, that new doctor is your soulmate.
  • Your soulmate from the past life is not your soulmate in this life.
  • You become a writer and your series of novels become extremely popular, but what they don’t know is that you’re retelling your previous life where certain circumstances made it so you and your soulmate did not end up together but your soulmate promises to be with you the next lifetime. At a book signing you open the book cover of a fan’s copy to see something written on the front page: “I’m sorry I took so long.”
  • You don’t remember anything from your previous life but your soulmate does—your first meeting under the tree with the broken swing in summer, the way you smiled when you met each other again at the start of the school year, your eyes that were filled with such mirth and depth and beauty, even the way your hands fit together like missing piece of a puzzle—everything, even the gasps for air, the coarse little pleas, the way you stared with a look of betrayal until your bright eyes became nothing but a dull sheet of color at the hands encasing your neck in a vice grip.
  • You keep going to this place, and you always notice another person here too. Neither of you know that this is the place where the both of you had died/first met in the past life.

✖ Soulmate AUs involving dreams

  • Kind of a reincarnation AU where you’re losing the distinction between reality and dreams because when you’re asleep, you actually relive your past life, and you’re not sure if you’d much rather stay in the past or in the present anymore.
  • If you’re on separate time zones, when you sleep, you see the world in the eyes of your soulmate at present time. You see the world through your soulmate’s eyes, what they’re eating, who they’re talking to, the contents of the essay paper they’re trying to finish, but if they look into a mirror/reflective surface/picture, the image is blurred so you don’t really have a clue what they look like.
  • You see your soulmate in the eyes of their friend instead.
  • Imagine that soulmates just have this ability to dream together/meet each other in your dreams regardless of whether or not you two meet in real life. Your dreams could then be like a real-life video game, for example, you two could be in a zombie-apocalypse type of dream and you both would try your best to help each other out. If one gets bitten/dies you wake up and your soulmate is there to tell you everything is alright or tease you how you couldn’t shoot fast enough and then you’d both go back to sleep and maybe start round two.
  • Just like the above point, imagine how you and your soulmate could pretty much be with each other even after you’d both gone to your separate homes/shared bed.
  • Your soulmate is dead and the only way you two can see each other again is in your dreams and everyday your soulmate tries to make sure you know they love you and will always be there for you the moment you close your eyes and retire for the night.

✖ Other Soulmate AUs

  • You and your soulmate can communicate with thoughts and your soulmate happens to be a math major and you really need help with this test right now.
  • On some days, whatever your soulmate thinks of is something you can hear in your mind and your soulmate is currently reading really hardcore smut fics and you’re trying so hard not to mess up this class presentation which shoulders half your mark for the semester.
  • You get to share the same talents as your soulmate and you probably hit the jackpot because it’s the first time you’ve ever touched this instrument but you’re quite the professional at it, what? Shredding? I don’t know what that is but—oh… hey okay, I just did it I think.
  • The Red String of Fate exists, and only some people have the ability to see the strings, and these people can actually cut strings and knot other people’s strings in to alter the soulmate laws. Your best friend’s wedding is tomorrow and they know you can see the string. They ask you to help them defy the laws of the universe and help them be with the person they love even though they know that’s not their soulmate. You know they love each other so much so you help them, even though the person your best friend’s marrying/your best friend is your soulmate.
  • How about like the colors AU except it can be your voice or your hearing instead that comes and goes when your soulmate dies. Imagine how your soulmate’s voice is the first and the last thing you’ll ever hear.

So I decided to just make a post of all the ideas I’ve thought of so far for each theme! I tried to think of things I haven’t read before but I’m pretty sure with tons of people out there, some of these are sure to exist already. I was also planning to write more but maybe next time, my heart hurts already from typing these ;////;)’

I hope you guys like it though and please feel free to add on to this or make these into stories please I’ll love you forever and tag me please I’d love to read them.

++ justfandomwritings is queen of Soulmate AUs, and I’d like to dedicate this to her because she’s amazing and so much more ♥ ^^

1036. Lily and James' first time was in the Room of Requirement. They didn't mean to spend the night there and didn't even know the room existed until then- it just happened. When they came back to the dorm they found banners that said "it’s about bloody time" and all their friends clapping. Sirius even came and shook their hands. Lily didn't know where to bury herself but James enjoyed every second. He felt like he just won but not at Quidditch- he won something much more important, Lily.

Warnings: oral sex (reader receiving), unprotected sex (use a condom, kids), hair pulling, smut (obviously), overuse of the word “fuck”,some fluff at the end
Summary: You get a haircut that’s a tad shorter than you want it to be, and you’re worried that Sebastian won’t be able to pull on it as efficiently as he used to with your long hair (based on a true story- minus the smut part :/ ).

Enjoy!! Please send me some feedback here, it helps me out so much! (gif is not mine).

I sighed, looking at the reflection shown in the mirror. I had just gotten a haircut and I specifically asked for a small trim, yet I am now staring at my hair at half its length than before. I ran my hand through it a few times trying to dismantle and ruffle it up in hopes of making it look some what pleasant to myself. I huffed as I gave up, resting my hands on the dresser connected to the mirror, glaring at my hair. 

Someone knocked on the bedroom door a few times before opening it, making my head jerk up at it. From the mirror, I could see Sebastian peeking out of it. I had told him this morning that I was going to the salon, so I guess he’s here to see it. I connected with his eyes and immediately looked away, slightly embarrassed. 

“Y/n, holy shit. Your hair looks so beautiful!” he praised, as he walked towards me. His arms pulled me into a hug from behind, his eyes still examining my hair in the mirror. 

“I hate it..” I mumbled.

“What? Why?” he furrowed his eyebrows in thorough confusion as he turned me around, his hands on my shoulders. I felt my cheeks burn up at finally admitting to myself the real reason why I hated it. 

“I just, I don’t know..” I felt flustered all of a sudden, not making eye contact with him. 

“What’s wrong with it?” He pressed on.

“There’s nothing wrong with it, I just..” I closed my eyes as I took a deep breath. “I’m just worried that… you know.. That you won’t be able to pull my hair as much anymore..” I rambled out the last part from embarrassment as I felt the heat grow on my cheeks. I glanced up at his face and his eyes wide with raised eyebrows, his lips pulled back into a smile. 

“Wait, wait.. What?” he laughed, pulling you closer to his chest as I buried my face in there.

“I’m just worried that you won’t be able to pull my hair as much when you, you know… fuck me.”  I felt his chest rumble against my head. 

“Baby, you know you’re not completely bald, right? You still have quite a handful of hair.”

“Yeah, I know that, but when I had long hair, it was so easy for you to pull it at any time during it and… I don’t know. I sound like an idiot,” I groaned, getting frustrated with myself for even bringing it up.

“You want me to prove it to you?” His hand already traveled to the back of my head, resting his fingers between my hair. I wasn’t sure how to respond, so I simply nodded my head as I finally looked him in his eyes. They were staring intently right back at me, so intense, I broke the contact. 

“Say it,” he whispered. I could tell he was still staring at me, but I found it difficult to return his stare. 

“Please, prove it.” With that, he immediately smashed his lips with mine. It was rough, teeth clashing and tongues colliding, but fuck, it turned me on so much. His tongue felt so smooth as it glided against mine. He pulled my bottom lip between his teeth, staring right my eyes eyes again as he let it go and bounce back into place. I stared at his wide-eyes, chest heaving slightly. 

He grabbed me by the back of my thighs and lifted me up to wrap my legs around his waist. I shrieked at the sudden movement as I quickly wrapped my arms around his neck. His physical strength never ceased to amaze me, but I was always so grateful for it in moments like this. I attached my mouth to the skin of his exposed shoulder peeking out from his shirt, softly biting it. He set me down on the bed gently. His hands wandered to the hem of my shirt, lifting it up and over my head as he quickly did the same to his shirt. He let out a groan as he finally saw the lacy, black bra that clad my breasts. 

“Fuck, you look so fucking hot, baby.” His mouth attached itself just above the cup of my bra, sucking dark bruises. He licked from the valley of my breasts all the way up to the base of my throat and up my chin, sweetly kissing my lips as I moaned at his gesture. His hand went to my back to unhook the bra. I slightly lifted my chest up to help him as he pulled the straps down my arms and threw it somewhere behind him. Both his hands massaged my breasts, groping them, his palms rubbing against my nipples. His lips traveled to my neck, sucking even darker bruises as he pinched my nipples. He knew how sensitive they always were, and he took it to his advantage. 

“God, I really want to eat your pussy,” he growled. His hands were still on my breasts as he continued to lower himself down my body, continuing his markings and occasional biting. He pressed light kisses on my stomach, yet the gesture didn’t match the movements of his hands. He quickly yanked my shorts along with my underwear and tossed them aside. His lips ghosted along the tops and insides of my thighs. His hands moved to grip the backs of my calves and he dragged me lower until my ass was right on the edge of the bed and his knees were on the floor. His hands slid up to the backs of my thighs as he slightly lifted them up, lifting my pussy up to him. I knew he could see the glistening from my wetness covering the entirety of it because you could feel it dripping in some places. 

“Beg me to eat your pussy,” he growled while staring at it. His thumb was rubbing into the damp skin of where your wetness had dripped down. My hands were gripping the sheets in anticipation, eyes staring up at the ceiling. 

“Please, eat me. You know what your mouth does to me. Please, Seb, I want it..” I whimpered out, hands tightening around the sheets with every word. I felt his breath right on me as he drew closer. He licked a flat stripe from my hole all the way up to my clit, swirling the tip of his tongue directly on my sensitive spot. My hips jolted from the sudden pleasure and a muffled cry that I tried to suppress escaped my lips. He wrapped my legs around his head as he dove in with his mouth even further. His tongue was licking more furiously over my clit, applying pleasure that sent thunder bolts up my thighs. My thighs were trembling as I tried to close them around his head. My hands moved to his hair, gripping it instead of the sheet. He was relentless in his torture. I looked down and I almost came at the sight. He had been staring at me this whole time, gazing my reaction, and I felt his smirk against me as he saw that I was watching him pleasure me. He threw a wink at me which served to turn me on even more, which he somehow made possible, as I rested my head back and let whimpers tumble out of me. 

He rubbed his chin against my hole as his mouth stayed on my clit. His scruff rubbed against me and I cried out at the heavenly feeling. The bastard knew that was my weakness. “Fuck! Fuck.. I’m, I’m gonna cum. Please let me cum,” I pleaded, my back arching away from the bed. At hearing my words, he stopped completely, pulling his mouth away from me. I whined loudly at the loss of his warmth, closing my legs completely and rubbed my thighs together, trying to finish myself off. He laughed, knowing it wouldn’t be enough to make me cum. I looked at him; his chin was covered in my slick as he licked at his mouth trying to get all of it. His pants were already below his waist, his cock out in display. You moaned at the thought of how he was jerking off while eating you out. 

“Turn around for me, baby. Face down, ass up,” he said as he smacked the side of my thigh lightly. I turned around and I laid my head on my cheek, knees on the bed as I pushed my ass towards him as he kneeled on the bed behind me.

“Good girl. Fuck, look at that pussy. I can’t wait to be buried in there,” he whispered.

His hand trailed up my back, tracing the curve it created. He gripped the small length of my hair on my shoulders, pulling my head up slightly. I moaned at the feeling, indulging in it.

“And you said I wouldn’t be able to do this anymore,” he snickered.

“God, please just fuck me. I need you.”

“Need what?” he continued to tease. I whimpered and tried to bury my face in the bed, but his grip on my hair restricted the movement. His other hand gripped his length, tugging at it a few times before rubbing the tip over my clit, smearing the precum on me. 

“Please, I need your cock inside me so bad, please, please..” I rambled. I didn’t even care how vulnerable I sounded at this point. He tapped his cock against my clit a few more times before moving it up to my entrance. 

“That’s my girl..” he groaned as he pushed the tip in, filling me up slowly. I moved to position myself on my elbows. He started to thrust into me slowly, the hand in my hair moving to grip my ass, lightly smacking it. I whimpered, feeling myself succumb to the feeling of him filling me up. 

“Is this what you wanted?” He asked, spanking me harder. Then he started pounding into me quickly, pulling out until the tip was just barely left inside and roughly pushing in. 

“Or is this what you wanted?” he growled, pounding into me. The sound of skin smacking against skin served to turn me on even further. His left hand quickly moved to grip my hair again, pulling it to make my neck crane back. He leaned forward to meet my eyes, smirking at how wrecked I looked. I couldn’t seem to keep my mouth closed and stop the moans as he continued to relentlessly pound into me.

“Seb..” I whined. He leant forward, his torso sticking to my back. He pressed sweet kisses on my right shoulder. 


“Please… Your fingers,” I managed to moan out.

‘You want my fingers?” he taunted.

“I need it, please.” 

My voice was at a higher pitch than usual. He knew that only happened when I was close. The hand wrapped around my waist lowered to my clit. The whole length of his fingers rubbed me in circles and my mouth dropped open, but no sounds came out. His other hand was still in my hair, lightly tugging at the roots and everything just felt heavenly. 

“You’re gonna cum for me, aren’t you?” he breathed out. “Fuck, I’m so close too. Cum for me, baby, cum all over my fucking cock.”

He relentlessly thrusted into me, hitting all the right spots and forcing my orgasm out with an intensity that never seems to fade away no matter how many times he fucked me. I came with a loud cry, falling from my elbows. I heard him grunt as he filled me up with his warm liquid. The hand on my clit slowed down, but the wave of sensitivity still hit me like electric currents, sending my thighs to flutter and twitch. We stayed in this position for a while, his hand still in my hair, simply resting it, my back against his sweaty chest as he laid on top of me, spreading kisses wherever he could. 

“Come on, baby. Let me clean you up.”

I groaned, “But I’m so comfortable..”

“I promise we can cuddle afterwards.’ He’s now standing and I turn around to see him offering his hand out. I take it and he pulls me up to embrace me before bending down and lifting me by my knees, carrying me bridal style as he walked us into the bathroom. 

“I fucking love your hair, and from the looks of it, I don’t think I’ll have any problems handling it in the bedroom, okay? he said in a low voice. I looked up at him to see him smiling brightly at me.

“Thanks..” You said, still slightly embarrassed.

“You’re welcome, princess.”


//I needed to do this for a long, long time……..//

I love… @blueherondale‘s Afire Love…((I read it when I first discovered ONS and I fell in love!!))

I’m so sorry I loved you for so long. I’m so sorry I kept trying to hold onto you when it was obvious you didn’t want me in your life anymore. All you wanted was to be set free and I think I have finally learned to let you go. Not because I want to, but because you’re happy with out me. And all I ever wanted was to make you happy.
—  I’m sorry it took me so long

skeletorific  asked:

Heya! Wondering if I could get Fell Sans and Swap Paps with an s/o with insomnia? Mine's been kicking my ass the past few weeks and I need some sweet sweet catharsis. Love the blog, by the way, and the fanfiction

(*Of course!  Sorry this took me so long to get to!  By the way, I love your blog, too.  x]  Swap Paps saying “well isn’t that just a kick in the danger clam” is something that’s stayed with me.  I laugh every time I think about it.  )


He doesn’t mind the insomnia because let’s face it; he’s quite the insomniac himself.  He’s usually awake during the night, and he’s an incredibly light sleeper, so the smallest of noises can wake him up.  Of course, he makes up for it by napping during the day, but still.

Sans is content to stay up all night with you (at your house because if you wake up Boss, it’ll be the end of you both), watching TV and cuddling on the couch.  Having your company throughout the night is a blessing for him because it’s a reprieve from his nightmares and having to be quiet so Papyrus doesn’t wake up and shout at him for still being awake.  

However, he’s concerned that you’re not sleeping and doesn’t want it to affect you like it does him.  So, he’s going to grasp your shoulder and attempt to topple you off-balance so your head is pillowed in his lap.  

“i ain’t tryin’ for nothin’, sweetheart.  just wanted ya to be comfy.”

Despite the fact that there isn’t much padding on his thighs, he is surprisingly comfortable.  His phalanges will ghost along the edge of your side, and he’ll start humming a tune from a song you just can’t seem to place.  It’s a low rumble in the dark that he hopes will slowly pull you under and let you get some well-deserved rest.


Like Red, Stretch is an insomniac as well–and for the same reason.  Nightmares plague him, and there’s a deep-seeded stress over the fear of losing Blueberry and you that always keeps him up at night.  At this point, he doesn’t even try to fall asleep anymore; he just streams TV or movies on his laptop and watches them quietly in his room.

When it comes to you not sleeping, you’re welcome to stay over at his house, wrapped up in your skeleton lover while you watch movies in bed with him.  He’s happy to have the company, and there’s something about skimming his fingers over your skin that he always finds relaxing.

But he also doesn’t like the fact that you’re awake this late, and after a few hours, he starts to think about what he can do to help.  He untangles his limbs from you and murmurs, “i’ll be right back” before teleporting into the kitchen.  He’s made a drink for Blueberry years ago to help him sleep, so he warms up some milk in a saucepan and adds in some honey.  Once it’s done, he shortcuts back into his room, holding the drink in one hand and a book in the other.  

“here.  drink this,” he urges, passing you the glass.  Then, he shuts his laptop and scoots back into the bed so his spine’s against the pillows.  He pulls you back to be pillowed against his chest, and shifts the book into one hand so that he can hold it but still toy with your hair.  While his fingertips gently massage your scalp, he reads out loud, his voice quiet and smooth.  Hopefully, it’ll lull you to sleep.


make me choose memenogitsunei asked: Matthew Daddario or Dominic Sherwood

↳ “Just so everyone knows… Matthew ALWAYS LIES”. “Just so you know, Dom ALWAYS LOSES”. “You misspelled “I love Dom’”.

Episode 7! 

[If you’re curious about the previous mega-posts, feel free to read them here:

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It’s mid-November and we’re right now in the central part of the Yuri on Ice series. This is where things start to get interesting, right? To make things better, number 7 is my lucky number, so I was expecting something good from this episode.

Have I ever told you that I have an unbelievable good luck when it comes to OTPs? No matter what kind of ship it is, if it becomes my OTP, my OTP will become canon. No matter how gay. This has never failed me (I don’t have maaaaany OTPs, though, but still).

So far, it seems like Yuri on Ice won’t break my streak of OTP good luck. I told you all to trust me, right?

What did I expect from this episode, knowing this? I read about Japanese fans theorizing about a kiss and, let’s be real, I really wanted it to happen. It either had to happen in this episode or in the last episode. 

Turning to figure skating (because yes, I’m a figure skating fan and I’m watching this show for it too), I really wanted Leo to make it to the podium and qualify for the GPF. Bias? Noooo. (Yes.)

I also wanted #JusticeForPhichit. He didn’t get good quality animation last episode and he also deserves a better score, so I hoped he could improve his standing in the FS and, if he beated Yuuri, make my predictions true.

I was also really curious about Georgi. As I predicted a couple of days ago, I thought he was going to fail during his FS. I’ll probably be using the #PoorGeorgi hashtag a lot these days.

For this episode, I’m going to change my way of watching it: so far, I stopped the video every time something interesting happened, took screencaps and wrote my opinion. This time, I’m going to watch the whole episode first, scream inside, die, and then rewatch it for screencaps and to write everything. The cons of this new way is that it might take me a bit longer to watch and I won’t have a way to scream as I watch it, which is something I love to do when I’m overwhelmed with feelings. It might also change the way I write this post. The pros, however, is that I have more time to think about what I want to write, and might skip unimportant things to focus on the most important ones. I will still talk about the impressions I had while I watched the scenes for the first time, don’t worry. Also, I hope Crunchy’s player doesn’t make it too hard to skip scenes so I can take screencaps better.

Okay. I’m ready. (I’m not.) Let’s watch this.

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beautifulwhensarcastic  asked:

steggy + 1. “Come over here and make me.”

“Come over here and make me.”

Peggy’s head popped over the back of the couch, dark curls mussed and cheeks flushed. She glowered at Steve, who stood in their kitchen, glass of water in one hand and two bright orange tablets in the other. He was grinning, which only deepened Peggy’s scowl.

“I will come over there and make you,” Peggy growled, her vision slightly blurred by the fever, her glare a little less intimidating to Steve than usual. Her ire was further undermined when she tried to push herself up, but she collapsed back into the couch cushions with a groan.

Steve meandered over to the couch, where Peggy fixed him with a nasty look. He placed a gentle hand on her forehead, and she leaned into his touch.

“I’m sorry I can’t suffer through this with you, but there’s no need to swear at me like that. Also I think at least two of the things you described are physically impossible.”

“That’s what you think,” she retorted, swallowing the cold medicine with great disdain. “I’ll have you know that I am capable of a great many things others would describe as impossible.”

“I never doubted that,” Steve replied in a tone that would have made Peggy melt into him on any other day. He gently lifted her head and dropped onto the couch, placing her head back on top of his thigh. One hand threaded through her damp curls while the other used the remote to scroll through their Netflix queue. “Do you want to watch anything in particular?”

Peggy hummed appreciatively as he massaged her scalp, his warm fingers the perfect antidote to her persistent headache. When she didn’t answer, too busy relaxing into his touch, Steve chuckled. “Peggy?”

She heaved a sigh, as if any interruption was the height of inconvenience. “Something boring, so I can sleep. Like one of those Mission Impossible movies.”

Steve shook his head as he made the selection. “You know, most people find those movies exciting.”

Peggy snorted and then winced at the pressure on her sinuses. “We are not most people, darling. The IMF–which is a ridiculous name, by the way–is child’s play compared to SHIELD.”

“Oh, and SHIELD doesn’t have a ridiculous name?”

“Well, I had nothing to do with that.”

Steve burst out laughing, and Peggy made a plaintive noise as he jostled her, reigniting all of her aching joints. “Sorry, Peg, but I can’t believe–”

“Hush,” Peggy commanded, blindly patting his face until she found his mouth, which she covered with her palm until he quieted. “You’re distracting me. I’m trying to watch the film.”

“Oh, excuse me.”

They watched the screen for a little while before Peggy, words curling around a large yawn, said, “I’m still mad at you.”

“I know,” Steve sighed, his free hand gently tracing Peggy’s spine. “Tell you what, if you feel better after your nap, you can kiss me as much as you want. See if those germs will stick.”

Her only reply was a gentle snore.

[drabble prompts]

2 months ago, i finally made the jump     &     created a multi-muse, due to restricted free time     &     a dear need for better organization. it took me so long to take that decision, as, as you all know, multi-muse, though now more popular     &     accepted, often have a harder time fitting in – or so i thought     !     but boi was i wrong. in all honesty, i have never had such a good time rping as i do right now. creating a multi has given me the opportunity to rp in fandoms i probably would’ve never thought of joining,     &     write characters that i’ve always been dying to write, but was always too scared to make. i am so grateful for the response this blog has gotten & the support you guys have given me. it has given me the chance to forge beautiful friendships,     &     write with so many beautifully talented people. i’m just          so incredibly emotional, you guys have no idea how much your love     &     support means to me. it allowed me to truly enjoy rping again. so thank you thank you thank you. for bearing with my constant shitposting, for sending memes, for showing interest in my portrayals. you’re all so dear to me, i hope you know. 

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