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Walk With Me?

A/n: I’ve received a few different requests for an imagine about going to the beach with Shawn inspired by the recent pictures and videos. 


It’s been a long and exhausting tour so far, but Shawn finally has a couple of much deserved days off. You haven’t been with him for most of the tour, but since he had a few days off in Florida, you took some time off work and joined him on tour last week to spend time with him and end it on the beach together in Florida. After a busy week with Shawn on tour, you’re excited for a few days to just relax, and you can tell he is too. 

The second you arrive at the hotel room, you drop your bags and change into your swimsuit. Shawn knows you’ve been dying to go to the beach since it’s been a while since you’ve been in the ocean. Anytime you don’t go to the beach for a month or two it feels like an eternity since you grew up going practically every week. Shawn wastes no time changing into his swim shorts, not wanting to keep you waiting. You two head down to the beach outside the hotel and spot the rest of his team already lounging about. 

You’re pretty much the only girl around most of the time when you visit Shawn on tour, but you don’t mind. You watch the boys play like little kids at the beach for the first time, all the while laughing at their antics, and genuinely enjoying the company. You help Matt bury Shawn and Charlie in the sand, filming them as they free themselves and run into the water. 

You spend the afternoon swimming, playing spike ball, talking to fans, and playing in the sand. It’s been an amazing day so far, just being at the beach makes you feel at peace and re-energized. Seeing the happiness on Shawn’s face and the way he finally has time to relax is really all you need to feel completely content as well.

As the sun starts to set, Shawn’s crew begins getting ready to head up to their rooms, ready to be back inside after a nice long afternoon in the sun. You stand up, folding up your towel and pulling your dress back on, ready to follow the crowd back in. Shawn appears beside you. Resting his hand on your shoulder, he asks, “Wanna take a walk with me?”

A smile crosses your face as you intertwine your fingers with his. “Of course.”

You say goodbye to everyone, and begin walking down the beach hand in hand. There are hotels lining this particular beach, so there are a lot of other tourists lounging on the beach or playing in the water or sand. He squeezes your hand as you begin to walk, letting the waves lap at your feet.

You walk in silence for a few minutes, just enjoying each other’s company, knowing that there’s no need to fill the silence because just the other person’s presence is more than enough. You both make comments when something comes to mind, and you have small conversations along the way. You walk further than either of you intended to, but you were just enjoying being with each other, having time alone, and taking in the beautiful view.

The two of you walk and talk until you’re far past the row of hotels. The beach is mostly empty here because most people don’t want to walk this far, but neither of you minded or even noticed really. The sun setting has turned the sky a beautiful pink color. You sit down side by side on the sand, enjoying the sounds of the crashing waves. He wraps his arm around you, and you lean into him instinctively. You’re both staring at the sunset, waiting for the sun to disappear and the colors to fade from the sky leaving only darkness behind. But the truth is, you don’t want it to. If you could, you’d live in this moment forever. 

Love You Forever (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys! I’m still shook about last nights episode and i don’t think I will ever recover 😂 here is a very depressing but touching imagine. I might have cried writing this so I hope you guys don’t.
Warnings: death, depression, low self esteem
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: the reader and Spencer are best friends at the BAU and the reader is in love with spencer and everyone can see it except him so when maeve gets taken the reader manages to save her but ends up getting killed
Request: ✅
Upcoming Imagine: reader struggles with body image issues…
2 years.
For two years you have been working at the BAU.
1 year 27 weeks.
That’s how long you have been in love with Spencer Reid.
The whole team knew once you told Penelope but even though Spencer is a genius, he sure is oblivious to love.
He has been your best friend but never showed any interest in being more than friends, which you respected, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt.
It hurt when you saw Spencer sitting by himself, reminding you that you couldn’t be his.
He’s so independent.
He’s independent until you make him depend on you.
When he bottles up emotions, you find a way to make him talk to you, opening him up to release anything that was on his mind.
He claims you were the only one who could do that.
And one night, he told you something that shattered your heart.
“Her name is Maeve and… I really like her…” you basically spaced off after that.
Are you not good enough?
Is that what it was?
You felt a tear fall down your cheek.
Damn it.
Good thing Spencer was looking at his lap, where he was sitting crisscross on the couch in front of you.
You quickly wiped the tear, but Spencer noticed.
“Y/N are you okay?” He asked a hint of concern in his voice.
“Yeah I'm… I’m really happy for you.” You said quietly.
By now, he knew something was up.
Thoughts fled his mind as he tried to profile your emotions.
“Is there something you want to tell me? Your holding back something. I will listen I promise.” He said reaching for your hand but you pulled back, knowing his touch is just going to make you nauseous.
“I'm… I’m okay. I promise. I’m just… I’m really happy for you. Im glad you… you found someone.” You said, the last part quiet and filled with disappointment.
He didn’t believe you.
He assumed you needed time alone so he patted your shoulder and left your apartment.
You did need the alone time.
Well time away from him.
You need to try to get over him, find a distraction before this gets out of hand.
Over the past month Spencer has told you all about Maeve and how important she was to him, stabbing you repeatedly in the heart as he rambled about her.
“She’s already the most beautiful girl in the world to me. I don’t care what she looks like.” He said staring at the ceiling.
You broke down, you couldn’t hold it in anymore.
“Sorry I need to leave.” You said, your voice breaking as you sped away.
About a month after that, Maeve had gone missing and Spencer was torn.
It hurt you to see him like this, distant, scared and lost of hope.
He came to your door multiple times with red eyes and a runny nose.
You took care of him of course, but you were half tempted to hand him over to JJ so the pain would stop.
He could crumple in your arms as you stroked his soft hair, telling him it’s going to be okay.
He had even slept over a few times but the last time you couldn’t help it anymore.
When Spencer was sleeping, you kissed his forehead.
“Spencer Reid… I don’t know how I could fall in love with you so fast but… I guess it was just your personality and hearing your soft voice as you rambled about random stuff. But I love you. Not just as a friend but like… I would have liked to spend the rest of my life with you. I wanted to wake you up in the morning with coffee and shower you in kisses because you deserve the world. But, I know there’s someone else… to do that. I-I hope she treats you well because you deserve it. You deserve it and so much more.” You felt tears spill over your cheeks as you kissed his forehead once more before walking to the kitchen.
The next day, Spencer had put his life on the line.
You weren’t exactly sure what happened, but you know he risked his life.
Now you were on the way to the warehouse where Maeve was being held captive by Diane Turner.
You and the team walked in, guns out of holsters and out in front of you.
“You would kill your self for her?!” Diana yelled as Spencer stood in front of her with his hands in the air.
“Yes.” He said sincerely.
“Wait! Diane right? You had the thesis about suicide killing brain cells right?” You asked putting your gun back in its holster.
“Why do you care?” She snapped holding the gun tighter to Maeve’s head.
“It’s wrong. I read it. I’m actually the one who convinced Ms. Donovan to reject it. She knew it was wrong but I knew how a biased thesis like that would have never passed. Let me take her place. Killing Maeve won’t do you any good. But if you really want to kill someone… kill me.”
“Y/N what are you…”
“Let’s see how your thesis was wrong. I’m putting my life on the line. I’m willing to die. You have no proof that your thesis works. Let me be your test dummy. Do it shoot me.” You said throwing your gun to the side and taking off your FBI vest.
Multiple people were yelling.
“Put down the gun!”
“Y/N what the hell are you doing?”
“Stop taking off your vest.”
“Let her go.” You said keeping eye contact with her.
Diane slowly let go of Maeve and while she was doing so you charged at her, attempting to tackle her and take away your gun but you were interrupted by a loud boom.
You were shot in the pelvis, making you fall to the floor.
You could have swore that would have worked.
Your head hit the ground as you saw JJ run over to Maeve and Derek cuff Diane.
“Y/N Y/N hey look at me.” You heard Spencer say as your body was slightly lifted.
He pressed down on your wound, but nothing hurt.
“Hey your going to be okay.” He said brushing hair out of your face.
“No. No Spencer I’m not.” You said as you choked back tears.
“Don’t-don’t say that you will okay.” He said as tears filled his eyes.
“Spencer… I love you. I’ve loved you for-for a long time okay? Please take care of yourself. Please be careful. I love you so much I’m sorry I couldn’t do better.” You said choking on hot liquid that turned out to be blood.
You saw confusion and compassion in his eyes.
“No you-your going to live. Your going to live.” He repeated but you could already feel your body start to numb.
He was lost for words.
He wanted to say more but he was shocked and everything was coming together.
At that point he knew what was wrong with you that one night.
He now pieced together the little signs he never noticed until now.
How your pupils dilated when you looked at him.
How you got a little shy whenever he would touch you.
The redness in your cheeks when he would smile at you.
“I’m-I’m so sorry.” He said as tears fell down his face.
“You don’t have to-to be. Just know that I love you p-please.” You said with a faint smile.
His blood-covered hand shook as he hugged you tighter.
He started to cry.
Not just shed tears; he started to sob uncontrollably as he felt the last rise and fall of your chest.
“No no please. Someone help me please!” He yelled holding your faint body in his arms.
The medics finally got there and had you on life support, but it was your time.
You risked your life for Spencer’s happiness and if you could you would do it again.
All you wish of now, up in heaven, is that he keeps going.
That he lives a happy life and gets the care he deserves.

anonymous asked:

Howdy hey there my homie! I'd like to request Saeran spotting his demon mother when he's out and about with MC one day. (Let's say she's alive because otherwise this wouldn't work;;;;) Whether or not she sees him is up to you. I know this'll be HELLA angst and I already feel like 'hello satan' over here so if possible could it end on a reasonably sweet note? Thank you and I'm sorry in advance(;´Д`)

holy shit my first saeran request i think ive been blessed by the gods okay look

ps i made her look kinda like the twins but not exactly. i hope this is okay????

i love this boy. and he is the Angst Queen okay

here we go. shit.


“Saeran! Are you ready to go get ice cream?”

“Yes, MC. Be there in just a sec.”

Saeran ran his fingers through his now-tomato colored hair, completely different from the white with cherry tips from merely a month and a half ago. He glanced up to the mirror in front of him, looking at his softened features. Electrifyingly blue eyes gazed back at him, and his eye bags were extremely prominent from his complete lack of sleep. He had so many nightmares, it scared him sometimes to sleep at night. He knew you noticed it, but you were completely silent.

The cracks in the mirror were also prominent from where he used to ram his fist against it.

He looked down to his scarred knuckles as he had a minor flashback to the times before he had reunited with his twin.

Saeran shivered. Not a good time.

Grabbing his jacket as he left his dark room, he headed to the front door to meet you.

You smiled as he reached you, and you held out your hand for him to take. He looked to you, blushing faintly, but he took your hand anyways. With you leading the way, you walked out the door.

You guys ended up staying out for a while, just eating ice cream at the closest parlor. Saeran had opened up a good bit in the last hour or so, laughing at few jokes here and there, and even making a few of his own. He’d never actually admit it, but was having a great time.

When you had decided to leave after filling up on chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, two sundaes and three cookies (you saw him slip one away for later), Saeran was still being more lighthearted than usual.

It had been a good day for the both of you. You did admit, you spoiled the hell out of the boy, but it was worth it. He deserved every bit of it.

The two of you were just making small talk while walking in the park the parlor was located in when Saeran suddenly stiffened.

“MC. We need to leave. Now.” Saeran immediately stood, pulling you up roughly and practically dragging you to the park’s entrance.

“Saeran? What’s wrong, are you alright-”

“MC, just please trust me, we need to-”

“Did I just hear Saeran?”

Saeran’s eyes visibly darkened with anxiety and his entire composure tensed with the woman’s voice that said his name. He held your sweater sleeve tightly, knuckles turning white, his face unreadable.

“I’m sorry, you’ve got the wrong person.”

“I don’t believe I do. I know that face when I see it, I know that name, I know that cursed red fucking hair when I see it, you fucking idiot. I can’t believe you’ve actually made it this far in life, I thought you were long dead by now with that weak-ass immune system of yours.”

You immediately whipped around, standing face to face with the ugliest bitch you’d ever met. You stood a few inches shorter than her, and she had extremely choppy shoulder length dark brown hair. Her eyes were golden but dull, and she had a smaller build and an ivory skin tone.

“And who might I be speaking to?” You put your hands on your hips, staring her down. She rolled her eyes.

“Sun-young Choi.”

Your heat rate immediately quickened. This was his mother. After hearing the name, you recognized her features immediately. You looked to Saeran; he had turned now, looking to you with the pleading to leave.

In all honesty, Saeran was so afraid she’d hurt you like she hurt him. He didn’t want anything to happen to you. He was so afraid, god, no please don’t hurt them, don’t-

“This man may be your biological kin, but you are in no position to interact with him. You have no right to interfere with his life right now, you didn’t have that since the day you decided to use them for blackmail and abuse them.” You poked her right in the chest, pushing her backwards as you spoke. “I’ll have you know that ‘that fucking idiot’ is one of the smartest people I know in my life, right there next to his twin brother, who is a genius, by the way. They both have higher intelligence than you’ll ever have. And Saeran has done so well, you wouldn’t even begin to imagine.”

Saeran watches in amazement as you verbally assault his abusive mother, going on and on about him and Saeyoung. It made him so happy that you would defend him in these types of situations.

God, he knew he never says it, but he loves you so much.

“I hope you’ll look back on your life and regret everything you did to these two wonderful boys. We’ll be taking our leave now.”

MC grabbed Saeran’s hand and started to walk off, and he stumbled along behind as you once again led the way towards the car.


“Yes, Saeran?”

“T-Thank you…so much. I don’t really know what I would’ve done if you hadn’t been there…”

“Saeran, don’t even mention it. She’s hurt you before. She still sometimes hurts you mentally, I can see it. Please, I don’t want you to think of her anymore, okay? I’m here to protect you. Saeyoung is here to protect you. The RFA is here to protect you. We love you, Saeran.”

“I-I love you too, MC.”

MC simply smiled at him before lacing their fingers with his.

“C’mon. Let’s go home and watch some movies, yeah?”


That night, Saeran didn’t have any nightmares when he finally fell asleep under five blankets and an arm wrapped around you. 

And the next morning, you watched as Saeran handed Saeyoung the cookie he had saved for himself and mutter a very quiet ‘I love you.’ Saeyoung just smiled and gave his brother a not-too-overwhelming hug.

Clearing the Air//Hanbin Scenario

Originally posted by kimhanbun

Request: Sequel to Cigarette Smoke

words: 1435

A/N: Hi hi, I hope you enjoy. :3 (especially my favourite Hanbin stan @bi-ai)


The ring hadn’t left your finger in months. You treasured it like it was the only thing keeping you alive. Kim Hanbin was your boyfriend. Boyfriend. You loved the word as it fell out of your mouth when people asked.

“He’s different now…” your friend said softly as you ate lunch together. You were playing with your ring absently.

“Different how?”

“I think you changed him,”

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I'm In Love With A Stripper


Standing in the living room you glared down at the mess of wedding invitations scattered across the coffee table. Running your hand through your hair with a deep exhale you smiled as the sound of the front door opening instantly calmed your nerves.

He always eased her mind.

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"Why are you acting like this?" "I'm not acting like anything." for Elorcan if you're accepting prompts, please?

Hello, my dear nonnie. I’m aware you requested this more than a month ago but I finally finished this and I hope you like it! I’m not sure if you will even read it but if you do, thank you so much! The prompt was amazing and I’m happy with what I wrote. 

Sidenote: I have a strong headcanon that whenever Elide gets mad, she swears like hell. Possibly more than what I wrote. 

Another note to all the people: My inbox is open so you can send in requests. Just be aware that it might be a while till I respond to them but I am determined to answer them. 

Lorcan found himself opening the door with an annoyingly loud creak. He cursed himself mentally for not being quieter and closed the door silently, walking past the hallway only to see Elide sitting in a large chair, fuming at him. This was not going to go well. Her arms were crossed and there was a furious expression on her face as her jaw clenched.

“ I’m sorry,” Lorcan said immediately.

“ Sorry doesn’t cut it, Lorcan! You don’t lie to me these many goddamn times,” she yelled at him, her hands curled into fists and at her sides as she stood up. “ Do you know how worried I get when I wake up in the middle of the night and you’re still not at home? You know how scared I get when I don’t see you until early in the morning? I’m tired of dealing with your bullshit!” She marched up to him and slapped him. Hard. Lorcan stood where he was but lifted a hand to feel the stinging on his face. He was suddenly yanked down by the collar to meet her fiery eyes as she growled, “ You tell me where you go at night and we stop arguing right now.”

“ I can’t, Elide,” Lorcan replied as he tried to reach out for Elide, who only shook her head and stepped away. He wasn’t ready. Wasn’t ready for her to run away from him the moment he told her. He didn’t want to lose her.

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candiecankill  asked:

Can I request an Oikawa fic(?) In which the s/o knew that the reason why she and Oikawa were a couple bec oiks made a bet and that made them break up? You know like those cliche fics 'make her fall for you' 'ill do that in a week' but then oiks fell in love? Those cliche thing but i wanna know your version of its aftermath. . . Does that make any sense? I'm sorry😭 (Lol i'm a mess. I havent requested in a long time, or maybe this is my first. I dont remember)

Thank you for the request! If you want music to listen to with this, I listened to The Last Time by Taylor Swift and The Mess I Made by Parachute a ton while writing this. 

Also, this is super long (around 1,000 words), so I hope you like longer fics!

Link to The Last Time by Taylor Swift

Link to The Mess I Made by Parachute

Thirty-two unanswered text messages and twenty-eight ignored phone calls was what it took for him to end up at your door. You didn’t want to speak to him. Six months was enough wasted time, you didn’t need any more.

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I'm NOT the person who asked for that reader insert with the rival band, but I thought the way you wrote it is downright amazing. You are a really good writer, I wish I could be half as good as you. That being said, could I suggest you a sequel to that imagine? Like after awhile 2D reaches out to the other singer to hangout and they just spend the whole time spouting insults at each other and banging? Sorry this was so long haha. Pls don't ever stop writing c: <3

This has taken 2 months (or more?) of blood, sweat, and tears. Literal tears of frustration when I couldn’t find the words to write what I wanted to say, and also a bit of sweat because sometimes it was really hot in my room. And blood, cos I had a few nosebleeds.

On a more serious note, with this one I really wanted to show that the mood has changed from the first one. The first time around, both the reader and 2D were literally only looking for a hook up. This time however, there’s feeling from the start. There’s the stirrings of excitement and feelings and companionship that’s potentially dangerous for two high-profile people. I tried my hardest to convey that while 2D wants to go ahead with everything, the reader is trying to cut ties to avoid a painful situation. The reader knows that if she stays, she’ll fall in love with 2D, and likewise 2D with her. She wants it to happen, but she just can’t let it.

Do I put too much thought and weight into my writing? Probably. Is that why it took me so long to write? Yes. Am I going to stop doing it? No. 

Anyway, as (heavily) requested, here’s a sequel to the Rival Bands imagine (It was originally on Tumblr but I can’t find it so if anyone finds it can you send me the link to it. But for now, AO3 will have to do)

Also this shit show is twice as long as the first one. Wow!

It’s also here on AO3 under the name ‘If You’re Lucky’


Your teeth snag your lip, and you glance up and down the bar, trying not to appear as bored as you feel. The man beside you has almost ceased to exist, fading into a dull cloud of monotonous words and heady aftershave.

The club is cramped and densely packed with people. The crowd moves in unison, the lights swinging and making studded noses and lips and eyebrows glitter, highlighting the insane heads of multicoloured hair as they twist and turn across the room. Somewhere on the other side of the room, an electric guitar screeches, the crowd screaming back, and songs meld into each other in a crescendo of humming bass, heavy drums and almost shouted lyrics.

Punk is the order of the night, anarchy the prime special. This kind of club is the kind you’d be recognised at, if there were indeed anything about you to recognise. You blend in perfectly, all dark clothes and studded shoulders and heavy boots.

You won’t get recognised. Which is exactly why you’re here.

For escape.

The man moves a little closer, his mouth by your ear. There’s a row of three little silver studs in his eyebrow, and you stare at them out of the corner of your eye as he whispers something nonsensical but undoubtedly sexual in your ear, his hand creeping to encircle your wrist.

You pull away then, angling your body toward him, head on, and whipping your hand away. He looks mildly surprised, his studded eyebrow raised.

“You ok?”

“I’m not interested,” you tell him, and then, as an afterthought, add, “sorry,”

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anonymous asked:

Hey, I love your writing and every time I see one more I go running to read, even if english is not my first language. It's always so, so ... wow. Even when it is an au you can maintain the essence of the characters. Your Killugon are awesome. I do not know if she appeared in the manga, I've never seen anime either, but I wanted to ask, if you're not too busy, how Mito-san reacted to Killua being a killer.

This message made me so, so, soooooo happy, thank you so much for saying all those nice things about my writing ;;__;; the fact that you like to read my fics even though they’re not in your first language is so amazing to me ^////^

I really liked this prompt! I don’t remember how Mito found out about Killua’s past, or if she ever did, but this is how I think it would go! I hope you like it~

Canon universe, set during Gon and Killua’s visit to Whale Island

“So, Killua,” Mito said as she dropped the heavy load of laundry onto the grass. “Tell me, how did your family let you participate in the Hunter Exam? You’re so young!”

Killua gave her a questioning look, brows furrowed. “Why are you asking? Didn’t you let Gon take the Hunter Exam, too? He’s only two months older than I am.”

Mito couldn’t help the smile that tugged at her lips. It was true; she had left Gon to his own devices, like she always had. Because while Gon was obedient and always respectful towards her wishes, he was still Ging’s son. Ging had done whatever he wanted, and she knew if Gon was determined enough, he would too.

“Gon wanted to take the Exam,” she said. “He would have gone off whether I wanted him to or not. So it was better to let him go with my blessing.”

“Hmph.” Killua grabbed a shirt from the laundry and shook it once before hanging it up on the line. “I guess you have a point there.”

“Did you leave with your family’s blessings, Killua?” Mito asked in a teasing tone.

Her movements faltered though at the dark expression that suddenly appeared on Killua’s face.

“Nah,” he said. “I’m…well, my family didn’t want me to take the Hunter Exam, or leave home at all, really. They’re really annoying like that. So I had to fight my mother and brother before I could get away. My mother’s face was covered in bandages the last time I saw her from where I stabbed her.”

Mito blinked. She stared at the twelve year old currently hanging up Gon’s green shorts, unsure if he was joking or not. He didn’t say anything else though and the unnatural silence made Mito’s heart twist.

Killua was rarely so quiet. From the short time Mito knew him, she had learned that he was an extremely bright, mischievous and usually cheerful boy. He had as much stamina as Gon, sometimes even more, which truly astounded her. He spent every day with her son without ever showing a sign of boredom and the way they grinned at each other filled Mito with warmth.

She was happy for Gon and that he had finally found a friend who could keep up with him at every turn. And she knew that not every family was as beautiful as theirs. So, no matter what Killua said, she would listen.

“Was it a long fight?” she asked and Killua’s head snapped up.

“…no,” he said after a pause. He spoke slowly, as if unsure of how much to tell her. “I’ve always been better than Milluki, and my mother wasn’t expecting it. If anything she was probably proud of me for attacking her.”

He shook his head and muttered, “She’s so controlling. She never let me go on my own missions until after I returned from Heavens Arena! And even then she had Illumi tracking me, the bastard.”

“What kind of missions would she send you on?” Mito asked, genuinely curious, as she picked up one of Killua’s shirts from the pile.

“Assassination missions,” Killua explained offhandedly and Mito’s blood turned to ice. 

“Assassination?!” she squeaked.

Killua’s face fell.

“Oh…I guess….Gon didn’t tell you? I’m not surprised.” Killua looked off into the horizon. The look in his blue eyes was unreadable. “I’m a Zoldcyk. We’re a family of trained assassins. I’m a professional killer.”

Mito’s arms dropped her her side, Killua’s indigo tang top brushing the tips of the grass. She didn’t know what to say to that. Who would know what to say to that?! It wasn’t normal to suddenly learn that your son’s best friend was an assassin!

But Gon, Mito knew, wasn’t normal either. Not in the usual sense of the word. He was too strong, too powerful for someone his age. Again, like Ging. 

And like Ging, he attracted the most unusual company.

“I left them,” Killua said and his voice cut through her inner monologue.

She glanced at him. Killua’s expression was hard, but not angry. It was almost like he had been expecting her immediate shock and horror.

 Killua continued, “I won’t lie and say I haven’t killed people before, because I have, but I never wanted any of that. My family didn’t give me a choice. I didn’t want to be like them, so I left.”

Mito swallowed thickly. Killua was only twelve, but he had probably seen more blood in his life than Mito ever would. Killua was born into death, but had walked away from it. Killua was her son’s best and only friend, and Gon had taught her on numerous occasions the meaning of looking past appearances to see the things that mattered most.

She took a deep breath. 

“It sounds like you had a horrible family, Killua,” she said softly and Killua’s eyes widened. 

He looked down, grip tightening on Gon’s jacket in his hands.

“They were the worst,” he muttered and there was a deeper meaning in those words. A hint of frustration and misery that caused a swell of pity in Mito’s chest.

He was only twelve years old and he had experienced such horror. Being here must be a kind of paradise to him.

“Well, you’re welcome to stay here as long as you like,” she told him.

Killua’s mouth fell open. “R-Really?”

She smiled fondly at him. “Of course. Are you getting hungry, by the way? Its almost lunchtime and Gon should be getting back from town soon with the ingredients I asked him to get. I can make more of that salmon, if you like.”

Killua’s responding smile was small but hopeful. “That would be awesome. Your a really great cook, you know.”

She laughed at that and the sound was whipped away by the breeze.

When they finally made their way back to the house, Gon was jumping up and down in the doorway as if bursting with excitement, waving his hands and yelling Killua’s name.

Killua’s eyes lit up and Mito knew then that she had made the right choice.


Happy CTM day! so yesterday I saw a bunch of posts about Patsy & Delia and it put me in a writing mood. I’m not quite sure how this story turned out, but I hope you like it! Please let me know if you do :) 

It had been months since Patsy left for Hong Kong, and Delia still felt that a piece of her was missing. It was an indescribable pain that she carried with her day after day, and she wasn’t sure how much more heart could take. She felt more alone than ever, falling asleep each night crying softly to Spanish love poems that somehow managed to sum up the feelings she couldn’t explain. Her arms longed to be around her favorite red head, and she hated having the bed to herself.

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SE Drabbles Requests #2 - Tadashi and Axel

Requested by @sweet-elite-andy 

I wasn’t sure whether you meant Axel and Tadashi having a civil conversation, or them having an argument, so I went with a mix of both!

For the purpose of this drabble, Scholar is a girl and Axel is crushing hard on her.


“So, what are your plans for the weekend?” Axel asked, not taking her eyes off of her.

Scholar sighed, her eyes losing all signs of joy as she filled her backpack with endless amounts of textbooks. He, on the other hand, only bought a pencil to class and asked Claire if she had a spare eraser.

“Studying. And before you ask, no, I am not going to your concert even if you give me free tickets.” She answered. “I have to catch up to all of you, you know.”

He chuckled. “Scholar, you’ve been here for three months and you’re already among the top students of our class. You’ve already caught up.”

She couldn’t help but smile. “I won’t stop until I am the top student.”

He laughed, enthusiastic. “I can’t wait for you to knock Tadashi off on his damn pedestal.”

“It’s only a matter of time, Axel.” She winked at him and…man she was so great, and so smart and so sexy and-

“With all due respect, Scholar,” Tadashi interrupted, a confident smile on his face. “it’s not going to happen.”

Axel gave him a smug grin. “You’re just feeling threatened, aren’t you? Poor little Tadashi losing his place as the Academy’s best to a (much more talented) newbie. Sad.”

Tadashi glared. “My contributions to this school as president will help others no what happens to my academic standing. But you? Besides your shitty songs and your tattoos, you have nothing interesting and you’ll just be another forgotten celebrity.”

”Oh, sorry, coud you repeat that?” Axel sang. “I couldn’t hear you over the music from my two consecutive platinum albums.

“And yet most of your fans have expressed how fake and boring you sounded in them compared to your early work.” 

Tadashi pointed at his phone as he scrolled through his social media feed. 

“Shall I quote one? Alright. ‘Axel sounds like he’s trying so hard to please nowadays. I really did try to like his new songs, but…ugh.’ I have to say, this is pretty accurate.”

“Hey, do me a favor? Kindly take your opinion and shove it up your-”

Scholar rolled her eyes at exchange. “Guys, cut it out, will you? Though, you know what they say Tadashi: the higher you climb, the harder is it when you fall.”

Tadashi seem to take it as a challenge, a small grin on his face, but his smile quickly faded as he noticed what Scholar was wearing.

“Really, Scholar? You’re wearing the wrong shoes again?” He groaned, then took out his detention booklet out of his pocket and started writing down her name. “Sorry. I’ve been letting this pass with only warnings since you were new, but you should know better by now…”

“Oh come on!” Scholar protested. 

“Hey man, leave her alone.” Axel said. “This is freaking stupid.”

Tadashi frowned. “This is none of your business.”

“It’s fine Axel-”

“I’ll take her detention hours instead.” 

There was a pause, then protests.

“Wait,what? No!” Scholar said.

“As much as you deserve detention, you know I’m not allowed to do that, right?” Tadashi added.

Axel thought for a second, then, “What about if you make it this Saturday? Less teachers around, less students around, less chances of getting caught and I’ll probably be late to my concert, which I’m sure would make you very happy.”

Tadashi glanced at Scholar, she clearly was against the proposition, and with reason. Yet, there was something so satisfying in knowing that he could finally get Axel in detention for all of the crap he had pulled on him and delay his concert, something that the musician prided himself in delivering to the best of his abilities. 

Plus, Saturday detentions were brutal. Nobody liked to waste their weekends.

He argued with himself for a couple of seconds. Then, he scratched off Scholar’s name from the detention slip and wrote down Axel’s name.

“Scholar, this is the first and last time I’m doing this but…” He gave the slip to Axel. “I’m a businessman, and this is too good of a deal to pass.”

“I can’t believe this.” Scholar said. “You were ready to throw me in detention for shoes, but you’re perfectly fine doing this?” 

Tadashi extended his right hand to Axel, ignoring her.

“If we do this, you are not to tell anybody about this. Ever.” He said to him.

Axel shook his hand. Of course he wouldn’t, it would put Scholar in trouble.


“I hate you both.” Scholar muttered. 

This is the first time I’ve ever seen him do something for someone else. Tadashi thought, genuinely impressed and curious.

I don’t care if I get into trouble. I don’t know how you did it Scholar, but you may be Academy’s best after all.

sheloveskook  asked:

baeksoo - domestic soft established baeksoo (damn your baeksoo really makes me million things for them for such a long time i've been sighing sadly when i'm visiting baeksoo tag on tumblr but you, my baeksoo hero, you make this place a much brighter and happy sanctuary for me, a much deprived baeksoo shipperslashtrash :'))

this is such a sweet message and i’m so sorry it took me like a month to fill your request, omg. i hope you like this!  ♡

“Do we toss it in the air and spin it around now?” Baekhyun asks, staring at the just-stirred pizza dough in the mixing bowl.

Kyungsoo laughs. “No, we’re kneading it,” he says. “Here, I’ll show you.”

He sprinkles flour on the cutting board, then scrapes all the dough from the bowl and drops it onto the stick-resistant surface. He rolls it around a bit to form it into a ball, sprinkles more flour, and starts working the dough, demonstrating how to stretch it with the heel of his palm and then roll it back.

When he says, “Now do what I just did,” and steps a bit to the side to let Baekhyun give it a try, Baekhyun just stares at the ball of dough a little skeptically. “What?”

“I wasn’t paying attention,” Baekhyun says with a sheepish smile. “Sorry. I was just… watching your hands and I got distracted. They’re nice hands,” Baekhyun adds. “I appreciate them.”

Kyungsoo raises his eyebrows, caught between amusement and exasperation.

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aceanime123  asked:

Hi!! It's been a while since I've requested something so... How about GoM (if you have to exclude someone leave out midorima) reacting to their s/o being executed in front of them bc they were on different sides of a war... (if it's too much let me know and I'm sorry xD) I love your blog!! ^^

Wow, so dark mate hahaha I had so much fun with this (I know, I’m terrible)


He couldn’t show it. His face was as impassive and intimidating as ever, but he felt like everything inside him was breaking. The only outward sign is the wild look in his eyes, like he was capable of anything in that moment. He couldn’t save them, no matter who he was, and that is what broke him. Later, when he was alone and no one could hear him, he would cry.He would plan for months and months, biding his time, and slowly he would end the war. He wanted nothing more than to give up everything and just walk away, but he couldn’t let go of you no matter what. So either by his power to negotiate or his prowess in fighting, he would end the war for his s/o and then disappear forever.

He would never be the same again.


The roar that erupted from him startled everyone. The edges of his vision blurred as he ripped out his weapons and attacked everyone in sight. Every person, friend or foe, that was in his way, was cut down swiftly. He made a path to your fallen body. He cradled your body against his chest, tears streaming down his face, lips pressed against your forehead, only for you to be ripped away from him. He slaughtered anyone that touched him. It took 14 men to hold him down, and as he was staring into the face of the executioner, he glanced to where your forgotten, broken body was and murmured your name. 

It was the last sound to every grace his lips.


He couldn’t stop the shaking, no matter how much he attempted to hide it. His eyes were wide, forever seeing the blood fall from your lips and the light leave your eyes. He could still hear his name on your tongue. So he ran. He left the war and everything he knew behind, your ghost always calling him, repeating your final moments again and again. He could never forget you, never move on, but Kuroko, after years upon years of grief and pain could finally let you go. He would find a quiet place, away from either sides of the war, return to the cottage you two planned to raise a family together and made you a grave. And when it was his time to go, would forever remain by your side. 


The cry tore from his throat. HIs nails dug into his skin, trying to hold in the pain and the hurt. He pulled out his beautiful hair in grief, blood filled his mouth as he bit his tongue to silence his pain. Every time he would be forced into the field to face another ‘enemy’ he would only see your face. So he changed sides, deserted his home. He found your family and fell to his knees before them. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it’s all my fault. Every night he dreamed of you, always awakened crying your name.

The war in his heart would continue long after the two sides stopped fighting.


He ground his teeth, turning away as tears leaked down his face. He would pull away from everyone he loved, becoming dark and harsh, snarking and biting out remarks, sneering at any act of love or kindness. Eventually, he would stop speaking all together, and he would stop fighting. Instead, he would become a doctor, saving people on the battlefield, regardless of side, helping people find peace- which was all he wanted for you, and what you dreamed of when you were alive. He didn’t care about the war, so he left and became a peacekeeper for the two sides. No one else should suffer as he does.

He names the peace treaty after you.


It took a legion of the army to hold him back as he fought to be by your side, helplessly watching as you die from afar, his hand reaching out but too far away. He would go limp in their arms. Slowly, he would crawl to you, through the dirt and blood, and the sky that seemed to start pouring in grief. Without saying a word, he would pick up your body, pulling it against his chest to feel the last of your warmth leak out of your corpse, and he would walk away. He was never seen again, except by a few close friends who knew where the two of you secretly met to be together during the war.

anonymous asked:

I'm so glad you're back! You haven't been on in a day or two. Anyway, can I request an angst scenario where Suga's best friend or S/O (either one) got in an accident, and it was all Suga's fault? so now his s/o is comatose and they might not wake up? sorry if this is odd, I just like your angst so much and thought this would be good to read!

Anonymous said: [part 2] hi! I’m the Suga angst anon. instead of having his best friend or s/o in a coma, can you actually do it with her waking up with memory loss, and not remembering suga? SORRy

Wow! This took me a while to write, but I’m pretty proud of it! I hope you enjoy this because I love writing some good old angst. -Admin Lana

The thought alone of losing you was hard enough, but this was worse than death itself. If only he would have moved quicker then maybe you wouldn’t be in this predicament. Maybe, just maybe, you’d be able to put a name to his face. But that wasn’t the case at all. There was no happy ending no matter which way Sugawara looked at. When you had first awakened, he felt the worry drain from his body, the fact that she was even alive was a miracle. But when a look of confusion and fear crossed your scratched face, he knew almost immediately that somethings wasn’t right. The doctor had told him that when you had hit your head during the incident and suffered great traumatic impact to her cranial cavity causing you to have amnesia. The man was unable to confirm whether or not this was permanent, which was Suga’s greatest concern at the moment. All the doctor could do was warn the setter not to overwhelm you and give it time.

The following days were spent with you receiving several tests before being released from the hospital. The ride to you and Suga’s shared apartment was filled with awkward silence, neither knowing what to say. The street lights softly reflected on your face, illuminating the shadows that danced across your features. From the corner of his eye, Sugawara watched the subtle changes in facial expressions, from the twitch of an eyebrow, to the quiver of your lip.

The soft jingle of keys filled the tepid silence as Suga entered the dimly lit apartment, you trailing behind hesitantly. The place held a familiar aura and the grey haired man hopped it would spark some sort of memory. An idea popped into his mind and he trailed off into the kitchen to light a candle; one of your favourites. It smelt of warm vanilla and sugar; a scent that easily reminded you of the times you spent baking cookies in the kitchen with your boyfriend. Perhaps it’d serve as a trigger.

“I’m sure you’re tired. The bed is already made for you, so I’ll just take the couch.” He gave you a soft smile before grabbing a set of pillows and a blanket from the bin by the couch.

A pang resounded in your heart as you felt remorse for making him sleep on the couch in his own home. But you didn’t know the man…

“Thank you. Good night Sugawara-san.” Was all you could muster before retreating back into the master bedroom.

Suga knew that he should be grateful that you were even breathing, but the formality in your tone was equivalent to a knife in the gut. He could only close his eyes and hope for a better day tomorrow.

The next several days were filled with frustration and crushed hopes. You felt like a stranger and grew upset that you couldn’t remember the man who seemed to be the center of your life. The many framed photos were proof enough. Sugawara on the other hand tried to remain patient, not giving up on the small spark that this wasn’t permanent. Although, a small glimmer of faith was restored when you asked him to tell her more about himself.

“Well, where do you want me to begin?”

You were silent for a moment, contemplating your answer. “Tell me anything and everything. Whatever you want. I just want to know more about you.”

This was relieving the horror all over again, he just wanted to hold you in his arms once more and call him by his given name.

“I really enjoy baking, it’s actually one of our-my favourite hobbies. I used to make these chocolate fudge cookies that you couldn’t get enough of. You’d even try to steal a bite of the cookie dough,” The memory brought a smile to his pale face. “Come to think of it, a lot of our memories were made in that kitchen. It’s what you would call our ‘special place’.”

It sounded vaguely familiar and it added up to the sweet tooth you had. It was an annoyance that you were unable to recall such a fond memory.

“Well maybe we’ll be able to make more memories there.”

‘Yeah, maybe.’ Suga thought bitterly.

Two months had gone by without a change in your condition. You had gone off to the local coffeeshop to spend some time alone while Sugawara met up with a few of his old teammates from his high school volleyball years.

“Has _______ been improving at all?” Daichi was more than concerned. After all, you were close friends, or used to be at least before the accident.

An exasperated sigh escaped Suga’s lips as he placed his head in his hand, eyes filled with conflicting emotions. “No, not in the slightest. I’m honestly not even sure this is irreversible.”

Daichi glanced over at Asahi worriedly, fearing that they had truly lost you.

“Maybe she just needs more time, I mean she did hit her head pretty hard right?” Asahi treaded carefully, not wanting to upset his friend anymore than he already was.

“I hope you’re right.” He was holding onto this thread of faith for dear life.

When he returned home later that evening, he found you standing in the kitchen clutching the ends of your shirt in a tight ball.

“________? Are you alright?”

You turned to face the voice, startled to find that Suga was already home.

“You’re back already? Did you have fun?” You tried to feign a cheery tone, but your mind was eating away at your thoughts. You had to get it off your chest before it was too late.

“It was nice seeing them. It’s been a while since the last time we were all able to meet up.” But the circumstances were less jovial.

Taking a deep breath, you raised your gaze to meet his.

“Sugawara-san, there is something I need to speak to you about before I lose my nerve.”

A lump formed in his throat as he grew nervous, mind racing a mile a minute.

“This whole thing….it’s not working. You’re a nice man, really. But I just can’t feel at home here. Everything feels strange and I can’t even relax in my ‘home’. Maybe it’s just the amnesia talking, but I’m not sure this will work until I can regain my memories back.” Your voice was faint as you tried to keep your composure in check. It was harder to leave this stranger than what you once thought.

“W-what are you trying to say? Don’t tell me that you’re lea-”

“I’m leaving. I’m going to stay with my parents until I can find more suitable living arrangements. It’s nothing personal, it’s just what I feel more comfortable with.”

Suga could feel warm tears pricking the corners of his eyes, but he refused to cry in front of you. He watched with sore eyes as you grabbed the suitcase that was previously packed before making your way towards the door. Before you walked out, you gently squeezed his arm.

“I’m sorry.”

As soon as the door clicked shut, he let down the wall. Tears sprang forth, tricking down his cheeks. The pain was nearly unbearable at this point. Time seemed to move by slowly, willing himself to calm down before trying to move again. Inching towards the bedroom, he moved over to his side of the bed, digging through the nightstand and pulling out a small black box. The night of the accident was your date night. He had originally planned to propose to you before the night was over, but he never had the chance to and now he might not ever.

“I wanted us to get married and raise a family together. Grow old and watch our kids have children of their own. That’s what you wanted. That’s what you wished…”

apanoplyofsong  asked:

Bellarke and "I'm lost" :)


A/N: i’m doing a thing and you should check it out! requests close january 4

Bellamy weaves his way through the crowd. Two more hours of 2016, two more hours of being sociable and trying not to stress about how much anyone is drinking, and then he can start gently herding his friends toward the door.

He dodges flailing limbs as he passes Raven and Miller’s animated arguing and Jasper’s dubious dancing, edges around the crowd that gathered to watch Anya challenge Indra in an arm wrestling contest, studiously avoids looking in the direction where he knows his sister is sitting in her girlfriend’s lap. By the time he slips between Lincoln and Wells, laughing over cat videos on Luna’s phone, he’s never been more glad to see his kitchen empty.

Well, empty except for one person. But that one person’s presence is large enough to fill the whole apartment. He’s not sure how he only just now became aware of her.

“Clarke?” He says, dumbfounded. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m lost,” she deadpans. “Must have showed up at the wrong door. But you have champagne, so–” She lifts a solo cup to him and smirks. “Might as well stick around.”

“I meant– I didn’t know you were coming,” he says, scratching the back of his head. She raises one eyebrow, expression perfectly sardonic.

“Aren’t you the host?”

“O is hosting. I just live here.”

“Ahh.” She nods, leaning next to him against the counter. “I didn’t think you were the type to make champagne jello shots.”

“You don’t know my life,” he says reflexively. To his gratification, she snorts. “She hosts all her parties at my place because she thinks it’s the only way to get me to come. And because my apartment is nicer than hers. I don’t get veto power over the music, or the food, or–”

“The guest list?” She asks, lips twisting in a wry smile.

“I wouldn’t have vetoed you,” he insists, though he doesn’t add that he’s just as glad Octavia didn’t mention Clarke was coming.

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everything-she-did-was-so-human  asked:

First, I think it's *really* cool you're doing a fic giveaway. Congrats on your followers, you deserve it! I was hoping to request a Star Wars Han x Leia role reversal fic set sometime during the original trilogy. Leia, the easily angered smuggler and Han, the suave/laser brained Prince. Thanks :) Also, I found your blog a few months ago and I'm in love *raises blue milk* here's to your next 1500.

*clinks my glass to yours* Thanks so much, friend! And I hope you enjoy what came of your request!

Title: oh how the galaxy turns
Characters: Leia Organa Whitesun, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo Organa, Chewbacca
Relationships: Leia & Luke, Leia & Han, hints of Leia/Han
Rating/Warnings: T / Language, some implied mature themes
Summary: Leia Whitesun had expected an easy passenger trip to Alderaan. She hadn’t bargained for dealing with Imperials, a moon-sized space station, and two boys who made her remember what it meant to feel. (A New Hope AU)

The cantina was dirty, sand filling the corners and cracks of the desert-beaten adobe, the scent of sweat and stale alcohol heavy enough on the air to make one gag. Thick yellow and grey smoke hung in lazy clouds up by the ceiling, drinking in the dim glow of the lights behind the bar counter that ran along the back wall across from the door.

Leia Whitesun sat at a small table tucked into a small niche on the outside wall, watching her fellow patrons come and go. It was still early in the afternoon, so only a handful of the two dozen or so beings—mostly nonhuman, though an old man and a straw-haired boy about her age had walked in through the front door a few minutes before, two droids in tow—were drunk. Most of them, Leia suspected, were here on business. Just as she was—or, rather, as she hoped to be.

Jabba was getting impatient for his payment, and unless she found the means to pay him back for the dropped shipment of spice within the next few days, she was going to have a lot more to deal with than a bruised side dealt by one of his cronies.

Chewie’s arrival snapped Leia out of her spiraling thoughts.

[I’ve got two possible customers], he wharfled, halting across from her.

Leia narrowed her eyes. “Who?” she asked. She and Chewie had made the rounds not an hour ago, and there hadn’t been anyone new who’d come in…

[The old man and the boy], Chewie told her, motioning over his shoulder toward the bar.

Just then, a commotion broke out around the two. It looked as if two of the less savory folk were badgering the kid—only for one of them to suddenly let out a horrifying shriek, at almost the exact instant that the distinct snap-spit of a blaster discharged, and an equally distinct but unknown snap-hiss cut through the air. A flash of blue light, the creeping tang of blood—and then all was still once more, an unnatural hush falling over the cantina as all eyes turned toward the two.

Oh, right, Leia thought. Them.

[So?] Chewie asked.

Leia sighed. “Yeah, bring ‘em over,” she said. “Might as well see what they’re asking, and what they’re offering.

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shittyelfwriter  asked:

Okay so I finally got my ass in gear to request a prompt. I am SO TORN between everything (because honestly you could write them all so well) but I have to ask for sub/Dom or I love you, which ever you feel like doing most (yes I'm indecision incarnate I'm sorry.) I am already dying from reading the requests you've filled! AMAZING JOB DEAR 11/10 ✨👏😍

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Words: 1400

Warnings: Dom!Cas smut

Note: Oh sweet heavens I am finally answering your ask my dear cas to my mish! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am still taking a major break from writing, but I just felt like doing a little bit to dust off my writing. And what better way than filling this ask that has been sitting in my inbox for months? haha okay here we go, enjoy my senpai. This is not as Dom/Sub as I could have written it, but it’s a start.

Castiel Preferences: Dom/Sub

Originally posted by plotbunnyempress

It seemed like just another normal night in the bunker after you and the boys endured an exhausting week long hunt. The two Winchesters were currently in the kitchen, scrambling together something that could pass as a full meal and you were finishing up your turn in the garage, washing the cars.

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anonymous asked:

this might be a weird prompt request but could you do a harry one where Niall and him are room mates and you stay over (for harry obvi) just wanted to see how you'd perceive this have a great day autumn!

Niall hadn’t meant to do it - he hadn’t meant to fall in love with you. 

But it happened  anyway, and it happened quickly. The first time he saw you, it was a Saturday morning, somewhere around ten thirty, and he had been slowly pacing the kitchenette with a chilled steak pressed to his blackening eye. He was only in his sweatpants with the university’s logo on it, and you were only in Harry’s flannel and Niall’s eyes were caught on your legs. 

“What happened to your face?” you asked in your way of a greeting, moving past him to reach into the refrigerator for the orange juice, and Niall thought it was so bizarre how you acted so bluntly and naturally around him even though he was Harry’s best mate and you still smelled like his sex. 

Niall remembers stammering, tongue glued to the roof of his mouth and his free hand jittery by his side. You took out two glasses from the higher cabinet, your toes pressing into the tiled floor, and Niall watched as Harry’s shirt rose higher on your body. He wanted to give himself a second black eye. 

“Got into… a uh, bit of a fight last night." 

"Bar fight?" 

Niall tried to not look taken aback. “How’d you reckon?” he asked, and he wasn’t sure if he looked so much like the type that he felt offended. 

Your mouth quirked up into a smirk that looked much like Harry’s signature wolfish grin. Moving past him once more, you rummaged around through the freezer until you found the bag of frozen peas. You pressed them into his opened palm, and without any answer to his previous question, you advised, “Use this, it’s better than the steak. It’ll compress more closely to the bruising.” 

Niall watched as you took the two glasses back to Harry’s room, listening for the giggling that followed a moment later. Niall remembers not even knowing your name and still being in love then. 

He saw you around everywhere after that; in the shared apartment, in passing on campus while he had lunch and you began leaving to volunteer at the local children’s hospital, and he saw you even in the most obscure places, like the run-down bar he thought he only knew of and the corner in the school’s library that was never occupied by anyone else. 

Sometimes you would plop down next to him on the sofa in front of the entertainment system, your fingers clutching the spare controller that Niall always kept lying around for Louis or Zayn. Harry would come and go as he pleased, snickering at Niall when he averted his eyes at the kisses you two shared. Harry thought it was from being uncomfortable, like the blonde was pressing his tongue into his cheek and grimacing at the PDA. Instead, Niall was a pro at looking away because the envy burst into his stomach and clawed at his insides. 

One night, you were in the library, in the corner that Niall once used to like calling his own; head resting against your crossed arms, your hair falling in front of your eyes, mouth slouched in a permanent frown. Niall slid down next to you, his arm twitching to be put around your shoulders in a comforting squeeze. 

"Harry and I got into a fight,” you mumbled, and Niall had gotten use to it over the months - how you would just say what was on your mind instead of giving a cordial ‘hi’ or ‘hello.’

Niall watched in silence as your chest raised at the empty breath you took into your lungs. “He was really upset,” you whispered, eyes starting to fill with tears, and he only had a second to react before he was lurching towards you and putting his arms around you in a protective embrace.

“Hey,” he murmured, and even though it hurt him, he still said it, “I’m sure you two will be alright, okay? Everything will be okay. Shh, c’mere, it’ll be okay.” His fingers twisted in your hair at the base of your skull, and even though it hurt him, he let go. 

I'm Never Gonna Let You Let Me Go - Jack Barakat One Shot

anonymous said: Can you do one where y/n overhears Jack telling alex that she’s too clingy and she gets upset and cries in secret for a few days and Jack confronts her yelling and accusing her of cheating because she’s being distant and she explains and he apologizes and makes it up to her? <3

A/N: Back to the requests then! This is the first of two requests I have in my inbox, before I do the promo and start my collab with Allison (southern—constellations), who is currently doing a co-owner competition that you can read about HERE (Allison’s awesome, you should check it out)! But yes, this has been in my inbox for fuck knows how long, so I’m sorry it’s taken me ages! I hope you like it! Title credit to Time Bomb - All Time Low.

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anonymous asked:

Ok, so I just had the best idea (at least I think so lol)! I would like to request a song prompt/smut. The song is EXO's "My Answer" and the member is Baekhyun. "You" and him have been having some problems and he begs "you" to stay, then it leads to some super sweet love making because I'm a byuntae and I can't get enough of that shit. 😂 -Your Wooshin anon (I'll just be Wooshin anon from now on I guess. I don't have enough characters to rant about not being able to ask from a side blog.😅)


Baekhyun (Exo)
Rated S for Soft Smut

You slammed the door to Baekhyun’s apartment as hard as you could, not caring which of his neighbors you woke up in the process. You knew you were being childish, now, but the argument had gone too far for you to care.

It had gone so far that you didn’t even remember what it was about, in the first place.

There had been problems for months. You knew when you got together that it would be hard, that he’d always be gone and things might be uncertain, but it had worked between you for so long that when it finally started to crack, you weren’t expecting it.

So, you stormed out in the middle of him yelling and you yelling back, but you couldn’t bring yourself to actually leave. Instead, you sank down to the floor, leaning against the door with your head in your hands as the tears came again.

The seconds ticked by slow, slow enough that an eternity could have filled each one. Finally, you heard a small thump on the other side of the door, before what sounded like something sliding down to the carpet just inside Baekhyun’s place.

More long seconds passed.


The sound of Baekhyun’s voice, muffled by the door in between you, startled you out of your sad thoughts, and your head jerked up automatically, but you didn’t reply. Didn’t know how.

“I know you’re still out there.”

You made a face in the vague direction of the door, a don’t-be-a-smug-asshole-right-now-Baek face. You still gave him no answer.

Baekhyun sighed.

“Fine. If you won’t talk to me, I’ll talk to you.” he said softly. You were still facing away from the door, back up against it and your knees to your chin, when he went on.

“Look. I know…I know it’s been hard, and I’ve done a lot of things wrong. All the issues…they’ve mostly been my fault,” Baekhyun started.

ALL your fault, you snarked to yourself, but you didn’t say the words out loud, because you knew they weren’t true.

“I’m sorry,” Baekhyun said next, and just those two words made you pay attention. He hardly ever said them. Baekhyun always told you that I’m sorry could be the emptiest, most meaningless words in the world, so he didn’t say them unless he really, really meant them.

“I am. I’m sorry. I know I need to make some changes. Things need to be different. I just…I love you so much, jagiya. Everything I do…it’s for you. Every time I sing and every time I’m onstage, I’m singing to you. And if you weren’t sitting out there, listening to this right now, I would just have apologized the next time I knew you were watching me sing.”

You were resting your head against the door now, one palm pressed to the wood. You wanted so badly to go back inside, to throw yourself into Baekhyun’s arms. Your pride made you wait.

You heard the sounds of the door unlocking, and you backed up an inch or two, scowling a little that he wasn’t going to give you a choice.

The scowl faded when the door opened, just a crack. Baekhyun was sitting on the floor, like you were, one arm extended and resting on the doorknob. His eyes looked red-rimmed, and you realized he’d been crying, just like you had. He was just apparently way more subdued about it than you were. How unfair.

Either way, you melted instantly. “Baek…” you murmured, resting your head against the doorframe.

Baekhyun’s hand reached for yours, and you let it. Your fingers entwined, arms reaching from either side of the door. Baekhyun scooted back slowly, pulling you back into the apartment in the process, scoot by scoot, and it was kind of funny, so you both giggled, until you were all the way inside the door and leaning back against it to let it close and the minute it did, he was kissing you.

Baekhyun leaned forward on his elbows, letting his lips meet yours with a gentleness you only rarely saw in him. He was usually so excitable, so intense. You knew the argument must have worn him down just as much as it did you.

You kissed him back, cupping his face in your hands without a thought, and Baekhyun smiled into the kiss a little, making you do the same. Somehow, he managed to stand up without ever breaking the kiss, pulling you up with him, and the next thing you knew, his arms were around you tight, the sweetest hug while your tongues danced together.

You felt your back hit the door softly, and Baekhyun was still kissing you, still exploring your mouth with his tongue, still reading all the words you couldn’t say on your lips, when his hands started exploring elsewhere, running down your bare arms first until you were shivering, then just under the hem of your shirt on your waist, his fingers skating across your skin and pulling you even closer by your hips until you were a little breathless.

Baekhyun broke the kiss, then, if only for long enough to lead you to the bedroom, hand in hand. You followed, spellbound, so completely in love with your boyfriend that you hardly knew what to do.

It was hardly ever like this. You’d made love before, or your definition of it, but it was rare. Baekhyun was simply too energetic normally to think of doing it, and you didn’t really mind much, when the sex was as good as it was. He made his romantic feelings clear either way.

But this was different. He was undressing you slow, peeling off each layer of clothing like you were the best gift he’d ever received in his life, his eyes wide and awed as more and more of your skin was revealed, even though he’d seen this a hundred times. You loved that he never seemed to get tired of it. He always wanted more.

This kind of hunger was quieter. Baekhyun’s hands were soft as they traced across your belly while you stood in front of him, then they began to venture lower, and you spread your legs just enough to allow him access to what he wanted.

Baekhyun touched you slowly, gently, slipping one finger inside you as you gasped, then pumping it in and out carefully until you were ready for another. He used two fingers for a while, until you were in very real danger of falling over on top of him because you were getting so weak in the knees, and then he laid you down on your back on the bed.

In seconds, he was naked too, and crawling onto the bed between your legs. You opened them wider, desperate for his touch, his anything, and Baekhyun gave you the most dazzling smile just before he dipped his head down and began to lap at your juices.

Right away, your back was arching and your head was tilting back, because he was always so good at this. He licked at your walls sweetly, using his fingers again to make you cum, make you wet, give him as much honey as he wanted to lap up.

You were floating. You were dizzy, and floating, and in complete ecstasy. You could have stayed like that forever, just letting your handsome boyfriend go down on you until you were seeing stars, but fortunately, Baekhyun was still slightly more in his right mind, and he knew you both needed more.

You didn’t know how much time passed before he finally pulled away from the river flowing between your legs. You just knew the way he looked as you watched him lick his lips lazily, watched him through the fog in your mind and the spots in your vision that had been there since he ran his tongue over your favorite spot enough times to make you scream.

He looked half-wrecked, perfect and beautiful as he gasped for air, his hair falling in his eyes as he looked at you with purpose, with slightly darkened eyes, and suddenly all you wanted was to have him inside you.

“Baek…” you managed to whisper, reaching for him. “Baek, please…”

Baekhyun smiled, immediately sliding on top of you. “Yeah,” was all he said before he was inside you, and the stars you had seen before were shooting across the backs of your eyelids.

He filled you up perfectly, just pushing the limits of what you could take enough to make you completely crazy. You felt so full and happy as he started to move. Baekhyun hips rolled sinfully, angling his throb in ways that only he could do, and you were already whimpering and begging for more before the first thrusts were over.

His hands were in your hair, tilting your face up to meet his for more kisses. A few small traces of the passionate boyfriend you loved so much had returned. You could feel it in the way he held you tighter, gripped your hips while he made love to you. The way he kissed you harder. The way he looked at you like you were the only thing in the world that mattered to him. You felt the same way.

Baekhyun straightened up a little, positioning your legs on either of his shoulders, and then he pushed down into you from that angle, until he found one of the few spots that made you go completely insane, and then he didn’t let it go.

He heard you cry out his name, felt you cum, and then he smiled and kept going, kissing along your leg as he fucked into you slow, but steady, one of his hands going back down between your legs to play with your clit, thrumming it with just the right amount of pressure as he kept thrusting into your wet ache.

It was all so much, but it wasn’t nearly enough. You needed him to cum, too, needed to feel him splashing inside you, claiming you as his, protecting you. You moved your legs off his shoulders and wrapped them around his waist instead, hooking your ankles together so he couldn’t move too far. You couldn’t have stood that, at this point.

Baekhyun smiled when he realized what you were doing, leaning over you again and carefully swiping his tongue against your lips until you opened for him. Every part of you was so open now, so vulnerable, and you knew from the look in his eyes, the way his hands were touching you, that he was going to take care of you no matter what.

You dug your heels into his backside a little, trying to get the hint across, but Baekhyun just kept thrusting at that maddeningly steady pace until you were completely exasperated, and finally you leaned back and he followed suit automatically, and you were just looking at each other as he still continued, your face frustrated and his slightly amused. As usual.

“I want you to cum,” you whispered, and Baekhyun’s smile faded into something darker, more laced with thick, hot desire.

“I thought you’d never ask,” he murmured, and then he was gone, letting go, shooting all his love into you as you came again in turn, both of you falling off the edge together and holding onto each other tight and kissing and kissing and kissing.

If you’d thought you were dizzy before, you were sadly mistaken. That was nothing compared to this, this feeling of complete weightlessness and warmth as you clung together, riding out your highs until Baekhyun collapsed on top of you, panting into the pillow your head rested on.

Neither of you spoke for a long time, while you recovered.

Finally, Baekhyun lifted his head, peering at you with one eye still closed.

“Are we okay?” he asked hesitantly, as if he was almost afraid of the answer.

You looked over at him, beautiful, worn out from making love to you and still obviously scared he’d screwed up beyond reason. You couldn’t watch him beat himself up over it anymore.

Leaning over, you kissed him just once, softly, letting it linger on longer than you knew he was expecting, until Baekhyun was smiling again, and you felt his cheeks blushing against yours. You pulled back finally, eyes searching his.

“There’s my answer.”