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Yooran Week Day 7: Pokemon Master and Slave Saeran-zard

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HERE WE ARE. THE EPIC *cough* CONCLUSION TO AN EPIC *splutter* WEEK-LONG (PLUS SOME) BATTLE! Angel Yoosung and Devil Saeran end up as Champion partners in the Pokemon-verse! THE PERFECT ENDING AMIRITE?!? I MEAN, LOOK - SAERAN IS SMILING!!!! OMGOSH

Thank you everyone for joining me on this crazy and highly questionable journey. I hope you’ve enjoyed my crack take on the Yooran Week prompts as much as I’ve enjoyed doing them. The week has been fantastic and as Mod Amy I’m really happy to have seen so many of your amazing entries! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST MUCH LOVE <3333

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Hey, I don't wanna sound rude but that ask that said they asked for the fenrir line?? I'm pretty sure it was my gif :) I think you reblogged one of my Fenrir asks and that's the line I used in it. Sorry if this sounds rude, I promise it is not meant for it to be!! I can submit it if you would like??

(( OOC: OMG!!!! WE FOUND IT!!! XD 

That wasn’t rude at all dearie! I’m glad you said something! Because I had NO idea what they were talking about. XD I’ve done so many threads I was like….. I don’t remember writing that… but maybe I have done that? hahaha! XD )) 

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Fem! Damian tho, it would be so interesting. Would Ra's consider Dami as his heir? Would he try to marry her off to Tim? Would she be given the Batgirl mantle instead of the Robin? Would her training be harsher just for Talia to prove that her daughter is as worthy as any sons she could provide? Would her relationship with the Batgirls be stronger? The possibilities are endless.

I’m sorry but I’m stuck at the image of Tim, my beautiful 100% done with the world son, looking at this angry little girl (I’m figuring Damian exactly as he is, just with pigtails) and then at Ra’s and then at the little girl again, and he just goes like “I’m sorry but… you want me to marry… a ten years old… who’s also… my little sister…” and his brain just CAN NOT HE’S SO DONE OMG.

You Should Get That Looked At
  • *I wrote this for the kink meme; the prompt was 'Prompto accidentally sends a dick pic to Ignis instead of Gladio'. I am very proud of how this ridiculous little thing turned out so I'm un-anon'ing to post it here for the lolz.*
  • Ignis: I could have done without seeing that first thing in the morning. Have you always had that mark, though?
  • Prompto: what mark
  • Prompo: wait what
  • Ignis: The mark on the underside of your penis.
  • Prompto: what mark?!? i don't study the bottom of my dick, okay?!
  • Prompto: and dude stop calling it that
  • Ignis: Perhaps you should get it looked at by a doctor. It could be a sign of a very bad medical condition.
  • Ignis: It's a fairly serious one, I wouldn't want you to suffer later.
  • Ignis: You could always try the home remedy. I hear it's very effective.
  • Prompto: TELL ME IT
  • Ignis: Mix oatmeal and honey with a cup of water. Apply the paste and leave on for fifteen minutes.
  • Ignis: ...you actually did it?
  • Prompto: WAIT
  • Ignis: You're in no danger of a disease, Prompto. That's a mole.
  • Prompto: DUDE WTF I HATE YOU
  • Ignis: I do believe I'll screenshot that portion and send it on to Gladio, just for fun.
  • Prompto: NO DUDE DON'T
  • Ignis: Oh, I know. But perhaps next time you'll double check the number to which you're sending your 'dick pics'.
  • *~~~~~*
  • Gladio: prompto
  • Gladio: do i want to know why you stuck your dick in oatmeal for iggy

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Hi! I'm just new to tumblr and I really love your blog. Actually RivaMika is one of the reasons why I started the series, and I'm not disappointed. So, I just wanna ask, do you think the ackermans will get more action in the future? Or emphasis on them at least? When do you think we'll get one of those powerful rivamika-fighting-together-they-look-so-good-omg scenes again? Sorry, I might be asking too much.

Hi nonnie, welcome and thank you <3 It’s no problem at all!

I think so! I was a little worried Isayama had put the Ackerbusiness on the back burner, but when he dropped the “byproducts of titan science” bomb on chapter 93 my hopes were renewed!

I believe we’re not done seeing these two fighting side-by-side because this new “Truth of Marley” arc is shaping up to be more like the Uprising Arc than the past one, what with Eren Amputee-kun infiltrating Rebellio and all… and Levi has a score to settle with Zeke. 

Zeke is terrified of the Ackerman duo. 

Hence, as per Isayama logic, this is a huge foreshadowing that Zeke will eventually have to face these two in battle, and it will be a glorious fight. (; please, Isayama

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#31 Sirius please? I'm sorry XD

#31. Last kiss….why do you guys do this to me omg D: (it’s ok though I love writing sad stuff…this is a little different from other kiss requests I’ve done today so I hope y’all like it!)

The first time you kissed him, everyone laughed, because you were young and sitting in a circle pretending your butterbeers were alcohol and daring each other to do stupid things.  Remus was wearing a pair of boxers on his head until his next turn, Peter had admitted to stealing at least 20 galleons from his mum’s purse over the last year to buy chocolate frogs, and James had dared Lily not to say one mean thing about him for the rest of the game, much to her dismay.  Peter dared you and Sirius to kiss, which was scandalous because girls had cooties back then, but you and he had the same exact style of quill and at 11 of course that means you’re meant to be.  You kissed and made “blech” noises and Sirius made a show of wiping his mouth off on his sleeve.

The second time was in fourth year and you slapped him when his hand slipped under your shirt.  

Two years later after drinking a lot of what definitely wasn’t butterbeer, you kissed him again the same way, only this time you let his hand wander and yours did too as you both started to find your way around each others’ bodies that you would soon come to know so well.

You kissed him on October 31, 1981 at precisely 5:32 in the evening after you got home from work, and you remembered it clearly because it was one of the last times you were truly happy.  Mere hours later, your entire world came crashing down.

12 years later you weren’t sure if he remembered how to kiss, so you didn’t try, you just held him in your arms and stroked his hair and thanked any god there might be that he was back with you again.  His hair was longer, his skin pallid and loose on his gaunt face, and angry lines of blue tattoo ink spidered their way across his chest and back, artistic scars from his time locked away.  But he was there, and he was alive, and you still loved him and he you, and when he fell asleep on your chest you pressed a soft kiss to his forehead for the first time in over a decade.

The final kiss you shared wasn’t special and it wasn’t romantic.  It wouldn’t even be memorable were it not for the fact it was the last.  You were in a rush, tearing around Number 12 Grimmauld Place in search of your wand, because something had come up, something about the Department of Mysteries, and Sirius’s godson Harry was in danger.  Members of the Order were darting about left and right, some had left already to help and Sirius was beside himself because the Weasley boy’s mother was telling him he couldn’t go, he musn’t dare.  You nearly barreled into him at the bottom of the stairs after retrieving your wand from his room and he looked you in the eye desperately.  You knew better than to back Molly’s demands up, for Sirius would go with or without permission.  His eyes were filled with a kind of wild anticipation–he did not want Harry to be in danger, of course, but he was also thrilled at the thought of getting out of the house for something, anything.  “Come on, love,” he said solemnly, and pecked your lips as he had done so many times before.  You barely even had the time to kiss back before he pulled back and you both Disapparated.  You had no way of knowing he’d at last left Grimmauld Place behind him for good.

I’m so sorry guys

Cait :)

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I'm the 26yr married lesbian that want's to fuck her dad. I was at his place tonight. I had a few to many drinks. He hugged me when I was getting ready to leave, and I reached down and kinda rubbed his cock through his shorts. I told him I was sooo sorry! He just smiled and said "that's okay". I just got done having sex with my wife because I was so horny when I got home. I hope she doesn't know it was because of my dad. And OMG she can really eat my pussy! Am I bad?

A little bad, but in a very good way haha

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Hello! So I'm here huhuh I need more angst or fluff or whatever for Juju. The one where Jumin got into a car accident? Instead of him reconciling with MC, can you write a diff ending where when Jumin remembered MC, that's when she got into a car accident or something. Like fate's playing with them. And if Jumin's lucky, MC's not. Omg!! Why do I love breaking myself 😭 Is this okay with you?? I'm so into angst sorry

This hurts me to write, but it must be done. I’m so sorry. So here is the alt ending with extra angst T_T If you aren’t familiar with the story, this is an alternate ending to my fic “Statice”. 

“You need to come home.” It was all he had the strength to say. It sounded like an order, but the two of them knew it was a pleading cry to her.
“I… why?” She asked, her voice quivering. The real question hung silently between them.
“This is not the place to discuss it. Come home.” He backed toward the car and gestured to the door, hand reaching for the handle.

She stayed in place in front of him, glancing back at the somber crowd behind them. “I will, but I can’t ride with you. I promised Mrs. Kim I’d stay with her until it’s all over.” MC took a step back, and although the tension didn’t completely leave him, Jumin released a shaky breath and nodded. Something deep inside him was urging him to say something, anything. To let go of everything he was hoarding inside, the memories and emotions he was keeping close. But this wasn’t the place or time. He had to do it right.

“Of course. When you’ve finished with your obligations, I will meet you at home. Do you need a driver?” He opened the door for himself and pause during before  slipping inside.

“No, thank you. I’ve been driving myself. I’ll see you at home.” The word home came naturally to her, still a reflex even after everything that passed and it filled Jumin with hope. He gave her another formal nod and entered the car, his new chauffeur hesitant to leave without being given the signal. 

Jumin waited for hours. He checked himself phone repeatedly, brushed Elizabeth the 3rds soft fur, adjusted his tie countless times. He was picking up his cell to check again when it frantically began vibrating his is palm. The screen lit up with Seven’s profile picture.

“Luciel. Have you heard from MC? She was supposed to meet me,” he answered and went directly into his questions, never asking why the hacker was calling in the first place. He was a man with priorities.

“Jumin, that’s why I’m calling.” The man’s voice was shaky and tense. “You have to come to the hospital right now. The same one you were at. She was in a car accident on her way to meet you. Oh god Jumin I’m so sorry. It’s not good. I offered to drive her but she refused and-” a choked sob echoed over the phone. Jumin’s chest seized and he cut off the phone as he ran out the door.

His new driver wasn’t quick, or graceful. He didn’t know to leave without questions and he took his time getting to the hospital, trying to avoid a similar situation as the previous driver. Jumin clenched his teeth and growled for the man to go faster, to break any law in his way. His eyes burned and his heart ached at the thought of the woman he loved being alone in a sterile hospital bed, without him. Without his words and soft touches, without knowing he remembered everything, remembered her, needed her. The car hadn’t even pulled to a complete stop before he rushed out the door and into the lobby.

He needed to see her, to tell her. He needed to touch her and let the last few empty fragments of their love rush back into him. He just needed to say he loved her and was there with her. He needed her. He had forgotten her and now he remembered and he needed her. The hallways were too long, too filled with meaningless numbers, sounds and people. 

“Mr. Han! Please wait, I need to speak to you!” The doctor called after him as he rushed through into her room. 

It was completely silent. An icy chill ran through him. Every RFA member was there, gripping onto each other, lightly sobbing. They all turned to him, and began speaking at once, too many voices to hear what they were saying. The curtain to her bed was pulled, so he couldn’t see her. He needed to see her. Ignoring the people surging forward to stop him, he ripped open the curtain, holding his breath, stopping his heart from beating without her. 

There she was, as beautiful as the day she walked into his penthouse. Her hair was so shiny and smooth, falling all around her. Her eyes were closed, peaceful. Her skin was pale, drained of any of the love and joy she usually filled the air around her with. Her enticing pink lips were now still and white. His heart was done beating. His mind was blank. He fell onto the bed, onto her, gripping her tightly and choking out all the words he never got to say.

He had lost count of how many bottles of wine he had gone through. His head was swimming with alcohol and sorrow. The world was an empty buzzing place and he no longer fit into it without her. The dried tears tugged at the skin on his cheeks as he grimaced.

All he could think about was how desperately he needed her there to console him. He needed to see her, touch her, kiss her. The funeral was tomorrow. He couldn’t wait that long. He couldn’t show up, the stoic robot and say goodbye to his reason for living. To the woman that taught him the feelings that could cause this heartache, this insatiable sorrow. Jumin was a greedy man, in all things. He couldn’t have these feelings without the woman that caused them. He needed to see her.

Rising without any of the grace and eloquence his childhood had drilled into him, he stumbled throughout the penthouse. Every scent, touch, and sight reminded him of her, made him remember her. His head was filled with thoughts of her, the woman herself an empty space in their home. Just as she once was in his head. He knew what he needed now, and it was ripped from him. Fresh burning tears blinded him, and he let out a repressed sob. He had said he didn’t want to be a fool who lost what he needed, yet here he was. 

His decision struck him, much in the fashion of the bus that started it all. He grabbed the dusty keys that hung next to his door.

He needed to see her. He needed to be with her again.

  • Me to my friends: OMG this show is fucking brilliant! I have literally watched 5 seasons in a week! I'm not even sorry I'm in love with this show. I've already watched 7 episodes today!
  • Show I'm watching: *has 2 episodes left*
  • Me: what have I done? I didn't cherish the time I had with you show...
  • Me: *cries uncontrollably*

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Age: 25

Birthplace: Malaysia

Current time: 1500 (GMT+8)

Drink you last had: Wonda Coffee. A must have at least once a day. I’m addicted lol~ The caffeine got no effect anymore, it’s becoming normal drink to me ;;

Easiest person to talk to: people into otome, games, manga, anime and bff who’s sharing all of things with me (she’s into KDrama and recommend a lot to me haha)

Favourite song: (playlist repeat) Ed Sheeren - Perfect (God Perfect Song for Childhood Love in their wedding), Kygo & Selena Gomez - It Ain’t Me, Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do, Dua Lipa - New Rules, Zayn - Dusk Till Dawn, Imagine Dragon - Thunder, Alan Walker - The Spectre

Grossest Memory: Eating lizard eggs (childhood memories). I thought they were candies ;;

Horror yes or Horror no: SUPER YES. I LOVE JUMP SCARE. I would laugh after I’m scaring myself hahaha

In love: No one in particular? I don’t even have much crushes in celebrities haha. WOULD YOU ACCEPT FICTIONAL MEN ANSWER lol

Jealous of people: I do, but trying to turn that jealousy into something to improve/change myself

Love at first sight or Should I walk by again?: crush at first sight 

Middle name: We Malay only have one personal name. Like my name, Nur Syamimi binti Kamarudin - “Nur Syamimi” is my personal name, “binti” means the daughter of, “Kamarudin” is my dad~

Number of siblings: 4, I’m the eldest

One wish: More times for break, times flying so fast now, I think I’m just feeling we are in the early 2017 lol

Person you called last: a big sis in my job place

Question you’re always asked: WHEN ARE YOU GONNA GET MARRIED???? (omg Miele sameee especially people all around me of same ages are already married and got children HNG let me have stable life 1st)

Reason to smile: (several) one whole family gather around and going out for fun, cats, OTPs are sailing, any new great news from otome games (new CGs, routes, anime & merchandises) lol I’m simple

Song you last sang: Reol - YoiYoi Kokon

Time you woke up: 0300 (I’m an early sleeper so everyday I wake up early too at around 0200-0300)

Underwear colour: black

Vacation Holiday destination: Japan, South Korean, Europe travel

X-Rays: last time hospital admission

Your favourite food: Omelette, Ramen, Burger, Marshmallow

Zodiac sign: Libra

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Happy Birthday Eiichiro Oda! 1.1


Authors Note: This is a really old oneshot I made a long time ago. All I’ve done is made the story line smoother than how it was originally written.

This is an alternate universe fanfiction for the pairing Gajeel × Levy, enjoy.

Au GaLe fanfic:

Levy always felt as if something- no someone was missing from her life. She always just knew that there was someone who had been in her life at some point that meant the world to her. It might not have been this lifetime but in one of them she had someone more important to than everything.
Whenever Levy was by herself she would always try to think of who this person was, but all she could remember was “I’ll meet you in another life.”

As she boarded the subway too absorbed in her thoughts to look for anyone who might be getting off, she of course ran into someone, “Oww!”

Levy looked up to see possibly the most terrifying man she’d ever seen in her entire life, with piercings everywhere and such beautiful long black hair. At a loss for words, she could barley muster out the words,
“Oh um sorry I just um.. I was just lost in…”
“Tch just don’t do it again.” The man interrupted and left, but at that moment Levy knew it was him, the person she had been waiting for. Although, she would have to admit he was much more gruff and less charming than she imagined, however if he was so terrifically important to her in a past life, then there just be more to him than just his icy face and attitude.

This whole routine of bumping into each other at the subway station was repeated for the rest of the week until finally the man decided to put a stop it to (although Levy was trying to work up a plan on how to strike up a conversation the entire week). However, on this particular day, she had to meet a friend since they had to plan a surprise birthday party for Lucy.

“Look here Shorty I-” the dangerous looking man stopped his sentence to when he didn’t feel the blue haired girl’s body clash into his. He looked around to see her chatting with a boy he hoped was nothing but her friend, but for some odd reason he just knew that this new strange boy would never make a move on his short stack, although it didn’t stop his irrational jealousy from forming.

He looked this rival up and down. Short pink hair, muscular, full of smiles, but above all else an oddly familiar face.

“Who’s he?”
“He’s the guy I told you about.” Levy couldn’t help the nervous glance she threw at Natsu.
“Levy I’m gonna tell you right now he’s gonna break your heart, but don’t worry just say the word and I’ll kick his ass.” The boy who was smiling just moments ago was now cracking his knuckles and looking up and down the mysterious man with jet black hair.
“Natsu! That won’t be necessary.”
“Shorty we need to talk.” This mysterious man couldn’t help the eyebrow twitch, but he could at least resist the urge to argue with his Pipsaueaks friend.
“Levy.” Although it was Levy’s turn to glare as she looked up at the heavily pierced man.
“What?” Confusion was written all over his face.
“That’s her name.” Nastu stated crossing his arms and looking at the other male with a very disapproving look.
“Natsu you can go.”
“Are you su-”
“Did I stutter?” With the look of a very stern mother, Levy dismissed Natsu, which always had worked before to get him to do something without Levy having to repeat herself.
“I don-” however, this time Natsu couldn’t seem to get himself to trust this man dressed in too much black to be able to leave the two alone.
“You heard her, you’re dismissed. Know your place.” Mystery man had seen that Levys mother stare had persuaded Natsus resolve, with an arched eyebrow, the stranger dismissed Natsu as well.
Natsu being the hot head he was wanted to punch this tough guy but something about the way Levy seemed to trust him was barley jusy enough to make Natsu will himself away from the situation.

“So…” Levy tried to start a conversation, but all she could think about was Natsu and him threatening her special person.
“I’m sorry! I don’t know why Natsu was being so rude! Plea-”
The man smirked.
“Its okay my Queen.” He winked down at her.

“Would you like to go on a date with me? Just for old times sake?”

“I’m Gajeel Miss Levy, so is that a yes?”
“I um…well…” Levy couldn’t think straight her heart beating so fast she almost couldn’t hear the world around them and her face was so flushed that she was sure people would think he had just asked her to get married. Oh no now marriage was on her mind. Any other day that’d be fine but now she was thinking about it with Gajeel.
“You okay there pipsqueak?”
Levy panicked because she couldn’t speak she was so nervous of messing up. She’d waited her entire life for Gajeel and now she had him but she couldn’t speak. Golden.

She wasn’t even sure if Gajeel remembered her or if she was the only one who felt the connection, while her stunned silence was enough to make Gajeel doubt that she remembered him at all.
“Hey Lev you okay, should we get you to the hospital?” He was becoming absolutely sure with every ticking second that he was making an absolute fool of himself.

“Uh, sorry, I’ll just be leav-” He was cut off mid sentence by something he imagined he’d get within few days after their first date, but he was much happier with getting it sooner than later.

Levy’s mind was foged so she did the best thing she could think of to tell him she was fine and not to leave her because she couldn’t stand to think of losing him again so-

She kissed him.

Of course this took Gajeel by surprise so he just stood shocked with his pipsqueak’s lips pressed against his. He wasn’t sure if he should kiss back since he thought for sure she was sick- at least that’s what he thought until she said “Please don’t make me feel like an idiot.”
“Yes my~ Highness.” And he kissed her back. It was a kiss filled sorrow, pain, fear, hurt, sadness, but most of all love that couldn’t be expressed for years.
Gajeel was the one who broke the kiss with a blush on his face which only caused the Queen to giggle and leave a trail of kisses starting from his ear down to his chin, bypassing his lips to his left ear lobe, she ended the trail of kisses by pecking his nose.
Very quietly Gajeel said “That was my first kiss…”
Levy laughed before pulling his head farther down to the ground because she was getting tired of tiptoeing and she pressed their foreheads together.
“Well in this case I’ll be your second.” She kissed him again but not nearly as long as the first.
“You’ll be my third as well short stack.” Gajeel kissed her roughly this time and the two became a couple who would be married when Levy finished going college (they would’ve gotten married sooner but Levy said she didn’t want any distractions while she was studying) which lead to them having twin boys much to Gajeel’s dismay since he wanted a girl he could pamper so they tried again and had another boy. Gajeel became a rock star while Levy became a brain surgeon but they always make time in their busy schedules to spend with their children together and of course other things ;).

Note: This is actually part 2 of another oneshot, but I can’t find part 1, so it’s been made to be a stand alone story.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm not sure if you're into doing angst but how would the RFA + V and Saeran react when they're in their eighties and their MC passes away from old age?

omg I’ve never done any before but I could try xD. pls don’t hate me if this sucks. also sorry it took so long, I’m kinda slow at writing ><;;


  • it was too sudden for him to digest
  • he wouldn’t eat or sleep, he wouldn’t be able to face the rest of the RFA or even his children
  • for him, it was impossible to believe that the world had once again taken away someone he cherished
  • why does this always happen to me? it’s just not fair.
  • he’d cry day and night wondering if it was his fault, was he the unlucky star that caused pain to anyone and everyone around him?
  • he just didn’t know how to live without MC; MC was his everything
  • and although he never said it out loud, he always secretly hoped he’d die with MC - maybe even be the first of them to die
  • he didn’t want to feel lonely again, he didn’t want to let history repeat itself
  • there was nothing that could take away the pain this time, he was too old to play games, it was so unbearable that he wanted to leave the world too; maybe that way, he’d be able to see MC once again


  • he watched as MC passed away on the hospital bed, yet he still couldn’t believe it
  • how could have MC died before he did? MC was the one who didn’t smoke or drink
  • for a while he’d be angry at himself and blame himself for MC’s passing
  • why didn’t I take better care of MC? what did I do wrong? MC didn’t deserve to die
  • he’d lock himself inside for months, the letters of consolation from his fans did nothing but make him question why he hadn’t spent more time with MC when he took roles for Korean dramas
  • he didn’t even log onto the messenger because he didn’t want to hear their pitiful words
  • and as much as he wanted to exercise his emotions away, he was just too old to move
  • soon, his bad habits started again, smoking and drinking non-stop; he wasted the rest of his life away
  • he just didn’t want to feel anymore


  • she was very rational
  • months prior, she had noticed MC’s health getting worse and worse by the day
  • she researched the best way to take care of MC
  • as much as it broke her heart, she didn’t falter in front of MC; not even until the last moment
  • even after MC really had gone away, she didn’t let go of her calm and collected self
  • she organized a proper funeral, attended to the guests who came to pay their respects, she even told the RFA that she was fine and that she could handle everything when Jumin offered to send help
  • but she was actually so, so hurt
  • why did it have to be MC? why couldn’t it have been me?
  • after the funeral ceremony, she took one last look at MC and closed the coffin
  • that night, she cried herself to sleep, unable to return to her usual self


  • he understood why it happened
  • in fact, there was a very logical, systematic reason as to why MC had left him
  • he constantly repeated to himself that MC had become old just like him, and that it was very reasonable for MC to pass away
  • the doctors had let him know that MC would be gone in about a weeks time
  • but no matter how much he assessed the situation he just couldn’t comprehend the pain in his heart
  • his heart ached, a heavy brick sat on his chest day and night and no matter what he did he couldn’t get rid of the feeling
  • constantly reminiscing about the times MC and him had together made it worse, but he couldn’t help it
  • he wanted to hold MC in his arms again, fall asleep next to MC’s small fragile body and wake up to see MC’s soft eyes gazing into his
  • he still ate properly and went to C&R International occasionally to check on his employees and how his children were handling the company, but deep inside, he missed MC every second of the day and couldn’t bear to look his children in their eyes that reminded him so much of MC


  • he knew what was happening as MC was starting to get less and less lively 
  • he wanted to take MC to the hospital, but MC insisted that they stayed at home 
  • as MC’s eyes slowly drifted to a close, he bit back his tears and held MC in his arms
  • the person who had changed his life, who gave him love, gave him back his brother and a family had finally left him
  • he knew it was selfish to want to keep MC forever, but he couldn’t help it
  • he just felt so guilty 
  • maybe if I hadn’t let MC into my life, MC would have lived longer. if only I’d pushed MC away harder, then MC wouldn’t have had to suffer
  • he didn’t speak to the RFA, he didn’t even see his brother; it was almost as if he disappeared off the face of the earth
  • he knew would never be the same again, not without MC


  • he was so, so angry
  • he couldn’t contain himself; he lashed out at everything that came in his way
  • even his brother couldn’t help him
  • he blamed the doctors, he blamed the RFA, he blamed everyone
  • but he blamed himself the most
  • he knew that he was horrible to begin with, constantly fighting with MC, creating conflict whenever he had the chance
  • in fact, before the last few moments of her passing, they’d had another argument about the most trivial thing ever
  • maybe if I hadn’t pissed her off so much MC wouldn’t have died from heart failure. why am I like this?!
  • he left the house that he felt like he hadn’t deserved to have shared with MC and disappeared into the mountains he used to live in so many years ago


  • it was real this time
  • it wasn’t like the false death of Rika he had told the RFA many years prior
  • was it karma for leaving Rika? maybe if I hadn’t left her for MC…
  • these thoughts kept repeating as he prepared for MC’s funeral
  • at the funeral, he placed pictures of MC he’d taken a few months before MC passed away
  • MC was still just as beautiful
  • a tear slipped out of his eye, but he quickly brushed it away knowing that MC would hate to see him like this
  • he wasn’t bitter about MC’s death… in fact, he was very open minded
  • he knew that everyone had a due date, he could feel his approaching too
  • with his remaining days, he took photos of the places MC had always liked to go, the little trinkets MC liked to buy and play with
  • anything that reminded him of her, he photographed and soon enough, he had an album full of MC and his memories
  • he kept it by his side as he was admitted into the hospital
  • ready to be taken away, he thought only of MC and felt that their souls would meet once again

gahh I hope you liked it! thanks for reading~ <3

-Cherry L.

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Alfred: I’ve played it, but honestly, the first FNAF was my favorite!

Ivan: He’s done more than just “play” it though. One time, he called me, saying it was an “emergency”. But in reality, he made me travel all the way from Washington, just to participate with him in a costume contest down in LA. 

Alfred: …..The winner got free pizzas for the year, man. I had to at least try.


A quick comic featuring Team Orange called “Rain Check” aka, “how Taloupe and Cosmo started dating”.

Hope you enjoy this cute little comic. It’s only a sketch version and I kinda wish I could make the conversation between Taloupe and Cosmo a bit longer but I’ve been dying to tell this story since the green team was introduced and I had to get this done. Hope you liked it!

anonymous asked:

i just finished listening to ari and dante a couple of day ago and holy crap i'm in love... and then i saw your drawings and i'm !!! you draw them exactly the way i picture them (apart from the glasses but hey) oh my gosh it's all so cute and it HURTS ME and i'm re-listening now because i can't get enough of the cuteness ahhhhh. i know you are busy and prob not taking suggestions but consider this: ari with a ponytail/bun! aaaaa! ok sorry im done THANK YOU FOR BEING AWESOME

ahhh thank you so much omg im glad it matches what you saw [mostly lmfaooo]

and i already had some sketches i coloured a few to destress