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You might know this already, but you’re the first person whose eyes I can look into for so long without feeling uncomfortable. Maybe they’re just naturally that warm–I remember you calling brown eyes the warmest–but I have a feeling that it’s just you. You can say the words with your fingers on a screen or with your lips to my face for as long as you want, but if I really want to know that you love me, I’ll just shift my gaze to yours.
—  🖤

Ok guys… ENOUGH. One thing is that in your mind Lena Luthor is lesbian, Lena is fictional and you’re fans and if you wanna read her that way that’s ok. But DO NOT MESS WITH KATIE MCGRATH’S PERSONAL LIFE!

Katie is a very private person and so far she has never made any comment that would insinuate that she is lesbian. On the contrary, she has talked about dating men, the fact that she has 2 brothers that are terrible at introducing men to her, that she wanted a very good looking man as a love interest (in Merlin), her big crush on Nathan Fillion, etc.

And I kinda get (no, not really) that you’re mad about the fact that Lena is also into men, but do not @ Rory (her brother) into your rants or speculations!(Especially about Katie’s own sexual preferences) That’s crossing the line and weird af. And also don’t attack poor Rahul Kohli. He’s a nice guy and doesn’t deserve that awful treatment. He’s also suuuper geek so I’m sure they’re having a great time. 

Btw, I am in NO way generalizing, I like to believe that the vast majority of the Supercorp fandom is actually quite lovely and respectful. So… let’s keep it that way.   :)

Sorry for the rant on Tumblr when this is mainly a Twitter problem but I know many of them are also on Tumblr so…

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(1/2) Hi! I know that you already answered this question some time ago, but I can't find it so I'm not sure (sorry I'm horrible with tumblr) anyway, when you tag character1/character2 means they are in a romantic relationship, right? While '&' is when the story revolves around friendiship/family. So... when people tag in the same fic the same character both as '/' and '&', what does it mean?

(2/2) That they don’t know how to tag properly, or it’s a way to tag when the story revolves around those characters first getting friends then developing a romantic relationship? I hope I haven’t bothered you with this ask, have a great day! :)

All I can tell you is that “/” means romantic or sexual relationship and “&” means platonic relationship, originally. Could be that people who tag both mean it as a friends-to-lovers thing, could be that they weren’t sure what the difference is, could be that it’s one or the other but they tagged both to make more people see the story while browsing. There’s not really a set of absolute rules when it comes to fanfiction or to AO3 tags. Everyone’s doing however they want.

Alright so I haven't been on Tumblr in a while. (I'm so sorry my lovelies) and I'm doing another one of these

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hi! i'm honestly in love with your blog! after i became obessed w voltron i went on an imagines binge on tumblr and your blog is my favorite. anyways, enough of my fangirling. i was wondering if you could do how the paladin's would react if their s/o got hurt by the enemy? i read like all your imagines and i didn't see anything similar to this but i'm sorry if this was already done. thank you, much love!! <3

Alkjsd all of you are just so sweet I can’t handle how nice all of you are it’s really heart warming! I’m so glad you like our blog we’ve worked really hard to bring you guys the best content we can provide! 

Anyways, thanks for sending in your ask! You’re so right, I haven’t seen an ask like this in our inbox yet so thank you! 

-Mod Enki 



  • Pretty much just launches himself at the enemy no matter where the hell he is at the time his s/o gets hurt like. Nyoooom. He’s fucking there and kicking the ass of everything in his path while trying to guard his s/o at the the same time. Barks out orders to the other paladins immediately to regroup and stay close to each other because if his s/o is already hurt then it might not take long for the others to get hurt, too. 
  • He loses himself a bit and even subconsciously reverts back to his mental state of when he was in the gladiator ring having to fight countless waves of enemies. It kind of startles him and his s/o a bit because then he couldn’t imagine what would happen if anything worse happens to his s/o and how he might react to it. It’s not that all surprising though, because he is a serious temperament kind of guy when it comes to anything battle related. Or even in general. 
  • When he can, he’ll try to cover his s/o while they try to move out of the line of fire. Granted they can walk of course. If they can’t it’s clear that Shiro would have to pick them up and move them somewhere super quickly before going back into the heat of battle. There isn’t much he can do, and he can’t just sit with his s/o despite him wanting to. He’s gotta protect his team, too. When he realizes they won’t be able to win the battle he’ll call a retreat and cover everyone else as they try to escape with his s/o.
  • As soon as everyone’s safe he really begins to fret over his s/o. Probably going for the light scold of “I told you to stay close to me.” But he’s not going to really get on their case until their wound can get treatment and they’re back in the castle ship. He feels a little unnerved for a while after the whole incident and he’s a little more protective of his s/o in the time being. Makes sure to stay close to them as much as he can while still keeping an eye out for everyone else. 


  • Will run over with guns blazing whilst yelling at the top of his lungs which probably does more harm than good because he’s running at his s/o to protect them but also making a god damn scene and causing like every enemy in the vicinity to concentrate on him. He’s trying his best though please be patient with him.
  • Reveals a kind of side of him that his s/o rarely ever sees because most of the time he’s still kind of a turd in the middle of battles but now he’s so focused on trying to keep them safe that it’s a little jarring. Granted he can be serious when he wants to be, but when his s/o gets hurt it’s a little more than just getting serious. His voice gets low and very sharp when he’s yelling out orders at the other paladins to help him and his s/o. 
  • If the heat of battle is too much he will simply pick up his s/o and take them somewhere that’s at least somewhat safer and less packed with enemies until they can either retreat or quell the enemy forces. When they’re finally all safe he gets all sappy and mushy on his s/o and probably frets over their injury a lot. 
  • Pretty much just holds them in his arms for a while because he’s a little scared about just how easily his s/o could be taken away from him. He’d never imagine them getting super hurt and never even considered the possibility until now. Definitely smothers his s/o with kisses as soon as they come out of the healing pod.


  • Will divert the enemy’s attention to him while his s/o can find cover until he can get to them. Pretty much over kills the enemy because how fucking dare they hurt his s/o like what the actual hell. Gods have mercy on the poor enemy that brought the wrath of the red paladin upon themselves. He’s practically in berserk mode for the entire rest of the battle until the others can get him to calm down. 
  • It might take him a bit to realize that he was putting himself in a lot of danger and Shiro, along with Keith’s s/o, will scold him a bit. “I know you’re mad but please don’t over do it.” He really doesn’t see the harm in him talking everyone on like he did but he tries to see their point of view. 
  • Instead of him fussing over his s/o it’s his s/o who’s pretty much fussing over him. Asking about the scratches on his face and trying to smooth them over by running a thumb over his scrapes. He gets a little huffy because he doesn’t think it’s a big deal. Just tells them to shut up while he tries to ground himself in their presence. 
  • When they get back to the castle ship he goes straight to the training deck like a nerd because he thinks that if his s/o can get hurt that easily then he needs to train more to become stronger. He doesn’t care how many injuries he gets when he’s in battle but if his s/o gets hurt it’s a whole other story. For a while he seems a little more clingy to his s/o and holds them more often and for much longer. He needs to make sure they’re okay.


  • Pretty much uses himself as a shield until the enemy is taken down like how are they gonna hit his s/o while Hunk is standing there like a great wall of china. He’s waaaaay more focused on being with his s/o and making sure they’re okay than actually fighting. When enemy fire stops being targeted on him and his s/o he takes them somewhere safe so he can wait it out with them. For some reason, as much as he wants to go out there and kick some enemy ass, he’s worried about his s/o getting even more hurt. 
  • He’s really concerned that his s/o will bleed out or pass out, or any other thing to distract him while fighting. So he just opts to stay by his s/o’s side until the danger in averted or until someone calls for a retreat and he can be the first one up and running to get his s/o to safety. 
  • Since he’s so worried about them he’s the worst offender for fussing over the injury. “YOU’RE GOING TO DIE LOOK HOW BAD THAT IS.” And they have to constantly reassure him that they’re going to be okay. He’s just a sweet bean and worries for his s/o so much please just tell him it’s going to be okay. Will not shut up until his s/o is fine and dandy.
  • In order to pass the time while his s/o is healing up he tries to make all their favorite foods for when they come out of the healing pod. It helps soothe his nerves. When his s/o comes out he’s on them like a bird on a june bug. Fussing over them and wanting them to get something to eat lest they pass out. He blurts about how much he loves his s/o once they’re alone and that he promises to keep them out of harms way from now on.


  • Immediately alerts everyone to the situation so that they can all go after the enemy like a giant swarm. Even though she’d like to take them out herself, she isn’t the best at hand to hand combat an she’d rather make sure her s/o is safe and sound than focus on anything else. 
  • Like Hunk, she opts to stay with her s/o but is a little more willing to leave them if the other paladins really need her. If she can, she takes out what ever enemies she can while she’s with her s/o. She can’t really take them to another area because she’s a little too small to make a speedy retreat while supporting a whole other person, especially with an s/o who’s bigger than her. She could probably manage with an s/o close to her size but no promises. 
  • She asks her s/o if they’re feeling okay about 200 times while on the way back to the castle ship. It takes all of her strength not to try and patch up the wound herself. She just wants the injury to go away already so her s/o wont be in so much pain. If she can she holds their hand and probably squeezes it to death because??? She’s already lost so much it’s really scary to think that she could lose her s/o, too.
  • Doesn’t get a lick of sleep while her s/o is in the healing pod. She has to make sure they’re absolutely 100% okay while their healing and that something bad doesn’t happen. When no one’s around she honestly will cry a little bit. This poor child is so stressed about losing a lot of her family she didn’t even want to think about how her s/o could be taken away. Once her s/o is out she’s very clingy, trying to make sure they don’t leave her side again. Fusses over them for the next few days because they could have DIED. Please cuddle this child.
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Week #13 - Favourite Headcanon Alternate Universe (Merthur AU)

What is your favourite headcanon from an AU setting? (Asexual Merlin & supporting boyfriend Arthur)

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Last anon asked about charliemac fics but I was wondering if u could recommend some good macdennis smut fics.. I'm new to the community and have been having a hard time finding good fics that aren't extremely fluffy and pointless (imo)

Hi! First, if you haven’t already, I recommend looking through my macdennis fic rec list (most of them are smutty lmao): https://softdennis.tumblr.com/post/157806018866/fics-are-my-absolute-favorite-type-of-fanwork-and

Some of my other (smutty) faves not included on the fic rec list include:

http://archiveofourown.org/works/9673793/chapters/21850688 (multichapter, this one blows my mind because it finished up around the same time as s12, and the ending was much more satisfying)

http://archiveofourown.org/works/9944423/chapters/22259762 (multichapter, i recently read this one and it nearly made me cry it was so good. it has one of the most realistic macden smut scenes i’ve ever read)

http://archiveofourown.org/works/2366606 (oneshot, features dennis wearing lip gloss wow)

http://archiveofourown.org/works/2769356 (oneshot, listen… i am no stranger to reading pwp in public but this one made me blush)

http://archiveofourown.org/works/5841871 (oneshot, i had to include a fic featuring mac struggling with his faith)

http://archiveofourown.org/works/10202225 (oneshot, the ending to “the gang tends bar” that we deserved tbh)

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I freaking love Sana (she and isak are my favourites) and the balloon squad already. By I'm kinda sad, cause I get on tumblr and see all these theories and hypotetic scenarios of isak and sana and even and sana being friends and them appearing more, and get hopeful, but I kinda don't think that's what's going to happen? Low-key I think is wishful thinkig, not what Julie has planned... can you lift me up a bit?

hello lovely! I’m sure Julie has wonderful things in store for us in terms of Sana, Isak and Even being friends!  ❤

Sana had such an important presence in Isak’s life during season 3. Isak spent much of the season isolating himself, avoiding his friends and shutting everyone out, but his friendship with Sana went against that. he was connecting with Sana while he was distancing himself from everyone else, and I think that’s important to remember. Isak felt completely excluded from the boy group because everything seemed to revolve around girls and being straight, but he didn’t have to feel that way with Sana. he couldn’t really talk to the boys about anything in fear of his secret slipping out, so he remained silent a lot of the time, but with Sana he had actual discussions, and he initiated those discussions himself. I think Sana managed to create this safe space for Isak because she respected his boundaries and didn’t try to intrude. in the bros clip Isak is panicking, his friends are demanding explanations from him that he’s not ready to give, the people around him all feel hostile, he’s frantically trying to find Even, and in that sea of people he sees Sana who is not hostile or confrontational or demanding him to explain himself. Sana just smiles and nods. it’s a very brief encounter, blink it and you’ll miss it, but it’s there, and I think it capture’s the way Isak felt about Sana. 

now that we have Sana’s perspective, I think their friendship means just as much to Sana as it does to Isak. Sana is feeling misunderstood and excluded by the girls because they don’t seem to listen to her. but Isak listened. he asked questions and he listened. he respected her insight. we already know that Even has educated himself on islam, so they are in strong contrast with the girls who at the moment are doing nothing to understand Sana. Even was the first person to notice Sana in the first clip after all, and he wasn’t just noticing her, he was delighted to see her. I don’t know how much screen time this trio is going to get, but I do think they will be a comforting presence in Sana’s life, just like Sana was to Isak in his season. Isak’s journey would have been quite different without Sana there, and I think they did recognise a sense of kinship in each other. They don’t necessarily share the same struggles, but they all do share the feeling of being the odd one out, it’s something they can all relate to, and in my opinion not showing that at all would be wasted potential.

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Hi! So i'm new to all of this, I actually didn't even know that people did all of this for Fallout 4, if I had known then I would have been on tumblr a long time ago haha, it's pretty great that you're doing this sort of thing, but anyway. . . If this has been requested I am so sorry. So, you can change the appearance of the Sole Survivor whenever you want; i'm just curious as to how the companions would react if Sole gets a face swap? Again, I apologize if this has already been asked for.

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Cait: “Hot damn.” She lets out a slow whistle. “Gotta admit, I didn’t think y’were serious when you said you were doin’ this. Guess you showed me. I guess it’ll take some getting used to, but…” She shrugs. “Whatever works for you.”

Codsworth: “Are you… quite sure you like this, Mx. Sole?” It unnerves him a bit, especially when he hears Sole’s voice coming out of someone else’s face. He never expresses disapproval, exactly, but it does make him uncomfortable.

Curie: She does ask why Sole wants to do it, but doesn’t judge their reasons. She does insist on being involved in the process, however. “Plastic surgery is not so simple,” she says. “I would feel better knowing you were in capable hands.” She blushes. “Not that I am so very skilled, but…”

Danse: “Why?” He wrinkles his nose, looking them up and down. “It feels… deceptive. You looked fine as you were.” He shifts uncomfortably. He might not admit it, but he’s attached to Sole’s current looks.

Deacon: “Sweet!” He claps his hands together excitedly. “Oh, wow. Geez. You know, I’m overdue for one, myself. Maybe I can a face that matches yours? Oh! Let’s be twins. Yeah, let’s be twins. That’ll be hilarious.”

Dogmeat: Sole’s face is always lickable, no matter what it looks like.

Hancock: “Any particular reason why?” He quirks one hairless eyebrow. “I mean, I ain’t gonna be mad, I just don’t want you makin’ any rash decisions.” He waves a hand over his face. “Like yours truly.”

Nick Valentine: “Huh.” He scratches his chin with his claw, looking pensive. Then, he chuckles. “Well, I guess it’ll make it a helluva lot harder to track you down. Can’t blame you for keeping folks on their toes.”

MacCready: He frowns, brow furrowing. “Kinda hard to recognize you,” he says, uneasily. “I mean… I guess it’s your choice, but. It sorta skeeves me out.” He’s not a fan of change, but isn’t going to argue with Sole’s choice.

Piper: “Whoa!” She lifts the brim of her hat, staring wide-eyed into Sole’s new face. “Cool! What made you decide to do that? What, uh- what’d you base it on? Why’d you do this face?” She’s more curious than anything. As always.

Preston: “Oh, uh.” He’s a bit surprised, but shrugs it off. “Well, I guess it’s up to you. Gonna be a little hard to recognize you for a while, but if it’s what you want.” He’s seen stranger things. He’ll live.


X6-88: He tilts his head to the side very slightly. “Why?” If Sole chooses to give an explanation, he nods. “Very well.” He doesn’t question it further.

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How would Akashi's Teiko-scientist-creator-person, the one featured in You Could Never Wear My Crown, have reacted to finding out that Akashi called Masaomi 'father'? I'm sorry if you've already addressed this at some point, I looked but I couldn't find anything. (I love your stories and they bring joy to my life, particularly this latest arc you've started because it talks about Youji and his background, and Youji is an amazing person!!!)

0102 drifts in and out of consciousness, and he has lost too much of himself. He hears voices, but does not fully understand what is said.

“—sure that we should have done this. He was adopted by Akashi Masaomi, after all, and Akashi-san is not someone who we should anger—”

“Don’t be absurd. Akashi is a pragmatist, I doubt there is any emotional attachment we need to be concerned about.”


“And anyway, you give that businessman too much credit as an adversary. He is not a threat to us.”

0102 stirs, and he is not fully aware of where his own words are coming from when he says, “You should not underestimate my father.”

There is a long silence, followed by an incredulous exclamation of, “Your father? You don’t have a father. You were created in a lab; I designed you. Don’t be sentimental, 0102.”

In the eyes of the law I am not your guardian but your father. It’s a trite and antiquated title to express forced familial bonds we really should have moved past as a society by now, but it’s important to keep up appearances for the lesser folk.

“I am not being sentimental,” Seijuurou says, returning to himself just a little as he focuses on the man who created him. “In the eyes of the law, he is my father.”

The scientist looks almost dumbfounded. “You can’t expect me to believe you think he’s going to save you.”

“No,” Seijuurou says. I expect you to be able to handle yourself in any situation, Seijuurou. If you need me to bail you out then you wouldn’t be an Akashi. “I do not expect him to come for me. I only meant that you would be wiser not to make him your enemy.”

“Why, 0102, you continue to surprise me. Have you really formed some sort of familial attachment?”

“Don’t be absurd.” Let me tell you something about family, Seijuurou. Bonds created by blood ties or love will only ever let you down. In the end, the only bond worth forging is solidified by mutual respect. “He is not my family. But he does have something you will never have.”

“I can’t wait to find out what.”

“My respect.”

There is another long silence, and the man who created him just stares down, with cold calculation. “Clearly, 0102, today’s session has not worked properly. We will have to start all over again.”


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