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This history, uh… Starts in Columbus, Ohio. And, uh… There was few years ago, and, that was before Josh and I were able to make money playing music. And, uh, I called him up and I said “Hey Josh, you wanna come over to my rental house and watch the GRAMMYs?”, and he said “Yeah, who’s hanging in there?”, I said “A couple of my roommates, just coming to watch the GRAMMYs with us”, and, uh, as we were watching we noticed that every single one of us was in our underwear… And, seriously, Josh turned to me and we were no one at that time, he turned to me and he said “You know, if we ever go to the GRAMMYs, if we ever win a GRAMMY, we should receive it just like this”.

made a levi-eren only version ‘cause this official art powers my feels so much. feel free to use for other edits! :D love u kenny i’m sorry

on a kinda unrelated note, this is to compensate for not posting any art in my blog recently, life has been keeping me real busy so blerghsjdhs :( sorry!


Ghost Corazon by 童子

Translation by ferra-rii

My very first attempt to translate a comic. I am so, so sorry if there’s any mistakes (and also for the handwriting). I’m neither a native to Japanese or English and I did this around 30 minutes before my final exam and idk anymore c ry.

Forgive me if there’s any mistakes. I’ll try to correct it as soon as possible. Thank you!

Control (M)

Requested: sub!yoongi

Warnings: pwp, kinky shit that you may not enjoy - please don’t read if you do not dig that sort of thing.

“I want to try something new,” you whisper and your heart is pounding as you gauge his reaction. For months you had been building up the courage to utter such simple words. Sex with Yoongi was truly a magnificent experience, within seconds the blonde could have you dropping to your knees with a softly spoken yet firm command.

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yukionna002  asked:

I'm very curious about the people with wings you draw, it looks like there's a whole colourful universe here. Do you have any story related to it? How do you call them? Is your Anti one of them? You've drawn one day Anti with scars in his back like he had wings in the past. And does he have a common backstory with Dark? Sorry for so many questions, it's just very interesting for me :> /and sorry for my probably full of mistakes English, it's late and I'm not native speaker 😂/

We haven’t came out any name for this universe yet, but yes, there is a story behind them, see if you can find it out from these drawings, have fun :)

anonymous asked:

do you have any oumami headcanons?? there's barely any for this ship ;; sorry if I'm bothering you!

I-its totally fine, I’m so glad there are people who still love oumami as much as I do!

This is more like general non-despair hcs post so feel free to interpret it as a school bonus mode or something. Please forgive me if there are any mistakes my English isn’t perfect. UwU

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Snow fall

The first snow fall of the year bring up some unwanted feelings for dadsona. ((Guys I have no idea what I’m doing.))
Joseph/Dadsona. Dadsona POV. SFW

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Name a flower

For the DGM Fanworks Intiative

Day 4:  Alternative Universe

I just wanted my OT4 + Timothy with flowers hah (T u T)/ 

I’m sorry if there’s any mistakes! English is not my first language ;u;

( @loony-in-a-blue-box oh god this is so different from what I told you about haha I almost lost my motivation…thanks for listening me ramble about Timothy TuT) 

Summary: Kanda, Lena, Allen and Lavi open a flower shop, Timothy helps them, and they all discover Kanda’s secret by accident. (slightly Yullen, it’s barely there though) 

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Author’s note: Kuroshitsuji with 15. Let’s make this a competition.”
First Christmas prompt! #fail Oh well, it’s Christmas somewhere, right? Right. Thanks so much for your lovely compliment! Hope you had a lovely Christmas and enjoy this little fic!

Summary: When Ciel’s servants fail to make him happy during everyone’s favorite holiday of the year, Sebastian suggests they turn this into a small competition. The first one to make Ciel smile or laugh is the winner and of course, as the perfect butler, Sebastian has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Word count: 2k (woops)

The smell of snow was already penetrating his room and Ciel woke up groggily, already annoyed at the familiar scent, and saw a blurry Sebastian preparing a cup of tea at the foot of his bed. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, Ciel sat up straight and let out a small huff when his butler looked up at him, the usual smile permanently plastered on his face.

“Good morning, young master. Did you sleep well?”

“As if you care,” Ciel mumbled and scooted over to the side, letting his feet dangle above the ground as Sebastian walked over to him with his tray.

Fortunately, the strong aroma of the earl grey tea took his mind off the fact that it was snowing outside and he purposely held the steaming cup right under his nose, practically forcing himself to smell nothing but that.


Oh, how he loathed this holiday. The only good thing was the profit he made with his company because people were dumb enough to buy presents for their loved ones. It was honestly the most useless day of the year, along with his birthday. Winter reminded him too much of the loss of his parents and his childhood, which was why he was giving Sebastian even more death stares than usual.

He couldn’t focus on the newspaper, his breakfast or his tea for that matter. He couldn’t even think of any random insults for Sebastian who was graciously ironing his clothes for today.

“You seem a bit tense today, my lord,” Sebastian mumbled as he gently dressed Ciel in a simply, yet fancy suit for the special occasion. “Anything I can do for you to make you feel better?”

As much as he wanted to not go downstairs and celebrate Christmas with the rest of his servants, Ciel didn’t have a choice so he shook his head, shrugged Sebastian’s hand off after he had tied a red tie around his neck and left his room, getting tailed by Sebastian’s quiet yet obvious footsteps.

The minute he got to the main living room, he was met with an explosion of “Merry Christmas, young master!”s, “Hope you like the presents we got you!” and “I did all the decoratin’ myself, sir,” and Ciel couldn’t be more annoyed. Even though they all meant well, he couldn’t help but glare at the gigantic Christmas tree in the farthest corner of the room, decorated with sparkly baubles, angels and everything else they could think of.

Finny started arguing with Bard about the chocolate cake that was in the middle of the large, beautifully decorated table, which somewhat appealed to Ciel because it was something sweet, but it still made his eyebrow twitch.

He took a seat at the head of the table and let Sebastian cut the first slice because it didn’t look like his servants were going to stop bickering any time soon. Mey-Rin was doing her best to stop them by flailing around like a butterfly while Tanaka sat in his usual corner, drinking his tea.

No matter what they did, they couldn’t get Ciel to be excited about Christmas. Every person in that room knew why he was not going to put on a fake smile, or at least pretend he liked the presents they got him, because everything about this holiday reminded him too much of the fire. So instead of listening to them constantly trying to cheer him up with silly stories, dance-moves and more sweet foods, Ciel just sat there, resting his cheek in the palm of his hand, watching them with a blank expression.

Somewhere in the back of his mind he did appreciate their efforts, namely Finny’s because he was trying the hardest by hugging him close and running his rough fingers through his hair while the others simply ran around in circles like lunatics. Sebastian was watching everything quietly, his blood colored eyes containing a neutral glitter while he cleaned the table.

“It’s no use,” Mey-Rin said, totally and utterly defeated as she held her face. “We cannot make the young master happy. And I thought he’d surely enjoy our presents and cake…”

“It’s obviously not his favorite day of the year,” Finny mumbled quietly against the back of his head and pulled away. “Did you at least enjoy the cake, my lord?”

“I did, it was quite tasty,” Ciel replied honestly and cleaned his fingers with his handkerchief, feeling undeniably cold without Finny’s presence. “You did a good job on that.”

They had probably put loads of sugar in it to hide their mistakes because it was a tad bit too sweet, but since he liked sweet things, he didn’t have anything to complain about. Plus, it was fun to see Sebastian’s disapproving look when he said that, obviously not pleased with the fact they made a cake without his surveillance. The latter was what made the white lie worth it because Sebastian was looking between him and the cake with the sourest expression he had ever seen.

However, the irritated expression was soon replaced with a cool one and Sebastian straightened up. “Let’s make this a competition, then. See who can cheer the young master up today. The winner can relax and take it easy for the rest of the day.”

That asshole clearly had a plan and Ciel did not like where this was going. Not one bit.

“Excuse you and your face,” he sneered and dropped his fork.

“But we’ve already tried everything!” Finny exclaimed, tears apparent in his large eyes. “D’you have any other ideas, then, Sebastian-san?”

“I do,” Sebastian smiled and looked down at Ciel with a rather mischievous, demonic look. “What kind of butler would I be if I didn’t even know how to cheer up our beloved young master?”

Okay, Ciel debated with himself for a minute. He could either give in and put a fake smile right now to get this over with or he could bite and see what kind of stupid plan this guy had. Seeing as he did like a challenge, Ciel decided to give them their needed permission with a mere flick of his wrist and watched everyone run around the house, trying their best to find something that would a bring a smile to his face.

Sebastian remained by his side during their frantic search, acting exceedingly patient and content, making Ciel even more annoyed because what was Sebastian’s oh so flawless plan?

Everyone else seemed to suck at making him smile, as usual. Finny had put on this idiotic clown costume and tried to entertain him by throwing some brightly colored balls in the air, Bard wanted to drag him to the kitchen to let him blow things up because “That always cheered me up when I was little!” but Sebastian promptly stopped him from doing so with a rather forced smile and Mey-Rin tried to show off her skills by balancing a couple of plates on her hands, shoulders and head. She failed of course and Sebastian was quick enough to catch all of them before they would hit the ground and shatter into pieces.

After some more failed tries, Bard tried telling a few funny stories about his childhood, along with a few very bad jokes, Finny went to the garden to bring in some flowers and Mey-Rin just kept tripping over her own feet and dropping furniture whenever she came up with a new plan. Tanaka remained silent throughout the day, chuckling every now and then while he watched their pure yet competitive attempts.  

At the end of the day, none of them succeeded and Ciel was left exhausted and bored of their endless, non-entertaining actions. “I’m gonna go to bed.”

He was about to get up but Sebastian, that smug-looking bastard, held out an arm and his smile widened. “Excuse me, sir, but I’m still allowed to give it a try, am I not?”

Ciel sighed and sat back down, folding his arms over his chest. “Right, I almost forgot. Go ahead.”

It was undoubtedly the biggest mistake he had ever made. Sebastian strode over to the back of his chair and placed both of his hands on his shoulders and Ciel felt himself frowning because he had no idea what to expect. Everyone watched in anticipation as Sebastian’s hand gently slipped down his torso, causing Ciel’s body to twitch lightly and right when he was onto him, it was already too late.

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Imagine this:

When Allen was little, after he had a nightmare, Cross would stay in the room with him, waiting for the boy to fall asleep again.
And in one of those nights, after they already had a long day, Cross would be so tired of everything… of seeing Allen having nightmares almost every night, constantly worrying that Allen will lose that little light that just came back to his eyes, that when he believed Allen was already sleeping, he started talking…
He gave Allen advices… told him to not give up, to not let the world crush him, because the world sucks and Allen had already been through hell and back.
Cross told Allen to not become like him in the future… told Allen to be stronger than him.
He told Allen to not believe in everyone, but let himself trust others… for Allen to find friends and treasure them, but know that in the world they live, Allen might lose those friends sooner than he expects.
Cross told Allen to not let that break him… that Allen can cry and mourn, but for him to move on… To face the pain and loss and come out stronger than before.
Just… Cross telling Allen to not let the world win.

swordplay // cullen x lavellan (nsfw)

anonymous requested accidental stimulation for the kink meme. i had some trouble getting this one out, but i finally finished it, so any nice comments would be so appreciated. <3 includes slightly dominant cullen~ very nsfw! reblog if you enjoyed, please!

Ellaina lifted her arm to her forehead, wiping the beads of sweat that had formed there off into the green sleeve of her coat. She’d spent the afternoon in the courtyards of Skyhold practicing sparring with some of the Inquisition’s soldiers. Being a mage, she’d never really seen the need to pick up a sword before, but now that she was the Inquisitor, she found herself eager to learn and be trained in all kinds of battle.

Picking up her sword once more, she swung the blade forward to meet the sword the soldier was holding, a loud clang ringing through her ears as the blades clashed.  She spun on her heel, lunging forward again, swords clanging against each other, against shields. Ellaina had to admit that wielding a sword was exhilarating. It made her feel powerful.

Up in Cullen’s tower, the Commander sat as his desk, shuffling through some reports, when he heard the sound of swords, his soldiers voice, and another very familiar voice.

Ellaina? he wondered. He had jokingly teased her before, saying that she needed to pick up a sword sometime. She had just scoffed and chuckled in response, so he didn’t think she would ever take him up on it.

Curiosity got the best of him, and he stood up from his chair and walked over to the door, squinting as the sun rays shone brightly in his eyes when he opened the door. He walked out onto the battlements, peering down to the courtyards below. And there she was. Ellaina Lavellan, a sword in hand, sparring with his soldiers. This was a sight he didn’t expect to see.

He was impressed, she wielded the sword quite well, her movements fast and effortless, but surprisingly skilled for someone who had never properly used a sword before. Her slender hand had a strong grip on the hilt, and her golden eyes were bright with determination and focus.

As he watched her train, Cullen suddenly felt a growing heat swirling in his belly, a familiar stirring below his waist.

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this probably doesn’t even make sense but i’ll leave it here anyway

Baby steps

Jun/Joshua, Fluff

963 words

Jeonghan was Joshua’s best friend ever since he moved from the States to attend uni in Seoul two years ago. He was a nervous wreck when he first arrived, not being familiar with the language yet, even though he spoke Korean with his parents at home. He couldn’t read or write properly so he asked Jeonghan for help after he met him in one of his classes.

They were pretty much inseparable since then. That is until Jun came into the picture. Jeonghan and Joshua met him when he transferred from China in his second year. Joshua really liked him but he couldn’t help but be jealous every time Jeonghan and Jun hung out without him. It wasn’t that they didn’t invite him to come along, but he was so busy with work and assignments that he had to decline their offers a few too many times. Joshua even thought Jun liked Jeonghan, like more than a friend. But he couldn’t be sure so he never said anything about it to any of them.

All three of them were now on the night bus, going back home after seeing a local band play at a bar downtown. Jeonghan got off at his station, told them goodnight and headed home. Jun and Joshua still had 15 minutes to go and it was awkward to say the least. They got along just fine when Jeonghan was with them, but once they were left alone they couldn’t keep a conversation going. It was expected of Joshua, since he was a little more shy and reserved, but it was really unusual for Jun, who was always loud and talkative.

It wasn’t the first time this happened, so Joshua decided to confront Jun.

‘Hey, do you like me?’

Jun turned to face Joshua. ‘What?’ He looked surprised. Shocked even.

‘I’m just asking. You don’t really seem to like me. Is it something I did? Because if it is I think we should talk about it.’

‘Oh…’ Joshua wondered why he sounded so disappointed.

‘I mean you don’t seem to have a problem with Jeonghan. You get along with him just fine. More than fine actually.’ Joshua couldn’t believe he just said that.


‘Is that all you have to say?’

‘Do you think I like Jeonghan? As in really like him? Because I don’t. Like him. No.’

‘Ok. So you just have a problem with me.’

‘NO. That’s not what I meant. Jesus…’

‘What then?’

‘I like you, okay? I don’t like Jeonghan. I like you.

Joshua’s eyes widened. That’s not what he was expecting. Far from it. Just as he was about to say something he realised that was their stop. They had to get off the bus now. He didn’t know if he was thankful for the interruption or not. Did Jun actually like him? Did he like Jun, though? He was a little more nervous than usual when he was around Jun, but did he like him?

They were on the sidewalk now, facing each other in silence. He wasn’t sure what to say. What if Jun just said that to get him off his back?

Jun looked at him. ‘Umm…You don’t have to say anything. I’ll, um, go home. See you around.’

That’s when Joshua realised he liked Jun all along. He was just blinded by jealousy. Of Jun or of Jeonghan? He couldn’t be sure now. ‘Wait. Jun.’

He turned back hesitantly. ‘Yeah?’

‘Do you wanna, maybe, walk me home?’

‘Look, you don’t have to do this just because you feel bad about not feeling the same way. I’m a big boy, I can handle rejection. Good night, Joshua.’

Before he could say anything else, Jun was already on his way. Why couldn’t he just tell Jun how he felt when he had the chance? Stupid. Now he let Jun walk away and he wasn’t sure if he could ever bring it up again.

He texted Jeonghan on his way home, telling him what happened. Not even a minute later, he felt his phone vibrate. Jeonghan.

‘What’s up with you? Why didn’t you put him out of his misery already? He’s been talking about you for weeks now. Do you even know how tiring it is to hear someone talk about how awesome and perfect and cute your best friend is? And did you seriously think he liked me? Oh my God you are so oblivious it really is adorable.’

‘Shut up. You’re not helping.’

‘Do me a favour and just call him.’

Did Jeonghan just hang up on him? Why did he even call him in the first place? Couldn’t he just text him like a normal person if he wasn’t about to actually let him reply? But he had a point. Jun liked him, he liked Jun. It was now or never.

He dialled his number and waited. What if Jun didn’t want to talk to him? Why wasn’t he replying? Maybe he changed his mind. Maybe he realised he didn’t actually…


Oh, crap. He answered. What should he say now? Come on, Joshua, say something.

‘Hey.’ Great…

‘Did you call to make fun of me? Cause I’d rather you didn’t.’

‘No. Why would I do that? That’s not why I called.’

‘Why did you then?’

‘I like you too. You didn’t really give me the chance to say it back earlier so I’m saying it now.’

‘Okay…’ He sounded bashful but Joshua could hear the smile in his voice.

‘So do you wanna ditch Jeonghan tomorrow and hang out? Just us? You could actually walk me home this time?’

‘That sounds good. Yeah. We could do that. I’m all for it.’

‘See you tomorrow then. Good night, Jun.’

‘Good night.’

Joshua thought he should listen to Jeonghan more often.

anonymous asked:

Hi, i'm a 15y/o(almost 16) trans, and one of my huge dysphoria is periods, is there any ways of getting rid of these? I want to avoid the birth control pills because i don't want the side effects (i already have acne and i don't want more spots you know) so if you can, please help me TwT (sorry if there's mistakes, english isn't my first language)

Firstly, your English is perfect so don’t feel ashamed of it! Also, birth control, contrary to popular belief, doesn’t really stop periods just kind of slows them down. Outside of testosterone, your period is going to come, it’s your body taking out the trash and it has to do this to stay healthy. I can only suggest ways you can deal with it, rather than stop it. I suggest putting together a pack of things to help you every month. Things like underwear-friendly sanitation products (I like pads with wings because I can wear male underwear without too much worry), heating pads, pain killers if you use them, things like that. Wear clothing that is loose and comfortable and will make you feel more masculine. Talk to people that you like, and that make you feel better. 

Lastly, you aren’t any less masculine because of this. Heck, I would say that you’re way tougher than any cis guy I know! You go through that monthly and come out swinging, that’s the toughest thing ever. You can get through this, friend! 

- Michael 

Sometimes, there’s no one else to connect with on that level. With Carl, I know that… There’s things that no one else can give, a certain level of comprehension, a way of remembering things, because at that time, we saw them a lot the same way, a way that no one else shared, and really I can only talk of that with him. Weirdly, he really knows me, I forgot there was someone else on this planet that could understand me like that, it’s mysterious but comforting and beautiful and I never really realised that before, I’m glad to understand it now, I’m clearly much happier. It was so fucked up…
—  Pete Doherty - Rock'n'Folk oct 2014