i'm sorry if someone did this already

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Hoo boy was this a monster to write. Sorry for the quality, I’m…I’m not sure how happy I am with this, actually

Tagging @magic-marvin-protection-patrol and @the-septic-theory-squad since they asked nicely, @markired ofc since I promised her I’d write this and @sunkistjello bc I know they’ve been looking forward to reading this monstrosity

Characters: Jackie, Marvin

Word count: 4.8k

Warnings: violence, blood, torture, kidnapping, a bit of gun violence, possible character death, this is like 90% angst and 10% comfort tbh. Jackie and Marvin are dating.

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“They just can’t get my nose right!”

Ah I had this idea for a while now– has anyone else done this?? I hope not, but if someone already did I wanna seeee 💕

Pfft the actual drawing on my sketchpad is small, so sorry for the terrible lettering– Any constructive criticism would be appreciated!! I would love to get better ♥