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Hey G, I think I asked a while ago but can you pls do another of the things harry does post? Part 3?

part one | part two

- will drink your coffee/tea and make a grimace for you because “there’s too much sugar here, pet”

- call on your phone in the middle of the day to ask what’s the name of the song you were listening early, because now it’s stuck in his head

- wakes you in the middle of the night just because he remembered the thing he wanted to tell your earlier but couldn’t remember

- put both hands between his thighs when he’s watching a scary movie, for safety of course

-  tries to persuade inanimate objects to do things in the way he want, like when the printer is too slow and he tries to convince it to be faster, as if it could hear/ answer him

- still get nervous when he has to talk with your father, calling him Mr and Sir all the time, even after your father said that it wasn’t necessary

- pull you to sit on his lap while he’s talking on the phone, kissing and biting your back/neck/shoulder while you giggle

- say “who yeh’re smiling at?” while you scroll down on your phone as fast as possible so he won’t know that you were smiling at the pics of him with his fans in his last trip

- put a pillow under his shirt while you complete your nightly routine, rubbing his belly, looking at you and saying “see? I’m having your baby” 

- Do a weird medley of songs while he sings in the shower, going from “twinkle twinkle little star” to “woman” and finishing with “isn’t she lovely?”, always thanking the ‘audience’ for having him

- hold you from behind after you shower and says “I’m gonna smell yeh till all the perfume fade away”

- will braid your hair while you’re siting between his legs on the floor, reading out loud a old poetry book he found in a book fair

- tries to twerk when he’s sure that no one is watching

- put his cold hands on your neck just to see your body shiver with it

- has a smug smile on his face after he listened to you talking with your friend and saying how much you love him and how good you feel when you’re with him

- pouts deeply when he’s thinking about something important and you feel the need to kiss the  wrinkle on his forehead, making him smile with that

- get embarrassed when you start to poke his dimple and teasing him about how pretty he is, and how seductive his dimples are

- loves when your mom tell him stories about your childhood, asking for her if he can take some pictures of the little you - in a bath, playing with a pink ball - with him, saying that if you don’t let him sleep on your arms tonight, he’ll post them tomorrow on twitter

- cries every time he watch “The Notebook”, hiding his face on your neck and asking you if “yeh’ gonna love me till I get old? Even if I don’t remember who yeh are?” as you promise him that yes, you’ll always love him, no matter what

-  smiles embarrassed when you look at this hands and say “ omg harry you’re naked!” because he’s without his rings™, hiding his hands behind his back

first, sorry for taking so long do to this! it’s been months since you asked me and i was procrastinating as usual. second, thanks to @theheadcanonsawakens (ridicula) and @stylishmuser for helping me! i love you both very much a lot!

edit: i felt the need of add a gif on this.

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do you have an blog recs. i have literally not followed any new people and i just need more friends bc im a pathetic potato sack

oh boy do i have blog recs…

✨these are some mutuals that i love very very much and most of them are really talented content creators (gifs, icons, moodboards,text posts, etc) and i know you’ll love them too cause they’re literal angels:

@vincent-phan-gogh @our-smol-beans @danielbear @devilester @internetfathers @spaceboyedan @boncasphan @lcssamazingphil @hydratedhowell @dxntasies @pugjumper @little-cheeky-monkey  @phandum @lestershorizon @doinganap @frecklednp @dayphil @celestialesters @jpgghowell @lesterscorgi @blushinlester @the30s @punklester @homesicklester @phanwhom @cutefreckledfaces @aforeverhome @illuminati-dan @little-lester @danlands @gleephaniel @cuddlesphan @pepperminthowell @galaxylestrr @bumbledan @believerphil @sharkdan @tealeaveslester @liabilitylester @rosepetaldaniel @softphanboys @rosehowell @fallinghowell @latte-howell @sleeplessphilip @nyellointernet @problemdan @fringez @curlydans @mostlyphil @fondnp @phreckledphan @htmlditl @dankdeepdaniel @rebrandes @spacekiddan @cuddlingsun

*this was a really short list of my mutuals cause i tried to add just the blogs that mainly post dnp sorry !!*

✨here is a list of other blogs that i really admire and follow and appreciate them from afar cause we’re not mutuals but i still really love them:

@princessdan @dantichrist @phillp @pinkpastelphan @masochistphil @ratinof @danisnotoffice @gamingmas @forgetfullittleguy @dawniel @princephil @astronautdan @oops-phan @acurlyphil @glowinghowell @borkdan @donthavetobebrave @phansterdam

Hello friends I am a bit sad today please rec me your fave fluffy fics :’-( I don’t mind any pairing!

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Drabble challenge! 9 - “You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!”

Venturing Into Mutual Domesticity

Galen Lavellan x Dorian Pavus. Dragon Age Dual AU. 938 words. Mentions @bxtgrl​‘s Aya Lavellan. More under the cut. AO3.

Sorry for the wait! Also I’m so sorry this is short.

Brownie points to anyone who knows where the fic’s title came from!

Galen wasn’t sure how long they laid there, curled in each other’s arms. His head rested against Dorian’s bare chest, listening to the music that was his heart beating. Dorian’s fingers were affectionately playing with his hair. They had started spending more and more nights together in the Inquisitor’s quarters. For the past couple weeks, they had fallen asleep in the same bed. Nightmares still plagued him from time to time, but overall Galen found it easier to sleep with Dorian by his side.

Galen let out a soft, small groan when he noticed the sun was higher in the sky than it had been that morning. He guessed it was almost past noon. What had kept Josephine or someone else from checking up on him, he wasn’t sure. Perhaps they were still treading lightly around him? A lot of the Inquisition’s soldiers and some of his companions had been doing so since he’d executed Erimond. But it had already been roughly a week since then.

He stirred against the other man, moving to sit up only to find hands gently trying to pull him back down. He felt the need to curl back up, to make this moment – this precious time alone with Dorian – last longer like an ache in his heart. It was like a cut that only Dorian could heal.

He turned onto his side, propping himself up on an elbow and smiling down at Dorian.

“We have to get up eventually, vhenan.” He didn’t want to leave the bed, but he knew the world still existed outside the room’s doors, and that world wouldn’t leave them undisturbed forever.

Dorian ran a hand up Galen’s back, earning a shiver from the elf. “I’m certain your sister can handle a few meetings without you.”

Galen leaned down to kiss him, grinning against Dorian’s lips. “You’re keeping me from my work.”

“You hate your work,” the other man pointed out.

Galen lightly scoffed. “I’ll have you know I have a uh – a love/hate relationship with my work.”

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Welp new drawing >w< Just finish this one <3 Yes I try to draw some poster because I draw a lot of stickers and this is not the same things than doind a full poster A4 XD

Ok So… This is again a picture for @cyaneworks <3 because YES I like their characters >w< !
And they’re inspiring me to do some test with perspective >w< !

Hope u like it <3

Slight rant feel free to ignore

Okay so I’m writing this super late at night and half asleep so please forgive me in advance.

I hate tumblrs New safety mode. Hate it. Half the blogs I frequent I know can’t see since I’m under 18 and am required to have it… HALF OF THEM AIN’T EVEN BAD! I’ve still seen full out porn since this features be added but yet your blocking zodiac posts????? And when I say porn I mean actually “oh wow that’s a penis” porn… Are you drunk tumblr? Last time I checked porn is far more ‘unsafe’ then what terrible fate my life will have due to my star sign being a cancer! Because lets face it cancer always has the worst luck with those things! It’s always depressing! I just want to read some smutty fanfic because I’m sad, lonely and forever dateless.

Okay rant over… sorry for this seemingly out of the blue post I just needed to get it off my chest… I’ve said porn way to many times in this rant.

Good night everyone it’s 11:47pm so I should probably try to get some sleep.

Lissa has returned.




And, basically, I just wanted to say a few things.


I’m immensely sorry for my inactivity during exams. I know I’ve missed being on here for Giles’ EA, for the most part, the cupcake collection event, and pretty much the whole masquerade event. I’m so sad that I missed being here for the latter, since I just loved it so much, and had so much funny shit to say about it but couldn’t because I was so wrapped up with exams, exhaustion and a motivational crisis.


Thank you so much to all the people on here, just in general, as well as to those in particular who sent luck my way for exams. I love all of you so much and really appreciate the support; it means the world to me!


I’ve got lots, and lots, and lots of writing to do. Basically, I’ve tried to write in-between revision and exams, but I haven’t been able to complete any asks that I’ve got, request and non-request. So, here’s the stuff that I had to do anyway and will hopefully get around to soon:

  • Louis x Reader/MC
  • Louis x Injured!Reader/MC
  • Nico x Reader/MC
  • Sid x Pregnant!Reader/MC
  • The ask from a lovely anon about the nail-art available at the con going on; I’ll answer that very shortly, darling!

But, here’s the stuff I’ve also been working on in the background when I was procrastinating or trying to resolve intense mental conflicts between my future and my happiness *sobsob*:

  • Hell’s Gates (Reverse Harem):
    Vampire!MidnightCinderella x Fem!Reader with darker-than-normal suitors, Rayvis, vampirism and none of that lovely-polite-vampire nonsense. This one’s going to be quite a bit darker and less lovey-dovey, trust me ;)
  • Intra-Hearts (Reverse Harem) Epilogue:
    Some reverse-harem goodness between the MC and all the guys. Shameless fanservice and a lot more… hot stuff than the main story ;))))) basically just venting out some… exam frustration~
  • Intra-Hearts (Reverse Harem) Prologue:
    When the boys realised they loved the reader
  • Intra-Hearts (Reverse-Harem) Prologue:
    When the reader’s father was killed and the immediate aftermath, basic loads of hurt/comfort with all the boys and lots of emotional stuff

So, lots of stuff is in the works! It’ll take a while to finish anything as a result, but I’m hoping I’ll have some fresh content up soon. Bare with me a little longer, people!




This is actually not centred around that ^^^, but basically, I’m going to buy the hell out of that game when it arrives in two (?) days’ time, and I will likely want to sit and scream over it, so I’m thinking about creating another Tumblr for Otome other than MidCin; namely Otome Romance Novels (because those boys have my heart even if Cybird’s basically forgotten they exist) and Ikemen Sengoku.

What do we think? I just know I’m going to end up sobbing over beautiful seyuus and vampires and UGHHGGSESKEFSLGLS DEM BOIS HAVE GOT ME ALREADY-

Så… (Guess who’s been hammering Norwegian in her barely-existent free time~)

In conclusion, I’m back, and I’m ready as hell for Albert, Ikemen Sengoku, Rayvis (I’m hoping and guessing he’s coming soon???), and eventually the addition of voices in MidCin (another hopeful wish, but I’m confident it’s coming!) Now, I’m just praying I’ll be able to get an ICT apprenticeship and get some money rolling in, so then I can otome my way through life even more than I am now.

It’s going to be a good year, guys.

Jeg elsker dere alle! Jeg er glad for å være tilbake!

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Okay. So.
I’ve had some time l to just. Stew over my emotions and to talk some things over. Needless to say, I’m tired of feeling like a worthless piece of shit. I don’t talk about a lot of personal things going on in my life on here, to be honest; I try and keep my blog happy and fun. So this might be confusing and probably really random… But without going into everything - it’s time to just…
Let go.
(And no I’m not going to burst into a Disney song 😄)
This…thing my emotions over the last few years have allowed me to become is not me. It’s just not.
Over the last week it got so bad that I’ve put things I love on hold almost- writing, drawing, just creating in general.
…anyway I’m babbling. And on mobile. But bottom line… it’s really just time.