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some of you all are ignoring and shitting on really sweet and healthy straight ships for abusive/pedophilic gay ships because tumblr made you believe that straight means satan

What I think of Zagene

Zagene is very… soft. And subtle. It’s there or it isn’t. Sometimes it’s so subtle that if you don’t look carefully enough, you can’t spot it.

But the thing is, Zagene is also very soft.

Eugene is hot, but he tends to keep his feelings towards himself.

Zach, on the other hand, is adorable and sweet, who seems like he opens up easily, but is actually very insecure.

Eugene cares for Zach, and he shows it in subtle, soft ways only Zach would understand, like a word of encouragement and an offer to go out for lunch.

Zach shows his love in a different way, by hugs and smiles and asking how Eugene feels or what he wants to do. It’s oddly very affectionate, which Eugene typically doesn’t like, but its Zach. And Eugene would mind if it were anybody else.

Their love is slow, but steady; soft, but subtle.

An experiment; afraid of the risk, but willing to try.


jinper - a jumper worn by kim seokjin, coined by @jinandtonics​ (happy birthday my love)

I don’t know if someone had the same thoughts but…

South Park Game. The fractured but whole. Fastpass Character Sheet. His Sex/Gender is ‘Yes please’. I’m German so… I first didn’t understand it. In the german we called this part 'Sexuality’ that’s why it took me some time… before I realized… 'Yes please’…is kinda an answer to 'sex’. Sooo… yeah. This cute little precious boy I love probaly wants that… I guess…

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hi i know this is probably a weird question but i'd just like to know for your muses who are in relationships / or even serious relationships what are the chances of them cheating on their significant other ?

( ooc : Hi nonnie !! Thanks for asking this QUESTION !! It also reminded me to make a CONNECTION / relationship page for my muses because it is BADLY needed.  Anyway here are my muses’ ACTIVE && Developed ships and everything !! I hope this answers your question !! *winks* )

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Hey friend! I just wanted to drop in and say that you're important, and a beautiful individual. I hope you have a day as great as you are!

Thanks. I appreciate it.

I found out a few hours ago my mom tested positive for precancerous cells for Cervical cancer. I’m still homeless, still unemployed, and struggling financially. My depression is at the worst place it’s been in months. I’m just trying to take it one day at a time.

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5s*s stans are so fucking gross and nasty towards one another that their drama is just them tearing each other apart…. it’s not even about 5s*s and their drama it’s about fans fighting over who’s right and who’s wrong…. 

This is like the best thing I’ve ever drawn

Why was my old (but not to old) art so good