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Hey 💕 could you possibly make something like how would your first kiss with seventeen look like ? And how would the situation look like ? I'm so sorry if I'm asking for too much 😭 I really love your blog and I hope you'll get even more love ❤️ cause your scenarios are AMAZING !

First Kisses and First Dates are all in the Boyfriend Series, but I’ll put them all together in this ask for you!! Click on the member’s name to read their full Boyfriend AU. ^^

- for your first date, seungcheol takes you to a restaurant on a roof with a view of the city
- spring is finally here, so the view is breath-taking, especially since it’s nighttime and from where you both are, you can see the bright city lights and the blooming cherry blossom trees
- you both spend the entire time talking nonstop, with you jokingly rolling your eyes ninety percent of the time because of his flirting
- after dinner, seungcheol offers to walk you home and you both walk down the city streets side-by-side
- someone suddenly crashes into you from behind, making you fall forward
- but seungcheol catches you before you could hit the ground
- he asks “(name), are you all right??”
- you don’t say anything because the only thing you could think about is the fact that you’re in his arms, and his lips are….. just inches away…..
- neither of you say a word, and you both slowly lean in at the same time
- and in the middle of a park path sprinkled with cherry blossom petals is where you both share your first kiss

- for your first date, jeonghan takes you to a fancy indoor restaurant and by fancy i mean there’s a chandelier hanging from the ceiling and a grand white piano sitting in the unoccupied space in the middle and everyone’s dressed formally
- it’s like eating in the ballroom of a castle
- the night goes on and you both enjoy each other’s company and enjoy the delicious food
- when suddenly, someone walks up to the piano and starts playing a beautiful melody
- everyone in the restaurant turns to the pianist and sways along to the music, including you
- jeonghan then gets up from his seat and holds his hand out to you saying “let’s go dance”
- and you say “dance?? here??” and jeonghan just laughs and takes your hand
- he leads you to the dance floor and slow dances with you, and others start joining you guys as the dancefloor is suddenly filled with couples slow dancing
- and under that chandelier, while the pianist slowly plays the end of their piece, is where you and jeonghan share your first kiss

- for your first date, jisoo takes you out for a picnic at the park and the basket is filled with delicious food the other members probably helped him make
- the date goes amazingly well because the food is great and jisoo is so easy to talk to
- but then it starts raining
- neither of you checked the weather that day so now here you both are, standing under a tree and waiting for the rain to pass
- but it doesn’t look like the rain will be stopping anytime soon and jisoo apologizes nonstop for not double-checking everything
- you assure him that you’re not upset at all but seeing how he still kind of is, you grin “well how about this? there’s a convenience store right across the street. last one there buys the umbrella!!”
- and before jisoo could say anything, you start running towards the store and you’re both pushing each other out of the way to get there first
- but at some point, you both just find yourselves laughing and holding each other under the rain
- and that’s when you both share your first kiss

- for your first date, junhui takes you to the beach and you’re both just walking along the shore, talking about anything that comes to mind
- halfway through the date, you playfully push junhui into the water and he retaliates by pulling you in
- you both chase each other around while splashing water everywhere, laughing and having fun together
- at some point, he takes off his shirt and you’re like OMFG JUN PUT YOUR SHIRT BACK ON and you cover your red face with your hands
- while your face is still buried in your hands, he grabs your waist and makes you both fall into the water and when you resurface, the two of you are laughing your heads off
- you and junhui walk back to shore when you get tired, and the rest of the day is spent sitting on the sand talking while waiting to get dry
- when sunset comes and you suggest it’s time to leave, junhui says “wait” and proceeds to write something on the sand with his finger
- when he finishes, you look down to see that they’re chinese characters and when you ask him what they mean, he says “i love you”
- and right after he says that, you both share your first kiss

- for your first date, hoshi takes you skating outdoors but you know what
- this guy pretends he doesn’t know how to skate so he has an excuse to hold your hand the entire time
- after renting some skates, hoshi dramatically falls on the ice after taking ONE step and cutely scratches his head while grinning sheepishly as he says “i uh…. don’t really know how to skate…..”
- you laugh and take both of his hands and start skating backwards slowly while he clumsily skates forward and everyone in the skating rink are looking at you two like that’s so cute omg
- after going around like this a few times, you decide to let go of one of his hands to skate side by side
- but somewhere along the way, hoshi falls for real this time, dragging you down with him
- you both fall on the ice but when you look up at each other, the two of you start laughing and right there is where you both share your first kiss

- for your first date, he takes you out for a simple lunch, a walk in the city and then ice cream for dessert but since it’s summer and it’s hot out, your ice cream melts and stains your shirt
- wonwoo sees how upset you are about it and offers to let you wash it off at the dorm since you guys are close by
- so you go inside the dorm and all the other members are like “ooohhh wonwoo who’s that??” and wonwoo just laughs and tells you to ignore them
- you’re waiting around in the living room while he leaves to go find something that could help with the stain, and you get a bit confused because the other members are nowhere to be seen
- all of a sudden the lights go off and you hear wonwoo call your name and he’s like “(name)?? are you okay?? stay where you are i’ll be right there!! argh those guys i swear…..”
- you slowly get up and try to follow the sound of his voice when you suddenly trip on something
- but you don’t land on the floor…… you fall over someone and accidentally kiss them on the lips
- the lights go back on and you and wonwoo immediately pull away out of embarrassment
- that’s right, your first kiss is accidental but it’s a cute little memory you think of every now and then

- for your first date, jihoon takes you to a humble little coffee shop because he just wants it simple
- you both sit at a table near the window and talk while eating your cakes and sipping your lattes
- you both don’t even realize how much time you’ve spent at the café because times just flies when you’re with him
- when you and jihoon finally leave, it’s already dark outside and you didn’t dress warm enough for this winter weather because you weren’t expecting to stay out this late
- jihoon notices how cold you are and takes off his scarf to give to you
- you say “oh no, i’m fine, jihoon!! put it back on, you’re going to get cold” but he says “i’m fine, i’m more worried about you”
- while he’s wrapping his scarf around your neck, you stare into his eyes, and he looks into yours when he’s done
- then he slowly leans in and kisses you right on the lips
- not only that, but the first snowfall happens that very moment, and it’s a first kiss you’re never going to forget

- for your first date, seokmin takes you to an amusement park
- you both go on every ride and share funnel cake and walk around holding hands
- he keeps you smiling and laughing the entire day, whether it’s because of his reactions during the scary rides or his body gags and amazing sense of humor
- seokmin decides that you both end the day by riding the ferris wheel
- by then it’s sunset and the view is absolutely beautiful
- and when the gondola stops at the very top, you two share your first kiss

- for your first date, mingyu takes you to the seoul lantern festival
- and it’s honestly such a beautiful experience
- he takes you out for street food near sunset, and after that, you both walk around the festival area, waiting for it to start
- the second it gets dark, one lantern lights up, then another and another
- before you know it, there are hundreds of beautiful lanterns floating in the water and they’re so vibrant and colorful in contrast to the dark night sky
- seeing just how amazed you look, mingyu takes out his phone and asks a nearby person to take a picture of you two in front of the lanterns
- the person agrees to it and counts “one, two, three…!”
- on three, mingyu cups your face, turns you in his direction, and kisses you right on the lips
- and under the stars, under a sky illuminated by lanterns of all colors, is where you both share your first kiss

- for your first date, he takes you out for dinner at this cute little family restaurant
- when you both finish eating, you think he’s going to drop you home, but instead he takes you in the opposite direction
- you ask him “minghao, where are we going??” and he just tells you “you’ll see”
- he leads you to the roof of the highest place in the city at night and the cool breeze feels so nice and the stars are scattered all over the dark blue sky
- you turn to him and ask “minghao, why are we here??”
- and right after you say that, one firework shoots up into the sky and another and another
- minghao knew about the fireworks show and wanted you both to have the best view
- and on that roof is where you both share your first kiss

- for your first date, seungkwan takes you to a nice little restaurant and pays for everything because who said jisoo’s the only gentleman in seventeen
- he’s honestly so easy to talk to and he’s so funny too, you really do feel like you can be yourself around him
- after dinner, he takes you to karaoke and it starts off normally with both of you taking turns singing solos and cheering for each other
- but then you both start singing duets
- and it is CHAOS
- you’d think seungkwan would take this opportunity to show off his singing skills but NO YOU’VE BOTH TURNED IT INTO A CONTEST OF WHO CAN SING THE LOUDEST
- so you’re both screaming the songs together and it gets really competitive but then you look at each other and start laughing and you’re both unable to complete the song because the two of you are laughing too hard
- and while the karaoke machine plays the instrumental of a beautiful ballad, you and seungkwan look into each other’s eyes and share your first kiss

- for your first date, hansol takes you to the arcade
- you both play a bunch of games to get as many tickets as possible so that you can trade them for something cool at the counter
- you both ended up spending the tickets on candies and little gifts for the other members. hansol suggested the latter and it makes you smile seeing how much he loves them all
- before leaving the arcade, hansol wins a stuffed bear from a crane game for you
- you exclaim “thank you, hansol!!” when he hands it to you and you lean in to give him a kiss on the cheek
- but hansol thinks you’re going for his lips, so in a moment of panic, he leans forward and surprises you by kissing you first
- despite the noise, it’s all just perfect, and that is how you both share your first kiss

- for your first date, he takes you to the aquarium
- you both walk around admiring all the sea creatures when chan sees this funny-looking fish and makes the same face, making you laugh really hard
- for the rest of the date, you both walk around imitating the different fish you see
- at some point, you come across a fish with puffy lips, and when you turn to chan with puckered lips to copy the fish
- he catches you off guard and kisses you right there
- it’s pretty short and quick, but it really is such a memorable first kiss

  • Kara: And so I told Alex touch that Potsticker and I'll-
  • Jess: *knocks* Ahem- Ms. Luthor I'm sorry to interrupt, but you signed these documents incorrectly..again.
  • Kara: Incorrectly, how'd you do that Lena? All you have to do is sign your name, right?
  • Lena: *sweats* Yeah, Right. I just probably put too many L's or accidentally spelled Luthor with an E.
  • Jess: *smiles* Actually Ms. Luthor, you signed these documents Lena Luthor-Danvers for the third time this week.
  • Lena: *glares* You're fired Jess.
  • Jess: Sure Ms.Luthor. Anyways would you like me to leave these here for you to re-sign?
  • Lena: *sighs* Please and Thank you.
  • Kara: *smiles* Luthor-Danvers. I like it.
People are morons...
  • Guest: Excuse me but I ordered Grauburgunder. I have a very refined taste so I can tell you clearly brought me the wrong wine.
  • Me: I am so sorry. *walks back inside, and outside with the same glass, nothing changed* Here is the wine you ordered.
  • Guest: Now that's Grauburgunder! See I could tell right away you fucked up.
  • Me: Again I'm so sorry. [internally cackling like a maniac]
  • What the fuck...
  • __________________________
  • Guest: Excuse me, what does Iced Coffee taste like?
  • Me: Iced Coffee.
  • Guest: Oh... okay...
  • On the same note...
  • Fellow waitress (who has been working there longer than me): Do we sell vanilla ice?
  • Me: Let's see. What do we put in [insert name of a bunch of drinks with vanilla ice]?
  • Felow Waitress: Vanilla Ice.
  • Me: Did that answer your question?
  • ___________________
  • Fellow bartender brings food to guests and sets down the plates.
  • Kid: Thank you.
  • Father: Boy, let me tell you something: You don't have to say thank you when you are paying for it.
  • And people wonder why kids nowadays have no manners...
  • ________________________
  • Guest: Excuse me there is sugar in my Tequila. It tastes horrible.
  • Me: Oh my I'm sorry. Did someone put sugar in the salt dispenser?
  • Guest: No the waitress wouldn't bring me salt so I took this.
  • Me: You used the dispenser that is huge and clearly has sugar in it?
  • Guest: Yes. I want new Tequila.
  • Me: It is kinda your fault you know...
  • Guest: No the waitress wouldn't bring me salt. What was I supposed to do??
  • Me: I dunno... NOT put sugar in your drink???
  • Guest: You are very impolite I wanna talk to your supervisor.
  • Me: You are talking to the supervisor.
  • Guest: So can I have a new drink?
  • Me: If you pay for it.
  • ________________________
  • Guest: I can't pay for the drinks I had.
  • Me: Well you have to pay because I sure as hell ain't gonna.
  • Guest: I don't have money.
  • Me: Maybe you should have thought about that before you ordered 6 beers.
  • Guest: But you have to understand... I took cocaine.
  • Me: Oh. Now it all makes sense. You don't have to pay.
  • Guest: Oh thank goodness.
  • Me: I wasn't serious.
  • Guest: But... cocaine... you know...
  • (I am not making this up.)
  • __________________________
  • Guest: There is bees outside. They are everywhere!!!
  • Me: Yes I can see that.
  • Guest: Do something.
  • Me: I am sorry I forgot the magic word that lets me control bees.
  • Guest: ...
  • On the same note...
  • Fellow Waitress: I am sorry. You are welcome to go inside and eat there.
  • Guest: I don't want to go inside. DO SOMETHING! WHY ARE THERE SO MANY BEES!
  • Fellow Waitress: Well I obviously gave birth to them, that's why you think I can control them but they grow up so fast... they won't listen to a word I say.
  • _________________________
  • Guest (to my former boss): Excuse me but I don't want a black person to be my waiter.
  • My boss: And I don't want racists eating at my reastaurant. Get the fuck out and never come back. Ever.

It’s been ages since @btsmee tagged me in this but I had so much work to do that I didn’t get anything done these last weeks AND I’M SO SORRY FOR NEGLECTING EVERYTHING!! 
Since today is a rather chill Saturday and I love music I decided to do this one really quick. 🐥🌸

1. Roads - Sonder Saloon 
2. Sad Name - Standing Egg
3. Blind - Monsta X
4. Be Here Now - Ray Lamontagne
5. Hold Me Tight - BTS
6. I Never Wanted To Go - Willamette Stone
7. Lullaby - Arco
8. Pray - Yongguk&Zelo (B.A.P)
9. I Belong To You - Daniela Andrade
10. Healah Dancing - Keaton Henson

Okay okay I have gotten myself into Indie-music way too much but I just like their calming sounds and deep lyrics? I tend to just lie down in bed, earphones in and try to just get into these songs. No wonder my flatmate calls me an Indie-Girl. /sigh
But I like the way I am. Sometimes. 

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strong-bottle-of-jyn  asked:

hey, could you do a pride and prejudice rebelcaptain au with Jyn as Darcy and Cassian as Lizzie?

Could I??? COULD I?????? 
I shall. Please completely ignore the fact that SW names don’t fit at all with Regency-era England and any historical mistakes, lololololol. 

1. Miss Jyn Erso was not born into money. In fact, the Ersos were known very much for being on hard times and when she was eight years old, Jyn was sent to live with a (much richer) family friend so as to give her a better life. There, she had a new sibling under the care of Mr Saw Gerrera at Pemberly, one Bodhi Gerrera, who was of a sweet and anxious disposition and quickly became her closest brother and friend. 

2. Miss Jyn Erso is now technically rich enough that she doesn’t need to marry. Saw isn’t sure whether he is ever going to succeed in it, since Jyn is … not a people-person. She is sullen at any dinner party, dances with no one at balls, will talk to no one but Bodhi. “No one wants to marry a woman with such an unpleasant temperament!” Saw will yell at her sometimes, but she simply brushes it off. It would be hard pressed to find a man of her equal status anyway. 

One summer, the Gerrera’s notice that Netherfield Park is free to rent. 

3. Mr Cassian Andor has one elder brother and three younger sisters. The Andors do well at Longbourn, but as the second brother, Cassian knows that he must marry just as well as any of his sisters must. It is his mother’s sole wish that her children all be settled one day (if not for their happiness, then at least so that they can keep the house). When they hear of the Gerrera’s moving into Netherfield, the entire village of Meryton goes wild. Cassian often rolls his eyes at the hysterics, especially when they finally make it to a ball at Netherfield. 

If he ever does marry, it won’t be because of money. 

4. “Might I introduce - Mr Bodhi Gerrera and Miss Jyn Erso.” 
Cassian had noticed the woman from across the ballroom, though he wasn’t sure she had even looked up all evening. She clearly stuck to herself, and wasn’t at all interested in engaging him in conversation. Her adoptive brother was much more attentive, speaking to the entire family happily, though Cassian noticed him elbow his sister more than a couple of times. All the women were going to fawn over him instead, so he supposed that Miss Erso thought herself above all this. His first impression hadn’t been off to a great start… 

But quite often, first impressions are never ideal to solely judge on. It takes a lot of heartache, miscommunication and a rather disastrous proposal before Cassian starts to realise that maybe he was quite wrong about Miss Erso after all. 

5. He knows he should not propose to her. No, there is a difference between marrying rich and marrying far above his station, and Miss Erso is in another class entirely. Not to mention that after all that has happened, he is doubtful whether she would be willing to ever marry him at all, even if he wasn’t so much poorer than her… until the day she comes to him. 

He knows how uncomfortable she must be and how much nervousness she must be supressing to say, “I - I know much has happened since I last spoke-” (’spoke’ was putting it mildly when one remembered them screaming at each other) “-of my feelings towards you. But I am here to say that my affections and wishes are unchanged … unless - one word from you will silence me on this subject forever.” 

In answer, he drops to one knee. 

au asks

yoonmin in a cafe
  • yoongi as a barista, jimin as a customer
  • taehyung: *whispers* do it! do it right now!
  • jimin: *whispers back* i can't tae!
  • taehyung: when our place in the line reaches the counter, you better do it, i swear to god
  • jimin: n-no! you better not do anything stupid
  • yoongi: hello, what can i get you two?
  • taehyung: um, a caramel macchiato for me and your number for this guy over here hehe
  • jimin: omfg tAE
  • jimin: i'm so sorry he's not thinking straight
  • yoongi: *smirks* that's alright, i don't do anything straight either. so what names should i put under your orders?
I'm Feeling Careless With Your Fragile Little Heart (Andy Biersack Imagine)

Hey :3 this is my first time requesting here and I’m nervous /.\ could you maybe write an Andy Biersack one where y/n and Andy have been dating for a while and you go to a party and hang out with your guy friends and Andy sees and gets extremely jealous so he takes you home and rough smut with fluff at the end? /.\ sorry I’m so awkward

A/N: I didn’t put smut because I couldn’t really think of a plot to add it in, I’m sorry! Oh yeah, and I know her friends names suck, I couldn’t think of any.
Song: Get Out While You Can by Get Scared
I stood awkwardly at the party, watching Andy talk to some of his friends. I sipped on my drink, taking out my phone and looking at the time again. “Y/N?” I heard a voice ask. I turned and look to see some of my old friends, Nick and Ryan. “Hey! I haven’t see you two in so long!” I said, hugging each of them. “What brings you here?” Ryan asked. “Oh, I’m just here with my boyfriend, Andy!” I said, pointing to Andy.  “Andy.. Biersack, right? He’s in that band you liked?” Nick asked, scratching the back of his neck. “Yeah, it’s was unlikely on how we started dating, but it happened.” I smiled to them. ~ ANDY’S POV ~ I watched Y/N as she laughed and talked with two guys, who looked at her with much amusement. “Andy? You listening?” Cc asked me. “Yeah, yeah sorry man. Who are those guys Y/N is talking too?” I asked Cc, pointing in their direction. “Oh, Ashley invited them. They’re friends with Y/N.” Cc said, taking a drink. “Why hasn’t she told me about them?” I asked Cc with much confusion.  “Beats me. Ask her.” He said, walking away. I scoffed walking up to Y/N and grabbing her hand. “Ready to go?” I asked her, looking at no one else but her. “Andy.. These are my old friends Ryan and Nick.” Y/N said, beckoning to her friends. I nodded as they gave me a brief smile. “So, uh Y/N. I never got your new number.” Nick said. “Oh yeah, here it is. Text me and we should all hang out again! Wouldn’t that be fun, Andy.” I attempted not to grimace. “Oh yes, very.” I growled. She looked at me with a weird look on her face. “Ok, we better get going. I’ll see you guys later?” She asked them. They nodded before leaving Y/N to drag me outside of the house. I got in the car and sped off before Y/N could say anything. ~ Y/N POV ~ To say I was mad was an understatement. I was infuriated. How dare Andy treat my friends like that! He couldn’t at least pretend to be nice, no he had to be an asshole about it. When the car was parked, Andy jumped out of the car quickly and left the door wide open.  I ran inside, slamming the door as Andy kicked his shoes off. “What’s your fucking problem?!” I yelled at him. “I don’t know what you’re talking about!” He yelled back at me, throwing his jacket to the side. “You know exactly what I’m talking about, Andrew Dennis Biersack! You acted like a complete jerk to my friends! Why?!” She asked me, getting up in my face. “Because they were hitting on you and you let them, Y/N!” I yelled at him, turning away to go upstairs. “You are not fucking leaving this, Andy. Why don’t you fucking man up and tell me the real reason why you acting like a complete and utter CUNT!” I screamed the last word, my chest heaving. Andy looked at me with a shocked look on his face, surprised I was able to form such words. Andy mumbled something under his breath, looking guiltily down at the ground. “I can’t hear you.” I stated. “I said I was jealous! Ok, you happy?!” He said turning to walk up the stairs. I walked up to him, taking his face in my hands. “Well, why didn’t you say that, baby?” I asked him, kissing his jawline. “Because you would’ve laughed at me. I don’t want to lose you.” He whispered, his eyes trailing away from my face. “Andy look at me.” I said to him. “I’m not gonna leave you. I haven’t talked to those guys since high school. I love you and only you. Understand?” I asked him, kissing him on the mouth. “Yeah. I love you too.”
How they met
  • Louis: *in the urinals* I gotta go, I gotta go, I gotta go *notices there's a guy admiring his curls in the mirror but doesn't care* calm down Louis. You'll do it fine. You practiced all the weekend for this... *his phone starts vibrating in his pocket* AHHH WHAT *accidently splashes pee on Harry's back* Oops!
  • Harry: *disgusted* Hi
  • Louis: I'M SO SORRY! MY PHONE VIBRATED AND I-- OKAY LET ME HELP YOU *fixes his clothes and goes to get paper*
  • Harry: Hey! it's fine... just need something to cover it
  • Louis: Here! take my sweater... *takes off his sweater and hands it to him*
  • Harry: Thanks *while putting Louis' sweater on* I'm Harry Styles by the way
  • Louis: I'm Louis Tomlinson! Nice to meet you. And sorry again.
  • Harry: I told you it's fine
  • Louis: You know... You got a superstar name! I think you will be something big in the future! Mind giving me your autograph?
  • Harry: My autograph? *stuttering a bit*
  • Louis: Yes! So when you're a great singer I can proudly say I was the first person you have an autograph too
  • Harry: Okay... *nervous* Where do I sign?
  • Louis: Here *hands him a toilet paper* all I have sorry.
  • Harry: *nervously signs it* Here... I think I gotta go. Nice to meet you Louis
  • Louis: Nice to meet you Harry. And sorry again
  • Harry: Bye *sadly*
  • Louis: Bye... *whispering* hope to see you again...

holy shit you guys i just reached 10,000 followers omg i can’t even explain how grateful i am right now thank y'all so much i’ve learned so much from you over the years! so i decided to make my first follow forever, yas!! and again thank you for stick with me because i know sometimes i’m an annoying little shit who spam your dash with crap you’ve never even heard of heh anyway i’m so happyyyy i wish i could hug you all right now and i really hope that you guys have a wonderful LIFE because you all deserve it!!!! also that ur fav tv shows don’t get cancelled and your otps are endgame lmao

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anonymous asked:

imagine tony making a ton of dumb jokes off of bucky's name. "starbucks." "the buckinator." "the buck stops here"

“hey steve, did you know that there’s an equestrian game called ‘ride a buck’? i feel like you would really enjoy it”


“you just put a buck under your thigh and ride the horse bareback, squeezing your legs tight enough that the buck won’t fall off”

“what are you talking about?”

“i’m sure barnes would be happy to help you out if you wanted to try it”

“tony i swear to god - ”

“bye now!”

anonymous asked:

no offense, but here's an advice : you could write down your art policy in your blog description. I've seen some artists are doing it. I'm sorry you got your art reposted .

none taken :)
yes, i can always do that. but will it stop people from reposting my work? from my years experience on deviantArt, writing policy/warn doesn’t stop people to save arts into their hard-disk and repost them somewhere, or even steal them.

let me explain a bit.
if I put my name on tumblr search box i will find these:

these are all reposted works of mine.

but these are good kind of reposters~ why? because they included me on their description (or at least their tag).

now here is an example of bad reposter:

why? because this tumblr user edited my work without permission and repost it here without any credit to the creator.
ok they probably got my drawing from second or third hand, but it’s not that hard to find the original source using google reverse image :/ dont be lazy!

when someone share my art, it means they like it and they want other people to see it. so once a while i received comment like “hey i found you via theartofanimation” or “hey i discover you from mr.suicidesheep youtube channel!”
i even got myself a client from this kind of exposure.

for me, sharing my art with others is another form of compliments. But, (YES THERE IS BUT!) only if they included my name and provided link/source to my gallery and or my blog.

in short: i dont mind my art being repost/share as long as i get a proper credit.

imagine the world without credit though.. you wouldn’t know who’s the actor playing thorin oakenshield because warner bros were too lazy to include his name lol.

if you still think credit is not important then let me tell you this. there is another name for it. a fancy name. they are called Moral Rights.

I know tumblr is not an art community. here is the place where GIF sets and witty text posts gain more recognition than a piece of art, made from scratch and probably took weeks to finished. i truly understand that. but please educate yourself :

> if you love an artist’s drawings, LIKE or REBLOG them. follow those artists. give them chance to feel appreciated. artist’s struggle are real. if you enjoy their work then you have the slight responsibility to support them.

>if you find an art post without source or credit to it’s creator, do not like/reblog them.

and lastly, for the anon who sent me this : i’m sorry for late response & turning your ask into a goddamn rant.

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Do you know any fics where Louis and Harry are stuck on an island or trapped somewhere, snowed in, etc? Also you are so lovely and sweet. xx

Thank you!! :3 Here you are, love! :)

Uncharted Shores (OT5 polyamory)

Poor, Unfortunate Soul (merman Harry)

Been Gone Way Too Long (dub con)

Heaven doesn’t seem far away anymore (mpreg)

come and put your name on it

A girl in a hijab already had a knife pulled on her at my school. This is sick. This is wrong. And we are /not/ obligated to not defend ourselves. And to the freshman that yelled “White Power,” behind me when I walked home: I peeped ya address.
I know where you live. I know your parents car. I know your name. And your sorry ass is gonna get expelled.

Just because ya boy Donald got elected doesn’t mean I won’t dox your cracker ass or swing. Let a Caucasian put their hands on me or call me a faggot or a tranny or a nigger. If they don’t know how it feels to get decked, they gon learn today.

Good Burger Starters
  • Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order?
  • I'm a dude. He's a dude. She's a dude. We're all dudes, hey!
  • I don't wanna sit by you.
  • I don't wanna see you.
  • I don't wanna smell you.
  • I don't wanna hang out with you.
  • I don't even wanna use words with the letter "U"!
  • You think you can get me to a hospital?
  • I think I broke my ass.
  • My name's never been abbreviated before. I love that!
  • It makes me glad I'm not dead.
  • What's your hurry?
  • It's now officially summer vacation and yet I'm still looking at you.
  • You're an amazing student.
  • I mean, you sit there and get your test done first, and you were concentrating so hard I thought you were sleep.
  • Next time make it more challenging
  • I'm worried about you, too.
  • Have you seen yourself lately?
  • Nice car. This yours?
  • Yeah, but look at him. How much longer could he possibly live?
  • I should've died years ago.
  • Oh, I'm sorry, dude. I have to go get them. Customers aren't allowed in back.
  • They could put us out of business.
  • Shut up! Just be quiet!
  • ___ must look awfully strange naked.
  • Wait, wait, wait. I won't be funny no more
  • Wait! You ain't gotta bring the man down here!
  • Take out the trash!
  • Get this loser out of my face!
  • Oh, now you're about to push me a little too far!
  • You want a piece of me?
  • I am reporting your name to the manager!
  • Oh, I'll see you in Hell.
  • Hey, you look familiar. Don't I know you from somewhere?
  • I've could've sworn I've seen you someplace before
  • What in the world are you talking about?
  • I give up. Who am I?
  • Man, I don't know who you are. Or where I know you from. Or why you think you're an attractive nurse, but I am sure I don't wanna know you any longer.
  • Now, please go away, I've had a very bad day.
  • Boy, you must really suck.
  • See right about now I'd slap you in your head but I'm not sure if your brain would understand the concept of pain.
  • That was a stop sign!
  • You know...I don't even remember what my dad looks like.
  • I think he likes me.
  • Well we can just talk or get to know each other a little better. Now, doesn't that sound like more fun than miniature golf?
  • You are so hot.
  • So, uh, you like me?
  • I thought you were self-centered and obnoxious.
  • How can you take advantage of a sweet person like ___?
  • I just tackled some old lady.