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Mpreg Fic

So in the newest baking video (shook) Phil said something about an “Mpreg Fic” when they were talking about how huge Dan’s dungarees were, and started making baby noises?

Well, you’ve guessed it.

Your favorite piece of trash







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Yuuri and Viktor playing chinese whispers with people, I would love to see that xD

“Okay, I’m going to say it to you, Yuuri, and then we go down the line,” Phichit instructs. He leans in closer, cups his hands around his mouth. “Yuuri Katsuki is a sex god.

Yuuri waves his hands in protest, shakes his head. “I’m not repeating that. I understood you, Phichit, but I’m not repeating that.”

“What’d he say?” Christophe asks, and the rest of the group watches, too–puzzled.

“Come on, Yuuri,” Phichit urges, nudging his shoulder. “Come on. Keep the game going.”

Yuuri winces, just glad that he doesn’t have to whisper those words into Victor’s ear himself. Victor is at the end of the line, but Christophe is right beside Yuuri, and he can handle Christophe. He leans closer, the words feeling odd on his lips. “Yuuri Katsuki is a sex god.

Christophe laughs, loudly, then turns to Leo and whispers something. And then Guang Hong, and then Seung-gil, and then Michele, Sara, Mila, JJ, and then, finally…

Yuuri Katsuki is a sex god,” Victor announces.

"What? It stayed the same?” Phichit asks, shocked. The last few rounds they’d done, the phrases had ended up drastically different for the originals. That’s the whole point of the game.

“That’s not what I heard or what I said,” Mila mutters, confused.

JJ, who had been the one to whisper into Victor’s ear, frowns at him. “I said Yuuri Katsuki owns a poodle, not Yuuri Katsuki is a sex god.

“But that’s what was originally said,” Phichit points out, running a hand through his hair.

"I guess it’s just in my nature to hear the truth,” Victor says with a wink, and Yuuri buries his face in his hands.




so i caught up on the abridged series today


Okay so in the movie at the table the Kingsman is just two rows of white guys probably aged mid 30s mid 50s. We often write these OCs with families.

But what if a rule of being a Kingsman was no partner, no children?

They have to lie about who they are - humble tailors, and that lie is a lot easier if there isn’t anyone you are going home to.

Can you just imagine how unbearably lonely they are?

They take solace in sitting in crowds, being surrounded by the people they save and don’t even get a head nod.

They take solace in each other, but somehow that makes the loneliness worse to look a person in the eyes and see the same emptiness returned to you.

You even have to be careful about a hook up at a bar, because what if in passion you let it slip?

You know Chester was always watching - waiting for you to be weak. Waiting to remind you what was at stake if you dared maybe found someone to comfort you.

And it was clear you couldn’t even fall in love in house, because you couldn’t have R&D playing favourites, you couldn’t have accounting giving you more budget than another agent.

And perhaps you fall in love with another agent. Maybe two you look at each other and see not the emptiness but possibility and you are so careful not to show it. So sure that one safe house the cameras were dead in the city black out. That one moment of love is safe.

And then Chester Kings sends your love out to investigate a missing professor and the search to fill his seat begins. And you return to the emptiness like the rest of the agents.

And imagine that you managed to win, to be in love and to hide it for how many years, decades, the only people to actually outwit Chester?

To find out you didn’t and watch your lover has he head blown open by a man who can’t even look at blood. Was it just fate or did Chester make sure that Harry went to die, to punish him for whatever it was that made Chester want them all to be as empty as him.

Imagine though you know you hid it for so long and so well that when you find Harry again, that when he is alive and your hollow heart fills drop by drop…

you wish you could be surprised when he doesn’t remember you, what you were to each other.

You never could show it, express it, it was something you just felt in your bones.

No proof, no photos, or letters.

Well Kingsman don’t need love anyways right? Saving the world matters more.

You don’t need love.

You don’t need.

A Kingsman never needs.

That would be unseemly.


pre - Rogue One Bamayar bodhi / cassian AU referenced here by @bodhirookandor and here.

In which Imperial cargo pilot Bodhi meets Cassian, who is undercover at Ducal Palace, nearly kisses him in the rain, and doesn’t recognize him again until they are soaked on Eadu.

Here’s another adoptable, Lune! She’s a photographer who especially is good at capturing the beauty of winter ~~ She may be one in a series of 4 types, Idk i might get to it if people like the idea ;v; She’s only $10 and up for grabs so message me for questions or ask me for her at annekoart@gmail.com!

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Please do not steal this character - If you purchase, you are allowed small changes to the design and a change in name maximally. 

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