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little gift for @fallen-determination​ it their birthday today! |ω・`˵)◞

I hope you having a great day today! 
Thank you Ras for being such a nice friend even tho i shy to talk to you I enjoy your presence so much! you fun to talk with >w</ please stay the way you are! you’re a great and amazing artist X3c  //flee

man…..like as a child of immigrant parents, I have so many worries that most people in my class don’t… like I can’t pursue the career I truly want, that’s not going to pay bills…. I have to find scholarships ASAP! I have to join clubs, do community service, and all in hope I’ll win something… I know school should be fun, but when I see classmates who play this sport, rent this instrument, pay for these trips, pay for these dance classes, or even tutors… it’s just hard not to be envious. I can’t get a job because of all the classes I’m taking, and honestly, the only thing I use my drivers license for is driving myself to school and my family member’s houses.

It’s always been this way. I know I should be grateful for the little I have, but I just wish it wasn’t this way. I just want to enjoy my education without worrying about money.

hmm that least favorite art style post is unnecessarily bitter honestly

Hello everyone! If you’re wondering where all the posts have gone, I have removed them due to some copyright trouble (my own stupid mistakes, but tumblr does take this sort of thing very seriously). Because I don’t want to run the risk of having my main account (& subsequently all associated accounts, including this one) deleted, I have removed all of the posts just to play it safe.

I don’t want to delete this blog because I was having a lot of fun with it, & there’s nearly 400 of you who seemed to be having fun as well! I may decide to continue it as a text-only blog - less fun I know, but it would be better than nothing I suppose! If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, I’ll be here.

Regardless of the future of this blog I’ve had a lot of fun & I hope you all have too :)

It’s fun being yelled at for “only” giving someone $70 when you have barely $200 and still have to afford to get to work and eat. It’s especially fun to be called selfish for giving $70 when it’s giving more than you can without hurting yourself. I couldn’t really afford to give anything at all and yet I still did. It’s also fun wondering how the fuck you’ll be able to afford the things you need, like the glasses you’ve desperately needed for months, because so much money is being demanded from you and you’re getting no help. It’s fun being told that it doesn’t matter if you can get to work or not because their job is more important. It’s absolutely awesome knowing that even though that money is supposed to go to help pay for bills for the both of us it’s actually going to be wasted on drugs and booze. Oh, and it’s fucking fantastic knowing that they can easily handle the cost of everything if they just managed their money right. It’s stupendous knowing that you’re fucking yourself over for someone who doesn’t genuinely need the help. Living sometimes on <500 calories/day is totally healthy, right?

It’s fun being generous and taken advantage of by people who are supposed to care about you. It feels good to give a sincere “I’ll give as much as I can” and get bitching in return because “it’s obviously not enough.” It’s nice knowing that you’re not contributing enough when you’re bending over backwards for them. Being told that “maybe being homeless would be good for you” always brightens my day.

Actually, no, it fucking sucks and I can’t wait until I can cut you out of my life because you’re an abusive piece of shit.