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Error Lance? Error Lance. Error Lance!!


Kisses to wake up the sleeping (er, malfunctioning?) AI Prince :’)


Extra extra! Local autistic goth tries to look hardcore but forgets their Body Sox™ is in the background!

[Image description:
2 photos of a white agender teen in a black long sleeve shirt and black pants with black shoes with silver spikes on them. The teen is chewing on a black bat from @stimtastic and in one photo they are watching a spinner (from the same seller). In both photos the teen is crouching, but in slightly different positions.]


“Just when I think I could have a decent conversation with you. We’re done here!”

*Chuckles* “I’ll bring Beau around 3PM.”

“You and your stallion dare come this side of the fence.”

“Willow ain’t gonna hold up against Beau’s charms… just as her owner can’t resist mine for too long.”

“If I get my hands on you…”

“I’m counting the moments for just that, baby.”

I was just thinking about that old belief that the dream world is a place your soul goes when you sleep and my mind conjured up the image of Roman coming out of Thomas’ body like when people die in movies and their spirit just kind of sits up and then the rest of them come out too and then like, all combine and then he’s just floating away towards wherever that dream place is and I dunno why my brain thinks of these things it’s a little weird

Angsty One Line Prompts

Let’s crush those feels….or…what few feels are left after reading some fic.

*mario wa-hoo*

  1. Remember when you promised me the world?
  2. Don’t you dare die on me!
  3. Why?
  4. Out of everyone, I chose you and you decided to leave.
  5. I never thought about planning your death.
  6. You never realize how crushing and how numb death is until it happens.
  7. I know your kiss will kill me but I don’t care.
  8. Where did that spark go?
  9. It’s as if the clocks stopped and time stood still for you.
  10. You kissed me before it all happened.
  11. I know you’re slipping cyanide into my drinks.
  12. Promise me that you’ll find a way to live without me.
  13. I laced my lips with poison just to kiss you.
  14. Death is better than this!
  15. You never cared once.

papillon-noirsblog  asked:

Hi, this is about your post abut ferriswheelshipping that you tagged #nuzlockes tend to be good with this but...#not fanfics and older fanart and I'm confused bc I thought that Nuzlockes were those thing where people play pokemon and when a pokemon faints they release it and act like it tied/ do some other things to increase difficulty of the game and. What does that have to do with shipping?

Oh! Well actually, there’s a huge nuzlocke comic making community. The original nuzlocke was actually a comic, so people started making their own.

I’ve read a lot of BW nuz comics, and while the main characters aren’t actually Hilda/Touko or Hilbert/Touya (some look the same, but go by different names. others are totally different characters), they have plenty of well written interactions with N.

Some prime examples are:

Kynim’s @mythsofunova  (looks like Hilda, but her name is Nina)

V–tori’s @breakfreenuzlocke (completely original protag)

@pipipipiyo‘s Pi and Pea nuzlocke (looks like Hilda, name is Pi)

@zeropro‘s Jet Black nuzlocke (looks like Hilbert, name is Jet)

(and trust me, plenty of others. totally check these out though, they’re all great!)

*Note: by “shipping” I don’t mean just romantic, but their relationship in general. Slowly built (or…not built) friendships are the best.