i'm sorry i'm sooo sorry

if the Chase family actually have a good relationship from the start.

uh. this was intended to be that scene when magnus met annabeth for the last time before their parents fights but mysteriously it became a very random sleepover scene-___- 

No matter what it is that I’m into

This blog will always be full of gays

So apparently there was this one time, they were out shopping and jisoo pointed at a lamp, saying it looked interesting and jennie was like “why would you need such a useless thing” but in the end jisoo got it as a Christmas gift from her omg my jensoo feels I cANT, GET U SOMEONE LIKE JENNIE

anonymous asked:

whar r your top 5 fan art of supercrop

Ohhh man! You know I’ve been thinking about this since I read the question and I am still struggling!?

In no particular order:

  1. Supercorp Wedding Doodles by @sango-blep
  2. Kara and Lena Grow Closer by @tantoun
  3. I’ve Got You by @trappedinvacancy
  4. Promise? by @nikanono
  5. When you’re tired and lose a little of your impulse control and kiss your crush by @plastic-pipes