i'm sorry i'm not sorry i ship this badly

imagine it’s the second period in a game where the Falconers are playing the Capitols. The Falconers are ahead by three goals, so no one is really worried, they’re just gonna defend and ride this one out.

Jack is on the bench, resting his chin on the top of his water bottle as he watches the players skate by, working out plays idly in his head. Suddenly a familiar tune plays and he smirks as he looks up at the jumbotron as a couple kiss for the camera. It switches to a couple, obviously just friends, who get booed when both look away from each other embarrassed. Then the camera switches to the Falconers bench, more specifically him and Poots who jump a mile when they see themselves on the screen.

Jack feels a blush rise high on his cheeks as the crowd erupt into cheers, and sneaks a peek at Poots who is staring straight ahead. The cheers begin to turn to booes and jeers as its evident that neither Jack or Poots have any interest in kissing each other, both out of respect for Bitty (jack is out to his team fight me).

Just as the heckling begins to die down, the crowd losing interest, Jack sees a figure skating towards the bench at top speed and before he can react, the figure jumps the boards and grabs his face, kissing him more forcefully than Jack has ever been kissed in his life. When Jack opens his eyes again, Taters lopsided grin meets him and he mumbles through his mouthguard, “Couldn’t leave Zimmboni home without kiss!!” Before planting a kiss on Poots’ cheek and returning to the ice.

The screaming and cheering of the crowd can only be matched by the noise created by the Samwell Men’s Hockey team, as they watch from the Haus couch in Massachusetts.