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finn and poe’s sl in the last jedi: a few considerations

first thing to state: these two both needed to have some kind of journey from A to B in order to arrive at the ending that this movie had in mind and the set-up for IX, finn needed to deal with Some Issues that were there since TFA and poe needed a lot of screentime to make up for the fact that while he’s one of the main three, in TFA he had very limited screen time. now.


  • needed to work on his main **character flaw** that was stated in TFA, ie: he tends to go flight when in a flight or fight response, which is entirely understandable from his POV but not exactly useful if he has to, uh, *be in a rebel resistance*;
  • needed to know more people and see more beyond what he knew since he’s been a stormtrooper all his life and only ever worked for the first order and he can’t get around just knowing rey and poe and maybe leia but it’s not like they knew each other;
  • needed to see beyond his stormtrooper bringing up and get around, you know, having individuality;

what this movie did was addressing all of that by:

  • sending him away from the only two people he knows (okay, poe not so much because they were in contact always but still) so that he has the chance to, you know, leave and come back;
  • giving him a storyline with rose ie someone who has entirely good reasons to fight for the resistance and lost her family and everything she had and opened his eyes to other horrid shit the first order did (you know, he goes from ‘this town is beautiful’ to helping her tear it apart sooo) and who admires him first as an icon but then as himself and is willing to die for *him* without really owing him anything beforehand;
  • doing that, he realized which were his priorities, he fought for people other than his two friends, he realized that he wanted to be rebel scum (or did I dream that conversation with phasma) and by the end he was about to die for the cause when in the beginning his first thought was running (without even warning poe for that matter) so that he’d save his ass and rey’s. which is entirely understandable from his pov, again, but it was something the movie needed to address and is named character development, which he got in spades;
  • now he’s reunited with his friends, made more friends, knows his place in the world and doesn’t want to run anymore. mission accomplished.


  • needed more time to have his personality established given his lack thereof in TFA;
  • needed to be established as leia’s successor which this movie obviously was pointing at;
  • needed to learn the skills to be a good leader;

now, they could have shown him already being good at it, but thing is: this movie ran two hours and a half and no one wants a Perfect Protagonist Without A Flaw in movies, because it’s completely unrealistic and the fact that poe was a+++ amazing in TFA worked because we saw him less than the other two, if he was like that all the time he’d have been a gary stu.

so, what this movie did was addressing all of the above by:

  • giving him a hell of a lot of screentime which was used to show us that while he’s an excellent guy all around he does have some flaws;
  • (which are all by the way entirely consistent with his character because if he’s a hothead who likes to blow things up and fly in the middle of the action he most likely won’t consider that sometimes you have to retreat or that sometimes you have to look at saving lives rather than making sacrifices of most people you have before being left with a handful)
  • establishing that he and leia have definitely a parental/familial vibe because she basically treats him like she’d treat her own family and they’re familiar in ways you are not with your boss;
  • putting him in a situation where he realizes that acting rashly means you get demoted regardless of how good you are at your job;
  • giving him the tension with holdo which made him realize that you can be a good leader also by retreating and not ATTACKING all the time, that sometimes you have to buy time like that and that it’s not cowardly to run and that it’s not necessary to go around sacrificing your own life and others’s for the cause;
  • doing all of the above, he went from promising general to virtually effective leia substitute, because at the end of the movie he did exactly the contrary of what he did in the beginning, told finn what leia told him (to disengage), stopped finn from going after kylo and luke when he realized luke was buying them time so they could run, and leia herself told people to follow him and not her, which brings us to the conclusion that the infamous rewrites post-tfa most likely were to give him a larger role and effectively set him up to become the next general (also because let’s be real, if han died in VII and luke died in this one, leia was gonna die in the next one if carrie had lived to act in it, and all of them needed the new trio to pick up where they left from), and this when poe was a character who was supposed to be killed at the beginning of tfa.
  • like, they gave all of this hell of a storyline to a character who was supposed to not even survive the first movie, that’s how much they liked him and how much they accounted for the fans liking him.

so: what happened with this movie was giving them arcs with proper screentime for both which addressed points that couldn’t be addressed in TFA and set them up respectively to a) finn being a full part of the resistance where he’s staying by his own choice and where he’s made friends and found his own individuality and not forcing him to be it which would have happened if he stayed in the main ship for the entirety of tlj, he needed to leave and come back and get rid of his former boss/phasma to fully leave his past behind, b) poe being the new general of the resistance with leia’s full blessing and after we saw that he learned how to be one and we can trust him to take good decisions because he learned on his own skin what it means to take bad ones.

doesn’t seem to me like *character assassination*, except that of course we get to the crux of the problem which is, ‘stormpilot didn’t happen’ and ‘neither of them is confirmed gay’ and apparently that trumps everything else. ship discourse under the cut because this post is long.

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Strip Club II

“Fucking seriously Theo.” If Liam could kill with his eyes, he would be shining his flashy wolf ones. Right. This. Fucking. Second. Instead he couldn’t, stuck with glaring murderously from behind the wheel of his Bronco across the parking lot from the coffee stand. The bikini coffee stand. Dic’s n Daisy’s 4 U. The name matching the one Mason had texted him earlier.

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The signs as Mamamoo Immortal Songs 2 stages:
  • Aries: Wait a Minute
  • Taurus: Wonderful Confession
  • Gemini: Love
  • Cancer: Love Story of a Girl
  • Leo: You Are Always By My Side
  • Virgo: Delilah
  • Libra: The Way to Sampo
  • Scorpio: Backwoods
  • Sagittarius: Dance in the Rhythm
  • Capricorn: You, In My Fading Memory
  • Aquarius: Flying into the Night Sky
  • Pisces: Passion Flower

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Hey there idk if you realize this but you guys are making a father and son (max and Daniel) relationship. Even though that’s basically like saying a five year old old should spend time with his fucking abuser and do all this nice stuff with him and that’s kinda rude tbh :///

oh uh

i’m,, sorry anon



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CAN I HAVE UHHHH FUCKIN BADASS LANCE PLEASE btw your blog actually gives me butterflies thank for being grate

ohhh thank you so much :’) 

  • when lance shoots a couple of galra soldiers in rapid succession he always grins and blows away invisible smoke from his gun. the team are secretly impressed but make a big show of rolling their eyes
  • he can shoot multiple fast-moving targets 
  • shiro: ‘ok team, the galra on this base are going to try and stop us’ lance: ‘ha. they can try’ 
  • lance kicks down a drone running towards him and with his foot on its chest, shoots it point-blank
  • keith, who has been pining hard for almost 780 years now: ‘oh wow’ allura: ‘settle down keith’ 
  • he balances his sniper rifle on his shoulders 
  • lance’s bayard transforming into two pistols so he can dual-wield 
  • pidge is trying to shoot a couple of galra sentries while in the green lion but lance swoops in and takes them all out with one blast 
  • when a situation is important, he loses his usual joking complaining attitude and becomes completely serious, brows furrowed and jaw set
  • lance: ‘wanna see me land a head-shot on the training bot from 50 feet?’ keith: ‘haha yeah ok’ 
  • lance breathing in deeply and shooting it: ‘just like that’ keith wiping sweat from his brow: ‘hoo boy….’ 
  • the red lion is a lot faster than blue was, so once lance gets the hang of his speed, he can dodge blasts with ease and take out more sentries than anyone on the team
  • allura: ‘i need someone strategic and level-headed for this mission. pidge-’ lance: ‘i’m your man allura’ 
  • allura: ‘are you sure?’ lance: ‘for once, just trust me’ 
  • when he lands a shot with his sniper-rifle that even he wasn’t sure he could do, he always lets out a long low whistle
  • the team are freaking out because a lion has been captured, but lance clenches his fists and raises his voice over their shouting
  • lance: ‘listen to me. this is how we’re gonna get it back.’ 
  • he’s really good at strategy and planning and shiro always enlists his help in making plans to defeat the galra 
  • lance says casually ‘hunk, move your head to the left’ before taking down a drone over his shoulder with one clean shot
  • lance is happy with red and he misses blue, but he also wants more because he knows he can offer something else to the team. one day, he’s arguing with keith in the black lion’s hangar about the team’s future 
  • keith: ‘if what you’re saying about shiro is true, then i don’t- i don’t know what to do. if something happened to me, who would even pilot black?’ lance: ‘you’re looking right at him’ 
  • from behind them the black lion growls softly 

Another inktober i had to color just because 

With special dedication for @blacksmiley-c because I don’t know anyone who could love Gabe more than she does 🍩

You know, I’m tired of people constantly portraying Iwa as some thick skulled neanderthal who constantly growls and punches Oikawa, when in reality he would burn entire cities if even half of his hair was out of place. He’s an amazing, trusting, loyal, encouraging friend and it’s sad that people can’t see that.

And I’m tired of people consantly portraying Oikawa as a crybaby who just whines and is too loud and obnoxious. For years, years he’s been investing in his team, trying to bring them to their fullest, and because they’re such an amazing an coordinated team that means that Oikawa earned their respect. They are willingly following Oikawa’s lead. He knows he’s not a genius but damn him if that’ll stop him.

When they lost, it was Oikawa who was trying to look strong for the team, even if he was breaking inside, who tried to pull them together. It’s not just Iwa being Oikawa’s pillar. It’s because they are both each other’s pillars and because they trust and respect each other infinitely that they are so good together, and that they work so well as a team, as partners they can boast about. It’s not just one pushing and pulling the other, it’s mutual, and I’m sick of people reducing their characters to something shallow.



I found out that when I said “I couldn’t wait for him to be taller” I really couldn’t.