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I love this blog sm- I've just been scrolling through reading all your stuff! If you haven't already done this, how would the UT and US skelepuns react to their boyfriend (is it alright if S/O a boy? If not I'm sorry! Gender neutral is fine) who twitches a lot when they're sleepy? I basically loose control when I'm tired... thank you!

(*I wasn’t sure if skelepuns meant just Sans and Stretch or not, so I went with both sets of bros to be safe. )


He’s cuddled against you while he sleeps, enjoying the feeling of how soft your body is compared to his bones.  He’s dozed off while watching a movie, and he’s so relaxed that he doesn’t even notice your twitching.  However, if you start to twitch when he hasn’t been able to fall asleep yet, he’ll pretty much just find it hilarious.

“heh, you’re being a real jerk.  you nervous?  you seem kinda rattled there, babe.”

He teases you relentlessly, chuckling every time your body ends up involuntarily jerking.  From his grin, it’s easy to see that he’s trying to get a rise out of you.  He ends up staying awake just to see how many times you jerk when you start to drift off again.  The scientist in him is low-key fascinated.

*heh, human bodies are weird.


Papyrus rarely sleeps, so he’s the one that’s made you tired in the first place–by keeping you up through an old MTT movie.  Mettaton’s rectangular body is artistically sprawled out on a bed of rose petals, with more slowly falling from above.  It’s four hours long, so understandably, you started to nod off during the first half hour.  You body jerks the minute your chin hits your chest, and Papyrus jerks so hard that his bones rattle.  

“ARE YOU ALL RIGHT?”  His gloved hand grips your arm, and you nod, dazed.  What happened?  Did you start to fall asleep?

“‘m fine,” you answer through a yawn.  


“It just does that sometimes, Paps.  It’s normal.”


“No, no, it’s fine.  I’m good.  I promise,” you assure him.  He tries to protest again, but you lean in and press your lips to his cheekbone, causing him to immediately forget his train of thought.  

“I… WELL, IF YOU’RE… SURE.  NYEH.”  He’s blushing, and it’s adorable.  You decide to stop hiding the fact that this movie is putting you to sleep and instead change positions so you’re lying with your head in his lap.  Papyrus is still blushing, but he starts idly petting your head, though the feeling it muted by his gloves.  Every time you twitch, he jumps a little, but slowly, he gets used to it and stops panicking.  


The first time Blueberry notices your body twitch when you’re drifting off is the first time the two of you share his rocketship bed.  It also happens to be the first time he’s ever slept beside anyone other than his brother before, so he’s understandably nervous and can’t seem to stop talking.  His mind is in overdrive, and he’s just a disjointed voice beside you in the darkness–now that the glowing blush has faded from his cheekbones.  You want to stay focused–you want to be able to keep responding to your bonefriend–but you’re just too tired.  It’s been an exhausting day already.

You start to drift off, and your body jerks, just as his hand brushes the edge of yours beneath the covers.

“AH!  S-SORRY!  I WASN’T TRYING TO… IT-IT WASN’T MY INTENTION TO…”  The room’s bright with his blush again, and you’re dazed enough to not quite understand what he’s talking about.  He freaks out and starts to scramble off the bed, but you sleepily pull him back and gently shush him, telling him it’s all right.  You end up nestling against his chest (and you can hear the hum of his magic stirring, he’s so frazzled), and it isn’t long before you jerk again.  Blueberry’s entire body flinches off the mattress (he’d been in the process of wrapping his arm around you!), and you end up having to mutter something about it being a human thing before he accepts that you’re not flinching away from his touch.  


You’re having a lazy day with Stretch, both of you laid on the couch watching Netflix.  You’re on his chest, your cheek pillowed against his thick hoodie, while his phalanges idly trail along your spine.  You’re so comfortable and relaxed… and that makes you feel tired.

The first time you twitch, Stretch’s fingers momentarily still, but he makes no comment.  He waits, slowly resuming his ministrations, and it isn’t long before you twitch again.  This time, he chuckles, and the vibration of his deep laugh against your ear is enough to pull your tired mind back into the present.  Crap, did you drift off?  You feel like you’ve missed half of the episode.  

You try to concentrate again, but you can’t process what’s going on in the show–and you feel your eyes becoming half-lidded once more.  You twitch, even harder than last time, and Stretch chuckles again, before leaning his head down close to your ear.

“do i give you the jitters, honey?”

You’re slightly embarrassed that he called you out, but you can’t help but grin, your arms winding tighter around his torso.  Of course he does.

(*Imagine Masterlist)

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I was recently listening to "Thunder" by the Imagine Dragons and one of the lyrics was "I was lightning before the thunder" and I'm wondering if that's where you got inspired for the title of the fic you're currently working on? ( also, just curious, when do you think you'll be done? I'm really excited for it!)

Yes, it is! I’d say I’m about halfway done. My plan was to have it finished by today or tomorrow, but then July turned out kinda crazy for me and I didn’t really get the chance to write the way I had planned. So currently it’s delayed by a month, and I’m hoping I’ll be done writing by the end of August so I can edit it before posting. By then I reckon it’ll be somewhere around 60k unless I completely scrap my plans. In the meantime, here is another extract:

Once they’ve finished eating, Mama clears their plates and Evgeni nudges Sidney to his feet. He thanks Mama for the food, and Sidney rushes to add his own thanks, but she just smiles at them and shoos them out of the kitchen, telling Evgeni to get Sidney to bed. It’s late.

Evgeni takes Sidney’s hand in his. “Come on,” he says. They make a brief stop out in the hall to pick up Sidney’s backpack where they’d left it earlier before Evgeni starts herding Sidney towards his bedroom. Theirs now.

“Sorry,” Sidney says again as they are walking up the stairs to the second floor. He must be so tired he’s beyond what little Russian he knows. He says in English, “I wanted to tell you, you know, before. When we talked on the phone.” He glances at Evgeni, smiling shyly. “I wanted to make sure it was okay with you, to come here and play for Metallurg. I’m sorry I didn’t say anything. Brisson said I couldn’t, and I didn’t think it’d be a good idea, just in case something happened before we could work out a deal with the team.”

“Of course is okay!” Evgeni exclaims. “You here, Sidka. Is best!”

Sidney smiles at him, pleased, and ducks his head. “Best,” he echoes dreamily. “We’re gonna do great.”

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Phanfic: So kissable

Title: So kissable
Genre: So fluffy you’ll sue me
Word count: 653
TW: Swearing and I think that’s all?
Excerpt: “You woke me up at four in the morning because you wanted to kiss me?!”
A/N: I am terribly busy therefore I spend my time writting fluffy drabbles. Anyways here you have some sleepy phan fluff.

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Summary: Phil can’t sleep so he goes to Dan seeking comfort.

Genre: Fluff, comfort

Warnings: None

Word Count: 800 ish

Phil drew the covers in closer around himself, burying his face into his pillow.  He was up way too late, or was it too early at this point?  Even Dan had long stopped pacing.  Now Phil longed for the pitter patter of his flatmate’s steps, the calming rhythm in the London noise that often made its way through the walls.

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Happy +  Bedroom/house/living quarters + romantic headcanon ficlet, Stucky:

More often than not, Bucky’ll go back to their apartment when Steve’s on a mission.

He feels closer to Steve there, he’d told him. Surrounded by all the Ikea furniture they’d picked together and Steve’s art hanging on the walls.

Living in the Tower has its perks, sure, but sometimes they just need this, a place that’s just theirs. The coziness and warmth that come with smaller, quieter rooms. A smoke on the fire escape and the familiarity of their old neighborhood. It still welcomes them there. Like a hug, Bucky’d said. And Steve gets it.

So when the mission’s finally over and Nat confirms that’s where Bucky is, he’s not surprised, just heads there as soon as they land. Debriefing, a shower… they all can wait.

For now, all he wants is to get home. To Bucky. To that place where the rest of the world can’t reach them, solid walls guarding them, allowing them the fantasy of a simple, boring, domestic life. Boring sounds heavenly right now.

It wasn’t a particularly difficult mission—no force on Earth would’ve been able to stop Bucky from coming along if it had been—, but complications had arisen, and so Steve finds himself dragging his feet down the hallway, bone tired and covered in grime and sweat and blood that’s—mostly—not his.

It’s late, and Bucky’s probably asleep, so he lets himself inside as quietly as he can manage, and all but collapses onto the couch. He hasn’t even gotten out of his suit, feels sticky and hot and uncomfortable in it, but he can’t bring himself to move for the life of him.

All things considered, the headache isn’t really that bad. Nothing like the skull-piercing ones he used to get before; he never gets those now. This one feels… like something weighing down on him. As if gravity was suddenly stronger, or the air a lot thicker around him. The body’s way of demanding that he rests for a little while.

And he has every intention to do so, except he’s at that point where you’ve gone just too long without catching a break, past that state where you’d be able to fall asleep as soon as you hit any remotely horizontal surface, and into too-exhausted-to-sleep mode.

So he just lies there on the couch, too tired to move or think, just hoping it won’t take him too long to go full circle, hoping for sleep to find him and make the headache go away. The room tries to help, to cradle him and let the peacefulness seep into his bones, but a good 30 minutes go by and he’s still just as exhausted, head aching just as much, and twice as uncomfortable.

And then he momentarily forgets about everything, because the bedroom door opens, and that means Bucky’s awake, and just that is enough to put a smile on his face.

The footsteps draw closer, then stop, and Steve doesn’t even have the energy to open his eyes, but he hears the foot-tapping, the scoff, can just picture Bucky’s expression, and his smile gets wider.

“You’re back,” Bucky says in an accusing tone. “I told you to wake me up.”

Steve feels better already. “Hi, Buck.”

“Too tired to drag your sorry ass to bed?”

In an incredible display of willpower, he manages to crack an eye open and turn his head to look at Bucky. He’s only wearing a pair of black briefs, metal arm glistening in what little light comes through the window, like something out of a dream. His hair’s a fucking mess, and Steve loves it.

“Sorry. Didn’t wanna wake ya,” he explains. Bucky rolls eyes at him. “And… yeah.”


“Tired. As fuck,” he moves, trying to get comfortable, and his body kindly reminds him of everything that hurts. A groan falls from his lips.

“Fuck, Steve, please tell me that’s not your blood,” and he says it in a way that, more than worried, sounds like he’s ready to hurt Steve even further if the answer happens to be yes. Steve smiles some more.

“Nah, ‘m alright. Just tired”

“Not hurt?”

“Headache, ‘s all,” he assures him. Then: “Fuck, you’re pretty.”

Because he can. Because it feels like home here, with Bucky standing at his feet, in a place they’d chosen together, and that’s something he’d stopped wishing for long ago. Because he’s too worn-out to have a filter anymore, and it’s true anyway.

Bucky snorts—but there’s a small blush creeping up there, Steve can see it even in this dim light—says: “Scoot over,” and gathers him in his arms. “Jesus, Rogers, you stink.”

But he wraps an arm around him anyway, let’s Steve rest his head on his chest, kisses his forehead. It must be terribly uncomfortable, to have Steve’s weight resting atop of him like this, still in his suit while Bucky’s practically naked, but he makes no mention of it.

Instead, he asks: “headache, huh?” and bring his metal arm up, rests it gently on his forehead, draws nonsensical patterns on Steve’s back with his other hand.

The relief is instantaneous. Steve lets out a long-drawn-out sigh, and moves just enough so he can give the cold metal a quick peck. Bucky might not feel it, but he still hums in appreciation, forever amazed that he can do any good with this arm at all. Steve’ll prove to him that he can for life if he has to.

“This helping?” Bucky asks. Still disbelieving. Still needing the reassurance. Steve kisses him again.

“Very much. Feels good, soothing. Thank you.”

And with that, with Bucky kissing the top of his head and their home keeping watch over them and Bucky’s rhythmic heartbeats acting like the world’s best sleeping spell, he finally dozes off.

Send me a symbol and a ship and I’ll write you a headcanon ficlet.

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Alex/Astra - Alex gets hurt (maybe in a fight or she just collapses at home, I'll leave it up to you) and Astra is the one to look after her, scaring half the hospital people in the process. Sorry this is kinda bad but I just had this idea in my mind though I'm unable to write for now and I was in the mood for some angsty fluff

Angsty fluff? Got it. :)

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i suppose i could…. …

the tags messed up, but it’s 

-and as Grover hauls him onto Blackjack and tells him to stay alive, stay alive, Percy thinks: Why do you write like you’re running out of time? Because I am. 

-Percy almost touches her cheek with an ice cold hand but not so that he goes through her. He says, “My love, take your time. I’ll see you on the other side.”

a hastily written bonus: 

His heart is going so fast he thinks it might burst even before he faces death. His mind is going even faster.

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So I wanted JR to answer this and since he hasn't you are the next best thing! (If you've already answered this sorry). My question is: The famous "Not everyone, Not you" scene, do you think Clarke understood the weight of what Lexa was saying? Also what do you think they were each thinking when they are angsting after each other when Clarke leaves the tent? Maybe a general breakdown of this scene is what I am looking for? hah Thanks! Always love your thoughts and opinions!

Haha really? Well thanks! I probably shouldn’t be answering this at 2:30am but here I go! Hopefully I’ll answer your question, if not just come back and ask me to explain further. :D . I kinda answered what Lexa meant by “Not everyone, Not you” in THIS POST. I talk about what moment Lexa was referring to.

I do think that Clarke understands the weight of Lexa’s words. You can see it in her face as she backs up shocked at how vulnerable Lexa had become. She can see it in Lexa’s eyes as she can see through Lexa’s commander facade – I see right through you. She is close enough to gaze into Lexa’s eyes that are giving away what’s in her heart; the eyes are the windows to the soul. However… Clarke doesn’t reciprocate Lexa’s confession but instead uses it to manipulate her. “Well if you care about me, trust me.” (more analysis/meta on that scene here: (x) (x) ) Think back to when Clarke asked Lexa “So you stopped caring about everyone?” and Lexa didn’t say anything but she just replied with a nod. Now, this is Lexa vocally replying “So you stopped caring about everyone?” “Not everyone, not you” If you want to hear this listen to the first few seconds of THIS VIDEO

Jason kinda responded to what Clarke might have been thinking when she left the tent, in kinda a funny – but most likely pretty accurate – way: 

Clarke no doubt was attracted to Lexa, but when Lexa confessed her feelings it caught Clarke off guard. Clarke was caught off guard by Lexa’s confession as well as her own feelings. Then she tries to calm herself and reflects back on how she let herself get distracted by her feeling with Finn. She blames herself for Bellamy destroying the radio, this is another reason why Clarke stop the kiss…among other reasons…. (x)

As for Lexa, I think she is thinking “you idiot” after Clarke didn’t reciprocate her feelings but instead uses them against her. This is playing right into her ‘love is weakness’ philosophy. She tries to collect herself and I see her look at her throne, trying to remind herself who she is and to not lead with her emotions. She then think back on what Clarke has said and decided to trust her, even if Clarke doesn’t care for her in return. Lexa trusts Clarke and how Clarke uses her closeness to people to make logical decisions.

Clarke returns and replies “I know how hard that is for you” to Lexa saying she trusts her. Lexa doesn’t trust easily. She trusted Gustus who betrayed her and god only knows how many other times Lexa’s trust has been betrayed. Lexa trusting Clarke was a huge step and Clarke realizes this and tells Lexa “she knows” — she knows Lexa. They have only known each other for a short period of time, but they know each other probably better than they know themselves. 

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would you write a blurb about michael deciding he wanted to play teacher/student with you and there's a lot of dirty talk and he's really into you calling him 'mr clifford' omf

O M G 

You and Michael would be really close in your relationship, like, you honestly felt comfortable telling each other everything. It was like you would be best friends as well as bf and gf. But still you wouldn’t have been prepared for him to, like, completely randomly, ask if you’d play out his biggest kink with him. So you’d be on the lounge just watching a movie (and the movie wouldn’t even be related to anything sexual. Like it would TMNT or some shit) and he’d be cuddling you from behind and you could sense he was kinda distant but you didn’t mind because he had a lot going on and was probably sorting through it all in his head

But then he’d just mumble, ‘babbbyyy,’ and he sounded like a whiney little shit, but you knew he was probably really tired and delusional and you were willing to get the exhausted boy whatever he wanted. So you’d be like, 'hmmm?’ and then he’d put his head to rest on his hand which would now be propped up by his elbow and he’d really slowly and gently be running his fingers in your hair. And you’d look up at him and his face would be so un-readable, like, you wouldn’t have seen the facial expression before, and he’s just be flat out suddenly like, ‘I want to play teacher/student and I want to fuck you for being a naughty girl.’

AND MEANWHILE your brain is like… what the fuck. Was not expecting that shit at all man. And you’d go to say something but your words would choke up and Michael would notice and then he’d just laugh a little bit and be like, ‘I’m just joking, babe, don’t worry,’ and he’d crawl back behind you and you’d be like OMG. Because you weren’t even against it, you were just shocked because that came out of nowhere

So anyway, you would feel awful because Michael would’ve been acting super off and a bit not-talkative at all the next day and poor boy, like, he’s just been so over-worked and you felt so bad for your muffin. So you’d be like fuck this, he is getting a surprise when he gets home from work. And you’d actually go out and buy a really cute little tartan mini skirt and you’d get some super sexy underwear and like omg a white shirt that wouldn’t really fit over your boobs and your tie would fall between the cleavage and it wouLD BE SO FUN DRESSING UP, DONT EVEN TALK TO ME

and michael would get home from the studio and you’d be sitting in your bedroom like leaning back on the bed on your hands and your legs would be crossed and swinging off the bed. And Michael would just walk in and LITERALLY drop his shit on the floor and his mouth would drop too, and you’d be like, shit, need to say something so, ‘Hi Mr.Clifford.’ AND YOU’D SOUND SO INNOCENT AND MICHAEL WOULD NEED TO TAKE A MOMENT to register and he’d react with like, 'Miss, I’m glad you turned up for your detention,’ and he would sound so serious like he was getting straight into the role and your mind was already racing ahead to when he was going to fuck you and you’d be getting so wet already and HELPPPPPPPP MEEEEEE

So you’d have to keep calm as much as possible and thank God, michael would just take control and do all the talking and all the action, and he would sit down and make you stand up and be like, 'now if you’re going to wear that outfit in class and tease me so that I get a boner while teaching then I think you need to apologise to me,’ and you’d be so naive and biting your lip like, 'I’m so sorry, Mr Clifford,’ and he’d just be stern like, 'no, love, you apologise by stripping for me and sucking my cock.’

and holy shit michael he’d go so long without touching you until finally he’d have you sitting on his lap and he’d put his hand under your skirt and just have a one finger stroke back to front over your panties and you would just whimper so fucking loudly and he would have the biggest grin ever on his face and be patronising like, 'oh, honey, my poor baby, you’re so wet, baby girl, your pussy’s dripping for me,’ and you would involuntarily raise your hips into his hand and almost groan because you’re so horny by now but he would just be revelling in this shit 

AND LIKE IT WOULD TAKE SO LONG UNTIL HE JUST FINALLY SHOVED HIS COCK INTO YOU AND YOU’D BE SCREAMING WHEN HE did but then he’d yell above you, 'SCREAM MY FUCKING NAME, BABY,’ and you’d just forget it all and be like, 'YES, MICHAEL,’ and he’d actual like pause inside you and grip your hair and pull you up to him and be like spitting, ‘That’s Mr.Clifford to you,’ and then you’d turn into this hopeless moaning mess like, 'oh God, yes Sir, oh, oh, Mr.Clifford, harder, please, yes,’ and eventually he’d just lose completely control and not care anymore before he came undone like, ‘oh ffuck, sweet heart, fuck, I love you so much, baby, yes, you’re so beautiful, oh baby, shit, i-i—i-“

Wanderlust-Mischief: My ship is obvi Destiel, object is a pillow, && location is a small apartment in NY.

A/N: Sorry this took so long! This is an AU (kinda), it takes place sometime after they end up losing Sam and the bunker no longer feels like home.

Dean still had no fucking idea why he agreed to this.

Not only was he exhausted from moving halfway across the country, but he was living in this small ass apartment in the middle of New York City. He wasn’t complaining about that though… in fact he kind of liked it. Small worked. It was cozy.

No, it wasn’t the apartment that was bothering him. It was Cas.

Cas, who was curled up near his side, taking up the majority of the bed. The covers included. Dean could complain about the space, but in reality—the bed wasn’t big enough to fit both of them either.

Nope, it wasn’t the bed that was bothering him. It was Cas.

The fallen angel was snoring. And Dean had no idea that Cas was such a heavy sleeper. He was noisy, and impressively resistant to Dean’s continuous attempts to wake the man up. Fuck, it’s not like he carried any of the boxes up here. Why the fuck was he so tired?

Dean sighed loudly and shifted his position, now lying on his side—facing Cas. He watched the other man for what seemed like hours and listened as the snoring slowly faded away.

Dean found that he missed it.

No… It wasn’t the noise that was bothering him. It was just Cas.

“I still can’t believe you forgot to pack the pillows…” Dean mumbled quietly; mostly to himself. He wasn’t angry, not anymore. And he shouldn’t really be blaming Cas, but he couldn’t help it.

Cas only brought one pillow. It was the last thing he grabbed before heading out the bunker because he wanted to sleep the entire way to New York. Dean understood. He was human now. He needed it.

“We have one.” A gravelly voice responded.

Dean scoffed. Yeah, now he decides to wake up. It was true though. They had the one pillow. And Cas insisted they share it since Dean overreacted about the lack of pillows in the apartment. He was too tired to drive to the store for new ones.

Cas opened his eyes and stared at Dean. ‘Personal space’ boundaries clearly ignored as they were only inches apart.

It wasn’t an awkward silence that followed that statement. But Dean was at a sudden loss for words. Cas was close. Their heads even closer as they struggled to stay on the single pillow. 

Fuck. It was Cas.

It was Castiel, fallen Angel of the Lord, who was staring intently at Dean– almost waiting for a response, but comfortable with the silence.

It was Cas and their God damn ‘profound bond’ along with Dean’s urge to scoot closer, but knowing that once he does. Things will never be the same.

And it was also Dean. ‘The Righteous Man’. Saved by an angel. Who watched as Cas pulled back the covers and threw them over the other man once he realized he had taken them all in his sleep, ignoring the sudden overwhelming thought that ‘maybe everything is going to be alright.’


Dean, too caught up in his thoughts didn’t even notice the sudden warmth against him immediately. It was Cas. Who made the first move.

And it was also Cas, who gave ‘Being kissed by an Angel’ an entirely new meaning.

Dean doesn’t even like sleeping with pillows.

#334: Winter ❄
  • Niall: "Dad...tell ma it's not that cold outside." Caleb whined as you pulled out another pair of sweats for him to squeeze into and tossed them onto the bed. With a chuckle falling from his lips, Niall shook his head. "'m not getting into that Cal." "But dad I'm hot. I can't breathe. I can barely lift my arms up. Dad please stop her." Caleb pleaded with a frown taking over his lips. "Babe...[Y/N]..." Niall sighed, giving into his sons pleads. "S'bit much no? He's only going to play in the snow for a few. Let him take a few things off...just look at him. He can barely move without tripping over himself hun." He chuckled with a shake of his head. "Fine...Fine c'mere Cal." You sighed watching as your son waddled his way towards you before you helped him out of the layers.
  • Louis: "Have you seen-are those my socks Lou?" You asked with furrowed brow as you made it into the kitchen. His eyes trailed down to his feet before meeting yours as he nodded with a smile on his lips. "Yeah they are." He grinned wiggling his toes in the fuzzy material. "They're fuzzy...and quite warm. I think I might need to get a pair for myself."He continued before taking a seat on one of the stools. "You've been wearing my socks?" You asked with a shake of your head as he nodded once again. "Think I have a few pair of em back at my place. Was gonna bring em back but I kinda forgot." "I knew my sock drawer was looking a bit skimp. Thought I was losing them in the laundromat." You narrowed your eyes, crossing your arms over your chest. "Stop stealing my socks Louis." "But it's cold though [Y/N]...and they keep my feet warm. You wouldn't want your boyfriend to get frostbite and loose a couple of toes."
  • Liam: A chuckle fell from your lips as you watched him unwrap the scarf from around his face with complaints of the brisk winds spewing from his mouth. "'Ave you been out there?" He asked as he shook off his jacket before draping it over the hook. "It's mad out there [Y/N]." He muttered with reddened cheeks as he rubbed his hands together quickly after seeing you shake your head at his question. "Think a cuddle will make things better Li?" You asked with a slight upturn of your lips. A giggle slipped past your lips as you watched him hurriedly unlace and kick off his boots before making his way over to the couch. He dropped down onto the couch, circling his arms around your waist and his face nuzzled in your neck. "You're so warm babe...let's not move for the rest of the night." He mumbled into your skin with a sigh falling from his lips. "I'm making dinner Liam...I can't stay on the couch forever."
  • Zayn: "S'not happening." He shook his head as he continued up the stairs. He shot a blank look at you from over his shoulder, not phased by your puppy eyes. "But it'll be fun...c'mon Z when's the last time you played in the snow." You jutted out your lower lip only to have him shake his head once again. "We're not even properly dressed to be playing in the snow [Y/N]." He sighed pulling his hat further over his ears. With a shrug and a grin you grabbed a hold of his hand, pulling him back down the stairs. "That makes it more fun...then we can go inside and warm each other up." You beamed up at him, leaning in to peck him on the lips before shoving him into a pile of snow. Giggles spilling from your lips as he gawked up at you. "The hell [Y/N]...you're gonna get it now." He muttered with narrowed eyes as he struggled to get back on his feet.
  • Harry: Popping your head into the room, you saw Harry still bundled up in the blanket. "Seriously still in bed?" You asked with a cocked brow as he sluggishly lifted his head off the pillow to peer at you. Little arms wrapped around your thighs, mocking your stance, Charlie popped her head into the room as well. "Daddy get up. You promised we'd play in the snow." She beamed, dimples appearing in her cheeks. "Daddy's not feeling too good pup." He sniffled with a slight frown taking over his lips. "Daddy's sick?" Charlie asked with furrowed brows as she let her arms fall from around your thighs and made it into the room, climbing on to the bed to cup Harry's face in her small pudgy hands. "You were fine yesterterday." She muttered with knitted brows. "I know pup...when I feel a little better we can make snow angles and throw snowballs at mommy." He shot her a tired grin before wrapping his arms around her. "Now go tell mommy to put on her doctor outfit and take care of me." He chuckled as you rolled your eyes at him.

@knifetwisters I was on my way to bed and then I wrote this instead.

Rhack street rat/gangster AU. Written very quickly while I was very tired, so. Probably more prone to mistakes than usual.

cw: murder, blood, graphic violence, unhealthy relationships

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He Worries About You Going Out Alone

‘But Zayn I need new a dress for tonight!’ You whined to your boyfriend Zayn 'No! Y/n I don’t want you to get brothered by the paparazzi’ Zayn said 'Zayn you don’t have to worried about, I’m a big girl and besides Y/Bff/N will go with me’ you said to Zayn. Zayn looked at me for the longest time 'hmm…fine!’ Zayn said 'Thank You!’ You said then kissing him 'Just be careful Y/n the Paparazzi can be rough’ Zayn said 'yeah, Zayn i’ll be careful, I got to go’ You said grabbing your coat and leaving.
Your P.O.V
I picked up Y/Bff/N and we went to a cute little boutique.
As me and Y/Bff/N were walking I saw a couple of Paparazzi behind us I started to walk faster into the store 'scary’ I heard Y/Bff/N say 'yeah’ I said looking at some dresses. After a couple mintues of looking I found some dresses and went into the dressing room to try them on as I was trying them on Y/Bff/N came in 'What the fuck?’ i said 'there is some girls asking for you!’ y/bff/n said 'really?’ i said 'yeah, you should just pick a dress so we can leave’ Y/bff/n 'ok’ i said Y/bff/N went out of the dressing room and you took of the dress that you wanted and went to go pay for it, as i was out of the dressing room i saw a bunch of girls, I smiled and went to the cash register 'thank you’ I said then leaving the store 'bye Y/n!’ one fan said, You waved after you went the Paparazzi were surrounding you and Y/bff/n 'shit’ i whisphered. I put my head down and started walking to my car 'Y/N! Smile!’ one guy with a camera said, finally we made it to the car 'thank god!’ Y/bff/N said 'I know, Zayn was right’ i said as we drove off. i went into the flat 'hey babe’ Zayn said as he kissed my cheek 'you were right’ i smirked 'of course i was’ Zayn winked 'whatever! I got the dress’ i said 'that’s good and i’m glad you’re safe’ 'thanks’.

General P.O.V.
You and Niall were shopping around London for his day off, as we were in a store for sports i got bored 'Niall? Can I go to Forever 21?’ I said making a pouty face 'eh I’m not sure Y/n and will go there iin 10 minutes after when I’m done paying for these’ Niall said 'ugh! Ok’ I said, Niall smiled when he wasn’t looking I dosed off to Forever 21 without no bodyguard, I thought nobdy would reconize me as I was looking around I noticed some girls whispering close to me, it didn’t brother me so I just kept looking around, than suddenly I felt a pat on my shoulder I turned and saw a bunvh of girls surronding me I gave a nervous smile 'can I have auotgraph?’ one asked 'uh, I’m s-sorry I can’t right now’ I said politly 'What a bitch!’ one girl said i looked down and got whati needed and went to the cash register I handed her money and left as I was about to leave the store all those girls were surrounding me 'uh e-excuse me’ i said 'NO!’ one girl said as she pushed me to the ground 'HEY!’ I heard a familar voice they all started screaming 'Niall!’ I said in relief I got up, 'Niall can you sign this?’ the girl who pushed me down said Niall gave a dirty look and we walked away 'Y/n I told you to stay with me’ Niall said I tell he was mad 'i’m sorry Niall I justed wanted to go alone because I know you would be bored’ I said 'it’s ok, how can I stay mad at you’ Niall smiled 'just don’t wonder off like that again you could of ask one of the bodyguards to come with you’ 'next time, Niall’.

Tonight was the night me and Harry go out for a Movie, just to keep things fun as we were in the Threatre in our seats waiting fior the movie to start 'do you want anything for the candy counter?’ I asked 'uh I’ll go Y/N’ Harry said 'No, Harry I’ll go!’ I said to Harry getting up from the seats 'Y/n I don’t want you to go’ Harry said 'awe, it’s ok i’ll be fine’ I said and walking away. I know Harry was worried about me going somewhere without him because of fans and Paparazi but I know I can handle it, while I was waiting in line I heard a couple of girls whispering and I heard one of them say my name, I didn’t care so the line was moving and it was my turn 'What can I get you?’ the person said 'uh can I get, Large popcorn and..’ I heard those girls behind laughing i ignored them 'and 2 medium pepsi and 2 Kit-Kat bars please’ I said 'ok’ the person on the resgister said 'wow! someone eats like cow!’ i turned around 'excuse me?’ I said 'you don’t have to eat all those things think about people who are starving’ one girl said 'there not for me’ I said 'than who are they for!?’ 'Me!’ I heard a familiar voice say it was Harry the gitls were so speechless 'Bye!’ I said grabbing our stuff 'you showed them!’ I laughed 'Totally!’ Harry said

Y/n’s P.O.V.
Liam didn’t like when I go out or wonder off alone without him or a bodyguard but I went out by myslef plenty of times and I was ok
'Liam! I’m going out to get some coffee!’ I yelled, I heard his footsteps coming down 'I’m coming with you!’ Liam said coming down wet with a towel on 'Oh my god!’ I said and started laughing 'what?’ Liam said his Towel fell off 'hey it’s not like anything you seen before’ Liam joked 'well you stay and bathe and I’ll buy you a bagel’ I said leaving. Starbucks was just a 5 minute walk as I was walking into Starbucks I got a call from Liam 'yess?’ I said into the phone I looked around to see some Girls looking at me I gave a weird look 'Y/n! I don’t want a bagel!’ Liam whined 'and be careful there some hateful girls’ Liam said 'I’m ok, Liam there is only a little bit of people here anyways and no bagel?’ I said 'well ok be careful and no bagel i want a cake pop’ Liam said 'ok, I’ll be home in 10’ I said and closing my phone. 'Hello what can i get you?’ the peron behind the counter said 'uh I’ll just have a Passion fruit punch and 4 cake pops please’ I said and handedher the money as I was waiting sitting down on a table a girl came sit with me 'hi’ she said 'hi’ I said and smiled at her 'so your with Liam from One Direction?’ 'uh yeah i am’ I gave a nervous smile 'he was so much better with Sophia!’ she spatted 'Y/n?’ the person yelled and it was my order I got up right away 'thank you!’ I said i quickly ran out and went straight back to the flat and I noticed when I walking the girl I was talking to and her friends were following me 'shit’ I whispered when I was outside me and Liam’s flat i was relieved and saw Liam shirtless smiling at me, I smiled back and waved when suddenly I felt someone turn me around I felt a sting on my cheek 'OW!’ I yelled and i was about to fall suddenly i felt someone catch me it was Liam 'get away!’ I heard Liam say to the girl who slapped me 'Liam Listen It wa-’ 'SAVE IT!’ Liam cut her off 'lets go Y/n’ Liam grabbed and went into the flat 'Thanks Liam i should of listen to you’ i said feeling my cheek 'does it hurt?’ Liam said asking about my cheek 'Yeah a little’ I said, Liam kissed my cheek. i smiled


Ever since Louis and Eleanor broke up 1d fans thinks it was me who broke them up which wasn’t true so now I can’t go anywhere alone without Louis or a Bodyguard it kinda sucks, when Louis was on tour we were skyping we were talking about how I can’t go anywhere without him or a bodyguard which wasn’t needed 'awe. I’m sorry Y/n I just don’t want you to get hurt’ Louis said 'it’s ok’ I gave a weak smile to him 'well i think I should go to bed now, i’m tired’ I yawned 'well ok goodnight babe’ Louis smile 'Love you!’ I said 'Love you too’ Louis said and closed the computer i went to the washroom when I was toilet I had my period 'crap’ i said i looked into the cupboard I got a pad and that was the last one when I was done I was about to call one of the bodyguards but then it would be awkward, I thought what the hell nobody would notice me then I got my coat and went into my car to go to the shop, when I walked I looked threw the stores and saw the section for woman needs as I was looking I saw some girls looking at me 'Wow! In pictures you look way prettier!’ one girl said, i ignored her and went to the register and payed for my stuff as I went out those girls were following me to the car 'Slut! You were the reason why Louis broke up with Eleanor!’ one girl said then punched me to the ground 'Slut!’ a girl said and left. I started to cry i went home. The Next Day i looked in the mirror my cheek was puffy and red i touched it and it hurt i cried, i heard the door open 'Y/N!’ I heard Louis’ voice, I got scared put my hand on my cheek I went down stairs to see Louis 'LOUIS!’ I yelled 'hey babe’ he said, 'whats wrong?’ he asked 'nothing’ I looked down then he moved my hand from my cheek he gasp 'what happened?’ Louis said softly 'nothing, i fell’ 'doesn’t look like it, Y/n tell me the truth!’ 'well after our call…I got my period and i needed some pads and i went to the store some girls were following me to the car and one punched me and called me slut’ i said looking down 'oh, Y/n’ Louis pulled me into a hug 'how come you didn’t call one of the bodyguards?’ 'because it would be to embarrassing’ 'i’m sorry Y/n’ Louis said 'It’s not your fault’ i said .

anonymous asked:

Can you write an imagine where Calum keeps begging you to move out of the 'bad neighborhood' that you live in, and you keep telling him that nothing bad happens and that you'll be fine, but a few weeks later, somebody starts shooting at you, and you just barely miss a bullet, and you finally give in and move in with him? (It would mean a lot if you did this because my friend who follows you got shot at and is in the hospital. She told me that she wanted to request something by didn't know what!)

[I’m praying for your friend. Stay strong girl, I love you both xx]

okay so let’s just imagine that calum’s been your boyfriend for a while and he’s always been really iffy about where you live. And he would be super protective and just constantly do everything in his power to have you not at home. So like, there would be all of the normal obsessive protective stuff, like, texting you every day, all the time, with just like any random message. Like, in the morning it would usually be; morning baby, love you xx. And during the day it would be stuff like telling you what he’s up to like; i’m bored at the studio, what are you up to muffin? xxx. or Babyyyy you should be on tour with me :(. And then at night, always just the; sleep tight, baby, I love you, message me when you’re up xxxx. But he would always end up messaging you first in the mornings bc he would wake up first. And all of this would happen no matter what time zone he was in. Like, he would always like set alarms and stuff to wake himself up in the middle of the night if he had to so he could message you and then he wouldn’t fall back asleep until you had replied and he knew you were okay. 

That was srs how paranoid he was about your safety. Then one day you’d have like a 3 or 4 hour exam. And you were planning on messaging him before saying like, wont be able to talk for 4 hours!, but you completely forgot. So, like, your phone would be off obviously during, so it would get to like an hour in and you’d be like fuck I forgot to tell Calum I can’t reply. AND THEN AFTERWARDS YOU’D TURN on ya phone and there would seriously be like missed calls and bloody voice mails and texts that started off nice and then got kinda rude, like, the first was just; hey babe, what are you doing? xxx, and then after a few of them being like; babe? .. hellooo?, and he’d eventually be all like; [y/n], reply. it’s not a joke. and then it would get worse like; fucking reply please, I’m worried. and you’d be reading them and you’d be fumbling trying to reply quickly and then you’d just call him and he’d hear your voice and just start swearing and shit and just being so happy you’re alive but kinda really angry at the same time, and you’d have to be like, ‘Calum, you need to stress less, like, I’m totally fine and I will survive without you next to me 24/7.' 

And that wouldn’t be a fight, it’d be more of just a minor argument and he would be end up being like, 'okay fine, just tell me next time you won’t be replying for a while. I just love you a lot, okay, and I really fucking hate where you live, that neighbourhood freaks me the fuck out and you know that.' 

So then it’d be fine for a while and he would still send messages all the time, but they’d be really cute so you didn’t actually get annoyed or care. But then he would hear something on the news about some mad gang shit that was happening in your suburb and he would absolutely flip out and call you straight away, and thank goodness, you were on the ball and picked up immediately so he didn’t panic more. But he would be so like concerned already and over the phone he’d be all like, ‘no, I’m not fucking joking, babe. I swear to God, I’m getting a taxi to your house right fucking now and you’re getting on a fucking plane and coming here, or I’m gonna have to come there myself.’ And you’d be trying to talk over the top of him and say like, 'Calum, please, just calm down, it’s okay, there’s clearly nothing wrong with me and I’m fine right now,’ and he’d just start yelling like, 'you’re fine now, but who knows what you’re gonna be in five minutes, [y/n].’ and you’d just sigh and be like, 'Calum, give the phone to Michael,’ and he’d be like, ‘no,’ and you’d be really stern like, 'Calum…’ and he’d grunt and pass it to Mike.

And then you’d just tell Michael to calm him down and he would and it’d be all good, kind of, but cal would be super tense and you’d keep messaging him cute things all day to calm him down but it wouldn’t be working so you’d have to go another tactic, which would be like getting him into some sexting ( ;) ;) ;) oh yes) and that would be more successful in keeping his mind off shit 

BUT THEN YOU WOULD ACTUALLY go outside on your way to classes or whatever and you weren’t doing anything at all wrong, you’re just an innocent human, and then there was actually like a huge gang or whatever outside and they’d start shooting at someone behind you and legit a bullet would could come so close (and I don’t need to describe bc you already know what happened and omg i’m so sorry you went through this, you do not deserve )

and you would end up in hospital and apparently when you were in like a state of delirious shockness the paramedics asked who you wanted them to call and apparently you said calum, which you wouldn’t have if you were properly conscious bc you know he would freak out. and then the next thing you know is that he’s just literally snuck into to your hospital bed and he’s got his arms around your waist and he’s got a hold of one of your hands and he’s rubbing it really gently and kissing your cheek and forehead and neck while you’re half asleep because you’re so tired from it all and he’d just be like mumbling things into your ear like, 'it’s okay, sweetheart, i’m gonna get you out of here, okay, you’re gonna come on tour with me, baby, and then i’ll keep you safe, alright? I love you so much, I’m so sorry I wasn’t there to save you when this happened and I’m never ever going to let anybody come near you again, I promise.’

and he wasn’t joking. Like even in the damn hospital before you got released, he would just be bloody questioning all the nurses that came in lmao and he’d want like a damn explanation and medical report about every single drug they wanted to give you, and it would just make you giggle, which would be a good thing bc he was unintentionally cheering you up, and then he wouldn’t let go of your hand for weeks and yeah :) 

:) :) :) c :) a :) l :) u :) m :) :) :) :) 

Love Will Find a Way, Through Yaks

My Christmas present for makascythemeister! :D Hope you like it! Thanks so much for being more than awesome and for being my friend, Granny Scales!!

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