i'm sorry i'm just too in love with this idea

i’m just drawing things out of boredom at this point?? still love these boys tho

“They’re still here!”

“So’s Magnussen. He should be at dinner, but he’s still in the building.”

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Nickname: cj; coob; scobles; scoob.

Sign: aries

Height: 5′4″

Last Thing You Googled: ‘john everett millais’ i don’t even remember why tbh

Favorite music artist: i love EVERYONE i listen to (check out my spotify *wink wink*)

Song stuck in my head: hayloft by mother mother. also! dead girl walking from heathers is constantly in my head.

Last movie you watched: the history boys

What are you wearing right now: skull shirt and minnie mouse pj bottoms. i’m a fashion icon.

What do you post: voltron, lots of pidge.

Why did you choose your URL: faerie is such a visually appealing word and pidge is just appealing. mash them together.

Do you have any other blogs: too many. they’re in my links if you’re actually interested lmao.

What Did Your Past Relationship Teach You: it was a 2 day relationship. it’d be a wonder if i learned anything. well ok, i learned that i wasn’t interested in him lmao.

Favorite Color: yellow!!

Average Hours Of Sleep: 3-5 hours

Lucky Number: 2 & 72!

Favorite characters: pidge [vld], dirk [dghda], haruhi [ohshc], sailor venus/minako [sm], marceline [at], sayaka [pmmm], tracer [ow], lapis [su], yurio [yoi]. i have so many so i’ll stop here fhajdkdjak. 

How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: one duvet and my fluffy blanket if i’m ill or especially cold.

Dream Job: eh, it changes. thinking about jobs is stressful. i don’t have any talent really so there’s nothing i’m good at.

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Your ranger!derek and stiles ficlet is SO CUTE! I love how slightly confident Derek is, instead of being the blushing damsel in distress and confident Stiles too. idk if you take prompts but I just need happy established relationship Sterek doing crazy things, like them dressing in fancy suits and pretending to be rich to sneak into parties and steal free food or anything like that. Please please!

“This is the dumbest idea you’ve ever had by far,” Derek commented in a murmur that was closer to a grumble, as he parked the freshly cleaned Camaro among the many other cars. “And you’ve had a lot of dumb ideas.”

Stiles scoffed from the passenger seat, the mirror in the sun visor opened as he fixed his tie and hair carefully. “Oh come on, Der,” he said, glancing over at his boyfriend with a grin. “This is an awesome idea. It’s couple bonding at its finest.”

Derek rolled his eyes, unfastening his seat belt. “I’m pretty sure couple bonding doesn’t involve sneaking into rich people’s parties to steal their food.”

“And that’s where you’re wrong.” Stiles leaned over, his fingers lightly touching Derek’s carefully styled hair, fixing the few hairs out of place. “It’s like a date that we don’t have to pay for, it’s perfect.”

Derek gave him a look, an impressive brow rising as his eyes found Stiles’. “How is this a date? If anything, it’s criminal activity, and I doubt your dad would like that if he found out.”

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so i love traditional naming and i love symbolism too. decided to combine the two for fun to see what i can come up with. eg. a cat makes their kit crow- for their black pelt, but *also* b/c they hope the kits grows up to be clever. what d'ya think?

My completely honest, unofficially-written answer:

Good shit, 10/10 like it a lot.

ok, but get this:

jason rothenberg originally intended to have jasper kill himself, and then made the decision not to do that. changed his mind. realized, “this is probably not the best idea,” and Did Not Do It.

the original idea was a mistake, but it didn’t happen. do we not want people to learn from their mistakes and attempt to make them better?

jason rothenberg is not a saint but he is not the fucking anti-christ either and some of you need to put your pitchforks down already for god’s sake. we don’t have to have an issue with EVERYTHING just for the sake of having an issue