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Sorry for rambling! Okay, so as a Latina, I feel like there's a lot of erasure of latinx, Asian, and native histories in favor of black history in media and schools. I also feel like, of the minorities, black struggles are more highlighted in the media. I was wondering if you see that as well or if I, as a Latina, feel like that because I'm too closely tied emotionally to my community. Black people deserve so much respect and love, I'm just afraid it's smothering that for other ethnic people.

I’ve heard many non-Black people of color address a feeling of a lack of representation when racial oppression is brought up. Apparently, there are many who feel as though they’re not getting enough attention during discussions about prejudice and systemic racism. I’ll tell you how I feel about it and how I perceive these allegations of under-representation:

There is a pyramid that the system has boxed each ethnic group in. This pyramid is entirely systemic, and I am in no way alleging that it is the natural order of things.

At the top of the pyramid, there are white people who are supposed to be the saints and the rulers. We all know that’s not true (we all know how horribly untrue that is), but systemically, white people are a majority of the ones in positions of power; from the White House and Wall Street, to movie stars and school teachers (and if there are people of color in those positions, which in no way means they’ve reached the top of the pyramid, only a handful have been spared becoming white-washed and obedient).

At the bottom of the pyramid lays Black people. Black people have faced mighty oppressions and continue to battle against them today. From mass incarceration (aka, slavery) and gentrification, to being called “nigger” by an old white woman on the subway… Black people suffer the weight of oppressions also faced by those above them, who are other people of color.

Other people of color exist between the whites and the Black people, in the middle of the pyramid. While facing numerous oppressions, they also have several privileges as non-Black people: lighter skinned people of color and people of color from “developed” countries have privileges over Black folk, that’s a no brainer, we see it all the time. It doesn’t mean they aren’t effected by systemic racism. It doesn’t mean that Latinx people aren’t impacted when their neighborhoods are gentrified, it doesn’t mean they don’t count when they’re thrown into prison for minor crimes just like their Black cousins. These facts merely inspire human and civil rights movements that address race-related oppressions.

If Black people are at the bottom of the pyramid, then acquiring justice and equality for them would mean acquiring justice and equality for all those above them. It’s a trickle-up theory.

Black people are attacked heavily by systemic racism, oppressions tear Black people to shreds every day. That’s because, unfortunately, as residents of the middle of the pyramid, non-Black people of color tend to look down on Black people too. They do this to gain favor from white people, who are at the top, and have the ability to shift those in the middle. For example, Asian people have been in a position in which they are partially respected by white people. This may have been due to allying with the United States on different levels, not now we see that shifting. There’s tension between Washington D.C. and China and North Korea which is bound to cause bigots of the States to target Asians more than they had in recent history. Of course, they have and still do face racism now, but they also see privileges as non-Black people of color that Black people do not have the luxury of experiencing. Once Asian people are out of the favorite-category of white folks, another group is bound to take their place and is eager to do so. White people love tokens…

The system attacks Black people because other races are too busy trying to gain the respect of white folk (which many do by acting on prejudices against Black people, something Jews had done in the past to gain some privilege too… privilege that is now being compromised). Whites have mastered the skill of systemic racism, which includes internalized racism and prejudice from non-Black people of color to Black people. A lot of non-Black people of color ignore the logic that says that if they ignore the attacks on Black people, it gives white people a chance to oppress them too. The trickle-up theory works both ways: saving Black people will save everyone. Not saving Black people will doom everyone.

Too many non-Black people of color think whites will save them from their oppression via a ladder to the top of the pyramid. But there is no room for people of color at the top of the pyramid with whites…

What activists seek to do is remove the pyramid and get everyone on leveled ground: equality.

That’s why discussions of race seem to exclude other people of color, because when Black lives matter, all lives will matter too.

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I'm really getting sick of animentality's anti ereri posts. They're the reason I'm afraid of looking up the tag for my favorite ship. Yes, eremin has undoubtedly more canon evidence than ereri, and I understand the frustration of having a ship that's obviously more meaningful than the more popular one, but to cross tag and rub it in the faces of shippers who don't outright lash at other ships involving Levi and Eren....? I honestly feel like shit rn.

I’m sorry, Anon. I know it’s hard to keep from lashing right back at them for hating on a ship that’s not particularly hurting them, but the only thing we can do is stay silent. It makes me sad and frustrated when even Ereri/Riren shippers do the same to others by saying things like, “Ereri is more canon than yours” or “The only ship that’s canon is Ereri” and I want to tell them, no I’m sorry, it’s not. Every ship in Attack on Titan has a possibility, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be canon. Everyone has the right to ship whoever they want because they can. And as much as I hate to say it, everyone is entitled to their own opinion as well. If people could understand that you don’t have to send hate and force your opinion on someone else, maybe everyone in the snk fandom would get along, but that’s just wishful thinking. We just have to suck it up and be responsible adults. Getting angry at others would only make things worse for the Ereri and Riren fanbase.

Don’t worry, I know exactly how you feel, Anon. There were times when I just wanted to blow up and tell them that if Eren and Levi were to ever get together, that they would not be an abusive relationship, but rather a relationship dependent on constant physical contact. Contrary to popular belief, Levi and Eren would be perfectly compatible with one another. They have been through the same exact past and present. The only thing that separates them is that Eren has experienced all this at such a young age and Levi sees that. He understands. If anything, Levi is like a father/mentor of sorts to Eren. We all know it won’t be canon, but is that going to stop us from reading between the lines and wanting to warp reality into a fantasy? No.

Just stay strong, Anon. It’ll only get harder from here. Especially once the second season comes out and the Ereri/Riren haters make a comeback after being in subtle hiding for so long. I mean, we’re already witnessing it unfold. Like you said, people are sending more hate into the tags than they have been in quite a while and it’s making each and every one of us feel like shit. It’s unfair. Their ship has the same possibility of becoming a reality just like ours (except Ymir and Christa,  they’re canon) and that hurts. To know that your ship will most likely never happen, hurts, it hurts a lot. But we’re lucky enough to change that perception. We’re fortunate enough to piece and ship characters together in loving relationships, and that’s a very beautiful thing to have. And because of that, what is even remotely beautiful or innocent to one person or a group of people, is instantly ugly and disgusting to someone else. And that’s the harsh truth. The only problem is, is that no one wants to accept what has clearly been put into their hands.

There will always be people who won’t respect a person’s ship because something about it either offends or terrifies them in someway to the point that they want to tell the world about it. And I can understand that, but telling others to kill themselves and to feel like shit for shipping two characters together? That needs to fucking stop. Now, I know there are other haters who are decent enough to keep quiet about their opinion for private conversations, and that’s awesome. Keep it up. Go rant to a friend or family member about it, just don’t threaten or attack someone individually or as a whole simply because you want to rub your “canon” ship in someone else’s face because it makes your ship feel “superior” over another. What really frustrates me and gets me going is why do people keep sending so much hate to others if they, themselves, don’t particularly like getting hate either? I don’t know. It frustrates me.

Anyways, as someone who ships literally anything and everything, there are some ships that I don’t particularly like in the snk fandom, but that doesn’t mean that I like to shove my opinion down their throats. To be honest, even if I don’t like it, I still low-key ship them because I can understand why others do. I just won’t go read and write fanfictions about them. But once I see fanart or cosplay, I’m like “I don’t ship it, but that’s some awesome fanart/cosplay”.

I’m sorry for going on a rant :’) I always get carried away with this kind of stuff, but just know that I’m here if you ever wanna talk about it, okay?

I hope you have an amazing day, Anon 😊

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Um, could I request the NDRV3 guys reacting when their S/O almost/nearly collapses? (Like, personally if I'm about to black out I'll either very slowly sit down (which helps) or I'll grab onto a wall or table and try to hold myself up (which usually never works and I just end up hitting something on the way down.) But other people may have different reactions to that. I was just trying to give examples of what I mean. And I'm sorry I'm probably being rude or something...)

You’re not being rude at all! In fact, I wouldn’t have been sure what you meant by that if you didn’t explain, so thank you!

This isn’t really a topic I’m familiar with, but I’ll do my best! Here you go!

Shuichi Saihara

  • Will panic slightly but he knows he needs to do something first and foremost
  • Will try to help you steady up, but he also feels a bit awkward cause he doesn’t really know where to hold you
  • Dammit, Saihara, now’s not the time to be blushing!
  • Will try to help you the best he can, but will ask someone more experienced about it afterwards, because he wants to be prepared in case something like this happens again
  • Once your okay he will awkwardly hug you and playfully scold you for scaring him
  • Might cry a little

Rantaro Amami

  • Oh
  • Oh shit
  • Will make you lean on him and start asking what’s going on
  • If you don’t respond he will start freaking out
  • Will take you in his arms and rub your back
  • “It’s all gonna be good, s/o. Just hang in there a little longer.”
  • Will sit you down somewhere calm and quiet
  • Then he will bring you some water and maybe some pills if he feels like you need them
  • Will insist on you going to the doctor, because he will not risk losing you
  • Will hug you a lot afterwards and scold you for not telling him you get like that sooner

Kaito Momota

  • “Hang in there, s/o! What’s wrong?!”
  • Well you’ve already seen him cough up blood, so this kind of thing isn’t really that much of a big deal
  • But he’s still very worried about you
  • “Do you need me to carry you, s/o?”
  • “C’mon, stay with me, s/o.”
  • He will sit you down and try to snap you out of it somehow, rubbing your shoulder, holding you hand, touching your face, something to keep you in touch with reality
  • Once you calm down, he will bring you some water and make you drink it, whether you like it or not
  • Will cuddle with you afterwards
  • “Geez, s/o. Don’t scare me like that!”
  • After the first time he is calmer when it happens, but he definitely doesn’t like it
  • Well at least he gets to cuddle you


  • “Hmm? What’s going on s/o?”
  • He is very confused
  • “I-Is this what happens when a human system crashes?”
  • “W-Wait hold on, I’ll quickly do some research, you will be alright, s/o!”
  • Somebody will probably have to come and help you instead, while Kiibo keeps asking what just happened
  • He does careful research and is more prepared the next time it happens
  • Will make especially good research to be sure how to deal specifically with your black out at top performance
  • You are even now, cause you have to help him too if his system suddenly crashes
  • On second thought, here’s a different scenario: He’s so shocked that he overheats and crashes, so there’s two fucking unconscious people now. Wow thanks a lot for the help Kiibo

Kokichi Ouma

  • For a minute he thinks you’re joking
  • “Nishishi, what are you doing, s/o? Your tricks won’t work on me ya kno—“
  • Never mind you’re fucking serious about this
  • Will try to hold you up but then he will start to scream
  • He doesn’t know what to do in a situation like this so he just screams for someone to come and help him
  • You might be dying!!
  • When someone finally comes he starts screaming at them for being too slow and to help you right now!!
  • While they’re helping take care of you he cries that you might die
  • Once you’re okay he will hug you very tight and complain not to scare him like that!
  • You tell him you’ll be fine and he shouldn’t cry
  • He’s still sobbing, but insists those are fake tears
  • They’re totally real and he almost just had a heart attack

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • He will let you lean on him and calmly try to escort you somewhere where you can be at peace
  • Will ask you why did you feel bad
  • Will research all kind of remedies and buy you an amulet to help you with that
  • Probably the calmest out of all
  • On the inside he’s super worried, but he knows he needs to keep his cool and help you first and foremost
  • “Interesting how you can be reduced to someone so vulnerable in a manner of seconds! Humanity is so beautiful!”
  • Yeah, might get slapped in the face for that one
  • Deserved it
  • Either way, it’d be better if this didn’t happen again, so better make some research how to get rid of it
  • May do some kind of rituals or excursuses with you to help
  • “Well I like it when you’re dependant on me, so maybe it’s not really necessary to try so har—“
  • Another slap
  • Goddammit Korekiyo
  • He’s like a hellish combination of Mikan and Izuru holy shit

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Will panic and immediately grab you
  • He’s going to hoist you up in his arms and start running around
  • Somebody tell him what’s going on!
  • What does he do in a situation like this?!
  • Will try to get you somewhere where you can lie down completely
  • Will cry and ask you if you’re okay a million times
  • He will go get someone who actually knows what to do about this
  • Will be on your tail 24/7, cause he’s not sure if this can happen again
  • And if it does, the gentleman must be there to assist!

Ryoma Hoshi

  • SHIT
  • FUCK
  • He would like to catch you but he kind of can’t
  • Like, he’s trying okay, but it’s pretty difficult when you’re so much taller than him
  • Will try to get you somewhere where you can sit down comfortably
  • “Do you need me to bring you something? A wet towel? Some water? I’ll get you anything you want, just tell me, please.”
  • Even after you’re okay he will still fuss over you
  • Are you sure you’re okay now?
  • He’s really worried what would happen if he weren’t there
  • Will keep a close eye on you and try to figure out why it happens in the first place so you can get rid of it
  • Doesn’t find it bothersome even if it keeps happening, he just wants to make sure you’re okay

Well those were pretty short… Sorry about that, couldn’t really come up with anything else, cause there is basically only one proper reaction to somebody collapsing… Well I hope you liked it either way~ Thank you for your request!

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I really liked your toxic relationship post! But in a way, don't you think once Elena became sired to Damon she was toxic for Stefen to love? She so carelessly hurt Stefen. And then she played victim when he got angry with her about it. Like I'm sorry but she strung him along, and right after the broke up she slept with his brother without even telling him that might happen. I love stelena don't get me wrong, but I'm not sure if Elena really deserved Stefen after that.

I don’t think people understand the true nature of the sire bond because Julie and the show sugarcoated it after Damon and Elena got together so Damon could come out looking clean so let’s rehash some things that Julie has said, I’ve repeated this many many times but let’s get into it.

1. “The bottom line is that Elena as a human made a very, very, very clear choice that she would love Stefan always and forever,” she says. “But then her entire life turned upside down, and any feelings she originally had for Damon were still there, and of course magnified. There was always going to be a little bit of a confusion there for her — but not enough confusion for her to be over Stefan. It would take a lot to rip Elena away from loving Stefan. It would take years and seasons. We’d be eighty, if we followed the natural progression of that relationship.”

So again: It would take a lot to rip Elena away from loving Stefan. It would take years and seasons. We’d be eighty, if we followed the natural progression of that relationship.

I don’t care if JP romanticized or massaged the definition and characterization of the sire bond later, she said that she had to implement a supernatural reason to make Elena act out of character and you see that within season 4:






and even 4x07, the episode she sleeps with Damon:

There is no indication of an actual dissent, Elena is happy with Stefan, there are only a little more disagreements not even actual fights but then she just switches to Damon because the show implemented an uncharacteristic shift for her. Even in 4x07 she tells Caroline that she loves Stefan but that she’s confused about Damon and she says she needs to figure out what the feelings actually mean, she is a newborn vampire, she’s unknowingly Sired, a lot of shit is going on in her head right now, I don’t think people really grasp how chaotic her mindset was:

Which leads to the actual sire bond. Damon creates most of Elena’s problems when he says this in 4x02 (actually he says it first before Stefan and Elena go to hunt but I can’t find that gif, so):

which actually puts her through hell:

and ensures that he’s the only one who can help her (although I really think the show could’ve used Caroline, that was incredibly forced on their part, they could’ve at least made Caroline be out of town or something):

Plus there’s the added bonus of blood lust so obviously Elena is going to be living. And in 4x08 Damon is the one who says she can drink from blood bags and she’s automatically grateful to him because of it, he becomes her hero:

and even if logically she understood she was Sired after Caroline tells her, it doesn’t matter because of this:

And this isn’t even encompassing the fact that in 4x02, Elena actually has to commit a sexual act without knowing what it is because a) Damon isn’t very forthcoming about what blood-sharing is and Elena had just turned, what, a day ago? He preyed on that naivety and when she questions him about it, she tries to get more out of it:

Whether or not Damon realizes what he did is irrelevant, she was forced to do something she didn’t fully understand that gave Damon pleasure because of a supernatural bond that she has no control over.

So in the finale when she chooses him and she says these things:

It is completely informed by the sire bond because 1) what do they actually do besides have sex twice and feed on college students to make her say this? 2) she had the illusion of free will while she experienced it so of course it felt real to her.

So I get that a lot of SE fans side-eyed Elena throughout season 4 because I did, if you go back to that time I have a lot anti-Elena videos and I won’t lie when I watch those scenes I still get irritated with her but I think people seriously underestimate how much the sire bond fucked with everything and how insidious it actually is.

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if requests/suggestions are open how about some op hcs about portgas d ace!


Okay so headcanons right on the way:

  • He’s got the most ticklish ribs, feet and underarms of the whole world, his waist is a really bad spot too!
  • Back when they were children, Sabo introduced him to tickling. It’s not like he didn’t know about it because Ace had seen kids down town tickling each other, however he hadn’t experienced in first hand. 
  • To their suprise Ace was very susceptible to tickling. Like VERY. Sabo only needed to poke him in the ribs and Ace was a laughing mess. Eyes wide open and like “what did you do???!!!!” Sabo had his fun reducing Ace into a laughing puddle on the floor. 
  • When Luffy came to picture, he was already a touchy-feeling person, so it didn’t take a lot of time to discover Ace’s ticklishness. 
  • Ace was probably having a bad moment because REASONS (spoiler free), so Luffy, being Luffy, of course, tried to tickle Ace to cheer him up. He wasn’t expecting Ace to be the ticklish type, but just like Sabo, oh surprise! 
  • After that Ace knew he was screwed. Now he had not just one but two brothers that wrecked him until he was crying and red in the face. 
  • But I mean, how can you not tickle him silly with that cute child-like laughter.
  • At first Ace was shy to tickle his brothers back because he was scared of hurting them, but you know, after all the tickling he’s suffering (sabo and Luffy liked to team up against his brother, Sabo would pin Ace’s arms above his head and Luffy would sit on his hips, tickling him all over with Sabo telling him where to tickle next), he has to fight back and God save Luffy and Sabo because Ace is a R U T H L E S S ler. 
  • He goes straight for your worst spot. And he doesn’t stop tickling you there until you’re begging and snorting.
  • He’s a strong one, even when he was a kid, so it was very easy to pin his brothers hands under his knees and tickle them silly. 
  • When Luffy and Ace became older the tickle fights became tickle wars. It was like a whole training: chasing after each other and torturing each other to make the other beck. 
  • Usually they had to stop all together because none of them would say stop even if they were wheezing 
  • Their tickle fights are usually one of those beautiful memories they had when they finally parted ways.

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Hi, I love your blog and you're adorable. I've always been good at learning even though the other parts of school are difficult. But right now when I need my learning to be at the top of its game because I'm in one of my senior-level physics major courses, I think I'm having some autistic burnout and I think it's draining my ability to learn. Do you know of any resources that could give me some ideas for making a quick recovery?

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Sorry if you've answered this, but do you have any advice if you're afraid to write? I wrote a LOT when I was younger but stopped when I was 11-12 because I realized my writing sucked. Later I took a creative writing class in my freshman year of high school to try and get back into it, but it only unearthed my old fears of terrible writing. I'm feeling an urge to write again, but I'm scared. I want to do my characters and ideas justice, but my current ability will mar them.

I think what’s probably tripping you up is not so much the bad writing itself, but that fear of failure/imposter syndrome. Having experienced it myself I can say it’s a killer, and can really prevent you from reaching your full potential. It’s difficult to work past but doable.

There’s this quote by Ira Glass I like to reference when this question of bad writing/fear of bad writing is brought up:

Nobody tells this to people who are beginners, I wish someone told me. All of us who do creative work, we get into it because we have good taste. But there is this gap. For the first couple years you make stuff, it’s just not that good. It’s trying to be good, it has potential, but it’s not. But your taste, the thing that got you into the game, is still killer. And your taste is why your work disappoints you. A lot of people never get past this phase, they quit. Most people I know who do interesting, creative work went through years of this. We know our work doesn’t have this special thing that we want it to have. We all go through this. And if you are just starting out or you are still in this phase, you gotta know its normal and the most important thing you can do is do a lot of work. Put yourself on a deadline so that every week you will finish one story. It is only by going through a volume of work that you will close that gap, and your work will be as good as your ambitions. And I took longer to figure out how to do this than anyone I’ve ever met. It’s gonna take awhile. It’s normal to take awhile. You’ve just gotta fight your way through.   

So my advice to you - right now - would be that you’ve got to get past this initial phase you’re in. You’ve got to practice. You need to want writing more than your fear of failure, and you’ve got to understand that the path to get there is difficult. You also need to ease up on yourself.

At 11 or 12, there’s no way you would have been good. You’re still a kid then - still figuring yourself out - and you’re just beginning to formulate your own individual ideas of taste, but won’t have the skill set to execute this. You lack experience, both in lived real-world experience and in writing. It’s unfair to critique yourself on the same level as a published author in their 20s or 30s, and the same holds true for writing in high school. That’s only a few years later, and while you might have a more refined sense of taste, you’re still going to lack the hard experience of a writer ten years your senior. The only way to get better is through practice, practice, practice and constructive critique. You can’t give up.

If you’re looking for some hard tips on how to get better (and how I personally worked past this fear of failure):

  • Don’t take your writing too seriously, and write what you want to write instead of what people tell you to re: subject matter (so if you want to write epic fantasy with a female protagonist, do so, and take the constructive critique on this subject matter in stride)
  • Learn to separate yourself from your work. Just because your work isn’t where you want it to be or someone tells you that your work isn’t where it needs to be, does not mean that you’re (personally) a failure. I think that fear of finding yourself personally lacking is where a lot of people quit.
  • Practice obsessively. I literally wrote 3-6hrs every day, all year, from the time I was 14 until the present (so over a decade). Have a routine to go along with this practice, so it becomes ingrained. I get up every morning at 5am, pour myself a coffee, make sure I’m in comfy clothes, then I just sit down and write
  • Get friends/writers at your skill level - who are also trying to get published - to critique your work, and critiqued their work in turn. This on-the-level, non judgemental feedback on how to improve your stories is really important in getting better and not being overwhelmed by the fear of failure
  • Use fanfiction to get past your fear of showing your work to others. Sometimes you’ll get flames on your fanfics, and not everyone will enjoy them (a given), but the crit you get on fanfics is nothing compared to the crit you get on original work. If you can hack it online, it gives you a thicker skin for dealing with the heavier duty stuff down the road
  • Find your comfort zone. Some people are comfortable with only a few people viewing their writing: others have no problem blasting it across the internet, and both of these options are okay. The trick is to write in a way that helps you grow as a writer
  • Live by the rule “write for yourself, edit for an audience”

Hope this helps. Keep on writing, and never give up.

The Bird and the Bees (RWBY)

This is for @megaexguilmon, I was your @rwbysecretsanta. You said you liked the Bees and the Branwens. Couldn’t put both birds in there, but you got one bird and some bees. Hope you like it, had to write fast to get it out today. Enjoy, and happy holidays!

Words: 2871
Relationship: Bumbleby
Characters: Yang Xiao Long, Qrow Branwen, Blake Belladonna

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While you're doing lower functions, anything for lower Si? I'm ENTP, if it helps. I'm ENTP if it doesn't, too!

Hello, ENTP. Have a Doctor Who gif.

Pay more attention to your body. Try yoga, dancing, exercise (hoop dancing is a great low-impact way to learn to be graceful and coordinated – it worked for me and it’s great at toning your body) or keeping a notebook where you jot down what you ate or did and how you felt afterward. (If you can learn what causes those discomforting twinges, you’ll stop thinking you’re dying whenever you get a stomach ache from drinking chocolate milk and eating twinkies at the same time. You’re not dying of cancer!)

Take time at the end of each day to think back through your memories, experiences, conversations, and feelings in order to categorize them and process them fully, so you can remember stuff later and/or deal with things as they happen, which will reduce later periods of guilt, anxiety after the fact, or feelings you might not have dealt with. Nobody wants that crap inferior Si dragging up old stuff out of the blue, right?

Devote some time to music. Si is good at recognizing that which it knows or has experienced. If you pay attention to music, you’ll start noticing patterns and being able to recognize who composed what over time (I’ve been doing this since I was a kid – I can now pick up, say, Han Zimmer or John Williams’ musical scores within a few bars of the opening theme because I recognize the tone, tenor, and instruments they often use; I do it with voices too – I can usually know who the actor speaking is before seeing their face / reading their name, even in animated films where they’re altering their voice – it’s a lot of fun!).

Try cooking. I know it requires paying attention and your taste buds might suck just like mine (seriously, unless it’s hot / sweet / spicy, I literally cannot taste it) – but it’s a skill that you can develop over time and Si is quite good at picking out individual tastes and/or recognizing flavors once you know what they are.

Do art of some kind. Any kind. Scrapbook (you don’t have to use family photos, you know; I like to do albums for family and friends of everything I admire or love about them, and use pictures from the internet). Draw. Paint. Craft. Make cards. Become an expert at gift-wrapping with coordinated ribbons and paper or learn to spray paint art. Anything that forces you to be hands-on creative instead of intellectually creative. Try woodworking, or calligraphy, or building things, or painting murals, or coloring books with ten thousand details. You do have natural abilities to pair colors, make something look attractive, etc., if you can just train yourself to notice and/or care. (Just like I recommended for the lower Se’s – get yourself to the library and check out books on cooking, crafting, fashion, interior design, building things, etc.) The more you know about many different things, the more resources you’ll have mentally stored up to use in life.

Do something about your environment. You don’t have to live in a sparse space unless you want to. Your Si-dom cousins are terrific at stuff like surrounding themselves with the fabrics, colors, scents, music, etc., that they like. You can do it too, but you need to spend time finding out what you love and discovering all the different detailed things that exist to help you! (You can’t do awesome things unless you know about the tools that are out there to create with.) Try lots of new things. Feel fabrics. Smell candles (just not too many at once, or you’ll get a headache from over-sensory-smell stimulation like I d… never-mind). Notice how the colors in a room impact you – do you feel peaceful and calm with this color, or nervous and agitated? What do you WANT to feel in this space? (If this color gives you energy, put it wherever you want to be creative; if it makes you feel peaceful, the bedroom or reading spot might be perfect.)

Slow down. I know it’s a pain in the butt, it makes you feel like the world is moving in slow motion, but the best things take time to learn. Try lots of things, but the ones you really like, slow down and try to do them well. Si’s often learn to be really good at something by practice and watching other people to learn techniques. Don’t only watch YouTube instructional videos if you get stuck. Try them first. Try and take pleasure in the process of learning.

Get in touch with your past. If you do this, you won’t have angst later, and you’ll be less weirdly sentimental over strange things  Feel free to think about the past – voluntarily rather than under stress or a period of self-loathing. Try making photo albums, keeping records, writing stories about what happened to you and when, painting pictures to represent periods in your life, whatever strikes your fancy – anything that connects you to memories and helps you ground yourself.

Train yourself to try new things. You do this all the time with Ne, in conceptual realms – now try doing it physically. Don’t always order the same thing at that restaurant. Try something new. Paint that piece of furniture. Go a different way to class. You hate ruts. Don’t get stuck in a sensory rut.

Writers: take a scene from a movie and recreate it in writing, but without any dialogue as a writing exercise. This forces you to describe the actions of the characters, what is going on in the background, how the light looks, what’s happening in the environment. You know, those details intuitive writers miss! If you can train yourself to do this, you’ll notice more in your real-life environment too. :)

- ENFP Mod

PS: Sorry, I know a lot of these examples are kinda feminine… I’m tired.

anonymous asked:

Hi I have a question. I am studying for JLPT N3 and I wonder about some stuff. I'm getting quite bored by what I'm doing now since I've learnt everything for it. But still some kanjis are on practice exams I don't know and this pisses me off. Also I got about 60% on every quiz right but on grammar and vocab I had about 80%. I feel like I'm doing not enough and I am so confused if I should go on to JLPT N2 and study vocab from there or just stay where I am. Do you have listening exercises? Thx

Hey, thanks for your question. I’m sorry you’re feeling frustrated at the moment. Remember that if the tests you’re taking are like the real thing and you get your current scores in the exam then you will definitely pass :D

JLPT N3 is supposed to cover approximately 650 kanj in totali. There are no official lists, but an approximate guide is to learn from years 1-4 of Japanese Elementary school kanji (kyouiku kanji), which would be 640 kanji. Obviously you’ll already know some from N5 (100 kanji) and N4 (200 new kanji plus the 100 from N5) if you’ve taken the JLPT before (leaving around 350 new kanji to master for N3).

If you’re using just one book or series to study kanji, then it may be worth researching online resources to see what they’ve got as N3. I know that my textbook, Try!N3 had 113 grammar points, but I used another which had 168 grammar points and then I found some grammar that was appearing in N3 textbooks in some places and N4 textbooks in others, I found it annoying and confusing, but limited the likelihood of me walking in to the exam unprepared by comparing a few resources and working on the grammar, vocab and kanji that appeared in all of them, as I felt these must be fundamental somehow.

If it’s just the occasional unknown kanji that you’re encountering, then skip over it and try your best to infer meaning. If this is something that’s happening regularly then you may want to go over the kyouiku kanji list and see if you have gaps in your knowledge to fill in before exam day. Make a note of kanji you don’t understand on practise exams and try to add them to your study lists.

There will always be some random grammar/kanji/vocab that the examiners throw into the real test, especially in the reading section- they want to see how you can work around a text where you do not have perfect comprehension, as this more realistically emulates real life. Sometimes they put in a key term in kanji and have a little definition after the body of text in the reading section, make sure you check to see if there are any bits like that you’re missing before you begin to answer.

As I live in Japan and have done for many years now, listening is my strongest skill. This meant I practised listening much less than many other JLPT candidates, but I did use Nihongonomori videos on youtube every day for several months to learn vocabulary and improve my listening. I used a bit of Nihongo Soumatome N3 too, though if I did N3 again I would definitely use Shin Kanzen Master N3 listening, because this range of books is the toughest and, according to my Japanese teacher, who helps write the JLPT each year, they are the most closely representative of the real exam.

There are many free online N3 listening tests at Japanesetest4you too.

The main thing I can sense in your message is your boredom and frustration, which leads me to suggest that perhaps you need to be kind to yourself, recognise that your motivation is waning and work to address that, rather than just drill harder, which seems to be what a lot of people do. You might just be in a momentary slump, so forgive me if I go off on a total tangent for a few paragraphs about the importance of motivation, fun and learning here…

It’s worth noting I’ve had studyblrs send me messages telling me off for being so upfront about the fact that I think forcing yourself to learn and ignoring how you feel about the process is not ‘what winners do’ because they ‘want it more’, but is, in fact, a dangerous game to play with your mental health and hazardous to your relationship to studying, especially if you are self studying.

And you know what? The research agrees with me:

‘Optimal brain activation occurs when students are in positive emotional states. Attention is also prompted when the material holds personal meaning, connects to their interests, is presented with elements of surprise, and/or when it provokes wonder. This is why attentiveness is so closely linked to positive emotional cueing and personal meaning. When there is connection to prior knowledge or positive emotional experience, new information passage through the information filters (limbic system) is faster and more extensive. If this system of filters is positively stimulated to pay attention to the information, the new material is linked onto existing brain cell networks. If there are no emotional or intellectual connections with the new information, as is often the case in streamlined curriculum geared to teach the students facts to regurgitate on tests, their brains are less successful at developing the meaningful connections that create efficient memory circuits. When information is not presented in a way that sparks attention, it may be discarded, and attention withdrawn.‘Attention: To Have and to Hold Add the Science of Learning to the Art of Teaching to Enrich Classroom Instruction, Judy Willis, M.D., M.Ed.

Does that sound like a JLPT practise test? Thought not.

For what it’s worth there’s only 7 weeks to go to the test. I certainly experienced a slump about 2 months before I took N3- there was still a long slog to go, but I wasn’t close enough to the end to have the adrenaline pushing me through the study hours. Just be kind to yourself, forcing yourself is unlikely to yield productive results in my experience.

Please feel free to unfollow me if the next paragraph seems mumsy and condescending:
I doubt you would have asked me this question if you had a teacher around to ask and so, based on the assumption that you’re studying alone, it may be worthwhile to think about where you’re getting your encouragement and praise from at the moment. If you find those things are lacking then I think that would go a long way to explaining your current frustration. When I need to feel more like a success and less of a failure it has helped me to look over old notes, think back to a year ago, or 6 months ago and think how far I’ve come and then remember that in the future I will feel the same way about now if I continue to study. I asked what my aim was in studying for the JLPT- was it being able to communicate with some fluency in Japanese or was it just passing the test? When I asked myself this question I realised I had already reached my goal by studying for the test and that the exam itself was far less relevant than the symbolic benchmark it had acted as for the months preceding the test. I thought about all the things I can do easily now that seemed so impossible before, the small goals I’d achieved to reach this point. Then I thought about all the frustrating stuff I can’t do now and realised that it is only a matter of time and being persistent.

On a practical level maybe you could refine your skills through reading texts you’re interested in and listening to podcasts you’re interested in too, rather than focusing just on exam drilling (maybe you’re doing this already, but it’s worth noting). I’m not saying don’t practise for the test, this is a necessary evil, I’m suggesting that you supplement your learning with 3-4 hours a week of more fun stuff.

I like this podcast and think it’s perfect for my level (I passed N3 this summer and have not gone up in any significant way in ability since then).

Watching Vs嵐 is also good for me, it’s fast but accessible Japanese.

しろくまカフェ is also easy to understand.

Reading helps me to pick up new words, get my speed up (key for the exam) and consolidate new kanji. Reading is a weakness for me, so I’m behind the level most N3 candidates are at, so some of these resources are a little too advanced for me, but I can still get the gist of what’s going on in most instances:

                                                                                ^me when reading Japanese.

よつばと! just read it, there’s a reason why everybody loves it, it’s great.
魔女の宅急便 This is the book that Kiki’s Delivery Service is based on.
少年たんていブラウン Encyclopedia Brown (detective stories).
日本人の知らないの日本語 seems very popular, there’s a manga and TV series.

If you need free reading resources then try ehonnavi (sign up walkthrough here), or The Great Library.

Best of luck with your JLPT. I hope that you find some ways to supplement your current learning routine that help you to enjoy the whole process more.

End of a Journey

Aka I can’t shut up about the Crusaders so have a brief analysis of the ending arc b/c i love to die

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anonymous asked:

beck finds out that mark was using Vicodin as a condiment for his potatoes :O


Three days of silent treatment and Mark was about ready to smash his head repeatedly against the nearest airlock until he could watch all the stupid still in there fly into space.

Because he was stupid. So, so stupid. He’d thought he reached the pinnacle of Mount Stupid when he blew himself up in the hab, but nope.

‘Breathing inside Hydrogenville’ had officially been downgraded to ‘small oversight’, as ‘Mentioning Mark’s appalling Mars seasoning choices while in Dr Beck’s presence’ took the ‘Greatest Stupid Move in Mark Watney’s Life’ award home. Well done.

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jaegersz  asked:

Your favorite thing about Kenma?

ohmygod i’ve been staring at this ask for ages trying to think of a single specific thing i love about him and i keep going back and forth, but i think my favourite thing about kenma is just how much he’s grown and developed tbh

like lets look at pre-nekoma kenma

kenma grew up being insecure about himself to such an extent he didn’t want to involve himself with others, (also kenma admitted to wanting to hide his face and not stand out in the manga) he isolated himself from his peers and probably didn’t feel welcome in his own classroom at all, and as a person who’s experienced this feeling on various occasions through my school life, it sucks. you tell yourself and constantly reassure yourself that you don’t want to talk to them, that you’re better off not talking to them and that mindset can become pretty damn toxic if i’m honest.

so kenma plays video games a lot yeah we know that he’s clearly been doing that since a young age, but i always wonder why? is it through enjoyment or through habit? and if it’s through habit then i can pretty much guarantee you he uses video games as a distraction and, as he tells hinata, it’s just ‘something to do’. i can’t help but think kenma deep down wanted to talk to somebody in his class but the thought of doing so was so overwhelming, so he used video games as a source of comfort i guess .. 

and that right there is pretty much why i’m positive kenma was seeking some form of friendship from his classmates, kenma really wanted friends. he wants to know what people thought of him, he tries to make sure he’s not seen as ‘odd’ or ‘strange’, kenma wants to fit in, but he doesn’t know how. 

now compare classroom kenma to friend kenma

kenma is really expressive! here kenma obviously must have told kuroo, his only friend at the time his worries and how upset/angry he got when his senpai’s were mocking and teasing him in front of everybody. remember kenma takes great concern over what other people think of him and to be treated in this manner must have been a huge kick in his anxiety. maybe this even pushed him further into the mindset of, ‘best not talk to anybody since i don’t belong’. 


NEKOMA (AKA KENMA’S FRIENDS) LITERALLY BUILT A TEAM AROUND THIS BOY, they didn’t judge him, they didn’t think lowly of him and most of all they treated him as an equal! kenma who had been shut off from everybody around him for so long is now surrounded by such an amazing group of people that recognize him for who he is and see all of his potential. they see him as a friend and put SO much trust in him. 

it’s almost like… without kenma, the ‘body’ can’t function, nekoma can’t function, kenma was the missing link all along, and kuroo knew that. kuroo knew kenma, kuroo knew of his talent and knew how much of a great person he was. kuroo believed in him.

damn i don’t know but you could almost say that volleyball pretty much saved kenma, because without it i’m certain he would be in such a worse position than he was in middle school. 

kenma has grown so much and that right there is my favourite thing about him.

title: from now on (look at me)

pairing: jisoo/jeonghan

“It’s 11:46PM. Jeonghan’s birthday is almost over, and he’s spent the majority of the day being comforted and fawned over by people that he barely knows. He’s been given more presents than he knows what to do with, and received more ‘happy birthdays’ than he has in his entire lifetime thus far, but nothing has been able to lift the weight off his chest that’s been built up over the time that’s passed since the confession.” [ crossposted to AO3 ]

a/n: this is shameless birthday!fic (even though i wrote it when jeonghan’s birthday was technically finished already otl). it’s also the first time i’ve ever posted one of my fics on here, so hopefully u enjoy ehehe

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anonymous asked:

I've always been comfortable with my body but I'm not sure about gender? My society was pretty transphobic so I would tell myself axab sex=gender. Then I'd say things like 'I can't be trans cause I love being a girl so much' or 'I like my body; what other gender could I be?'. I'm pretty scared right now since I don't know what I am and I might just be faking/overreacting. What do I do?


Most people fear they’re faking not being cis, even after being out and sure for years. It’s something cis people tell us all the time, and everyone is always afraid of being wrong. It’s okay to be wrong. It’s okay if you say you’re agender for five years and then go “You know what, I was wrong, sorry. I’m actually cis.” Sure, it may be frustrating to yourself, and probably to some others, but you haven’t done anything wrong, and nobody has any right to be mad at you. Figuring out gender shit can be hard. 

I’m sorry that you’re scared. Being comfortable with your body doesn’t necessarily mean you’re cis, though. I have some trans friends who love their bodies entirely, and don’t want them changed at all. It’s perfectly okay. 

Also, something we’re never told about: Gender euphoria. A lot of people experience this when things are very gender reaffirming, like when someone feels they look how they want to in regard to gender, or when you first realize your gender. I didn’t experience dysphoria until I experienced euphoria, which made what had been average comfort level before Hell. It may be that you’re okay with being seen as a girl or being a girl, but could be happier as something else. You also may be a girl AND something else. That’s possible as well!

Best of luck figuring things out, friend!


gangseeey  asked:

Hi, I'm v new to the fandom but I'm kinda stuck already. I’ve a prompt for you, if you're up for it: imagine that after Eggsy becomes an agent, the trauma from the abuse he suffered with Dean catches up with him. After Harry's death, he starts dreaming nightmares about V-day, and soon these nightmares kinda morph in to the ones with Dean until Eggsy’s dreaming of Harry beating him. When he then comes back, he starts noticing that Eggsy flinches whenever Harry makes a sudden movement. Angst pls?

welcome to the fandom! i feel fairly new as well tbh i just joined a couple weeks ago but i’m picking stuff up i think. apparently we’re all trash no matter what, no exceptions. 

so i feel bad about this, but i don’t think i can do this prompt for a couple of reasons. 1) i don’t actually have nightmares? like the closest thing i had to one ever was this weird one about colin firth being my baby daddy and impregnating me with a dildo in the shape of an arm. so like. i have no idea how to write nightmares realistically at all. because all of mine turn into random shit that i can’t even put actual words to half the time 2) i am very, very lucky to have never experienced abuse of any kind. i’ve tried to write a handful of fics that deal with this topic and i end up handling them very poorly. like i can reference it, but when it’s the focus, i end up borderline fetishizing it. which isn’t cool or okay in any way. and i don’t trust myself to handle it safely without hurting someone in the process. and i’m working on that and recognizing what i’m doing is problematic, but i’m not going to post anything to do with it until i am 500% sure i’m not being a gross little shit like i was when i was younger 

so! i recommend if you want the prompt handled, giving it to someone else with better sensitivity than i have. this is all on me being a weak ass writer, and i’m very sorry! 

i’m not going to leave you empty-handed though, so here’s something that very loosely follows your prompt. i’m very very sorry and i hope this doesn’t displease you completely! 


Post-V-Day is, to put it simply, a clusterfuck. Kingsman is in shambles, with a leader dead, a handful of members dead due to the SIM cards, and another handful dead due to the implants exploding. Merlin barely trusts anyone other than Eggsy and Roxy, which means they have to handle a lot more than new agents usually had to. 

Aside from saving the world, of course. 

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[ENG SUB] Bang.Talk - 2nd 'Keyword Talk'

yes i subbed the entire thing instead of doing homework, enjoy!

NOTE: i was really sleepy when i translated this so if it doesn’t make sense i’m really sorry just know that it’s generally correct.. i hope… anyway happy reading, please take out with credits!

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Super Junior 7jib MAMACITA Thanks To
  • Leeteuk: I wanted to become happy.. I always have been looking for the key to happiness. Now, I think I have found that key to happiness. Being able to wake up in the morning, meet people I want to meet, and laugh together and cry together.... Beloved family... Beloved members.. Beloved all family members of SM.. Beloved fans... I now realized that everything I've always felt is the key to happiness. I want to feel this happiness with everyone. Thank you, and thank you again; I love you, and I love you.. I hope everyone reading this post will be full of happiness and love.. I love you..!!
  • Heechul: This is an album after 3 years for me. I want to try being a bit serious in the Thanks To this time. It's already been 10 years since we debut.
  • There probably are people who are new to loving me, but I'm sure there are fans who've been loving me for 10 years now. I think about it whenever I'm zoning out in the car, or whenever I'm going to sleep..
  • What 'fans' are..
  • I don't have much of 'fan love' (t/n in other words, fan service), I am not nice, so why do people give love to someone like me, who, in some way, is like a mean 5 years old?
  • And a thought that popped in my head was to not to look for the reason, and to express myself some too. Play (together) like we are eternal friends.
  • And that made me look hard at fans' faces like I'll put a hole on their face. Because of my prosopagnosia, my level of memory with faces are at same level as a fish but
  • I tried to memorize each and everyone but!!! as expected, I couldn't do it well kkkkkkkkkk ah sorry kkkkkkkkkkkkk I can't help this kkkkkkkkkkkkk but still, I read the letters, and try to remember their faces. Lastly, my beloved babies. Hyung will speak informally now. We will grow old someday and get married too. I hope you will come to Super Show in future with your babies. Then I would get emotional and really touched. Let's picture 'eternity' like that together, and be together for a long long time ^~^
  • I hope that you guys will meet good people (partners) and will live happily. You guys have to get married quickly so I feel less sorry when I get married too kk
  • But I have to first quit games and comic books first-ng.. Tremble tremble..
  • Anyways, I love you, my babies!!!! Ppo Ppo kiss~ ^3^
  • Kangin: I realized too late that I am thankful for just being able to be together. I think I know a bit now.. That I was a greedy man who only received. I will now be the one giving. And my beloved family members, let's live happily. I really love you. Grandmother who is watching me from heaven.. There are many promises I made with you that I couldn't keep; I'll live with them in my heart. Grandmother, do not worry about anything there and rest peacefully. And our fan ELF!! Oppas will protect you.
  • Shindong: I am now repeating the process of writing and erasing. I really don't know how to express this good feeling and thankful thoughts. Really. I will just!! Show it on the stage!! Everyone, sorry for being unable to express myself. Yes, that's true. The people that have the hardest time while producing this album are the song writer, lyrics writer, singer, producer, choreographer, manager, stylist, photographer, etc.. there are countless people but!! You guys, who anticipate and listen, have to be there (for that to happen) so, sigh.. I think I was living with a really big delusion. How to say.. 'I'm always showing you guys this really cool look of me, and the funny side of me! so you guys have to always anticipate and wait for me..' Why did I think that way... Anyways thank you. I think this is the first time I wrote my true feelings on 'Thanks To', without calculating (what to say). Sorry, and sorry again. From now on, I will only write real 'Thanks To' on 'Thanks To's... Thank you, everlasting friends~
  • Sungmin: An album to beloved ELF. Thank you for always being with me. You are my precious, everlasting, closest friend.
  • Eunhyuk: Firstly, thanks to our fans for waiting for this album for a long time. During past 2 years, I've experienced many events. I was shaken, was very exhausted, received many scars, and for the first time, I thought about giving up. I remembered the young days when I first I dreamed of becoming a singer, the days when I was a trainee, and the days since I met Super Junior. Looking back at those days, I gave compliments to myself, and reflected on a lot of things too. And I imagined a bit about the future. In the end, I gained conviction for things I wanted to do, and things I have to do, and what allowed me to have that strength were fans who always stood by my side and loved me without changing, and Super Junior members. I think it's not easy for a person to go back to 'their first mindset'. So with a new mindset, I plan to enjoy the promotions this time. I hope you continue to cheer without any reserves for the road I will take from now on. I will repay to everyone with mindset that does not change, and with changing images(appearance/side). Thank you.
  • Donghae: Dear Father/ Last time I saw you was around 2006 8/8 Tuesday 3AM, but it's already 2014 8/21 Thursday. A lot of time has passed, right? ^^ Like the time that's passed, the environment around, many people, thoughts, and appearance has changed a lot. Some changed for the better, some not. But I am always working hard so that my core that I am holding on, does not change a lot. Because you, father, are in that core too. You'd be disappointed if I changed to (not good/bad), so I am working hard to (not change) ^^ then you can compliment me when I meet you again. I'm still young, and I'm still the son that wants to receive compliments from father. But it's been a really long time since I've been unable to hear those compliments. Soon, I will perform 100th concert performance; It would have been nice if father could have watched at least one of those 100 performances. It's sad. I'm really thankful to be able to do a job that I love, be loved while doing that job, that there are people who cry, laugh, and be happy because of me-though, what am I (for them to feel that way for me)-, and that there are people who have dreams while watching me. I'm very thankful that those people exist, and I am thankful about everything, that I can feel that I am living a life that I am more thankful of. Complains, not being satisfied, being lazy... Looking back now, I can see that everything- even things that I didn't feel good about- are thankful things. What I am most thankful about is that I am your son. It's a letter to you after a long time. 2014 8/21 Thursday 7:04PM, after 2 years... Let's talk again when another album comes out in future ^^ I love you, dad.
  • Dear Mom, Hyung, HyunGyum / Mom, don't get sick. When you are sick, I feel even more hurt. There are many things I wasn't able to feel when I wasn't able to live with you when I was young, and now, living together, I feel them. I feel thankful from small things like being able to be together, being able to see you, and being able to touch you. When you look at me and smile, when you- who looked big when I was young- now look smaller than me, when you- who walked really fast- walk slower than me, and when I felt that you- who looked strong and powerful- have become weaker than me, and is depending on me, tears come to my eyes. Just don't get sick. I love you mom^^ Beloved hyung, you are very tired, exhausted, and bored these days right? But I am happy and full of energy because of hyung. I think a lot about how I can do more for you, hyung. It's not that I just want to give you something; it's more like.. I'm thankful that I have a brother, and thankful that I can share with hyung. I hope hyung enjoys it a bit more, and I hope that you will be happy. I also hope that we brothers would rely on each other more. I love you, hyung.
  • HyunGyum-ah, hyung is proud and happy that you have a dream at such a young age. I hope you will work harder, and if you don't want to get hit, listen to hyung more! hehe. Listen to mom, and sleep early.
  • Dear SJ/ There really is no need for words!! I like that we are together, I'm happy that we are together, and I'm thankful that whenever I feel tired and look back, you're standing there by my side without a word^^ There's no need for anything else, let's just do well just among ourselves^^ Suju is the best hehe. Leader Teuk-ee hyung... I will trust hyung and go! and Yesung-ee hyung... If hyung were with us, we would have shined more. I will make it so that when hyung returns, hyung's spot will shine more ^^ I love you hyung!
  • Grow your hand a bit, or I'll just have a smaller mic prepared for you ^^ (Youngjoon-ee hyung, Byungjoon-ee hyung, Junghoon-ee hyung, Yongsun-ee hyung, MinGeun-ee hyung, Siyong-ee hyung, Yongsuk-ee)
  • We are Super Juni-or! ^^ Thank you and I love you.
  • Dear ELF/ You waited a really long time right? Me too me too mee too really!! hehe finally advancing out! ELF all over the world, are you ready?? We are ready ^^
  • In short words, because ELF exists, SuJu can breathe ^^ Please continue to let us breathe ^^ I love you, love you, love you, and love you^^ Always thankful and love you ^^
  • Siwon: I feel the fast speed of time. It's already 7jib.... Thankfully, thanks to your love and support, we were able to go around the world many times, and how many times did we stand on a dream-like stage... Thinking about it all, I'm thankful. I want to say thanks to beloved ELF all over the world who cheer for us without changing. And I want to say thanks to beloved family members, beloved Lee SooMan teacher, and staffs who always work hard to help us. If you guys weren't there, we wouldn't be at this position. Thank you again.
  • Thank you everyone.. Thank you God.. Please anticipate a lot from us, who are just starting now.
  • Ryeowook: Beloved mom and dad, thank you ^^ Super Junior members, you worked hard during the time to prepare 7jib, and I love each and everyone of you♡
  • Teuk-ee hyung, I'm thankful that you are with us, though it must have been very pressuring, (to work so soon after) release from army! Hyung is really our leader~ I love you / My meal friend Heechul-ee hyung~ I'm thankful that you listen to my words well, and let's continue to live together. / I miss you.. Listen to our 7jib well~ Stay well too ^^ / Yesung-ee hyung!!!! I hope hyung's empty spot will be filled quickly.. Let's work together again quickly~ let's meet again at Han River kk / KingKing! The handsomest KingKing kk Hyung, you know that I love you a lot right? / Donggri DongDong, I love hyung's voice the most kk Let's go for a solo song in the next album! I will try directing it. / Sungmin-ee hyung~! Thank you for always comforting me by my side ^^!! Let's meet at Sukira soon kk / I'm happy that Hyukgu is becoming more and more handsome! Work harder ^^ Hyung, you know it, right? kkk / Donghai! I love you as much as I love Hyukgu kk Donghae-hyung, don't be sad~ Let's go again tonight!!! / Siwon-ee hyung, I'm sorry .. that I only like D&E kkkkk I love hyung a lot ♡ / Kibum-ah, come to the dorm~!! Let's eat^^ / Kyuhyun-ah, do you like Changmin and Minho more than me?..ㅠ I love you KyuKyu kk / Super Junior M Zhou Mi hyung!! I hope hyung will be very happy ^^ I love you hyung~♡ / Henry, take some care of Zhou Mi hyung! kk SJM maknae Henry-yah, I'm always thankful about you! / Super Junior 7jib, let's become daebak!!!! My girlfriend, E.L.F.. I'm thankful, and I love you! ♡ It's 7jib now~ Till everyone gathers in one place, Ryeowook-ee will work hard too with the name 'Super Junior'^^ I love you. Love yourself♡
  • Kyuhyun: Kyu will always be where E.L.F's are...

ubirch  asked:

I was wondering if you had any advice about low self-esteem. I carry a lot of guilt and shame which causes me to look down on myself and shut down around people and not open up. I know I'm a likable person but I really just don't like myself. I know this is really vague and you probably won't be able to help me so I'm sorry if this was more confusing than anything

Sis, you are so much more than a likable person. The true beauty of your existence, which is true and real even now, is unable to be captured by anything like self-esteem or the images we may hold. Your work lies in discovering just how true that is–while letting go of the false past with which you are currently burdened. 

I can’t think of a more deceitful and confusing notion than that of self-esteem. It’s like applying to colleges, or anywhere really. You’re forced to transcribe the multidimensional being that you are onto a two-dimensional piece of paper. That’s what self-esteem is. 

High self-esteem means liking what you see on the paper. Low self-esteem means disliking what you see on the paper. All the while, you are still using a stunted and dead image of yourself as a means to relate to your own living existence. 

If I may be so bold to say, it sounds as though you don’t “like” yourself because it doesn’t feel good simply being as you are, being in your own skin. This has everything to do with the guilt and shame you say you are carrying. It’s not that you have low self-esteem and need higher self-esteem. It’s that you are walking around clutching a burning coal to your chest and therefore think you need a cold shower. Drop the coal and see if there’s any need left. 

“As long as you are unable to access the power of the Now, every emotional pain that you experience leaves behind a residue of pain that lives on in you. It merges with the pain from the past, which was already there, and becomes lodged in your mind and body. This, of course, includes the pain you suffered as a child, caused by the unconsciousness of the world into which you were born.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

So long as we carry the past with us, it will be a source of confusion and suffering. The illusion of it all is that we aren’t actually carrying the past around with us. We are only carrying our thoughts, judgments, impressions, and memories of the past. The past itself, like the future, is an utter mystery. It is not what we think it is. 

As Eckhart emphasizes in his book, the past has no power over the present moment. If you are sitting alone, safe and healthy inside a room on your computer, then there is nothing really lacking. There’s no reason as to why peace should be inaccessible to you. And yet due to our repeated thoughts (i.e. the past) and our body’s reaction to those thoughts (i.e. triggered emotions), we unknowingly create needless suffering. 

I don’t know what happened in your past to cause you to feel guilt and shame. But what is clear is that it has somehow become tied into your identity and sense of self. Instead of digesting those feelings and letting them go as they arose, you wove them into the story about yourself. This is, unfortunately, all too common.  

For many, including myself, much of the initial aspects of the spiritual path focus on healing from our past. As Eckhart mentions in the above quote, we all suffered pain as children due to the unconsciousness of the world into which we were born. I remember that vividly. I didn’t hate adults so much as the deluded world in which they lived. My second grade teacher used to say “Life isn’t fair,” and I would always talk back, saying, “Life’s only unfair because people like you make it that way.”

Of course, I was also a little shit. 

Maybe someone, or several people, said things to you that made you feel ashamed of yourself. Maybe you did things you regret and still feel guilty. I’ve experienced both. And it’s okay. You can still be free from it all. It doesn’t happen in a day, just as coming to the place of suffering in which you are now didn’t happen in a day. It’s about everyday, the way we live and the place within from which we are living. 

It begins with the way we relate to our mind. When we fixate on our thoughts, we lose touch with the present moment. The past and future begin to seem more real and substantial than the present itself. That is a very basic and confusing illusion that controls most lives. But the present moment is more than just what is happening right now around us. The present moment is another word for consciousness. We can’t be conscious in the past or in the future; our consciousness, which means to say our aliveness, is only ever Here. 

The practices of mindfulness use various focal points as an entryway into our consciousness as the present moment. For example, when you notice yourself falling into old thought-emotion patterns of guilt and shame, you take your attention out of your head and sink it into the feeling of inhabiting the inner space of your body. Focusing on the flow of breath is another method. All of those practices use something here and now as a support for guiding your awareness back to the present, back to yourself as you really are. Not some image from the outside-in but aliveness from the inside out. 

Daily meditation is also a practice that will work to digest these past pains. Again, it can take some time and patience is essential. But peace is totally possible for you, and with it arises great joy. 

Obviously I’ve written a silly amount here and there’s still more that can be said to help bring your mind out of its habitual patterns of suffering. For more insight, guidance, and practical techniques, I would strongly recommend The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle as a place to begin. 

Namaste :) Much love. 

reyyskywalker-deactivated201612  asked:

This is totally random but may I ask why you are anti-Coulson? I'm not trying to bash you, I'm honestly curious. I mean, I don't hate him but I also don't love him a ton. I'm neutral about Coulson. He's not my fave (that honor is saved for my goddess Raina and Melinda) I know a lot of people don't like Coulson but I'm wondering why. And also, it's nice to find a blog who loves Raina as much as I do!

oh no that’s totally fine!! i’m happy to explain uwu and i’m gonna publish this just in case anyone else is ever interested in my reasons.

i didn’t actually have the episodes on me, so there’s a lil bit of paraphrasing when i couldn’t remember the exact lines, and i’m tired as hell. but you’ll get the gist.

basically coulson has shown that he is (a) a huge hypocrite and (b) on a moral high horse and doesn’t actually give a shit about his agents.

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