i'm sorry i use the smiths so much

God I just want to be in a relationship so badly. I want to feel like I belong to someone, and someone belongs to me. I want to be able to tell someone drama and how I feel, and know they will be on my side no matter what. I want to feel like I was specifically wanted, not like I’m just another friend, another person, someone good to talk to but not their first and only choice.

you know i’m no good (for lucien carr)“I love first times. I want my whole life to be composed of them. Life is only interesting if life is wide.”

{a mix for lucien carr; mostly the characterized interpretation from the film kill your darilngs} [listen here]

01. cemetary gates / the smiths 02. drunk kid catholic / bright eyes 03. let go / frou frou 04. waiting… / city & colour 05. valley of the dolls / marina & the diamonds 06. you know i’m no good / amy winehouse 07. lay down in the tall grass / timbre timbre 08. normal person / arcade fire 09. red eye / kid cudi (ft. haim) 10. that joke isn’t funny anymore / the smiths 

things I overheard at MAGIC MIKE XXL tonight

“WHO ARE THE MEN WHO MADE THIS MOVIE” —carrionlaughing, to me, the second the credits rolled

“I’M OVERCOME” —me, in a daze

“I’M OVERWHELMED” —post-coital woman in the bathroom

“OMG XXL” —another post-coital woman in the bathroom

“CHAAAANNING TAAAATUM” —post-coital woman on the subway

“I really thought Jada Pinkett-Smith stole the movie” —middle-aged men sitting next to us, thoughtfully (??????????????????????)