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I'm unsure if this is how you do requests... But this might be a touchy subject but can you do a touchy subject of mc having suicidal thoughts. And you can either let her go through it or them talk mc out of it. Sorry this might be a long request... But can I request it for "Seven, Jumin, and Yoosung" thank you. ^.^

The wy This request took so much Time is because I made it 5 times.The first time was too personal, then it was too emotional, then to graphic or too lifeless.I just didn´t like it.

But as Goldie from the  “ Goldilocks and the Three Bears” I think I find something decent Good IDK

Look! Before you go farther you have to know that is a real problem and it could happen to anyone at any moment. Even if you think you or other are “Strong” well let me pop your little bubble because the truth is that humans are fragile and is easy to drown on this thoughts.

Don´t think that people are stupid or weak, they are made from the same material that you

There are lots of ways to feel like you want to kill yourself.

And if you are feeling or thinking about this, talk to somebody your parents, counselor, teachers, psychologist, friends   (last option if they are minors because they are maybe going through the same things it will be kinda difficult) and It will be difficult, you will feel vulnerable, weird, and maybe you will find people that won´t understand it or maybe make fun of you AND I don´t mean to scare you but is the truth and that´s scary but is the best way to feel better BUT if you don´t want or feel like you can´t can´t talk to anyone …well… Hi! I´m sandy and if you want to talk I will be here like 24/7, if you need me I will be here and you can talk to me on Dm (chat/direct message). Maybe I´m not the best to talk to but at least is something because keeping all that shit to yourself ain´t good.

Now! the HC.

Reasons of the thought will be depression since is the best I know and simplest to explain.


  • have you heard about “All what´s yours is mine and all what´s mine is yours”?
  • Well, Jumin takes that shit seriously.
  • So he combined all your account and no password on the computers
  • basically, the Idea was being totally open and you agree without knowing that he is checking your medical history.
  • He saw that you tried to kill yourself when you were a teenager.

- “Darling?” jumin search for you with the medical history papers.

- “Yes?”

- “I wanted to talk about this” he shows you the papers

- “What are-” big silent gap “What? know are you judging me too?”

- “No of course not! I just wanted to know what happened”

- “I tried to kill myself that´s it”

- “Do-do you have thought about this again?”  Jumin was waiting for a NO and that all your work problems and the death of your father haven’t affected you in that way.

- “No” he listens to that and in part, he was happy that god listens to his plays but then he heard the truth.

- “You know that you can´t lie to me?”

- “I´m not lying! that´s the tru-” before you could finish he took you into his arms “Jumin, I´m ok” but he didn´t move a bit “I´m o-okay” no reaction “I´m fin-fine” your word were getting weaker “I wi-will be fine-e”

- “I know” but you were still in his arms

- “Everything is okay” but those words were painful to say because they weren´t truth.

- “Are you sure?”

- “Yes!” you tried to be strong “DEAM IT JUMIN LET ME GO!” you tried to force your way out from Jumin´s arm but he didn´t let you go “Everything is okay,  I´m okay, it´s fine” you said that 8 times but with ties in your eyes and pain in your voice accompanied with that black hole in your chest.

- “Are you ok,Mc?” jumin asked

- You knew what you had to say but you were so tired “No…” and you collapsed in tears and pain unamenable to talk or do anything else.

- Jumin didn´t let you go “I´m here. I will find help and everything will be ok”


  • Your phone was ringing and you were in the shower, 
  • yoosung wouldn’t answer without your permission,
  •  He asked you and you immediately permitted yoosung to answered the phone call thinking it was a cell phone company calling you again. 
  • That wasn´t the case.

-  Yoosung didn´t  even given the other person the opportunity to present them self and said “We don’t need phone or promotions, sorry. Bye” 

- “Sir.! wait we are not a cellphone company.” the woman on the phone said before Yoosung hang up

- “Ohh Sorry…”

- “No worries. Is there Mc?”

- “She is in the shower but I’m his boyfriend so I can give them a message” Yoosung still had butterflies when he said that he was your boyfriend

- “Yeah were are just here family pharmacy and we are just because Mc hadn´t come for their prescription

- “Prescription?”

  • When you got out of the shower you saw your boyfriend putting a heavy jacket.

- “Are you going somewhere yoosung?”

- “We! change as fast as you can Mc”

- “So suddenly?”

- “I have a surprise”

  • Basically, yoosung kidnap you.
  • And took you to a special place.
  • To Rika’s tumb.

- “Yoosung, why are we here?”

- “Did you know the I was about to commit suicide but then you came…”

(I was fact on Instagram about this)

- “…”

- “A lot in my life was happening and I just… the thing is that you came and I thought you…I treat you like you were Rika”

- “I remember”

- “Let´s go somewhere else”

  • You change location and Yoosung took you to another spacial place
  • the favorite park  of Yoosung

- “Can we talk?” Yoosung ask when you two finally sit on a bench

  • And you two talk and talk until the day was night
  • Until you finally said everything was on your minds
  • Until are the dark thoughts were not gone but calm.

- Yoosung took your hand gently “I know you’re not Rika, you are more important to me. I know what I´m about to say is selfish but I want to be with you forever or at least grow old together. I want to be with you in those bad moment and on the good ones. I want to be your support maybe I´m not strong as Zen, Smart as Seven, Mature as Jaehee, wealthy as Jumin or even talented as V But I love you.”

- “Yoosung…”

- “Mc…” He get´s up in front of you “Maybe I´m stupid and I don´t know if I should be doing this, maybe I´m putting too much on your plate but-” he gives a sigh “I want to ask you” he puts one knee down “Do you-” takes your hand “Do you want to marry me?” without ring or any  extravagant things he asks you just with his heart and soul.

(I just couldn’t do Seven, Sorry.)

unfortunately, there are not persons that will be like this in the IRL. There are not heroes (or at least I haven´t found anyone) and the only one that can give the first step is you. 

Special Agent 606, Out.If you want to request here are the rules: HERE/Masterlist: Here

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Hi for the third time in this night, i'm so scared of myself sometimes.. So here is my first request, because i just wanted to read your version of this imagine : How Nevra would react if Guardienne can go back to her world ? (Like he love her and suddenly she can go back ?)

A/N: Don´t be scared! I´m really happy to know you like my stuff :D
So, as promised, here is your request!!! I do hope you like it!!! \o/

“You’re going back?” Nevra asked, shocked by the news. After months of searching, with the help of Kero and Ykhar, guardienne was able to find a way to get home without using the portals.

“I need to go… my parents must be so worried about me. I´m really worried about them.”

“Then what about me?!” Guardienne looked perplexed by the outburst of the vampire. She never saw him so out of his character than this.

“N-nevra?” Scared and not knowing how to apporach him, she carefully placed her hand on his arm, worriedly looking at him.

“Don´t go…” Hugging like there was no tomorrow, she didn´t know what to do.

“We both know that I do need to go…”

“That´s not true! You can stay here! You should stay, afterall, you´re a faelliene!” Consumed by anger, Nevra showed a selfish side of his that he didn´t want her to see and freezed up when he saw her with tears in her eyes.


“I´m sorry. I wasn´t expecting the news… you should definitely go back home and see your parents. They must be worried… I need to go now…” Kissing guardienne on the forehead, Nevra left her alone and went to his bedroom, where he locked the door and laid down on the bed, with a couple of tears contouring his pale face.

He knew he was being selfish, since the begining her stay in Eldarya was supposed to be short ,until they would find a way to bring her home, but he fell in love with her. She was so different from the other girls from there, hypnotising him with her beautiful pearly smile, making him feel butterflies in his stomach, like he was a teenager again.

He knew he needed to let his feelings go so that no one would get wounded from them, but he needed time…

A new day came upon and Nevra got out of his room, heading to the cantine to eat something, when he saw Ykhar with teary eyes.

“What happened?” The vampire asked to the brownie as he approached her.

“G-guardienne went h-home…” 

“A-already?” Ykhar only nodded her head, feeling that her voice wouldn´t come out anymore and Nevra stood there,  feeling like his heart shattered into pieces.

“Nev…” Karenn called him, looking at him with a sad expression. Karenn, aside from everyone else, knew Nevra´s feelings for guardienne and to see him so broken, made her feel useless, as there was nothing they could do. After all, they were vampires. Sure in Eldarya they could walk during the day under the sun, but in the human world that wasn´t possible, making the idea of going after the woman he loves impossible.

“I need to be alone for a while…” Nevra said and entered his room again, feeling like the world was ending. He couldn´t do anything besides forgeting her, but was that even possible?

Weeks passed by and everyone was worried about Nevra. He did his job very well, but aside of that he didn´t do anything besides locking himself in his room. Karenn tried many times to cheer him up, even Ezarel tried, saying that he didn´t mind if he drank the blood from the girls of Absynthe, but nothing worked.

Months passed by in a blink of an eye, and Nevra was trying to recover, trying to push his feelings aside but it was hard to do that. If only she was there to hug him, to be there for him…

“NEV!” Karenn screamed his name as she run to him.

“What is it Karenn?” He asked. Is the guard being attacked?

“Come with me!” The girl saídas she pulled him by the wrist, walking into a fast pace, making Nevra get curious to what was happening.

“Nevra…” That voice… was he imagining her like he has been doing in the last couple of months?

“G-guardienne?” No, this was real, right?

“I missed you so much Nevra…” The faelliene woman said as she hugged the vampire.

“This isn´t a dream!” Nevra exclaimed, hugging her tightly against his chest, embracing her with all his body, feeling her scent that he so much missed, feeling her warm body against his.

Finally, she was back and this time, he wouldn´t let her go so easily.

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The Assassins telling their S/O that they're assassins? They're been with their S/O for a while yet never said that they were assassins. Also, I'm so happy that you're going to start writing for Jacob and Evie! I love them so much and I'm glad my favorite writer is going to start writing them! ❤️❤️

A/N: Awww seriously I’m your favourite writer?? That is so sweet of you to say I’m really flattered. And I’m glad to be writing about the twins now too! Honestly I was feeling really nervous about it but I think it’s going well so far! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

Altaïr paced around the room, deep in thought, while you stood at the counter getting some food ready for the two of you to eat.

“Altaïr it’s time to eat.” You gently called out but he didn’t make a move to join you, too occupied in his own thoughts to even hear you, brows furrowed and arms crossed. “Altaïr!” His head whipped up and looked at you as you stood at the table tapping your foot impatiently,

“Oh, sorry.” He mumbled as he moved to sit at the table with you before the two of you quietly began to eat.

“So,” You began after a few minutes, “Is there something on your mind?”

He stopped eating and put down his spoon before looking over at you across the table.

“There’s something I need to tell you.” He quietly spoke. “I’m an-”

“Assassin. I know.” Altaïr looked taken aback at your statement. “I’m not wrong, am I?”

“Well, no. But how did you-” You reached across the table and took his left hand into your own and rubbed your thumb across the base of his ring finger, where his finger should have been. “I’ve lived in Masyaf since I was a child. I know your blades require you to lose this.” You ran your thumb over it again and looked at Altaïr with a gentle smile and he felt relief wash over him.

You were lying in your bed fast asleep when you heard the latch to your window unlock and swing open, exposing your back to the brisk Italian air. A figure quietly approached your bed and was about to place a hand on your shoulder when you suddenly sprang up and aimed a punch at their face. But the figure merely caught your fist in their larger hand, a smirk dancing on their features.

“Mia bella.” A familiar baritone cooed at you.

Ezio!” You cried happily as he let go of your hand to wrap you up in a hug and you eagerly hugged him back.

“I missed you!” You pulled him into the bed with you. “Where have you been all this time? You were gone longer than usual.”

“About that…” Ezio trailed off, looking off to the side nervously. “There’s something I want to tell you.” You tilted your heard curiously at him waiting for him to continue. “I’m a, how do I put this? I’m an assassin.”

You gulped loudly as you retreated further back into the corner that you were pinned up against, as if tucking yourself in more would make it so that you would disappear. But nothing like that was going to happen you knew as you watched the group of men advance on you, lecherous smiles on their faces.

“Come with us miss.” One of them reached out and grabbed a hold of your wrist.

You suddenly felt a rush of adrenaline as you roughly yanked your hand out of his grip yelling, “Don’t touch me!”

The man frowned and made another move to grab you before a figure leapt down from the roof of a building, landing in between you and your assailant. The man was surprised and staggered a few steps back, before scowling and throwing a punch at the hooded figure. He easily dodged the punch and swiftly kneed the man in the stomach, incapacitating him for a few seconds. The mystery man looked over his shoulder at you before grabbing your wrist and running out of the alley with you.

Once you had outrun the other men the two of you took refuge in a nearby alley to catch your breath.

“Thanks, for saving, me.” You managed to say between breaths.

“No problem.” He replied. But there was something familiar about that voice, could it be?

Your head whipped up as you walked right up to the mystery man and took a good look at him, trying to see under his hood. He looked at you curiously as he leaned back while you leaned forward.


The man jumped slightly in surprise before turning away from you, “No.” He half squeaked out.

“It is you! Connor what’s going on?!”

He sighed, “I need to tell you something.”

As soon as you heard the door to the Captain’s quarters close your eyes sprang open as you sat up in Edward’s bed. He had gone off again in the middle of the night and you were determined to find out why. Quietly you got dressed, donned a hooded cloak and left the Jackdaw without alerting anyone just in time to see Edward go into the forest with a person whose form you couldn’t make out.

Quietly you followed the two of them from a distance as you tried to pick up on bits and pieces of their conversation. You heard words like ‘Templars’, ‘conservatory’, and ‘creed’ as Edward and your mystery person spoke to each other.

Suddenly the two broke out in a run and you tried your best to keep up with them. Eventually you ended up in a large clearing and frantically looked around for any sign of the two of them and found none. Dejected, you were about to turn around and head back when you heard some rustling from above you. Suddenly you felt weight on your body as someone jumped down and knocked you to the ground, pinning you there. Your hood fell back and you opened your eyes to see Edward, and a slender blade dangerously close to your neck.


“Edward! And,” you looked over his shoulder, “Kidd?! What’s going on?!”

Edward pulled back the blade and helped you stand up before nervously rubbing the back of his head, “Where do I even begin?”

You and Arno were walking around Paris running some errands when he had suddenly run off, but you merely shrugged it off since he did it so often you learned to pay it no mind. Eventually you came to the marketplace and went about your business and began picking out some food to bring back home when you saw a group of angry looking men dressed in red walk up to some men and start hassling them.  You had a short temper and yelled at them to stop, which only served to aggravate them more. They came up to you and one was about to raise his sword and strike you, while the rest began fighting with the other men who had also pulled out their swords.

You screamed and put your arms up to defend yourself before you heard the sound of metal clanging against metal. Opening one eye you looked up and saw the person who had saved you and saw…

“Arno?!” You cried incredulously. He wasn’t wearing his normal clothes and instead was dressed in finely tailored robes with an ornate hood that currently laid unworn against his jacket.

“Um, surprise?”

Jacob?” You called out as you stood outside the doorway of the twins’ train, which was currently boarded at the station. You smiled when you saw his head pop out of the window of another car.

“Oh! Come in love, I’ll be there soon!” He called out before disappearing back into the train.

You walked in and settled down on the couch and patiently waited for your lover to come back and join you. After a few minutes he showed up in the doorway, dressed sharply and trademark top hat on his head. He briskly walked over to you and pressed a kiss to your lips before sitting down beside you and draping an arm over your shoulders.

“So, why did you call me here?” You gently asked as you turned to look at Jacob.

“I wanted to tell you something.” He turned and looked at you, a serious expression on his face. “I’m not what you think I am.” He paused. “I’m an-”


“That’s right an assa-wait! How did you know that?!”

You giggled, “Evie told me.”

“What?! It was supposed to be some big reveal too.” Jacob pouted as he tried to sink further into the couch, angry his thunder was stolen. “I bet she told you I’m a gang leader too.” He muttered under his breath.


You were resting in the train car that Evie usually hung out in while she worked but saw her get out and head towards the door. You stood from your sitting position against the wall and looked over at her.

“Where are you going?”

“I just need to get something from Jacob, I’ll be right back.” She smiled at you and you nodded as she walked out. After she had left you couldn’t fight off the curiosity that was slowly creeping up on you as you looked at the scattered notes and books on Evie’s table and walked over sneakily before picking one up and reading through its contents.

“Hm, what are Pieces of Eden? And what’s this? First Civilization? What does that mean? Is this some sort of fiction book?” But you knew it couldn’t be. Evie was looking at the book too intently for her to be reading it casually.

You suddenly felt two arms wrap around your middle and let out a squeak in surprise as you dropped the book back onto the table, where it fell with a quiet thump. Evie’s head came to rest on your shoulder as she let out a deep breath.

“Someone’s been looking at something she shouldn’t have been.” She hummed into your ear.

You gulped before you found your voice, “Is it all real?” You felt her nod against your shoulder.

“I have some explaining to do about myself as well, you have a right to know.”

College Roommates: Part 20

Character: Dean x Reader 
Word Count: 1500-ish
Meanings: Y/N=First Name L/N=Last Name H/C=Hair Colour B/S = Body Shape Y/H = Your Height O/H/C = Other Hair Colour Y/A=Your Age

A/N:  I know it’s late but here it is! Again, let me know what you think!

ALSO a lot of you have given me such lovely messages comments etc. I’m so sorry I haven’t replied yet… I’m a bit tired and thought you gals deserved the next part first, so I’ll respond to all your awesome message tomorrow!
Stay awesome sweethearts and enjoy!

Masterlist (including all parts of College Roommates)

Sam walked into the apartment. Dean seemed as surprised as you were.

“I got excepted into Stanford.” Sam said. You could see Dean look confused at the subject. “Great… so why are you here?” Smooth Dean, you thought to yourself.

“Great to see you too, Dean.” Sam said sarcastic as he turned to him. Dean sighed. “I mean, why are you here in the middle of the night?”

Sam was quiet but then you heard him sigh and raise his shoulders. “They were fighting again.” You saw Dean let a hand go over his face.

“They’re still fighting?” Dean asked. “No, dad went on a business trip and mom went to nan and granddads.” “Leaving you alone?” Dean asked again. “Yeah.” Sam answered, with a ‘obviously’ undertone to it.

“Well, dad was so pissed off that he froze my accounts.” Sam continued and he walked to the table, putting his bag there. “Why?” Dean raised his hands. “Because I got into Stanford?” Sam rolled his eyes.

“What, why is that a problem?” You asked, you couldn’t help it. “Ow hello.” Sam said surprised, realizing you were there as well. Dean didn’t answer instead Sam continued. “Sorry didn’t know you had company.” He said to Dean.

You laughed. “I’m not ‘company’ I’m his… roommate.” You said, you didn’t know what Dean wanted to tell his little brother, so you left that open.

You stood up and walked towards Sam. “Y/N.” You said, extending your hand. He took your hand and you could see a smile creep up his face. “I’m Sam.” You nodded and looked at Dean who was clearly still frustrated. You couldn’t blame him, it’s been an long and eventful day.

“C’mon have a seat, want something to drink?” You said to Sam as you gestured to the couch. The guys sat down as you got some drinks and sat down next to Dean again.

“So you got into Stanford? That’s pretty cool but aren’t you a bit young.” You said. “Told you he was a nerd like you.” Dean said mumbling as he took a sip of his drink.

You shook your head as Sam rolled his eyes and he answered to you. “Yeah.” And taking a sip of his drink, smiling.

“Well I’m planning to go.” Sam said, directed to Dean “And he still wants you to go to Yale?” Dean asked. “Yes” Sam answered with a sigh. “Son of a bitch.” Dean put down his cup.

It stayed quiet for a bit. “And what about your accounts?” Dean asked. “Well like I said, he froze my accounts so I don’t have any money and mom said she was going to nan and granddads for at least a week to ‘cool down’.” Sam answered.

“So yeah, I’m cool with staying home alone in that boring big place but no money and I couldn’t reach mom so.” “So you decided to come here? You could’ve just called.” Dean said annoyed.

“Well it didn’t go as planned, I was supposed to be here this afternoon but the bus I was traveling with got a flat tire-” “Bus?” Dean cut him off. “Yeah, dad took all the car keys with him and I haven’t figured out how to hack those new cars yet.”

“Unbelievable and you couldn’t call?!” Dean said angry, which got Sam angry. “I tried you jerk but you weren’t picking up!” Dean sighed again.

There was obviously something going on with Dean’s family which you had no clue off.  You didn’t want to bribe or hear Dean out now, you believed Dean would tell you in time. Just not after everything that happened today. The two of you hadn’t even labeled the relationship you were having. Even though you were pretty sure you two now were boyfriend-girlfriend, neither of you had said it out loud.

Also it was getting late so you saw this as your chance to intervene, giving the guys a chance to talk alone. “Well, I’m sorry but I’m off to bed.” You said, supporting your hand on Dean’s knee as you got up. “Try not to stay up all night. Goodnight guys.” “Night.” You heard Sam say.

You nearly reached your bedroom door when you felt a hand on your lower back. You stopped and looked over your shoulder.

Dean stood behind you and gave you a kiss. “Why don’t you go there. I’ll be there in a minute.” He said and you felt his hand on you lower back pushing you towards his room. “Okay if Sam’s sleeps in your room tonight?” He asked.

You couldn’t find a reason not, so you nodded and leaned in for one last kiss before entering and closing his door.

*Dean’s pov*

Y/N went into my room and I sighed. I turned back to Sammy and sat down again.

Of course he had this annoying teasing… face on his face. “C’mon, spill it.” I sighed. Sam just smirked. “No nothing.” He said, I took a sip of my drink. “So that’s Y/N?” He asked teasingly.

Even though I know he was trying to tease me, I couldn’t get angry. Instead I could just feel a smile creep up my face. “Yeah, that’s her.” “So?” “So what?” I asked, raising my eyebrow. 

“Did you confess?” He whispered, not wanting Y/N to hear it. Told you he was a smart kid.

Besides that, I might have talked a bit to much about her when I got home last summer break? Sammy seemed happy for me even though me and Y/N didn’t have anything at the time. I didn’t tell mom but I know she noticed something and and dad just didn’t notice or care.

Anyway, Sammy doesn’t know about Martinez. Which is good because the kid doesn’t need to know everything.

“Yeah, about two seconds before you knocked.” I whispered back. “And?” He whispered back a bit to loud. I couldn’t hide the smile as I stared at my drink and shrugged my shoulders. I could feel Sam push me in the arm.

“Who would of thought she’d actually go for my loser brother.” Sam said teasingly but I didn’t care that he called me a loser.

I haven’t had the chance to let it sink in. Tonight went by so quickly. I couldn’t help the smile that was creeping up again. “She told me, Sam.” Sam looked a bit confused. “Told you what?” “She actually loves me back.” I answered and let my hand glide over my face. “God, I swear. Hearing her say that is just so different compared to anyone else who’s said it to me. I don-” I didn’t know what to say. I never believed in that butterfly crap, I truly believed it to be bullshit but with her. She could just give me that good/weird feeling in the stomach and I just- sigh. I don’t know. It’s just awesome.

“I’ve got to admit you do seem a bit like a different, chick flick, kind of guy now.” Sam chuckled. I shook my head and threw a pillow at him. “Bitch.” Sam just laughed.

I then thought again why Sam was actually here but I’m tired. “Okay, I’m going to bed as well. We’ll talk about everything tomorrow.” Sam nodded.

“C’mon.” I said, as I stood up and walked to Y/N’s room telling Sam to crash here. “You two had a fight?” Sam asked as he walked into the room.

Y/N’s book were still scattered over the floor. I didn’t answer Sam, not feeling like explaining now and just picked up the book and put them on her desk. Telling Sam goodnight.

When I walked into my room, the lamp at the night stand was on. Y/N seemed fast asleep, wearing one of my shirts. Great another clothing thief, I thought sarcastically.

I undressed as well and finally got into bed and turned off the light. I rolled to my side, facing her back and wanted to get closer to Y/N but instead she turned around in her sleep and her arm hugging me closer and her face buried against my chest. I could hear her let out a content sigh.

I wrapped my arms around her as well, kissing her on top of her head.

After all that we’ve been through I can’t believe we still ended up like this. Even after all this, this is definitely one of the best nights I’ve ever had.

Part 21?