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This is my first fic so it won’t be the best and also it’s short. Sorry!


Hamilsquad x fem!reader

Every night was a struggle living with Lafayette, Hercules, John, and especially Alexander. Since you were the only girl in the apartment, they all tried their chances to get you.

It was probably something that all guys do, with the dominance of a man. If they’d ever get the chance, they’d try some new pick up lines they saw on the internet.

You thought it would stop with John when he came out. But nope, he still flirted with you so the other boys wouldn’t think he was lame.

Instead of flirting, Lafayette just asked you out. You could’ve said yes. You could’ve said no. But, you had thoughts on someone else at the time.


Sorry, that was like four paragraphs. I’m not a very good writer but i’ll try to practice more so i can write like @jamiiton or @a-blog-of-hamilton-and-writing.


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Fic titlefor zoop bc im trash: "Fairest and Fallen" gud luk

The Fairest and the Fallen (and those who followed)

Judy wanted to be a Knight.

Nick wanted to be left alone.

Neither would really get what they wanted.

Here. Take my messy excuse of a story! I needed some practice between writing practicum and this is what I could come up with! It’s a little… nonsensical. But it’s the cause of sleepless nights, grad school, and a test tomorrow morning that I haven’t nearly studied enough for.


He is a thief, and she is a…

She is what she is. And she tells him, as she waves a sword in his face, that she’s a knight.

“A knight, huh?” He scoffs, and jingles the cuffs she’d ceremoniously slapped onto his wrists. They were rusted and red, and he hoped that whatever that was wasn’t blood but he had a sneaky suspicion-

She breaks him from his reveries. “You’re coming with me.” The daggers at her belt aren’t tied correctly, and they clink together when she turns on her heel. “The King has an order out for you. First knight to bring you back gets the reward.”

“First Knight.” He followed her, falling into step cheerfully. “I don’t think he said First Bunny. Do you get cuteness points or something?”

She spun round, and her sword was back. Held incorrectly, he noted. One swat of his paws and that thing would go flying halfway across the little crushed shell path they were standing on. He smiled, giving his reflection on the blade a little how-do-you-do. “Don’t” she intones, “call me cute.”

“Fine. Adorable. Endearing. Small and fluffy. Doesn’t matter. You’re still all of the above. And Knight hardly qualifies.”

She looks like she wants to cut him down. He doubted she could. But. Still. The look was almost enough. Then, with a haughty little puff of air, she collected herself up. The seashells under her feet rattled when she began to walk again. “Just… let’s go. I don’t have time for this.”

“Two weeks walk to the King’s. You’ve got plenty of time for me, Fluff.”

He’s right. And she’s regretting it dearly.

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The Bird and the Bees (RWBY)

This is for @megaexguilmon, I was your @rwbysecretsanta. You said you liked the Bees and the Branwens. Couldn’t put both birds in there, but you got one bird and some bees. Hope you like it, had to write fast to get it out today. Enjoy, and happy holidays!

Words: 2871
Relationship: Bumbleby
Characters: Yang Xiao Long, Qrow Branwen, Blake Belladonna

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Giveaway prize for the wonderful @copperjellyroll, who requested her Guild Wars 2 OC Diatus and had the patience of a hundred saints while I went around taking pictures of bark and figuring out how to paint leaves for the first time in my life.


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Could I prompt the Rogue One squads reactions if they were alive at the end of Return of the Jedi when the second Death Star is destroyed and the Emperor dies and everyone is celebrating?

Sorry I made this more rebelcaptain than you asked but I figured you wouldn’t mind. This idea just latched on and wouldn’t go away. I hope that you like it!

They could hardly believe it when news came into the base. They were all gathered in the control room awaiting word and when it came that the second Death Star was gone, along with the Emperor and Darth Vader, everything exploded. People were cheering and embracing. Cassian turned around to look for Jyn and he saw Baze lifting a grinning Bodhi and Chirrut with his eyes closed and his head tilted back.

She was standing apart from the others, her hands braced on a table and her head tucked down. After shaking several hands, including General Draven’s, he made his way over to her and hesitantly placed his hand on her shoulder. Jyn looked up at him, her cheeks wet with tears that she didn’t want anyone else to see. He took her hand gently in his, leading her towards the door.

As they passed their companions, she accepted a tight hug from both Baze and Chirrut and kissed Bodhi on the cheek. They all looked on with understanding as she and Cassian left. Once they were outside, she took several deep breaths of the cool night air before looking up to the sky. Cassian watched as several more tears slid from beneath her closed eyelids before she spoke.

“For you Papa,” she whispered.

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