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Hi, I really love your Voltron Family it's just makes so happy when you update on it. I really enjoy the fact that little Lance, Hunk, and Pidge love their daddy Keith so much that they will protect him for Shiro. What I really wanted to know is if I could give you a prompt, or maybe just think of this as a question. What would happen if some guy was so obsessed with Keith that he tried to kidnap Keith at night when everyone was home? Love the Daddy Keith Protection Force.

Thank you! They really love each other a lot. Keith is a bit oblivious with other people’s advances but he is skilled in fighting! 

!!!! Uh, proceed with caution. This is um… awful.

[The Voltron Family] Keith had to go back to his office late at night because he had forgotten a manuscript he was supposed to check. When he got out of the building, he made his way to the car and suddenly he felt something pierce his neck and everything went black.

Shiro and the kids were at home, all preparing to go to sleep. Keith was late. It had been almost an hour and a half. It didn’t even take that long to drive back and forth his office. Shiro was getting worried that he got his phone and tried tracking Keith. His location was in such a weird place that obviously wasn’t his workplace. The red circle just kept blinking, unmoving. Shiro felt sick at what might’ve happened as he quickly changed clothes. He moved past the kids who were by the second floor living room watching a movie and they all looked at him, puzzled.

Shiro: I want you all to stay here. I’ll go and get your Daddy Keith. 
Hunk: *panics* Why? What happened?
Shiro: Your Dad might be in trouble.
Three teens: We’re coming with you!

Keith slowly opened his eyes and he began looking around. He was in a room. A dark room that had two lamps on the side. He looked down and he saw himself lying on a bed, hands tied to the headboard and suddenly his worst nightmare was happening. He knew where this was going. His heart started beating so fast and he just wanted to see Shiro. But he knew that he had to calm down and think of a way out of this. He looked around trying to look for an exit, considering he could get himself free. There were two doors, one that lead outside and the other… it opened to reveal a man older than Keith coming out from the bathroom.

Keith wanted to die. No, no, no, no, no. Please, not me. 

Old Man: Ah, you’re finally awake.
Keith: What do you want? Do you want money? I can give—
Old Man: *approaches the bed* Oh no. I don’t want money, Mr. Shirogane. What I want is something money cannot give. You see, I’ve been a lonely man for so long. My wife died a couple of years back and I loved her so dearly. I was passing by the area a couple of months ago and I saw you come out of your car. My wife was Japanese and you reminded me of her.
Keith: *knits his eyebrows* What?
Old Man: You share the same facial features with her, even the nose. Same silky black hair, same length even. *smirks*
Keith: I’m a man, in case that wasn’t obvious.
Old Man: Ah, indeed you are. But a man isn’t really a problem to you, is it? You’re married to a man yourself. *takes out a knife and hovers it on Keith’s jacket* So this wouldn’t be much of a— *leans over to Keith*

That was when Keith saw his opportunity. He kicked the old man in the chest with his knee really hard that the knife flew upward. Keith kicked the man again forward, making him fall off the bed and just in time for Keith to grab the knife as it fell down using his teeth. He took the knife using his feet and started to free his hands as quickly as he could. 

The man was groaning in pain and then he looked up at Keith trying to escape when he shouted “Guards!” Keith’s eyes widened when he heard more heavy footsteps approaching the room and he tried slicing his one hand free even faster. As soon as his one hand was free, he grabbed the knife with his hand and worked on the other one. The old man stood up to stop him by grabbing his shoulder. Keith turned around just in time to punch the man in the face, causing him to stumble back and make his nose bleed.

Keith: That’s for drugging me. *punches the man again* That’s for kidnapping me. *another punch* That’s for tying me in bed. *one last final blow* And that’s for having the nerve to think I’d let you touch me when I’m a married man.

Keith looked down at the bleeding man and for a second he felt guilty but the man tried to do unimaginable things to him. This was all self defense and he had every right to do it. He looked at the door and he saw five men.

Keith: Fuck this. You are all making me late to my cuddle session with my husband. *both clenched fists in front of him in a fighting stance*

Keith charged.

Shiro stopped the car to an abandoned house by the pier and the kids and him quickly got out. They ran inside the house and they saw coming down the stairs a man holding onto his other shoulder, huffing. The man looked at them.

Shiro: Keith. *covers his mouth with one hand*
Three teens: Daddy Keith!! 
Keith: *smirks* Hey. Fancy seeing y’all here. You came to rescue me? All—

He got interrupted when a man charged at him and Keith turned around to give him two punches on the face and one strong kick to the stomach that caused the man to fly to the other side, breaking the wall in the process.

Keith: *huffs* All is good. *hands on the hip*

Pidge, Lance and Hunk just stared at their Daddy in awe. Lance had seen him punch a guy before, but other than that, no one had seen Keith literally fight someone with more than one move. Shiro on the other hand just ran up the stairs to his husband and hugged him. 

That was when Keith broke down.

Keith: *clings to Shiro* *tears starts to falling* I was tied to a bed and an old man tried to—
Shiro: *hugs Keith tighter* *knits his eyebrows in anger* Shhhhhsh. 
Keith: *whispers* I was scared. So, so, scared. When he… *sniffs* I’d rather die than… but then I thought of you, and then the kids…
Shiro: *kisses Keith’s neck* I got you. We’ll report everything to the police, Keith. You did such a great job defending yourself.
Keith: Six men. I fought six men and one had the audacity to land a hit on my damn shoulder. Who the hell does he think he is? *scoffs* I’m Keith Shirogane.
Shiro: *smiles sadly* Indeed you are. 

[PART 2]

Me, first learning MBTI: I’m an INTP… huh. Okay. And my dominant function is introverted thinking. Wow, that sounds really serious and cool, like an old, contemplative sage, or something.

Me, now: INTPs are such lame fucking nerds why the hell did I ever get into this shit.

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One of my biggest fear for season 3 is that they might fuck up the ackerbowl from chapter 84. we all know they've been doing mikasa wrong this whole time. not to mention that the studio is trying to push for eremika, so they might change the rivamike scenes. Like that Levi line they took away from Mika and gave it to eren. But then again they're two of the most popular characters so having one basically strangling the other would be publicity fuel no? Bleh maybe I'm overthinking sorry

Nah, you’re not overthinking, I also thought about the possibility of the anime messing up/removing their scenes in the Uprising arc (like when Mikasa is asking about Levi’s leg, them being badasses together, Levi rewording his rude speech for Mikasa’s sake, and the wagon talk). Those scenes might seem insignificant to some, but Ackerfans will be disappointed if they aren’t adapted correctly or not at all. 

But then again, we should also give the anime studio some credit–they do seem to recognize and respect the Ackerman’s connection because they have added a few parallels and they do show Levi giving Mikasa “softer” expressions. Also, they added that scene of Levi looking over at Mikasa when she was talking about taking him down a peg in S1. 

Even though the anime seems to favor ere//mika romantically, they can’t pretend the Ackerman’s relationship isn’t important in a platonic sense. So, I’m HOPING they adapt the subtle yet drastic shift in their relationship and then actually animate the Ackerbowl to be even more epic and emotional on the screen than it was on paper. Chapter 84 had a HUGE impact on the fandom, so WIT will only be hurting themselves if they decide not to accurately capture those scenes.  

Maximoff twins in AOU [Spoilers]
  • I really loved Marvel's Quicksilver (though I was one of the few people who defended Evan Peters' Quicksilver before DOFP). I adored the dynamic between him and Clint, like they're kinda hating on each other and making fun of each other but in the end...The scenes they shared didn't fail to make me smile.
  • Now, Wanda.I felt like there weren't enough scenes that gave us a bigger insight on their relationship.
  • We find out about the twins' past:
  • Their parents were killed (well, if their dad is who he is supposed to be I highly doubt that, but anyway) by one of Stark's weapons and Pietro managed to save Wanda last minute. That's why the two of them hate on Stark and volunteered for Strucker's program.
  • During the movie we have Pietro always looking out for his little sister (which is adorable).
  • Wanda. Well, I love this character so much,I guess that's why I felt like we could have seen a little more of her. Again, there are a couple of amazing scenes with her and Barton towards the end of the film (I guess every scene with Barton in this movie was amazing).
  • And she also had a few moments with Vision which make me hope that we probably are going to get a Young Avengers movie. Like...in 10-20 years 😅
  • Though she is younger she is more serious, while her brother jokes every now and then.
  • Now [MAJOR SPOILER]: Pietro's death scene had me crying. Firstly, cause I waited to see this chatacter for so long and you just go and kill him. Secondly, it reminded me of the death of a certain speedster in the DC's Young Justice. The way he died sacrificing himself...And finally, because of Wanda. The way the movie showed us their bond, that special connection that only twins have. It was as if both of them died.
  • And when she faced Ultron for the last time...Wanda looked so badass. Could have gone all House of M right there.
  • I believe that we got a good version of the Maximoff twins in the MCU.
  • Could have been better, but could have been so much worse.
  • Now I'm really looking forward to the DVD with all the deleted scenes and stuff.

Why is everyone causing such a fuss about two female leads in a row?
It must be so tough for you having to look at aaaaall two of those badass feisty girls jumping around murdering people. And ohh how horrible a female? In a movie? Who ever heard of such a thing… 

It must be so difficult for you

To have to see

All these girls

On one screen

All at once

Just look

how many there are

ohh I’m sorry, those were male characters! My bad. Well, let’s take a look at these female characters then… well so we have Jyn of course

isn’t she so gorgeous and badass??

and then we have… umm.. oh her mother!

what a huge roll that was i mean who would’ve thought a kid would even have a mother

so anyway… that’s it? 

oh pardon me

how could I forget the third female character in the movie





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Why is no one talking about the guy making faces in the background last episode? (scottie-mccutie /post/91149997835/stiles-stilinski-face-appreciation-post) Sorry can't put a link. But he's in the top right corner and the center. In the one he's looking right at the camera. He's so funny look at him. I'm sorry it's the middle of the night and I thought you'd get a good laugh. I'm going to sleep sleep now.

Um yes, hello!! He’s such a cutie pie. And is he making kissy faces at Stiles?? 


This guy is Jun’s (tray-wielding badass nurse from the hospital) younger brother. He’s best friends with the pony-tailed cutie who I decided was Native American but has the last name Rodriguez (first name still undecided). This pouty-faced babe I will call Kevin, who unlike Jun eschewed his Korean name in middle school (Kevin doesn’t quite have a strong of a stomach and is kind of shy about getting people to pronounce it correctly. Plus, he just likes Kevin, okay.) Kevin gets teased all the time by his grandma for being so tan, but Kevin loves his lacrosse and doesn’t care. 

Kevin is afraid he’s not even going to make the bench at this point because Liam’s goal-making skills is seriously making him worry (hence the pout).

Kevin is also incredibly bisexual and proud, and makes kissy faces at the back of Stiles’ head constantly whenever Stiles makes these ambiguously flirty statements at other dudes and hopes one day Stiles will have his huge sexuality revelation SO HE CAN SHOW HIM ALL THE WAYS. 

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I've heard people talking about how they should make asami more relevant in book 4 by having her replace varrick in kuvira's group. personally I don't think that makes any sense at all and would be really ooc for asami because it's not some thing that she would ever do, but i'm just wondering what are your thoughts on that? do you think she would do it?

I think these are probably the same people who think she would have been “improved” if she had gotten airbending.

No, I don’t think she’d do that. I think she’d do exactly what she did, which was use her company and her engineering to bring Korra’s vision for the world into the material.

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I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm just so tired. I can't be the commander of a post apocalyptic civilization, I can't be a badass who fights with swords and can bring a grown man to his knees, I can't be Lexa. I need people like her on TV because that's the only way I'm able to "experience" those things, that's what fiction is for. I trusted them Layne I thought it would be different this time around...

I know you can’t. I know how important stories are and it’s why we need so many more of them. I know. We need more queer girls on television so that every single one can tell a different story.