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Hi! I just checked your AO3 and saw that you have a few Clint/Natasha. They're one of my otps! So I was wondering if you can share your headcanon of Clint/Natasha and Tony/Steve while double dating??? (My phone froze so I'm not sure if you got my earlier ask. If you did pls ignore this and I'm sorry)

Hey! Yes, Clint/Natasha is one of my loves, and I just adore their dynamic. 

I feel like they might try double dates at the start, when Steve and Tony first get together, but then they realise what a huge mistake that was because those stupid boys are still in their honeymoon phase and so the entire meal is just full of sickly-sweet pet names and far too much PDA for Clint and Nat to be able to stomach.

They got over their own honeymoon phase two years ago. They can kinda see why people avoided them for those first few months, when they look across the table and see how sickeningly in-love and pathetic they must have looked.

Clint actually speaks up and says something along those lines (Natasha is definitely sure the exact words ‘sickening and pathetic’ were used)- and that’s what starts it all.

The PDA war.

Tony scoffs, and says that the two spies couldn’t be this affectionate if they tried. 
He really should have known not to challenge two of the most competitive people in the world.

Natasha shoots one raised eyebrow their way, before winding her hand around Clint’s neck and pulling him in for a positively filthy kiss, her fingers sliding up the man’s shirt teasingly and pulling a soft whine of surprise from Clint’s lips.

When they finally break, Tony just scoffs, looking to Steve and having a non-verbal argument with eye-contact and hand-gestures only, before Steve finally seems to concede and roll his eyes. 
“That the best you got? I’m disappointed, Romanov. Let me teach you how it’s done,” he says, before lifting himself off his chair and swinging a leg around, until he’s straddling Steve’s lap and kissing the life out of him.

“Oh, it is on, Stark,” Clint mutters, grabbing Natasha’s chair and spinning it around, their lips crashing together fiercely. 

This continues, with each couple trying to one-up the other, until eventually a waiter spots them (Tony’s hands are down Steve’s pants while Steve is sucking a hickey into Tony’s neck, and Clint is currently holding Natasha up against the wall while they heavily make-out) and starts yelling.

Long story and seven threats to call the cops later, they get thrown out. Tony and Natasha try to ask the waiter who was behaving worst- but they just get a door slammed in their face.

“Worth it,” Tony declares, winking at Steve, who just blushes even harder.

“We totally won that, anyway,” Clint says, holding a hand up, which Natasha high-fives without looking.

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Hi sorry to bother you but maybe you could help me with something😊 but just if you want to. So I have to write a characterization for school and I choose to write about Isak. Do you maybe know a few adjektives I can describe Isak with before and after his character development? I would appreciate it so much if you could help me💖, but seriously you don't have to, I have to write my school assignments for myself after all

oooh, this is an interesting ask! this isn’t really adjectives, I’m sorry, I just sort of wrote what came to mind off the top of my head and I’m sorry if this wasn’t what you were looking for for inspiration haha good luck with your homework!

before I would describe Isak as:

  • very guarded, both physically and emotional
    • a lot of us have let things go a lot further than we wanted while we were in the closet, but Isak didn’t let things get too physical with Emma and I hope he was brave enough to do that with Sara and other girls too
    • I feel like Isak was the friend who would pull the “no homo” card if a talk got to emotional or real because anything real was a threat to his tightly guarded secret
  • very choreographed (his whole life was a well performed charade, nothing was done accidentally)
  • I’d also say bone tired (it’s very difficult to live that way it takes it’s toll on you)
  • closed off to anything real, anything that would threaten the image he made for himself and crack the hard shell he coated himself in even though he is actually a soft lil marshmallow
  • P R O J E C T I N G this boy was massively projecting the image of what he thought a totally straight teenage lad would be like rather than just being himself
  • grouchy as hell. he probably felt like everyone else had it so easy while he was there struggling with everything all the time, so yes he got crabby with people a lot
  • resigned. he just seemed so resigned to living this life where nothing was real and he never got to be himself. you could see it in his eyes in those quiet moments when he was alone and it was heartbreaking
  • wound super fucking tight (probably from the pressure of constantly being deceptive about himself). he just looked SO tense all the time, like one little thing would set him off in a temper

currently I would describe Isak as:

  • very open. to a lot of things, I think. you want to talk? sure, Isak can talk. you want to study? sure. you want to sit in silence for two hours because you don’t know how to say what you need to say? sure Isak can do that that’s chill
    • his face also just seems more open? before he was so frowny and stressed looking constantly but now his face is much smoother and softer because he’s more at ease with where his life is he knows where he stands there isn’t much he needs to scowl at now
  • lighter. just seeing the way he carries himself is different. he almost glides now, he isn’t crushed under the weight of the charade and the fear of people finding out who he really is
  • he seems to be standing taller too
    • for a lot of s3 I felt like Isak was trying to make himself physically smaller; shoulders hunched up or his body slouched low in a seat but there’s none of that now
  • dependable. steady. Isak seems to sure now. there’s so little doubt left in his life. he doesn’t need to worry about if Even loves him or if his friends will leave him if they learn the truth
    • sure things might still be challenging for him (family life, balancing work and school and making ends meet, the role he plays in Even’s life when Even is having an episode) but I feel like Isak is more capable to deal with them now than he was two years ago
I present you NCT kink...



I’m in a really rough place mentally and since I do these all on my own and put so much darn effort into it, I really can’t take them. I have three right now (one from like a month ago. So if you sent one a while ago I got it, I just haven’t done it) and will try very hard to do them. It won’t be my usual though, probably just a few links with no explanation, and that might take a few weeks too. I feel really bad about this, and I’m so sorry to those who requested, but I just can’t put my usual effort into it right now. When I feel better, I will do my best to start them up again.

Small PSA

Due to wanting to get a bit of a fresh start here, I will be dropping some threads! I feel like my interpretation of Souji was getting a little dry in some threads and it was a bit of an injustice, so I can’t find myself with too much inspiration for them. I might keep some of them to reply to, but I would really love to plan new interactions here now that my muse is up. 

Please don’t take thread dropping personally. All are welcome to interact with me still. I’m just a bean that was dissatisfied with her work and believes that she could have done the portrayal better! Also because school ate my soul and some of these are so late that people probably forgot about them

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If this already has been asked, I'm sorry! But I'd like to ask how you get your sims off the greenscreen with such perfection. ;-; No matter how much I try, toons of hair stands and such either go away completely or still has green stuff all over them. Would be fantastic if you could tell me how to improve that! ^^

That’s a really good question - I’ll post the answer here, it might be helpful for other people too. :)

If I make my previews ingame, I use @sintiklia‘s method here (scroll down to the end of the faq) and kewai-dou’s Photo studio set.

If I make the screenshots in CAS, I do it similar. I use a white CAS background (by @lumialoversims here). After I took the screenshot, I open it in Photoshop.
I rightclick on the layer and choose “Layer from background”. Then I duplicate the layer and go to Image -> Adjustments -> Replace color. 
For “Color” I coose white and for “Result” black. The Fuzziness depends a bit on your image. You can also go to “Add to sample” (the pipette with the plus sign) and choose the greyish color from the border to make it a bit more exact.

After that I set the layer to Difference. Then I go to Select -> All, Edit -> Copy Merged, Edit -> Paste, and then Image -> Adjustments -> Invert. 
It looks like this now:

Depending on the Fuzziness, there will be a few grey spots - you’ll have to paint them over with white. 
The rest is pretty much the same as the ingame method I mentioned above.
Unfortunately my CAS method is not really ideal if you want to put your image on a dark background - but, in my opinion, it works better than with a greenscreen.

I hope this helps! :)

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ok ok ok soooo first, what size is most of your work? (like a general estimate) and for the watercolor stuff, how do you get your coloring to be so precise/seamless? I've tried watercolor but its always blending together :/ and I'm guessing you're had a lot of practice drawing the boys, but what is your all time most important tip for drawing people and really capturing them? sorry if these are vague, you can be vague too! i get that the last one might be hard to put into words. THANKS SO MUCH

I work on 9x12in mixed media sketchbooks (canson), and 6x9/7x10. Coloring wise, it depends on what kind of look you’re going for. If you want to avoid blending your watercolor, you have to let the layers dry. I had a teacher who had us use blow dryers in class once. Another trick is that when you do layer, you don’t want a ton of brush strokes. You don’t want to rub your top layer into the bottom layer, so you have to be delicate. ((And oh gosh  /////// no no im not seamless sobbbbb))

Drawing wise— I’ve always sort of had a knack for breaking down shapes, but it’s something that I have to practice. When you look at anyone’s face, you see the shapes that build and put it together. Seeing them and using shapes to draw– not so much the features– helps a ton. Also it helps if you lean to the illustration side that you use selective features. i.e. nose shape, lip shape, eye shape. small specifics so you don’t over whelm the gist of who you’re drawing. But this is used in realism too, so its up to you how much likeness you’d like to use.

So i made a quick drawing of Dean, hoping to explain. I took terrible photos as i went, so here we go—-

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Akashi, Aomine, Hayama, Imayoshi, Kasamatsu, Kise and Kiyoshi screwing up and their girlfriend giving them her famous I-am-not-going-to-talk-to-you-for-a-long-ass-period-of-time silent treatment! Sorry if I'm asking too much, but I really enjoy your writing :)

AHAHAH i love this request SO much ~!! I hope you like it ‘cause i might have put some of my character on this.. [ i think that’s how most girls react anyway .. xD — right? o.o ] 

  • Kise: He keeps calling you. When finally check your phone you are almost surprised to see ‘‘68 missed calls’’. For a moment you think ‘‘awww maybe i should call him then..’’ but as you think about it more and more ‘‘NAHHH KEEP CALLING ‘CAUSE I’M NOT ANSWERING. EVER.’’ — *After one more call* ‘‘W - what do you want, Kise?’’, ‘‘___-cchi!! You finally answered ! I was so worr -’’ ,‘‘I didn’t answer you because i wanted to or anything. You’re - you’re just too annoying !!’’, ‘‘Why are you so mean to me __-cchi?!’’, you can hear him crying all over the phone. PFF - okay maybe you will forgive him now. Maybe.
  • Aomine: He keeps chasing you all around the school. ‘‘Oi! Come over here and let’s talk about it.’’, you look at him for a moment but you remain silent. ‘‘Hm.’’, you shake your head and look away before getting into the class. ‘‘I’m sorry i’m late..’’, you mutter but before you can explain any further Aomine steps behind you and catches you in his arms, dragging you outside as everyone is staring at you two. ‘‘Eh Sensei , I’m borrowing her for now.’’, he grins at everyone and then closes the door behind him. You still refuse to speak though. ‘‘Come on. I didn’t mean it !’’, he says as he puts you down. HM.
  • Akashi: ‘‘Don’t be mad at me anymore, ___. You know i don’t like it when you act like that..’’ , you two have already made out five times till now , in five different spots of your house — but you still refuse to speak to him. He leans down and presses a soft kiss on the top of your shoulder as you pout and look at him. ‘‘Let me hear your cute voice now..’’, he says as he gazes at you. You sigh and shake your head. ‘‘Idiot !’’, you say as you poke his cheek a few times. He just smiles at you. 
  • Kiyoshi: ‘‘No, Teppei. Just leave me alone!’’, you push your hair away from your face as you carry some books, heading for the library. You don’t say any more , you just stay completely silent as he walks next to you, trying to match your quick pace. When he sees you aren’t stopping he pauses in the middle of the hall and mutters. ‘‘Are you jealous of Riko?’’ .. and that’s it. You immediately stop too and turn around slowly. ‘‘I am not.’’ , ‘‘I see.. but It didn’t seem that way to me .. ’’ , you throw a book at him. Missed , dammit!! You throw another one. ‘‘What are you doing..? __-chan??’’, he keeps avoiding all the books you are throwing at his direction as your facial expression is a mix of anger and madness. ‘‘I.AM.NOT.JEALOUS. TEPPEI.’’
  • Kasamatsu: ‘‘D - dammit ! I’m sorry!’’, you walk down the sidewalk, you can hear him apologizing while chasing after you. ‘‘I said i’m sorry , ___-chan. What else should i do .. ?’’ , he sounds so desperate that you can’t help yourself. You stop and look behind you as he pants a little bit from the running. ‘‘.. You’re .. really sorry ?’’, you ask as he puts his hands on his knees , still panting. ‘‘Y - Yeah. I’m sorry. Will you let me play a song for you now?’’ , you smile a little and nod. He just looks so adorable it’s hard not to.
  • Hanamiya: Okay. This time ; it have been too much. Even for someone like Makoto. Who did he think he was?!! That little jerk!! Okay.. you overdid it too somehow. You slapped him after all. — You don’t speak to him but you still go watch his game. You can’t help but want to cheer for him as you watch him playing , focusing on his moves. You still don’t speak though. He finds you into the crowd almost immediately and when your eyes meet you can’t help but smile a little bit without even realizing it. He winks at you and shoots the ball on the hoop. You know you’ve already forgiven each other. 
  • Hayama: ‘‘___.. wait.’’, you hear him say as you walk by him in the hall for third time today. You were completely ignoring him the last week - since you had this huge crazy fight , it was all his fault but he refused to admit it, he even had yell at you like it was your fault. You don’t answer him , you just keep going until you reach the stairs. When you feel his hand on your shoulder you try to shake it off but his grip doesn’t loose at all. ‘‘What is it?’’, you ask without looking at him. ‘‘Let’s just .. talk about it?’’, he suggests and you know if you look at him now you will instantly forgive him without second thought. 
  • Imayoshi: You’re refusing to speak to him here and three days. You’re starting to missing him a little bit now that he seems to have given up on reaching you anyhow. He doesn’t call anymore. ‘‘BAKA BAKA BAKAA BAAKAA.’’. When you’re starting to think voodoo is the only solution your phone rings. It’s him. ‘‘Leave me alone!’’, you shout. ‘‘___-chan , I will give you two options.’’, you hear him say. ‘‘I’m outside. You’re either coming down to meet me or i’m coming upstairs to take you myself.’’ — Beeeeep.

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you aren't even american though, are you? why the hell do you care about this election??

No, I’m not, but wow, if you still think that this election only affects the US, you’re bloody ignorant.

Also, and most importantly, excuse me for feeling for other people. For feeling sad for the people who, for the past 18 months, have been targeted, harassed, bullied, and hated on by this ‘man’ the US has elected president. For being disgusted by the fact that their own country basically showed them the middle finger and told them they don’t matter by making this choice. 

This specimen is openly racist, islamophobic, sexist, homophobic and pretty much every other hateful term in the dictionary, and the majority of people SUPPORT him; lots of them for exactly those reasons and views, and they absolutely disgust me. Others because they just didn’t want Hillary; they are to blame, too. 
I don’t care if you only gave him your vote because you don’t like her (for some reason I will never fully understand) - you supported him. I don’t care if you voted 3rd party - it was obvious and you were told those candidates didn’t stand a chance thus you ultimately gave that vote to him. You contributed to this result and everything that’s gonna happen because of it, including possibly even more hate crimes and discrimination; this ‘President elect’ stirred up hatred with what he’s been saying and presenting to the public for months now. You’re responsible for it and have to live with it…just like we here in Germany will always have to be aware of and live with the fact that we let a similar sorry excuse for a human being come into way too much power over 80 years ago.

I don’t need to be American to be enraged and disappointed and most of all worried. People are scared, and not without reason…I care a whole lot about them and how it might affect them. It’s called empathy.

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Hey, I don't mean to be a bother so I'm sorry if it's too much to ask, but what all do you know about the new album? Like song titles and other information that might not have been disclosed formally. Any rumors that Ed hasn't announced yet?

Hello! How are you?! You are not bothering me at all! It has been a slow day so your question gives me something to do.

I haven’t heard any rumours or didn’t bother with them  I’m just going to share you what I know which is really not that much. 

It’s a worldwide release so everyone gets it almost all at the same time. Maybe some countries would just have it earlier because of time zone differences. This piece of information is what I am most happy about it. When an artist has a different release date for each continent/country it feels as though they’re picking favorites. It’s unavoidable for a new artist but when you’re already known worldwide it’s never a good thing. A one release date for everyone also lessens piracy.

These are some tracks on the new record

  • Sing
  • Take It Back
  • Photograph
  • The Man
  • New York
  • Tenerife Sea
  • Forever
  • Bloodstream

*Since Ed is releasing Sing as the first single of the new record, I’m expecting a music video for it by next week or before this month ends. 

*He would definitely play Sing on Saturday Night Live on the 12th. Maybe if he’s feeling extra extra nice he’ll play it live on the live stream on Monday?

*The new album cover would be hand drawn by no other than Phillip Butah

*There’s a big possibility that green and black would  be the colours of this new album (I’m still indenial cause I really dislike the shade of green he’s using) I hope he chooses a different shade.

*There’s a possibility that we will get one more single before the album release, then again it would depend on how Sing would do in the charts

*The tour would have no special name, just the 2014 tour. 

*They still won’t sell meet and greet passes (no VIP tickets). Those are to be given away as contests prizes or would only be available for charity gigs

* No additional tour dates would be added in the announced ones. All they can do is upgrade the venue.

*Age limit depends on the venue, see the website for more information including photography/video restrictions

*USA tour dates would be announced mid-April, reading Stuart’s timeline would definitely help everyone.

*An EP would come out later this month for the countries where Sing wouldn’t be immediately available.

*If you see any scalpers selling concert ticket for twice as much, tell Stuart about it, he would immediately take action

*No collaboration in this album, maybe just some backing vocals from known artists.

*He worked with different producers on this one.

*The ones who has heard the album are raving about it. XOMan is pleased that the industry did not changed him. I think he’s referring to the way the album is made and/or the songs on it. Some artists unfortunately succumb to the pressure of the industry 

*If you found a piece of information which didn’t directly come from Stuart, Ed or Graham, don’t share it especially links to things. 

*Most importantly, never ever leak any song or even whole album on the internet, I will seriously hunt down bitches who would do that.

-Kim x

Just wanted to share with you guys...

I received a message from a girl (I won’t say who she is) a few months ago asking for my advices. I read the message, told myself I’ll reply but life is what it is and I left the message in my inbox and never checked it again. Today I went back to my old messages (I have 700+ of them) and read it again, decided to go to her tumblr then saw a link to her IG and when I was there, I was shocked to see that she killed herself (her sister posted details on where and when her funeral will be). I cried myself out, like literally I was so devastated. It was as if I didn’t help her when she needed. Of course I don’t know why she killed herself but when she asked for my advice, her message sounded as a “help me” type.

My point is, if someone messages you for help, please don’t act as me and forget to help them. Even in real life, if someone calls you or asks you if you have time for them, never say no because we never know what can happen after.

I’m willing to give my email to those who need someone to talk to. It’s better than tumblr askbox since you can write as much as you want in an email. If you need my advice or just an ear to vent, I’m here. Just click my askbox and ask.

Please don’t just like this. Reblog it too, we never know who might need this right now.

  • Becca: So Persephone had this kind of crazy idea, and the more I thought about it, the more it actually sounded like it might be a crazy GOOD idea.
  • Becca: But you're totally welcome to say no to it, if you want to, because oh my gosh, I know you want to spend as much time with Emma as possible before she moves and I don't want you to feel like I'm trying to steal you from her or anything.
  • Becca: But, well, when we made a snowman we made a really good team, and Persephone and Emma are going to be stepsisters soon so it might be good for them to be a good team, too.
  • Becca: So, um, would you maybe want to swap partners for the game night in Dunbroch and be with me instead?
  • Becca: As my partner! Be my partner! Oh my gosh, I'm sorry, I'm rambling so much, I just have no idea if you'll say yes or not and I don't want to be a bother.

The Master Appreciation Week (11. - 17.August) 

Day 2: Favourite Story (TV-Series) (yep I’m hella late sorry sorry) 

I had a hard time choosing my favourite episode and spontaneously I would choose all of them, but in the end I think it might be The Sound Of Drums & The Last Of The Time Lords for me. It’s the whole introduction to this character, the Doctor’s reaction to him and the superiority as much as the vulnerability of this version of the Master that fascinates me.

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What would you do if someone you really look up to snubs you? I recently told someone I know something very meaningful & they didn't give me the time of day. I feel like I might be seeing them differently now, even though I don't want to. Has this ever happened to you? Maybe they didn't realize how much it meant to me? Am I overreacting? Ah, I'm sorry, but I just don't know what to do.

I’m sorry friend, I don’t know if I know how to answer! They might just be very busy, or might not check their messages often (if this was a written message? I have no idea), or perhaps they just didn’t feel inclined to answer. It might not be for any reason at all, or they might be having a bad day, or maybe they found it too overwhelming. Every message and its reception depends on the sender and receiver. Context changes everything from instant to instant, so you can’t ever tell how or why someone is going to respond, or whether they will! What I do know is that you shouldn’t let it get you down- there are many possibilities for the outcome, and there are lots of people who don’t answer inbox asks at all who are perfectly nice, just shy. I myself have had to defer from answering most of the anonymous messages I’ve been receiving lately, as I would have flooded everyone’s screens, but I’m making an exception with this because I don’t want you to feel sad! Chin up friend, not every gesture of love earns a reward, but we shouldn’t expect it to. It’s hard to accept that idea sometimes when so much effort or feeling has been put into something, but if someone is truly trying to be kind it isn’t fair to demand payment or attention in return. Just be patient, and take comfort in knowing that you were brave enough to express yourself. Many people have enormous trouble with saying anything to people they admire, let alone something very weighted.