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victims of circumstance

Pairing: Reader x Hansol/Vernon
Genre: ANGST OH BOY is there angst (and some fluff I guess)
Request: “could i request a Vernon scenario where it’s angsty at first because vernon and the reader get into a big fight and break up and then they see each other at a party later on and its really awkward. but then they get trapped in a room together and eventually make up.”
Word count: 3,619
A/N: Requested by anon. I’m sorry this took me like. A month. I’m sorry if I didn’t stay entirely true to form as per the request, but I hope you like it (sorry it’s a mess)!

“You miss him, don’t you?”

You loved Jun, but you hated the fact that he was always right. You couldn’t hide anything from him. He would pick up on literally everything: the slightest falter in your smile, the quietest crack in your voice, or the smallest tremor in your hand. Recently, it had been all three.

"Yeah,” you admitted. It wasn’t worth lying to Jun. He always knew when you were lying.
“I know, I know,” you sighed, running a hand through your hair. “I just…”
“In fairness, it’s only been two weeks.”
“I’d hoped I would’ve at least gotten a bit better by now.”
Jun sighed. “Have you spoken to him at all?”
“Would you?”

You still couldn’t quite believe that you and Hansol had broken up. For the longest time, you’d thought the two of you were unshakable. You’d been together for a year and a half - longer than any relationship the two of you had been in prior - and you’d loved him with all your heart. And he’d loved you, too. The breakup seemed to just be a product of circumstance. That, more than anything, was the worst part about it. It just seemed to be something that neither of you could do anything about. Worst of all, it felt like he hadn’t wanted to do anything. He’d just let you go.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay.”
You felt Jun’s arm over your shoulders, pulling you into a hug. You felt bad for him; he’d put up with your heartbroken bullshit for two whole weeks. He’d listened diligently, and he’d been very kind to you, but you knew that it was beginning to rub him the wrong way; he was a pragmatist.
“It’s just…” You took a deep breath, genuinely impressed by how stable it was. “I just feel like he didn’t want to try. Like… he didn’t care about me or the relationship enough to try and work things out.”
“I’m so sorry, Y/N.”

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anonymous asked:

Do you think Bill knew/knows that Hillary deserves a better partner? Do you think Hillary ever recognized that she deserved and could have better?

Well… I think the answer to this question depends on the answer to the “Big Question” about the two of them. I’m not going to put this under a cut, but I guess I’ll prepare for a bit of a shit-storm for diving into this. [I should have, this is very long].

I’ll preface this (I do that a lot) with a few points. (1) This won’t be cited with sources and references, so you can basically throw it all away if you want to. I’d respect that. I’ll likely write up another post with some of the same points, but with some citations for each scenario if there’s any interest. (2) There are a lot of feelings about this on all sides from folks in this “fandom”. That’s fine. But, while there are feelings, we need to acknowledge that, (3) aside from the information we all have access to, there is no one who really knows the answer to this question - the heart of the heart of it, all the depth and nuance - except Bill and Hillary. I myself have made a decision to (generally) accept reality as they present it. Generally. But I will discuss things contrary to that below, so… brace yourself.

Skip to the end for the actual answer to this anon’s question, if you’d like.

So, before I can answer whether Bill thinks Hillary “deserved better” than him, or if Hillary believes the same, you have to decide on your own answer to the question: What is the true nature of their relationship? 

And let’s be clear here, just one more time. Aside from interpreting the words of HRC and WJC, and the outside observations of both friends and critics, no one knows the answer to this any more than anyone else looking from the outside in. We all have access to (most of) the same information, but I must emphasize that truly, only Bill and Hillary can ever answer these questions to the absolute nth degree of certainty. We are outside observers, and our knowledge is based on the whims of the storytellers, and the story they want to present to their audience - for good and for evil.

So. There are a few “ranges” to consider when you form your own opinion on “The Big Question”:

  1. Does Bill Clinton love his wife - including romantically? 
  2. Does Hillary Clinton love her husband - including romantically?
  3. Did they marry out of love or as a political partnership?
  4. Did Hillary permit his infidelity, or forgive it?

On any of the above - is the answer to that question at the beginning of their relationship the same as it is today? Additionally, each of these questions are not a black and white, yes or no. There’s a spectrum. It’s up to outside observers to review the evidence, and then formulate an opinion.

Let’s walk through some possible scenarios. For the record - I believe #1. Don’t burn me at the stake for this, okay?

The possibilities:

#1. Hillary and Bill have a conventional marriage, and they love each other deeply - a romantic love included within that. While Bill has cheated on her, likely beginning in the 1980′s (it’s worth noting that Hillary does not mention anything about his infidelity in the 80′s, even in Living History - despite that fact that at the time of her writing it, the truth about his affair with Flowers had been exposed), it was relatively rare and not “meaningful”. Rumors about vast numbers of sexual partners are overstated/lies, and the cheating that did occur was due to some personal issues for Bill (how he was raised, issues in his childhood, self-control issues, sexual addiction, etc.), and not due to a lack of love, affection, or attraction to his wife. These instances of infidelity caused significant pain in their marriage, and they may have come close to divorcing over it in the late 80′s, but ultimately worked through it together. Hillary was genuinely shocked and devastated by the truth that came to light about Monica - not just because of the bad publicity, but because she was personally betrayed. They have since been through therapy together and Bill dealt with his demons, and has remained faithful since.

This is the closest to what has expressed as reality by both Hillary and Bill - aside from the general exclusion of commentary by both of them regarding his infidelity in the 1980′s in their memoirs and in general (not surprising, even though the Flowers’ affair was something he ultimately admitted to, etc.). There is plenty of evidence to support this version of reality.

#2.  All the same as above, but his cheating was as often as has been rumored by their critics and some supporters (i.e. Trooper-gate, hundreds of women, allegations of affairs post-Monica, etc.), either due to personal demons, or because he lacks romantic attraction and affection for his wife, or some combination thereof. Hillary was personally hurt and betrayed by this, but has chosen to stay with him because she loves him and forgives him. She may or may not know the extent of his infidelity.

There is some evidence to support this. There is also a lot of extremely unreliable sources which muddy the water. Some allegations have been proved false outright. Hillary’s reason for staying is as she has presented it. To rationalize this reality, you must believe that either (1) She didn’t know the extent of the cheating and forgave him for what she did know, or (2) she knew the extent of the cheating and forgave him anyways.

#3.  All the same as above, but Hillary has chosen to stay at some point for political optics and not love. 

Some supporters and critics alike have suggested this is the reason she stays with him. It is contrary to the reason Hillary herself has presented for staying with him, as noted above. To rationalize this reality, you must believe that Hillary herself is lying about why she remained in her marriage.

#4. They have a purely political relationship. While they may have had some attraction early on, they ultimately decided to marry for a partnership of minds rather than romance or romantic love. Hillary agreed that Bill was free to seek sexual relationships outside of their marriage.

This is contrary to what has been presented by both Bill and Hillary, as well as their close associates. Anonymous sources have suggested this is the case. To rationalize this reality, you must believe that Hillary has lied about… basically her entire adult life, on every platform she has been given to discuss it.

Now, to answer your question.

  1. Do you think Bill knew/knows that Hillary deserves a better partner?
  2. Do you think Hillary ever recognized that she deserved and could have better?  

Let’s apply those to the scenarios above, in reverse order.

If you believe #4 in the list above, the questions you pose don’t apply. His cheating wasn’t something that wronged her - it was part of the agreement. The only thing for him to feel bad about was that he didn’t do a good job hiding it. Likewise for Hillary.

If you believe in #3, perhaps yes for Bill, and certainly yes for Hillary - to the extent that she remains with him only for political purposes and not out of love, which he no longer earns.

If you go with #1 or #2, then we start getting a bit closer to what I think is reality, and the questions are interesting to explore.

Do you think Hillary ever recognized that she deserved and could have better?

Now, my answer isn’t going to be a popular one. I honestly just don’t believe that she thinks this way. I’ve never read or heard anything from her that indicates these feelings. Now to be fair, if she had these thoughts at any point, it’s very unlikely that they would be expressed publicly. However, even shortly after the cheating with Monica came to light, here’s Diane Blair’s summary of their conversation on the topic:

He has been her best friend for 25 years, her husband for 23 years, they’r [sic] connected in every way imaginable … ever since he took office they’ve been going thru [sic] personal tragedy … and immediately all the ugly forces started making up hateful things about them … she didn’t realize the toll it was taking on him. … She thinks she was not smart enough, not sensitive enough, not free enough of her own concerns and struggles to realize the price he was paying.

That sounds like a woman who took on much of his failings as some of her own - not one who was thinking about what else she deserved or could have had with someone else. I am not saying that this way of thinking is right (in fact, I find it heartbreaking) - but that is HRC’s own presentation of the situation at the time to a close friend. She may have come to change her thinking since then, but she wasn’t exactly a spring chicken at the time of the conversation, and this wasn’t the first brush with Bill’s infidelity. (Let’s also address, for a moment, that this could have been total B/S on her part and she just wanted to present this reality to Diane - depends on whether you think HRC is a liar or not. If you believe in #3 or #4 above, you might.)

In terms of better - I think it depends on what better means. I’m sure she’s aware that she could have had someone different, someone who didn’t cheat. But she made her choices, and I believe with full agency. I think she had a good idea of the trade-offs of being with Bill, but felt the good in him outweighed the lacks and failings. Different? Sure. But “better” is relative. More on that in her words to Diane:

Bill has done brilliant things as president, she believes in those issues and causes and will continue to fight for them. … So – she’s in it for the long haul … mostly because she knows who she is and what her values and priorities are and she’s straight with those – she really is okay.

And then there’s Hillary’s own explanation for why she stayed with Bill. In Living History, it comes down to “a love that has persisted for decades.” Not just the accomplishment or the politics - but love. And a lifetime of it. What she perceives as a lifetime of love.

When I think of the partnership between the two of them, I think it was forged out of both deep love and admiration, and a knowledge of what they could accomplish together. I think Hillary always saw the bigger picture - it was never about who could be “better” for her, personally. It was about the fact that the two of them could change the world, even if he did fuck up all the time. That trade-off was worth it, and she was willing to forgive his weakness in order to make their impact on history. And she loved him, still.

Do you think Bill knew/knows that Hillary deserves a better partner?

I do. There are many things he’s said to indicate this. Here’s a quote that I think encapsulates it - and one of my favorites from him:

I always loved her a lot, but not always well.

He knows.

anonymous asked:

Could you do a headcannon where the MC has an eating disorder and the rfa (+v and saeran) find out and how they would react?

Sure, sure!! Thanks for the request, anon!! TRIGGER WARNING: ANOREXIA


-You and Yoosung binge ate

-And then you finally beat the boss in LOLOL

-By that time

-It was 2am

-As Yoosung lumbered off to bed

-You went to bathroom

-Time to get this over with

-It was about a month ago

-You and Yoosung went to a LOLOL Convention

-And Yoosung being Yoosung

-Made you cosplay with him

-“Yoosung, please, I’m not skinny enough to be a cosplayer.”


-You finally gave in and dressed up

-The whole time you were there you felt self conscious

-You couldn’t help but look at everyone’s fit, beautiful body


-You leaned over the toilet

-until you heard a whimper

-You turned your head in horror to see Yoosung leaning on the door

-He slowly slides down until he is seated

-tears are streaming down his face

-“MC, just..why..?”

-You slowly walk over to him

-but before you can say anything

-He grabs you and wraps you in a tight hug

-“MC…it was that time wasn’t it… the convention..I’m so sorry..MC…”

-“Yoosung.. I…-”

-“MC, I don’t understand… you’re perfect. Perfect in every way possible. I love you, MC, and it… it hurts to see you like this..”

-His face is red from crying

-his eyes gave such a sorrowful look you couldn’t bare to see

-“Please, MC, Please.”

-You told him about it

-He told you over and over that you’re beautiful

-even if it makes him blush

-And he secretly hates cosplaying now


-You got up from your dinner the two you were eating

-“Ah–MC, there’s still food on you plate”

-“I-Oh-I’m not hungry.”

-You’re never hungry

-Jaehee noticed this and took careful note of when you were actually eating

-One night

-You hovered over the toilet

-You stuck two fingers in your mouth

-You threw up the small amount of food you ate


-you sensed someone’s presence


-You turned and saw Jaehee staring at you

-Her horrified expression hurt more than your stomach

-“I-uh… Jaehee..”

-Her hand covered her mouth

-You can hear inaudible sentences in-between sobs

-She reaches for you and holds you in a tight embrace

-“MC, you’re beautiful. I love you. You have to eat something, please.”

-You both cry together

-Later she makes you one of your favorite foods

-And you both snuggle together as she talks to you until you fall asleep


-It happened about two weeks ago

-One of Zen’s fans was trashing you and on the internet

-“Omi god did you see Zen’s girlfriend? Such an ugly bitch. How much does she eat?! Fucking fat ass! I guess anyone can be Zen’s girlfriend Lol!”

-You knew that it was probably some girl that was jealous of you but the harsh words got to you

-And soon

-You were fasting

-It was this particular night

-You thought he wouldn’t be home from his acting practice so soon

-“MC! I’m home!”

-He looks around

-when he doesn’t find you

-He gets a little nervous

-he literally searches the entire apartment

-And where does he find you?

-In your room, weighing yourself again

-His face changes to one of remorse

-“MC, this is the fifth time today.”

-Before you can say anything

-He kisses you

-“MC, you’re beautiful, inside and out. I love you with all my heart…What happened?”

-You tell him about the fans comment


-Similar to Yoosung, he’ll constantly tell you how beautiful you are

-almost as if he’s blaming himself

-he’ll totally sweet talk you and flirt with you pretty much the same tbh


-It was after the meeting that you realized

-Jumin was getting a lot of attention from girls lately

-you are just his girlfriend not for long

-they all looked very different but there was one thing they all had in common

-they were all very skinny

-You felt disgusted with yourself

-comparing your body to theirs

-Finding all the flaws

-so you decided to fast

-just a few more months and you’ll look flawless.

-You stood over the toilet

-when you were finished, you wiped your mouth and turn to open the door

-but the door was open

-and there stood Jumin

-he didn’t speak or do anything for a moment

-which was

-truth be told

-scarier than if he was to yell at you

-He just


-with that solemn face that broke your heart


-He grabbed you and held you in his arms

-He didn’t say anything for a while

-“…..MC…how long have you been like this?…..How long have I not been here for you?..”

-His face was red from crying and his voice came out cracked and hoarse

-Jumin held you tighter

-“I love you MC…so much.”

-“I know you do Jumin. I love you, too.”

-He cradles you in his arms and rocks you back and forth in his arms until you fall asleep


-You hadn’t eaten anything in weeks

-You would always refuse to take part in his “Honey Buddha Chip Fest”

-Seven was beginning to notice your eating habits, or rather the neglect of it

-“Wait, MC, did you have dinner yet?”

-You nodded and plastered the best smile you could before walking up stairs to do it

-Seven had suspected it for a while

-and as he walked upstairs

-all that he feared

-was right there

-His girlfriend

-throwing up

-You turned around in surprise

-Actually, you half expected him crack some joke

-But all expectations were shattered when you saw her boyfriend

-with his hands covering his face

-and tears.

-Seven was crying.

-“How could I not know about this? I thought I knew everything about you..but..”

-You began to cry too.

-“Seven… please… it’s not your fault…”

-You two sat there


-and suddenly felt all warm

-Seven was hugging you

-“MC, your hilarious, your beautiful, you’ve got the most wonderful personality…please don’t do this to yourself.”

-You two continued hugging each other

-later he made you eat a lot


-V has always liked taking pictures of you

-but you

-hated it

-“MC, please? One more photo?”

-you were sometimes even in magazines

-you saw yourself

-in a magazines with all those beautiful women

-and then there’s you.

-It had been a month since you started fasting

-and now here you are…

-hovering over the toilet


-You didn’t notice


-V had walked into the bathroom

-And he was staring at you

-And when you turned around

-ran up to you and hugged you

-“MC!! You’re so gorgeous!! Why would you do something like that?”

, you could feel his tears stain your shirt,despite him trying to hide it

-“V, I'm sor-”

-“No, MC, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you when you needed me most.“ 

-He still takes photos of you secretly because your so pretty tho


-“MC, that’s the third time you’ve weighed yourself this morning.”


-You quickly walk out of the room

-or at least you try to

-But Saeran grabs your hand

-“MC, wait.”

-You look at him and right then

-your heart rips in two

-His eyes are filled with worry, even with him doing his best to conceal the fact that he knows.

-“MC, eat something.”

-“Ah, I already a-”


-You can see tears swell up in his eyes


-“….that’s it. You’re staying home today.”

-He pulls you into a hug

-“MC, please take better care of yourself or I’ll have to.” Hey that doesn’t sound too bad


-He kisses you on the forehead then goes to get you something to eat

-now he makes you go everywhere with him

*Not that my theory is that in V’s route after the good ending he’ll get eye surgery ;)

Wahhhhh my second request!! Thank you and keep sending in those requests! Tell me what you think! Got any tips for me? Anything at all, thanks again!


New Remedy

Author’s note: Izumi and Ryouma with 23. “Just once.”
*screeches* THANK YOU, MIIAAAAAAA. THESE TWO NEED MORE LOVE AND ATTENTION. Sorry it took so longgasdjfk sdf 
Also this turned out soooo effing vanilla I don’t even 

Summary: Izumi and Ryouma have some time to kill and Izumi starts freaking out because he’s super nervous about recording his single. Luckily, Ryouma thinks of a silly way to get rid of his nerves. 

The morning before the recording, Izumi went over to Ryouma’s apartment to hang out. It was definitely a miracle that Ryouma had time in the first place, so to say that both of them jumped each other as soon as they made eye-contact was an understatement. Izumi had immediately wrapped his arms around his boyfriend’s neck, laughing happily as Ryouma picked him up to carry him to the living room.

“You nervous about the recording?”

The flush on Izumi’s cheeks darkened and he nodded shyly. Ryouma was holding his waist, gently stroking his sides with his thumbs. After convincing Izumi that he was definitely not too heavy, they ended up in this position quite often: Ryouma lying either on the couch or in bed with Izumi on top of him. In the beginning it was quite clumsy but Izumi soon grew used to it and often took the first step nowadays, seeing as he grew addicted to cuddling.

“It’ll be okay. You sing good after all,” Ryouma grinned and bumped their noses together. “If you get stage fright, just think about me.”

Izumi snorted at the cheeky joke and buried his face in Ryouma’s neck. “I’ll miss you.”

“Hmm, I’ll miss you, too.”

Nudging Izumi with his nose, Ryouma initiated their first kiss of the night. Izumi’s face grew hot at the continuous movement of Ryouma’s lips against his own and the hands squeezing his waist, thumbs massaging his hips. Lips were nibbling playfully at his cupid’s bow and Izumi felt himself becoming weak because wow he loved Ryouma’s kisses so much.

Izumi’s hands that had been resting on Ryouma’s chest were now clutching his shirt, playing with the fabric because he didn’t want to move too much in case he’d ruin the moment. The steady heartbeat under his fingers made him smile into the kiss, loving Ryouma’s sense of serenity.

“Shall we go to the bedroom?” was a soft whisper against his now slightly plump lips.  

His heart fluttered nervously. “U-um, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

One of the many talents Izumi possessed was making things awkward in less than five seconds. He started sputtering right away, half-words blubbering out, trying to explain himself to his now shocked boyfriend who looked like he just got slapped in the face.


“No, I mean! It’s not like I don’t want to, uh, I just— I’m too tense! And-and I don’t want my butt to hurt when I’m recording, like, what i-if they start asking weird questions or notice and I’m not a good liar, Ryouma! And Rei, oh god, he’d never let me live it down! I don’t wanna have that talk with him again! I hate having to explain myself to him, especially when he’s wearing that stupid smirk ‘cause he always thinks he’s super smart. And Onii-chan will definitely beat you up if he finds out, nooooooo!”

At this point Izumi had basically become a blushing mess that was constantly making weird noises and hid his face in Ryouma’s shirt to muffle his words.

A hand was laid on the back of his head. “Izumi.”


“We don’t have to do it, you know?” Ryouma mumbled against his hair and Izumi looked up, teary-eyed.

“You’re not mad?”

“Of course not. Holding you in my arms is good enough for me, but…” Ryouma stroked his back and paused at his lower back. “you are a bit tense, I can feel it. Are you really that nervous?”

It was obviously incomprehensible from his side, but Izumi was so inexperienced with these things that he couldn’t help but feel a bit scared. Singing in front of other people (professionals on top of that), watching and listening carefully, judging him for every wrong note, but masking it with polite smiles. He would be stuck in this awful circle: sing off key, resulting in more nerves, which made his singing worse and him even more nervous.

Without even noticing it, Izumi had started shaking and clutching Ryouma’s shirt for support.

Ryouma,” he whined lowly and sniffed. “I can’t do it! I-It’s in a couple of hours and I feel like I’m gonna throw up!”

Izumi jumped off the couch and started pacing, waving his arms around as if he was trying to fly away. There was a big lump in his throat, making him feel like he couldn’t even talk and a knot in his chest made it hard for him to breathe and since both were kind of really important for the recording, Izumi felt like dying.


“And I broke the marble! What do I do?”

Strong arms circled around his shoulders to hug him from behind, forcing him to stay in place. “I’m sorry. If I didn’t have that photoshoot today, I’d totally come with you.”

Ryouma buried his nose in the back of Izumi’s neck, nuzzling the spot just below his hairline and squeezing his shoulders, causing Izumi’s knees to buckle under his weight. He felt Ryouma’s small breaths against his sensitive skin, causing goose bumps to appear all over his arms and back. His warmth, cologne and natural scent, reassuring squeezes and tender kisses on his neck did wonders for Izumi’s nerves but he was still shaking like a leaf.

In the beginning, Ryouma’s kisses would’ve relaxed him but now that they had been together for a while, he’d gotten pretty used to them (not that they would ever get boring though) and the magic was kind of wearing off.

But when one kiss was placed right on his pulse point, Izumi jumped up with an unmanly squeak and giggled. “S-sorry, that tickled.”

This was not very uncommon. In fact, it happened about every time they would get intimidate and usually Ryouma would either ignore him or apologize and move to a different spot, but this time, his boyfriend gasped in excitement and turned him around.  

“I got it!”

“Got what?” Izumi inquired and raised an eyebrow.

“Maybe you’ll relax if I tickle you!”

“… Eeeeeeeeh?”

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anonymous asked:

If you're still taking prompts, Yuuri as a small Gryffindor and Victor as the Slytherin who ADORES him

I hated everything. 

I’d been there for what? 2 years? Nothing’s changed. The same routine. The same fake smiles. The same midnight tactics. I didn’t fight back when they slammed me against the wall. Why would I? They’re not worth the wrath of my magic. 

People seemed to dislike my hair. One look at it and they knew which family of sorcerers I came from. Of course, my family was dead. I spent most holidays alone. The bullies seem to get a kick out of provoking me to ‘use it’. 

The girls were always easy to charm. If I played it right, so were the boys. But what’s the point? I only remained in school to relieve my boredom. 

Why was I born? Was this life of mine really worth living? I wanted it to end. But something kept telling me… ‘Not yet’.

Luckily, I found a spell that allowed me to share dreams with someone I could connect with. Someone who shared my loneliness. I could never see their face because my eyes would never open and I could only ever say my own name. That was my payment for creating these dreams. Even so, this person always made me smile. After we exchanged names, I experienced the best human-like companionship. This person played with my hair, poked my cheeks and leaned against me or hugged me with their warm arms. I only used this spell on my worst days. 

At only the start of my third year, I was targeted once more. I knew they would not give up until I caused trouble by releasing my powers. I ignored their taunts as I thought of ‘dreaming’ again. But that night was different. Because I didn’t need to ‘dream’. As I was dragged by my hair to the boys’ bathroom and roughly handled like usual, a clear voice cut through. 

“LET HIM GO!” Such a strong voice from a small body. In the dim-lit bathroom, I could see the trace of red on his robe. A Gryffindor. 

Was this child an idiot, I thought. When the child waved his wand against six 5th year Slytherins, I knew he was. 

They deflected the child’s spell easily and released me with their attention switching to the child instead. 

“What are you doing defending a filthy creature like him, kid? Can’t you see the colour of his hair?” the bullies mocked. I was actually rather interested in hearing the child’s answer as well. 


My eyes widened at those words. And even more so by his next words. 

“Unlike you ugly bullies!” I never wanted to laugh harder. 

“WHAT?!” The seniors took stance with their wands. But I wasn’t having any of that. Like I was going to let a bunch of weaklings hurt this child. 

I felt the air in the bathroom thicken by the release of my pheromones. The 5th years had just discovered they could no longer move. I stood up and gracefully touched their skin. Just a light tap. Oh how they shuddered and gasped in shock. My finger tips were ice cold after all. They didn’t even dare breathe. Once I came in between them and the Gryffindor child, I smiled at them. I knew my eyes were glowing. 

“If you dare come near me or this child again, I’ll be sure to trap you in ice for eternity. Is that understood?”

They couldn’t answer in their petrified state. But once I released them, they ran away like the cowards they were. 

I turned to the child. I was surprised that he was hardly fazed by my display. 

“Aren’t you afraid of me?”

The child shook his head. I knelt down and smiled at him, “No one has ever complimented me before.”

Without hesitation, the child caressed my long shiny grey hair, “But Victor’s hair is really beautiful…”

Again, I was caught by surprise. He really wasn’t afraid of me. 

“How did you know my name?”

Oh? Is he blushing? 

“Y-You told me… In my dreams…”

I could feel my cold heart melting, the blood in my stream started running hot as I realized who this child was. I reached out my hands and cupped his cheeks, “You found me.. Yuuri.”

The child giggled, a sound I only used to hear in my dreams. 

Victor was blushing purposely as he reminisced how he first met Yuuri with the second years in an outdoor class, “AH~! He was such a cute child! Fighting against 6 bullies on his fifth night in this school to defend my hono-”

The children laughed as an unknown object hit Victor hard on the head.They knew who it was that had thrown it. ‘Victuuri’ was a very famous term in the school. All the young wizards adored them and their ‘unique’ outdoor classes where they had two sorcerers teaching them simultaneously.   

“You don’t have to tell that story every time!” shouted a flustered Yuuri. 

Victor smiled as Yuuri stood next to him. It’s been more than 10 years since that night in the bathroom. And Victor has never been more thankful to still be alive. 

A/N: After that night in the bathroom, Victor was seen almost everyday with Yuuri to the point that the teachers had to deliberately separate them because Yuuri could barely get to class wwwww AND VICTOR DEBATED BY SAYING HE COULD TEACH YUURI BETTER THAN THEY CAN HAHAHAHAHA (I would totally write how Victor’s hair was dramatically cut off and how he almost died in Yuuri’s arms during his sixth year but that would make this a whole fic and I’m not ready for that commitment lol You just need to imagine Victor lying on Yuuri’s lap and then gently cupping Yuuri’s face, “…I’m sorry I’m no longer beautiful…” and Yuuri is crying, “You’re always beautiful.. With or without your long hair, Victor. So please… please don’t leave me yet…”)

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i'm so sorry if this is weird, but i want to say i love when you draw MacCready's teeth sorta fucked up? it's so nice to see people do that bc it makes me feel less horrible about my smile and that means a lot ok sialswd thank you

hey, anonymous! first of all, no, totally not weird at all. not in the least! in fact, this message made me so happy that i had to sit down and reply despite having company over for the weekend dflsg oops

first of all, i really, really appreciate you taking the time to send me this. <3 like honestly, i’m a little - i dunno, floored that my scribbles were able to help, even a little? this was incredibly sweet of you, and brave, and i really admire your style. thank you!

second of all, i’m - gonna be super real with you. like, i know this won’t mean much coming from a strange dog on the internet, and i don’t want to pretend to know how to make things better for you (or anyone). but i know we all have things we don’t like about ourselves, because we’re human, and very often we become convinced that there is an ugly way to be a human that has to do with our appearance instead of who we choose to be or how we choose to act. i know that’s all normal, unfortunate as it is. but just - in my personal experience, i can honestly tell you that i have never ever thought anything of the sort about a genuine smile. i’m only one person, but i find smiles - no matter how they come - extremely beautiful. i love seeing peoples’ faces light up from the inside, i love how different smiles can look, around the teeth or lips or cheeks or eyes, i love seeing people smile or laugh. there’s something very stunning about happiness to me, and seeing it warms my heart. i mean all of that genuinely.

i know even that might not help - because we can’t smile all the time. and that’s okay too. sometimes we go a long time without smiling, or forget how, and that’s allowed. finding things to smile about can be very difficult for many of us, no matter how hard we try. but, anonymous, in this case - i think maccready has survived a lot, and he has battle scars that go far beyond his teeth. but he’s alive, he’s made it! and that’s something to smile about, i think.

thank you again, dear. <3

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I really don't want to sound like a worried fan girl or whatever. But wouldn't the theory (and the one I definitely think is going to be a thing) of Laurel getting close with Baby Mamma and son be detrimental to Olicity? I have the worst feeling that they are pushing Olicity aside to revamp lauriver. Because how is Felicity breaking up with Oliver, only to have Laurel take over the role of support to Oliver be anything but bad? I'm sorry If I sound anxious. I'm genuinely worried about this.

Oh no, anon, no, no.

Let’s get one thing out of the way:

Lauriver is never going to happen again.

It doesn’t matter if Laurel’s the one in the grave or not, Lauriver will not happen again. This is not because I’m an Olicity fan, or because I have issues with the characterization of Laurel Lance, or because I genuinely didn’t enjoy where they took the Lauriver story line, but because they shut the door to that relationship so long ago, and so many things have been like little nails in the Lauriver coffin since Season 3.

@jbuffyangel summed it up so darn well why this won’t be happening in the future - read the entire post… 

“IF Laurel forgave Oliver his mistake, when really she has every right to be angry with him, it sets the example for Felicity. If Laurel can understand and forgive Oliver then it may compel Felicity to see Oliver’s side, especially in Laurel’s death. Often, when people we love die we remember the best things about them. We try to emulate those qualities and they influence our choices and behavior.”

She shows the connection we could potentially see between Oliver, Felicity and Laurel in a clear, concise way that makes sense, all while tying to why it makes sense - story-wise, emotional/mentally-wise, etc. - that it’s Laurel in the grave.

It doesn’t make sense story-wise for Oliver to go back to Laurel. 

She literally represents his past, a past he’s spent a lot of time either burying or running away from. She is everything he used to be, whether that’s Ollie or the Oliver we met in Season 1 who was seeking salvation in the arms of the woman he had no right to seek it from. Oliver unfairly put Laurel on a pedestal, completely and totally because of his own actions, starting with when he started cheating on her to when he believed Sara had died because of his choices. And then on top of that, everything that happened with Tommy.

When Oliver stopped running, stopped trying to pretend his past didn’t happen, it was time to put it to bed, to put his past demons to rest - which is what Felicity has been helping him do - and one of those things is any romantic relationship with Laurel. I would argue that this crashed and burned completely at the end of Season 1 because yeah, they found their way back to each other, but at the cost of Tommy, and when Tommy died right on the edge of them sleeping together again, that both put Laurel on a very, very different path away from Oliver as well pushing Oliver onto his true path, which happened to be away from Laurel (especially since she played such an important part of this triangle).

I firmly stand behind my belief that the writers wrote Lauriver as a poisonous relationship, because to a degree, it is in the comics. They don’t have a healthy relationship, and it’s dark and ugly, and we were meant to see that on our screens, except that idea works much better in written-form. Onscreen, we need something to root for and the only thing we were rooting for was for them to get the fuck away from each other because they literally made the other person miserable as hell.

Also, let’s consider something else: these characters are meant to be human, to represent life and to reflect life a.k.a. to represent real-life relationships and friendships.

Oliver loves Felicity, he is in love with Felicity in a way he never was with Laurel (mostly, I would argue, because he was too immature at the time) and that is not something you just turn off when shit hits the fan. (If something were to happen to Felicity, Oliver would slip, yes, but not into Laurels’ arms - he would turn into himself and shut down. The version of Laurel that would have gone to him in that state of mind was S2!Laurel, definitely, definitely not S4!Laurel.) In addition, Laurel is friends with both Oliver and Felicity. She has watched them dodge around each other, she’s seen the relationship grow, she’s seen the changes in Oliver, she’s seen it and I 100% believe that, despite my issues with how she’s written, Laurel Lance has too much self-respect to go back to the man who made her so damn miserable, as well as the fact that she’d be betraying Felicity.

Now, as for the Baby Mama drama, this is actually a really, really good thing, anon, because Laurel should be in the center of this issue. Oliver was with Laurel when he slept with Samantha, when he had a child with another woman (despite his not knowing, still, and it’s especially bitter because Laurel was so ready to go forward with Oliver pre-island, she wanted to move in, get married, have kids, etc.). Laurel has every right to be in that because it directly involves her just by virtue of Oliver’s idiotic pre-island choices. For the sake of the characters, they better freaking involve her like this, give the issue the closure we still don’t have from it on the Lauriver front.

So why is it a good thing for Olicity? Because everything @jbuffyangel said. The Arrow writers love their parallels. Oh lawdy, do they love their parallels, and what better way to put Lauriver and Olicity side-by-side with a Samantha & William center? This will do two things: it will highlight the real issue of Oliver lying to Felicity, exactly what he did to Laurel all those years back, and why it was bad, all bad and stupid and ridiculous and dumb and why he needs to fix it (instead of running, like he did with Laurel, and we got a taste of this in 4x10 when he went to the hospital and realized he needed to be there for Felicity when she needs him; he’s growing, and this entire thing is part of that) as well as giving closure to Lauriver… which is the thing we need in Olicity when it comes to William.

As Jen said:

“… if Laurel understands Oliver’s choice, forgives him AND is an emotional support to Felicity this makes her a connective thread between them. This is what I was talking about in the 4x10 scene where Oliver & Laurel discussed Felicity’s strength. The writers are connecting these three characters in a stronger emotional sense, but it’s not about a love triangle. It’s about a connective thread.”

Don’t worry, anon, don’t worry! 

Laurel and Oliver have a shared history, this shouldn’t be ignored, and it’s beautiful and poetic that it’s Laurel who is so understanding and full of reason and warmth when it comes to this issue because she lived it with Oliver. Let’s not forget that important piece of information, she knows what it’s like to be lied to as Oliver has lied to Felicity, and her being able to both forgive and help both of them realize that they can do this, that Oliver has changed and that Felicity can forgive him… well, this is what you call a full-circle character arc (and even more reason why it makes sense that it’s her in the grave).

Dean/Cas fic: The Name Game

future fic: 1.1K, total fluff. Inspired by the above caps, originally posted here.


“They haven’t called my number,” Cas complains, glancing around the office.

Dean checks his watch and shrugs. “It’s only been an hour.”

“Is that normal?”

“I guess,” Dean says, shrugging again. He wouldn’t know; he hasn’t bothered with something like this since he was sixteen. Maybe fifteen. He doesn’t really remember, except that he’d applied in some flyspeck town in Louisiana. A poltergeist had broken his dad’s left arm at the shoulder, and someone had needed to be legal to drive for the next three months.

Cas subsides a little, his chair creaking as he folds his arms and stretches his legs. He glares suspiciously at the other people in the waiting area, and at a small group of people just coming through the door, and Dean smiles, clearing his throat as he swallows a laugh. Cas has only been human again for a couple of months, but he hasn’t wasted any time learning how to be impatient. Or put-upon. He nudges Cas’ knee with his and tries to settle in, himself. The chairs are uncomfortable to the point that Dean’s ass is starting to go numb, and it’s gearing up to be a hot day, the sun slicing through the window behind them like a knife, hot enough that his collar is damp with sweat.

“Now serving A-25.”

A-25 is a tall and blonde young woman in what looks like a Waffle House uniform; Cas huffs under his breath as she approaches the counter. “I’m certain she arrived her after us.”

Keep reading

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oh yessssss valentine prompts *rub hands* yesss excelent. HOW ABOUT Dean goes to a cooking class bc he wants to bake/make chocolates or something for his crush but the teacher is Cas and they become friends [CABUM] destiel explosion and in the last day they're "oh no he's not giving those things he made to me i'm so sad" and dean "oh no he doesn't like me what do I do yada yada man-angst" BUT in the end Dean makes a surprise and gives Cas a very ugly cupcake but it tastes good when they kiss

The drawback of these Valentine’s workshops was that everyone who attended had a significant other who they made the sweet treats for. That was a problem especially when they were exactly Castiel’s type. Like Dean. Dean was easygoing, funny and ridiculously gorgeous. He was even quite skilled in the kitchen, which was really really bad because Castiel had to shake his head every five minutes to stop himself from imagining licking chocolate off Dean’s fingers.

When Dean heard about the workshop in Cupid’s Cupcakes - his favorite bakery and sweet shop, he knew it was the exact thing he needed. He actually didn’t have a Valentine, but the girls’ soccer team he’s coaching had a match on Sunday and he was sure they would love some Valentine’s sweets. Well, if Dean was being totally honest with himself, he would have to admit that it was just an excuse to finally try something like this. He always wanted to learn to bake, but never had the opportunity. On top of that Castiel, the owner of the bakery who was also a teacher at the workshop was damn hot.

Actually he looked hot, but he was cold as ice. No, that wasn’t true. He was lovely, willing to help with even the smallest problem, offering encouragement and shooting bright smiles. At everyone but Dean. When it came to Dean he pretended he was blind. When Dean addressed him directly, usually to ask for help, it was clear Cas tried to get over with the interaction as quickly as possible. At one moment, when Cas was handing Dean a whisk, their fingers brushed and Castiel literally jumped back. It was really weird and made Dean feel terrible. Castiel wasn’t why he came though, so he focused on the cake pops he was making.

They actually turned out pretty well. He had made several different kinds and they were all decorated with sugar hearts and edible glitter. He might even save some for Sam.

He was carrying the tray with his creation to an empty counter to leave it to dry. Castiel passed him and Dean driven by his instinct to check out every ass ever turned after him. It was just a second of inattention, but he tripped and bumped into one of the ladies making cake pops for her hubby. The tray was knocked out of his arms, the pops flied into the air. Dean himself stumbled and fell on his ass.

“Son of a bitch,” he breathed out looking around at his work scattered on the ground. He realized the room was dead-silent and looked up. There was a semicircle of ladies looking at him with shock and worry and Castiel - blue eyes wide and concerned.

The baker offered Dean a hand and helped him get on his feet.

“Dean, I’m so sorry!” the lady who was part of the incident said, grabbing Dean’s shoulder.

“It wasn’t your fault, Gladys. I should have looked under my feet,” Dean said.

He could pretend he was okay, but he was actually pretty upset. He had spent almost two hours making the treats and now they were ruined.

“Dean.” Castiel’s deep voice snapped him out of his thoughts. “I’m sorry. If you have time, you can stay after the workshop. I’m have some cupcakes to make, so I can help you do some. As a consolation.”

Dean had to try really hard to keep his jaw from dropping to the ground.

“I… ugh. Yeah. Okay, that’s really nice of you. Thank you.”

Castiel’s full pink lips that Dean definitely hadn’t been staring at quirked up into a small smile.

“I can’t let you go home without a gift for your Valentine, can I?” There was something sad about the way he said it.

Why had he done that? He must had lost his mind. It had been hard enough to have Dean in the room full of other people and Castiel offered to be alone with him for at least another hour.

Of course his crush on Dean had only grown harder. Dean tried to break the awkward silence that fell on them every time Castiel wasn’t giving baking instruction with small chat which led to Castiel learning that Dean was a teacher and a classic cars’ lover.

By the time the first batch of cupcakes was cooling and they were preparing the cream, they were already joking and laughing as if they had known each other for years.

Castiel was totally screwed.

Well, so when he was alone with Dean, Castiel’s icy facade seemed to melt. And Dean liked it. He liked it maybe a little too much. He felt so comfortable around him, it was hard to believe they had met today. He also felt a weird pull towards the man, it was hard not to stare at his skilled hands as he was whisking eggs, or watching him biting his lower lip as he focused on decorating the cupcakes.

When they were done, Dean having his batch of cupcakes for his team and Cas having all the cupcakes he was about to deliver to a retire house (the man was an actual angel), Dean felt sudden sadness. He didn’t want to leave just like that, to be just a customer and a baker again. He believed they had become friends with Castiel, but that still wasn’t enough. He decided to try his luck; it was almost Valentine’s day after all.

The room was silent, Cas was cleaning the counters and Dean had just placed his cupcakes into a paper box. All but one.

Castiel turned when he heard Dean clearing his throat behind him. His eyes widened when they falled to the cupcake Dean was holding. The cream was all askew and there was too many little red hearts on it. Castiel recognized it as the first cupcake Dean had made.

“It’s for you,” Dean said softly with his green eyes sparkling. Castiel’s heart picked up its pace.

He carefully took the cupcake from Dean’s hand.

“It looks terrible,” he said, but there was fondness in his tone.

Dean chuckled. “Yeah, I know. But I bet it tastes great, I had a recipe from a real master.”

Trying not to blush, Castiel took a bite of the cupcake, moaning appreciatively as he tasted the cream. The recipe was one of his best.

“It’s amazing,” he said. “Take a bite,” he ordered and almost smashed the cupcake on Dean’s face. The man chuckled again and opened his mouth.

“Hm, wow,” he muttered as he chewed. “It’s even better than I expected,” he said but Castiel hardly paid any attention. His eyes were fixed on Dean’s lips and the fleck of pink cream on them.

“Y- you have a little,” he stuttered and barely stopped himself from wiping it off Dean’s lips with his thumb.

“Oh,” Dean breathed out and licked his lips. That was the exact moment when Castiel lost control. He leaned in and pressed his lips to Dean’s. Right when he was about to panic and pull away, Dean kissed back, opening his mouth and letting Cas taste the sweetness on his tongue.

“Wait!” Castiel yelped, pushing Dean away.

“We- I can’t do this! There’s someone you were baking the cupcakes for and I… I can’t.”

Dean blinked at him, his lips apart. Then he bursted into laugher.

“What?” Castiel barked, crossing his arms on his chest.

“You thought… oh my god, I’m sorry, Cas. I should have told you.” Dean took a deep breath to steady himself before he looked Castiel in the eyes.

“They’re for girls from a soccer team I couch. I don’t… I don’t have a Valentine.”

Castiel gaped at him, making Dean chuckle softly again.

“You have,” he said eventually. Dean frowned.

“I mean, if you want a Valentine, you can have me.”

A wide grin spread on Dean’s lips.

“Of course I do,” he said grabbing Castiel’s hips and pulling him closer.

The second kiss was even sweeter.