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hey, just wondering if you know or have written any good first time ben/leslie fics? like it doesn't have to be graphic (tho I don't mind) but I'm curious I don't think I've read any for that pairing. thanks!

Anon, I feel like a terrible person because there is literally SO MUCH AMAZING fic out there, I don’t know if I can sift through it all without it literally taking days. Here’s some of mine that kind of fits what you want, and then I’m linking you to the pages of other Leslie/Ben authors WHO ARE AMAZING and I know have some first time fic in there somewhere (and then some….)

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Fics by me (benwyattforcongress aka Zarrati)

Engine Failure– A Road Trip AU (more implied sex than graphic)

Work is Third– AU where they first hook up during The Fight

Come Monday Morning–AU where they first get together during Eagleton

Public Finance and Government Spending– College AU 

I have a few other “getting together” AU’s, but they are longer stories, but check out my AO3/fic page on tumblr for those.

Fics by @c00kie28​  ||Tumblr/AO3

So, Hana is amazing and has SO many canon and AU stories. Her fic masterlist is insanely organized, and you will definitely find some amazing first time fic here. Some that immediately come to mind are  Skate to your Heart, Roommates, You and I, Neighbors, and any of her “Road Trip codas”.

She also has a great rec list and rec tag

Fics by @ashishorny​ || Tumblr/AO3

Ash is another beautiful, talented sunflower, too good for this world. Seriously, read her fic. It’s hot.

Also a rec tag

Fics by @nutriyumaddict​||  Tumblr/AO3 

Even more wonderful and amazing stuff!! Canon/au, you name it.

Fics by @bookwormm03​|| tumblr/AO3

Even MORE MORE wonderful and amazing stuff (are you sensing a trend?) Some great first time AUs.

Fics by @galentines​ || Tumblr/AO3

Check out Caity’s stuff!!!!

Fics by @ryeloza || Tumblr/ AO3

Yes, just do it. 

I don’t remember if they have any first time fics, but honorable mentions for just being amazing and writing Ben/Leslie fic:

Rachsolo ( @rachsolo )

Ladyknope ( @ladyknope )  

jell-o-shot ( @jell-o-shot )

@wafflesjunior (its mainly triplet fic, but I love her, so….)

The above include more recent stuff, because @badgirlrayray​ made an EPIC fic masterlist a few years ago, sorted by episode. SO CHECK IT OUT. Anything not listed above is because it’s right here on this list. (from the good, old livejournal days).


ALRIGHT HERE WE GO AGAIN! Some commissions for dibeyazhz1, who asked for some Tony/Loki from the Avengers, and a bunny-ears Dean from Supernatural. And now I can officially say that I can also attempt to draw things from live action fandoms, not just cartoons and other people’s OCs. 8D *shot*

Hope ya like it, Slim-senpai and hope you didn’t wait too long to give up on me completely gomen! ;www;