i'm sorry i just saw the opportunity

guys they literally caught one another looking back like

in the usual trope: one looks back, sees the other walking away and becomes resolute on their path and keeps going

then the other turns back and sees that the other hasn’t hesitated and goes on their way more determined


they both looked back at the same time and saw that they both weren’t quite so eager to watch the other walk away

they would have heard the other’s footsteps headed farther away, there was no reason to look back for fear of retaliation or that the other would break their deal since they had already had two opportunities to betray each other that we saw and would have heard the other if they changed direction

they looked back because they wanted to, because there was something there, and they saw the other person looking back and they did it for the same reasons at the same time I can’t believe this

Okay but
Pls stop calling coulson a murderer
Grant ward killed a ton people and seriously injured Bobbi and fitz but y'all are coming to his defense?
Coulson and his team gave him another chance and he mucked it up and he started the fight between himself and coulson, not to mention him killing ros is the reason coulson was furious anyway.
And don’t say coulson just achieved another version of what ward was trying to do because I’m sorry but Karas death was wards own fault yet he decided to take revenge on others for that?
I’m not saying what coulson did was praise worthy and he should get a medal, but I think he did what had to be done, and he saw the opportunity and he took it.

Here is the animatic of my part in this MAP (Multiple animator project).

I am extremely proud with the timing in this. Sorry if the last frame looks rushed. I tried to add Nightmare but ToonBoom won’t do the fade effect for me at all so… yeah.

Batman: TAS Season 1 Starters
  • I've already denied the request. Nobody is taking a vigilante force onto my streets.
  • Any nutcase that dresses up like a bat sooner or later is gonna snap.
  • Oh yeah?! Tell that to the guy he just tossed through the window!
  • He's misguided, and a thief.
  • It was out of my control!
  • I'm afraid I'm not going to be very good company.
  • Now if you'll excuse me, I've given you all the time I can spare.
  • Before I'm through, I'll have every environmental group and animal rights activist breathing down your neck. They'll be looking at you and your project so closely, you'll feel like a bug in a bell-jar.
  • I'm an equal opportunity crime fighter!
  • I saw what happened to your wife. I'm sorry.
  • I am beyond emotions. They've been frozen dead in me.
  • Nobody promoted you to nursemaid!
  • There's your two cents. Now, what are you going to do to me?
  • Now look, my rude friend! We can't have people cursing at each other on the freeway. It's simply not polite!
  • Here's the deal. I'll let you off if you promise to do a little favor for me.
  • You just toddle on back to your mundane, meaningless little life, and when I need you, I'll call. Fair? Good? Great! I'll be in touch
  • How did you find me?
  • You've become my hobby!
  • You miserable little nobody! If I get caught, your wife and son are history!
  • See, I can destroy a man's dreams too!
  • I merely helped him visualize his innermost terror, which is obviously arachnophobia.
  • You dimwitted drop out!
  • Justice will be served
  • Service with a smile?
  • Oh, that's a joke, right? Batman finally told a joke!
  • You and your kind owe Mother Nature a big debt, and I am here to make sure you pay up.
  • I need the money, Batman! You know the cost of chemicals these days. And it will take much more than this to bring every single pathetic person in Gotham to their knees kissing my feet!
  • You're aware that gambling is illegal in Gotham?
  • I'll cut that cowl off your neck before you take her! I've waited my whole lonely life for her!
  • Are you the dreamer, or merely part of somebody else's dream? That's just the question Tweedle-Dee put to Alice in Through the Looking-
  • An entire city, screaming in fear... I wonder if we'll be able to hear it...

anonymous asked:

Hey man, I know you don't really deal with this stuff, but I'm having a little bit of a hard time. My audition just got rejected and I'm pretty down in the dumps? I honestly would just be so happy if you saw this. It would lift my spirits so much!

I’m really sorry to hear that! I used to do a lot of amateur voice acting stuff when I was younger. I’d get rejected for projects all the time. Just keep at it, learn from your mistakes and try to improve. 

There’s always more opportunities in the future. =) 

anonymous asked:

Teen Chara, your mother was a beautiful woman with beautiful eyes. You look so much like her.. She was a woman who knew what she wanted, and how to get it. And one day, she wanted to disappear. I'm so very sorry....

How is this supposed to make me feel? 

Happy that I resemble her?

Sad that she left me on the doorstep of some man who saw an opportunity to brag about how “good” of a person he was to take in the “poor bastard child” while treating me more like free labor than a kid?

All I feel is offended that I had to read these words.

I don’t know your intentions for pretending to know her, but don’t. Just don’t.

I don’t want your fake pity. I don’t want your fake sympathy. 

mysticalalleycat  asked:

Any chance I can just have some nice words? I just had to put down a dog I've had since kindergarten, ten years and I had to say goodbye to my other dog in October, and this year overall has been crap. It's kinda shit right now.

Awh bby, I’m so, so sorry. I know that nothing can make the pain of losing a beloved pet better, but I can definitely write you some nice words if it’ll help even just a bit. You’re in my thoughts and I’m around if you need someone to talk to <333 Here’s something super cute for you.

Lams + “Prepared to be amazed!”

“Alex, can I please open my eyes already?” Laurens sat on Alexander’s bed, his hands covering his eyes just like his boyfriend had asked him to minutes earlier.

“Just a few more seconds!” Alex said as he frantically rummaged through his closet. Where was it?! He’s only put it in there two days ago. Sure, he had a habit of tossing clothes that weren’t dirty enough to wash but that weren’t clean enough to hang back up on the floor of his closet, but he hadn’t realized just how often he did that.

Finally his hands brushed over something smooth and cool. “Ah! I found it!” he exclaimed.

“So can I open my eyes?” Laurens asked.

“Not yet,” Alex said. He held the gift behind his back just in case Laurens opened his eyes early and walked toward his boyfriend. “Okay, now keep your eyes shut, but put your hands out.”

“Um, should I really trust you to put something in my hands?” Laurens joked.

“Well normally no, but it’s been in my closet for too long to be a living thing, so…” 

Laurens sighed and did as he was asked, keeping his eyes shut and cupping his hands in front of him. 

“Now don’t open ‘til I say so!” Alex instructed before even moving the present from behind his back.

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Laurens said.

Alexander placed the gift in Laurens’ palms. “Prepare to be amazed!” he said giddily. “Okay, open your eyes!”

Alex was beaming as Laurens opened his eyes and took in the present. It was a small glazed and painted piece of pottery shaped like a turtle. “Alexander, did you…” he gently turned the turtle over onto its shell to find his boyfriend’s signature, A. Ham, on the underbelly. 

He looked up at Alex, tears glistening in his eyes. “I love it so much. Thank you, baby!” he said, looking back and forth from the turtle to Alex, who was still beaming.

“When Laf asked me to go to the paint your own pottery place with him I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to paint the turtle once I saw it.” Alexander said in an excited rush, looking like a proud five-year-old.

“I love it almost as much as I love you,” Laurens said. He looked up at Alexander, a grin on his freckled face. “And that’s a whole damn lot.”